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Thread: 7/30 Live Feed Transcripts

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    F1 and F2: W and CB in HOH room. CB is listening to music and now is talking to W. CB is crying to W about how he is the only one with a child, and the rest don't understand. He wanted the basket for the pictures. W tells him that maybe they will do America's Choice and then everyone will vote for CB to have the pictures or letter or whatever it is. CB hopes so. W tells him that it is only a few weeks left and then he is home for good. CB says this is a month already and the longest he has been away, and that he has already broken away from his mother somewhat (okay...) but that it is hard being away from April and Chase. W is being very, very nice to CB. CB is whining and saying that he is homesick. He talks about Chase and the rope he brought that belongs to Chase. CB says that they asked who they would want a visit from and he loves both April and Chase but he did put down Chase, because he is the child, etc.
    I think CB will be away during Chase's birthday. April's is at the end of August.

    Sc was holding court in the WC area. I didn't switch feeds fast enough to hear it, so maybe someone else caught it. K came in the WC area and K says sorry she is always in there when Sc wants to be there. Sc says he is on the block and this is his last week there, so oh, well. K says she has been there, too, and she is still there!

    Feed switches to clBR and Di was talking to Dw. She tells Dw that they were talking about him in the HOH room, good stuff. She is dancing around the subject of their romance, and Dw says "aaahhh," like he gets the focus of the convo. Di invites him in the HOh to talk and he says he will be there in a minute. He is trying to get his stuff organized. Nk is in the CLbr with Dw and Nk says BB took one of her earrings, because it "could be a weapon."

    BTW, earlier Di told CB that she had an open door policy, and that she didn't plan to have discussions that others couldn't be in on, but if she did she would lock the door! CB says he appreciates that.

    K and Mv are in the kitchen. It looks like Mv is cooking--I can't tell if K is cooking or not.

    CB tells Dw (in clbr) that he was talking to W, telling him how he misses his family, and now he hopes they don't hold it against him because he doesnt' want to go home, he was just homesick. Dw just says "yeah." CB says something about Mv campaigning.

    Dw tells CB he is always there for him, and maybe next week he will get the pictures.

    I don't think Dw is going to go into the HOH right now. I think he told CB he would throw a ball with him for a while.

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    Mv chopping. K eating something in a bowl. Dw at Fridge. Dw leaves. K still with Mv.

    Back to CLBr. CB offers to help Dw hang his flag. Drew is hoping for a luxury comp this week. CB tells him he missed some hair shaving. Dw wonders if BB will get mad at him for hanging up the flag. CB doesnt think so.

    CB says if they get a video from home, he will bawl in front of everyone. Flag is hung. Go Drew. Dw puts on a Hawaiian lei and a little CB hat. CB says that’s some weird ass music. Feed follow Dw to kitchen. Mv still chopping.

    F3 moves to BY.
    CB tells Sc that his music is suicidal. They are going to play golf, CB, Sc and Dw. They only have 1 golfball. Apparently the others were taken away. There is a sign (I guess)they are only for use on the putting green.

    Sc: As the evicted, I’ll start off.
    Guys are putting.
    Dw : nerves are getting to him!
    Sc I just lifted biceps, that could be a factor.
    Sc continues cracking jokes about being evicted. Pulls Holy’s underwear out of his pocket “no stains, nice” and says he is going to put it on his head. Instead he puts it back in his pocket.

    Dw asks if Holly gave it to him. Sc:”of course, she put it in my bag, brother.”
    Dw says it’s ok I got… and mumbles then “I got nothing to say. nothing better a girl can give you than a thong.”
    Dw says H gave him a kiss on the way out, Sc says he didn’t get one.

    Sc strategizing if they win the veto tomorrow. Sc tells Dw to convince Di to put Mv up, Mv is the strongest player in the game, not Ja. If Dw can convince Di, they wil be right back where they started. (He is really pressuring him.)

    Dw, Sc, CB are just chatting while playing golf about past games. I cant tell who’s winning, so much smack-talk.

    Moving to F4... also BY.Looks like i'm stuck with golf.

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    CB says to Sc, Don’t sleep with me.

    Sc blames his putter. CB tries to play announcer voice over guy but cant think of anything to say…. Ok, he’s getting better at the smacktalk.

    Golf continues.

    onto quadcam... sound from F1/2

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    A, W, Nk and Di in the HOH room.
    A keeps saying NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, they have to stick together with their numbers and get every one of those guys out! (She keeps saying it, probably thinking about how they will feel next week). She says the numbers are the thing.

