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Thread: ***Who will be nominated this week? 7/30

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jupiter
    I truly think if I were in her position...and had been talked about as she has...to whomever I nominated I would hypothetically say ..."look...this is the way its played; I'm fully aware that I may be on the block next week if you...or you wins HoH...but right now I'm HoH..and you're nominated....and YES...sometimes it is personal. End of ceremony." That may sound over-bearing...but at least its honest.

    That would be amazing. Potentially game suicide? Maybe... depends on what happens the next round. But, it would definitely put the 4H in their place...

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    What I do think is she will continue to sleep with Drew.

    When Jase wanted to talk to Holly about the game she never wanted to hear what he thought. Which I thought meant talking about taking her to the final two.
    Drew and DI have not talked game in bed (that I know of), I don't think they will start talking about it now, even when the 4H start bullying him agan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noreen
    What I do think is she will contine to sleep with Drew, every night........
    Gotta give her credit though. I would do the EXACT same thing... Yummy.
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    There are no two ways about it from our POV outside the house: Diane has to put two of the 4H (preferably the two leaders, Jase and Scott) up and if vetoed put up one of the remaining eligible 4H (at most, 3 will be ineligible for selection after Veto, Sc, Ja and whoever won veto), preferably (in her case) CB, but possibly Drew. Now, because the 4H are a sub-alliance of the SMVB-5, it's probable that Diane believes Marvin to be a core member, so I'm thinking she sees 4 to play with (saving Drew for last). Which likely means Scott and Marvin up on the block, with CB and Jase as her fallbacks in case of veto. Which is less than optimal from a "get rid of the 4H" standpoint, because it means Marvin goes, but hey, I can see where it's probably in her plan to not have Jase on the block.

    My guess, therefore is Scott and Marvin. But I hope for Scott and Jase and no Veto.

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    I would hope for Scott and Jase, but think she might go for Scott and Michael.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Realitychick
    Who is the worst of the 4 horsemen? I would say Scott. His ego is too much for me. I prefer Jase for some odd reason and would like for him to stick around. I really don't think she will put up Scott and Jase. She'll use a pawn and then put up a Horsemen.
    I will have to say CB is the worst. He looks humble and sincere, but in terms of game play, he has no strategy of his own. He is just riding others' tails.

    As much as I dislike Jase and Scott as human beings, I think they have played the game quite well. No one can denied that they have been in control for the past few weeks.

    Drew, other than his good look, I really don't think much of him. He reminds me of Nathan from BB4.

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    Don't forget the jury...if you're diane you want as few vanboys on the jury as possible, though Marvin would probably vote in her favour to win. I forget how many actually make it to sequester, but I think it's worth it to lose jase and scooter before they get there...that's another several weeks on a beach with those asshats and liquor. Plus jase and scoot have made no bones about wanting to get to sequester, so getting one out now would just be worth it for spite, so they're not both there. I think a few weeks in mexico with diane, karen, and adria would be almost worth throwing the game for. I bet marvin would agree.

    Oh marvin, you're a horny bastard.

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    I think she will put up Scott and Jase. It makes the most sense. Because i would think that the veto wouldnt be used if it wasnt scott or jase who wins it.

    Say scott and jase are put up. If one of them wins the veto, they will take themselves off and she has CB, marvin, or drew to put up in his place. And either scott or jase would still be on the block to vote out.

    If someone besides jase or scott wins the veto, such as drew, i dont think it will be used, b/c he wont want to have to decide between jase and scott.

    Imagine if she put up scott and marvin, jase could win veto and save scott. Then neither of them would be gone.

    during the HOH competition, i didnt get the impression of a deal between the two. It seems like they were both trying to just psyche eachother out, and jase happend to make a mistake.

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    The ONLY thing she should do is put up Scott and Jase, and then if one of them wins veto, put up Cowboy. That way one of them (S/J) will be guaranteed to go and I will continue watching this show.

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    If anyone has the cahoonies to put up Scott and Jase, it's Diane. Then watch the s*** fly! We thought they were jerks when they had the power and everything was going their way. I am really looking forward to seeing them when the tables are turned.
    If she puts them up, it's going to be a fun week!

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