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Thread: 7/30 Live Feed Transcripts

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    7/30 Live Feed Transcripts

    Please post your live feed reports here. Everyone is welcome to contribute. We ask a few things of you, though, if you wish to do so:

    1) Do not cut and paste from other sites. We wouldn't do it to them, and we'd hope they wouldn't do it to us.

    2) If nothing is going on that requires a play-by-play, please compile happenings together in one post every 15 minutes or so, rather than a sentence every post.

    3) Please note which feed you're on, and if you're covering a feed that someone else has been covering, please change to another to avoid duplication.

    4) Remember we're a PG-13 site, even though the feeds are uncensored.

    5) Live Feed reporters are allowed to insert a comment or two in their transcripts, but this thread is NOT for discussion of what has happened on a feed. There will be another thread for discussion, and if something really important happens, please start a new thread with a vague title (to avoid spoilers showing up on the front page). This is our most important rule.
    All posts that are comments or "jokes" and not transcripts will be removed from this thread

    Thanks again, and enjoy the feeds - whether watching or reading!

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    sorry this isnt word for word, but will do a quick summary..

    diane finally got her HOH room open, had a pillow from home and pictures of her sister (not sure if the whole family was in there) and pictures of her dogs on the couch

    diane, will, adria, and nikomis are in the HOH room discussing nominations -- right now they are fairly set on Jase and Scott going up and figuring how to put the keys in the box.. they discussed several scenarios as far as POV (without needing lifesavers and cheez-its hehe) and still have come back to Jase and Scott up on the block

    In the other area of the house, the men are squirming because they know they are targets.. of course they told Drew to work Diane but mostly they are figuring they are looking at the block this week.

    posting for now..

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    j - whatever you do, i am cool with it, and after last night, i have a total new respect for you
    d - its crazy
    j - totally had a dream about you last night, what we did, no one else has done it
    d - you will understand what i do when i do it, and the talk we had last night then i hope you understand
    j - well if it is me or not, whether we are on the same page or not, i respect the crap out of you
    d - you are just as awesome as i am

    they hug *aww*

    diane and drew in bathroom.. di is really in a GOOD mood today, as she should be.. she is packing her clothes from the cement room to take into HOH

    -- oh forgot diane got evanscence cd -- they all want to listen to it

    marvin in cement room now with diane, and nk is in there talking to diane, marvin isnt talking

    nk and diane are talking about clothes

    mv - tells diane if she is putting him up, put him today not on veto nomination.. he wants it to be straight up so he can fight his way off
    di - you are safe with me marvin
    marvin leaves

    di - was it okay to say that?
    nk - just keep your head about you, there are a million things i want to say but dont ..

    feeds communicating

    now nk and diane back to talking clothes
    nk leaves and feeds change to jase and marvin in HOH

    jase tells mv to leave so they dont sell the same song to the same people to save themselves..
    will is listening to cd's...
    mv leaves
    j - i know i am up, and i am cool with that
    w - the thing i get jase .. is that is the thing to do
    j - the reason i hung in there last night because to prove to you and the others in the house and i really want to take scott out, its a personal vendetta of mine
    w - well i dont know if you are going up
    j - i talked to diane and told her i am cool with it, its her choice and i respect.. the thing about my alliance (WHAT! lol).. after last week and the turn of events, but i want to keep it low and this week is cool ----- (sounds like Jase was trying to win to turn on the 4H from his explanation to Will)
    w - like me, diane has mulled over several different things
    j - thats cool and i could possibly go back for the fireman thing.. not saying i want your vote now, just see how things work out and if it is between he and I, i swear i was going to put him up.. i am to the point i am not the muscle thing is kinda over.. not liking him more and more.. i want to do that to like.. about good tv..
    w - oh god jase i know how you feel, i dont know what is going to happen
    j - am pretty sure i am going home but wanted to talk to you no matter what

    feeds communicating-- ugh

    w - i think he is funny and all but he will tell you it is day when it is night out
    j - i was going to put up scott and a pawn and wanted to make that statement to you and and the others that we just hang out. and i cant hide it much anymore and just like whatever dude
    w - whatever shakes out, if she puts you up together, and if thats how they stand after veto, then with me it isnt a problem if you want to stay
    j - and right now i dont know and i think lori went thru this
    w - we all go through this.. its constant conflict and it wont get better
    j - exactly and my nightmare is making it this week and leaving next week and in sequester by myself and the sequester isnt a cool beach.. dont want that at all
    w - honestly just be.. your best thing is to chill about it
    j - why i am talking to you...
    w - whatever she does, just deal with it
    j - i can chill this week without the burden and pressure and i dont know if i want to stay or not
    w - if you left this week, what about holly?
    j - honestly, she said some nice things when she left and all and i dunno do you think she cares about me?
    w - i dont know jase
    j - see thats where i am.. i think whats in this house is what is in this house... i might see something different outside of here
    w - dont think she didnt like you or force herself to do this, but she shut so many people out and did so many things across the board you were her last shot.. and how she talked about you and she was never sure about you at all
    j - she said that?
    feeds communicating again
    w -- he's nice but i just dont know.. and literally the next morning she said she liked jase and its going to last.. and i am a little naive but geez
    j - possibly from this angle.. trying not to be a loser here...

    missing quite a bit here

    j - johnny creepy probably picked her up
    w - he probably told her she could hook up to win money but she better not kiss him
    karen who is in there now too says i think that too

    posting to reload r.p.