    W encourages Di not to take Sc off the block if they get veto, because if they put CB up as a pawn that will give DI one more person who will be angry with her next week. So there is no reason to do that if they control veto.

    Di has been thinking about choosing W for veto player, since he hasn't done it yet. W says he will do it and he will go all out.

    W: If CB or Dw get it, we can threaten him. If Sc gets it, he can take himself off.
    They ask Di if she thinks Dw would use the veto if he got it. Di doesn't think so, and she says that tonight when she has Dw in the room with her and she tells him that he would have been the one on the block if she hadn't won, he will realize that she is right and he owes her.

    A says that she remembers when Ja came outside and said IT IS ON!, and A said, "Yeah, it is on!" And A says that she didn't believe at all that Di ratted them out by name. Nk says she never believed it and that Ja changed the story to Nk later, too. Di goes on to describe again what really happened and gives a word for word version of what actually did happen. They agree that this really gave them an insight into how Ja is, that he will cause trouble and be a liar to do it.
    W says that Dw probably feels like he is between a rock and a hard place.
    A says he is in a safe place, though.
    Di says that Dw needs to wake up and smell the Folger's Crystals!! She says that she will put him in the place where he understands it.

    K comes in and tells them where everyone is: Dw, CB and Sc are playing golf, Mv is cooking and Ja is sleeping.

    W is telling them about when Sc and Ja were in the pool and Dw called K in, and Sc and Ja talked all kinds of shit about Dw. Ja said "Who does Dw think he is holding private meetings in the HOH room? Does he not know that we run this house?" and Sc agreed.
    K says that it was nauseating having to sleep next to Ja and H, because they giggled all night and said that they were America's couple and they were so cute!! K says they have a horrible attitude with no sportsmanship. K says that H "orbited around her, wherever she went."

    K: She tried to tell me, you think that A and Di are your friends? Well, A voted for you when you were on the block.
    Di says that H knew exactly who voted for L to stay. Di and W voted for L to stay and they told H that. So H was lying to K.
    Talk of L and how much they liked her and they took her out because of her taking that money (MV).
    Nk: I'm sorry guys, but I'm going to put it this way: If they offer money, I will take it, and I expect everyone else to do it, too!

    K says they have to take it week by week, but this week they can be relieved.
    (I think this is Natalie now, BTW. The accent is heavier and I think the face is wider).

    A says she is glad they have her here. Di says A deserves it as much as all of them.

    K: And the fart jokes just aren't that funny anymore.
    W says they know that they can't, but if it all works out, wouldn't it be hilarious when Ja is voted out they could follow him to the door and scream this chicken voice that he does. (I can't describe it to you guys. Maybe they will show it on the show during the endurance comp. It is atrocious sounding, like 3 stooges doing "Nyah" and a chicken, together)

    Nk is telling Di how Ja keeps saying that he and Di have this bond that no one else has, because they endured the comp together.
    Di: What kind of bond did we have?
    Di: I had days to go guys. I could have still been out there right now.
    K says that they hope H is watching all of this because they want H to see the day after, with Di propped up in the bed. K says that Di should take all of the grapes and bring them into the HOH and freeze them and keep them like H. K says that with the yogurt, they only got 8, and Ja stood in the front of the fridge and ate 3 right there in the door! K says that they would just bring half the food into the HOH room and stockpile it so no one could get it.

    K thinks that H looked like the Gunner twins who used to sing. They had the same hair and same faces. A suggests maybe H was a transvestite. K says H never took the makeup off, ever. Nk says H put on fresh makeup before bed. Di says that is the height of insecurity. W says all of H's makeup is waterproof, so it never comes off.

    W told H that when you leave mascara on for six months, it is bound to make bacteria form and go to her brain and make her say stupid things.
    A laughs and says that even W is insulting someone, he can sound nice.

    K: This is our first anxiety-free week.

    Di says she sees right through Ja.
    A says it wasn't H causing the way Ja acts--it is Ja. It's like he can flip a switch.
    K says for the vegas comp, he was running through there throwing up, and K thought she was glad she didn't have to compete against him.
    Di says that Ja is all talk. Di says that she heard Ja admit that he was about to give out, but he was all talk saying he could go all night, etc.