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    k - they are sh*tting themselves
    w - they think we are falling for that!
    k - he is so lying!
    w - he is trying to get me to tell diane he wanted scott out
    k - i was outside and he said dude i tried to tell her i respected her
    k - you know if he wins veto or whatever.. jase is just gross, he spits in the bathtub
    w - oh i am so okay with him leaving
    k - they need to lose a number.. marvin is ready to pack it in too
    w - i am going to listen to this cd, my time is almost up
    k - i was going to bake something but we have soo much stuff!

    karen leaves hoh and cam follows her to bathroom
    cb is in there

    k - my laundry is done, i was going to bake but we have all that ice cream
    mv is in the shower
    di is in a towel

    mv - am surprised ice cream didnt mess with me and we got french fries! gonna have me a burger and fries for lunch.. will be the bomb there! what meat staples.. i know pork
    k - there is beef and pork.. so much food in the house... scared to go to kitchen will blow up
    mv - go ahead and put it on, you got months to take it off, larry wont leave you
    k - i dont have any fat clothes here to fit me and i know i wont fit your clothes
    mv - sure wont.. larry made a committment he has to stay with your butt
    marvin making all kinds of larry jokes.. karen laughing and telling him he is off the hook
    mv tells larry he married a freak and thats best girl in the world

    they all say those are the worst towels in the world..
    di says she knows the smell of so many cologne..
    karen is picking out the cologne for mv to wear.. not sure what she picked out

    drew in bathroom now too, washing face.. diane and karen have left
    marvin still dressing
    checking other feeds

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    More of a summary:

    W and K in kitchen. Will tells K that he wishes all of the boys were out of the house so there was just Mv left. (why, i have no idea)

    W tells K that they took the treadmill.

    Je, Sc, Dw, Mv in BY on Fd 1

    Je: I'm so on the block, dood
    Sc: She's got to know that she's out. We'll get it next week and she's out.
    Je: I said last night when it was me and her that if I win she is on the block.

    Misc chat about the Cathedral of Learning? in Pittsburgh, distance to airports, etc...

    Solid fishies. Posting.

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    7:40 EST... F1 and F2 FISH.

    Feed 3.
    Di is getting ready, wearing a strapless number tha apparently belongs to A. W was just gushing about how good her hair looks. She has it up in a small pony tail in front,

    Sc walks in to the bathroom and starts doing that thing where he smooths his cheeks and now he thinks he's ratbert picking at his nose. Dw at the sink with Sc. Di leaves bathroom. Sc leaves the mirror (can you believe it!)

    Switched to feed 4 (quad cam is only giving me fish tanks sound)
    Dw is either popping a zit or putting in contacts. He is so close to the mirror, I cant tell.

    Feeds 3 & 4 showing Sc in the kitchen. A doing the dishes. Sc yelling to CB from the fridge. Debating putting ceasar on something. CB at the table. Ja joining the kitchen folks. sorry, can't tell what they are eating.

    F4 switches to Sc in the backyard. You can hear W and K. K says he looks cute with his little bowl of ice cream. W saying he has to stop eating. Cant hear them anymore.

    Back to F3.
    Jas and Di in the hammock. He is holding her hostage there, has his arm across her. He is saying it’s ok if she nominates him. Di says she hopes other people understand. He says if he is nominated, after the good experience they had together last night that if he is nominated, he will stand up and give her a hug. Now they are joking around about hating each other forever. Ja is saying they broke a record for holding the button the longest. Di is saying it’s Guiness Book of World Record.

    Ja says he is happy it went down the way it did. His feet were killing him since he was barefoot at the end. Di says they are crazy, they stayed up on the platforms for 9 hrs 34 min. Di says she thought “get the shrink out, Ja is going crazy!” Then Ja says, we talk all the time, it’s cool, I know we’re cool and then suddenly, out of nowhere- FISH! WHY FISH?!??

    7:50pm post

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    7:51 Switch to Quadcam, sound on Feeds 1 and 2.

    K asks, A confirms, they are going to lock them outside. A still cleaning the kitchen.

    Ja and Di still on Hammock, Di just got up from the Hammock. Ja alone (F3 & F4).