    W says he just wants to win something. DI says this is a lucky week for her, and she might be able to bust out the veto, too.
    Di says that she knew God put her on the block for a reason, and now she knows why, and that day made her stand on the block that day.
    K says that the thing about this is that Di has definite, plain reasons why she put them on the block, with the way they all treated her, and they can't even say she doesn't because everyone knows it.

    Di says let them talk shit to each of them about each other, and laugh it off. Be like Nk was today. Ja told Nk that Nk was going to be put on the block, that Di would put her up, and Nk just laughed and said she knew it and laughed.

    A is talking about how Mv was outside talking about the odds of who would be on the block. Mv said that they knew A was safe because she unpacked her suitcase!

    Talk is now about CB, how he does whatever Sc and Ja tell him to do. Nk says they had CB convinced he would be on the block. K says that she feels that they send CB out to talk to different people to try to get something out of them. CB can't talk game, but they send him out.
    A says that CB sleeps all day and walks all night, and she guarantees that he will be trying to circulate with their group. Last week when A needed CB, CB told A that A has lied to her, and A begged him to tell her when. A says that CB just showed her who he was. She never lied to CB. Nk says that CB also told her that Nk had lied to him. Nk says that CB confronted her that she lied to him about who she would pick for the veto comp., like she shouldn't pick who she wants.

    A asks Di if Lindsay has her nose pierced, and Di says she doesn't have a tattoo or piercing.

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    Quadcam, Sound F1/F2

    HOH: Nak, W, K, A, Di

    K thinks that H looked like the Nelson Twins. K remarks that she never took her make up off. Nak says she put it on before she went to bed. Di says it was insecurity.

    W says he told her if she lives mascara on for 6mos she’s bound to get a bacaterial infection that is going to migrate to her brain.

    They are talking about Ja and how he is all talk. K thinks he’s a freak for puking before the Vegas veto comp and that he psyches himself out.

    W just wants to win something, Di thinks she is having a lucky week and might bust out the veto. She says her day of depression kept her on the block during the HOH competition.

    F3 & 4 to FISH.

    A thinks CB will try to switch sides.

    A: CB says I lied to him, but he couldn’t give an example.

    Dw joins the HOH group. Dw wants to listen to music.

    K tells W he is the house pet, like a little kitten. Lol.

    They are just hanging out in the HOH room… my CT is killing me so I must call it a night. I hope you all enjoyed the reading. I did my best! -jen

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    Just to keep people updated:

    Feeds 1 & 2
    The Houseguests are in the backyard, painting big ceramic pigs (probably to be used in an upcoming competition like the gnomes last season).

    Most of the discussion is related to what their pigs are going to look like, colors used, etc. Nothing too exciting or interesting.

    ETA: Scott has painted LOSER across the forehead of his pig, as well as a heart-shaped "tattoo" on its arm that says COWBOY.

    Feeds 3 & 4
    Fish Tank
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    It looks like one pig is silver or a shiny white with a blue sweatshirt painted on with a white number 21 on it.

    Mv's pig is gunmetal gray on the head, with a black nose and a blue outfit with a black collar and cuffs. It has a huge gray bowtie on it.

    They are told they have to rush, and K is irritated because they have nothing to do most of the time, and now when they finally have something to do, BB gives them a time limit. K is enjoying finally having something to paint.

    Ja: K's, of course, looks like a really expensive cookie jar.
    W: K's will probably be copyrighted and sold at Macy's from now on.

    They were saying earlier that BB will make them break these, just like the pinatas and gnomes from other years.

    (I think since it is a pig it is going to have to do with food, and maybe they will have part of their food taken away or divided. That's just my opinion, though.)

    They aren't letting us get a good look at all of the pigs. I

    I see one pig that looks like it has a tux or black and white clothes on, and the face looks like actual pig colored flesh, which may be Nk's.

    Someone has painted yellow all over their pig's head. I think it may be Ja's because he wants his to look yellow like one team's colors. He wants a darker yellow and K's telling him to add a little orange to get the right color.

    There is one sort of horrific pig that looks possessed. It has a normal pink head with blue overalls and someone has outlined the eyes in black, and the nose to make it look sort of weird. OK, I think I see blood dripping from the mouth and tattoo's, including a "male" symbol, on it's arms. Maybe this one belongs to Sc.

    Behind that is a tan-colored pig with a lavender collar around its neck.