    Di enters kitchen.

    1&2 follow Diane into the bathroom. K asks Di “Is it hard to sit down with his nose in your ass?” (LOL!) K says to Di that Ja is being a d****bag to everyone. Di says he was trying to make her feel ok about things. Then she says: I kinda look evil today, don’t I? K and Di are discussing eye shadow, and then whispering about Noms. I heard Di whisper “Sc and Ja” A brushing her hair in bathroom.

    Switching to F3.
    Sc & Dw in by. Dw says he heard from W that CB might go up. Sc says it would suck without CB. Dw says he doesn’t know what ‘that girl’ is doing. Dw says he cant wait, it’s gonna be one heck of a show. He is now tyring to shake a fart loose. Mv smoking one of those skinny cigars with Dw and Sc. CB is trying to disassociate himself with the santa monica boys.

    Di called to the DR. Dw says, here we go, I’m getting a banana. Di is off the DR. Mv remarking he doesn’t think they will be outside as long as they were last time. Also mentions crew members by name as to who does what. Jim does Nom;s, john does something else. (Sorry they talk to fast, I need to go to court reporter school!)

    Brief fish on all 4. 1 & 2 showing kitchen/ LR.,

    Back to BY. On Quadcam, sound feed 1. Mv tells K to sit on his lap. K walks away. K cut her hair, they are discussing it. Mv saying K will end up on his bed (being very rude).

    Sound/Feed 1 switches to CB, K, Nak, and A. They are discussing mass production of their art. I switch to Feed 2 but

    Mv is calling someone the Rupert factor. Who?! It must be CB based on placement of people (Sorry) Mv tells CB to stop kissing ass sitting with the girls and to get his ass over with the boys, that “he’s all up their ass like a enema” (I hope that is PG-13).

    BB: Houseguests, this is a lockdown, please go in the BY and pull down the shades. Discussing why it took so long last time to be called in for the noms. Ja and Mv and Dw are speaking the words to the Jeffersons. I think they are trying to be stealthy, long pauses between phrases.

    Boys being quiet, 8:03pm EST, posting.
    (i'm gonna stay on til they go to fish for the noms....)

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    I just popped in for a bit. Just to let everyone know, you're not missing much. The HG's are on lockdown in the back yard. Marvin is making sexual comments, one after another. Very general, safe conversation. No ceremony yet.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    8:04pm EST

    Feed 2, vid on the girls, sound on the boys. Mv says Di has ugly-ass dogs. Mv referred to her as the ex-stripper. Mv hates little-ass yippy dogs. Dw says he loves miniature Doberman or mini-greyhound, but someone in the house told him they run a lot so he isn’t sure. Mv used to call his Dog Forest Gump cuz he would haul ass when he took the leash off. “run forest run” Now they are doing Forest Gump lines/ talking about parts of the movie.

    Vid switched to the boys. CB, Sc, Mv , with Ja & W on the hammock. They all look pretty down. Mv favorite part of Forest Gump is when Forest meets the president and plays ping-pong. Ja likes when he got shot in the butt. Mv saying he thinks Holly is Forest Gump cuz she’s been kidnapped shot at and left for dead.

    After a slightly awkward pause, Ja starts comparing Forest to Rainman. Mv relaying a story of a savant he saw on Oprah. Quick switch. sounds like the girls are still discussing painting. CB is laying on the ground, looks kinda dead, mentions the movie Phenomenon. Ja and Mv talking about how much of the brain the human actually uses. Mv says Sc must have killed most of his brain cells on drinking binges as well as taking all those hard hits to the head.

    Mv: “HG’s the lockdown is over” No such luck. CB wanders off, Mv says bye cowboy, CB says, I’m coming right back don’t worry. CB grabs a pillow. Still teasing Cb about trying to disassociate himself from the Santa Monica Boys. I don’t think Mv’s cigar is lit. Dw remarks it’s chilly. Ja thinks there is too much chlorine in the pool based on smell. Sc is being quiet, might be asleep?

    Feed froze up, switching to 2. Vid on girls (A, Nak, K), sound on guys. Dw remakrs he cant believe how much different K looks with her haircut. I cant really make out what she did on the feeds. F2 keeps focusing on K. Sound to girls. A is flipping thru some kind of loose leaf book. Girls discussing jaws locking up.

    Posting 8:19pm

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    #1& 2 5:25 BB time.

    MV & Jase are discussing CB. Saying he has to go...the panel will vote for him in the end if it comes to that.

    J says...carry him to the end?

    Fish on 3 & 4.
    K is talking with them now again about the hair.
    J & MV are saying how she looks like a new person & feature come out now.

    ( first time I am giving trans & I can't type fast enough to word for word, sorry )

    MV shaves his arms & legs. Thats what they are talking about.


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