    CB has made his pig into a cowboy, and Di says she put a belt buckle on it, because it has to have a belt buckle if it has a cowboy hat.
    Di: Nk has a Chippendale pig.

    Ja either squeezed the paint bottle or farted (sounds the same) and then said (in a sarcastic voice) Oh, I'm sorry, Di, did I fart on you? Oops.

    Mv is looking for some red paint and can't find it, and he says "Isn't red supposed to be like a main color?"
    K: You are in country craft land now, Mv. You won't find red; you will find Apple.

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    The HG's are still painting pigs. CB came out of the DR and said they only have until midnight to paint. Karen is a little upset that won't be painting for much longer. They all wonder why they didn't have all day to work on them. There's a big crop of unpainted pigs on the lawn they probably won't get to.

    Scott is in the hottub now. I put vidcaps in that thread of everyone's pigs (mostly - I think I missed Drew's.). Nakomis' looks pretty well done with some subtle coloring in the face. Karen's looks excruciatingly cute, as the mold was probably meant to be painted, with pink blushy cheeks and blue eyes.

    The talk is all about painting and pigs, no strategy. Scott did whine a bit about needing to see the shrink.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Dw's pig is a pig with a black tux with a red bowtie and red cumberbund. It looks very nice.

    I really think Mv's blue and black and silver pig is a football playing pig and I think it is the one I saw the number 21 on earlier.

    Someone has a sort of burgundy-colored pig with a yellow bowtie.

    Di is under pressure for time and I think her pig is the one that will have green overalls.

    And yes, K's pig does look like an expensive cookie jar. It has blue overalls and a yellow shirt (dark yellow or orange) and it's little cheeks are perfectly rosy and the nose is perfect, etc.

    Nk's pig is the Chippendale dancer type pig, with a black bow tie with white in the centers of the bowtie. It has a sort of cunning expression painted on its face with the eyebrows down in the center and the eyes sort of half-closed. In fact, as she adds details, I am beginning to think it is sort of a bondage pig. But that's our sweet Nk, always different!

    Di is marveling that she has to pee now but doesn't have time. Someone said that she didn't have to last night during the comp. She said she didn't drink anything, though. Ja says "Hindsight being 20/20 and a MF, I wish you would have had to pee." Di says that not only did she not have to pee, but she saw a shooting star right after the comp--her first one. They all say "really?" and Di says yes, and NK says that she and Di both saw it. Ja makes a kind of Ugh sound.

    Dw is called to the DR.

    Ja is dipping his brush in a glass and A realizes it is her drinking water he is using. He thought it was a rinse brush and they laugh and Ja says he will get her something to drink if she wants it later.

    Mv had a glitter accident earlier and can't fix it totally so he says "It will be alright. It'll give it a little personality!" (With a few Mv like curse words thrown in, of course)

    Ja came out of the house and they told them they could have a little more time. Ja says it would be cool if they would auction the pigs off for charity (Yeah, I'll bet they would bring a fortune, Ja!).

    Sc says his is "hardcore, gangster shit!"
    Yes, it appears that Sc's pig is the hideous possessed pig (as it will forever be known to me).

    Mv says his is Texas, and he asks how they like it and Ja says the helmet looks good!
    So Mv's is a football player.

    W: God, K, yours looks like shit. (sarcasm)
    K: Yeah, it sucks. (Laughter) It does have a few drips, though.... (K is being very professional about her pig)

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    Sc is now making the occasional comment. He said this is what keeping it real means, Nk! then, "I don't shy away from you f---ers!"
    Di heard it and said "Come get some!"
    Nk asks what Sc said and Di repeats it to Nk.

    I think Sc is calling his pig the crackheaded pig.
    Mv tells Ja that his pig already looks roasted for several hours.

    Nk earlier said "They don't have black sequins! I'm offended!"
    They have little fake diamonds and sequins and glitter, etc. to glue on the pigs.

    Mv's pig, which did have 21 on it, now has the number 22 on it. So I don't know if he painted over that and changed it or if I was hallucinating.

    NK: Pigs have like, 6 nipples, right?
    K: I......don't know.
    Yes, Nk is painting nipples on her pig. I"m not sure her pig is going to be for prime time viewing!
    K has "I Love Larry" written on her pig's overalls in the front.

    NK has something written on the back, but I can't read it.

    Di says she doesn't know why she is getting so carried away with what her pig looks like.
    CB: Only about a million people are going to see it!
    Di: I just want to make sure mine sparkles!

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