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Thread: 7/29 Live Feed Discussion

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    Actually, most of the time there was a camera on Diane's feet as well as on Jase's feet, and Diane did not move her feet AT ALL. I was amazed at how she could stand with her feet planted and not even shuffle them a little or anything. She was also able to do a sort of yoga move with her arm and twist her upper body while still holding the button and not move her feet. She was determined to win, plain and simple. So BB did not give this to Diane at all-she earned it fair and square. Jase may whine that it was a technicality, but BB was careful to show his feet and several times at first he had his jeans down around his feet covering them and you could tell he lifted his feet from the movement in the jeans. So BB rolled up the jeans and told them to keep their feet planted flat. Then Jase proceeded to lift his heel up really quick four times. He shuffled his feet around and his toes and heel went off the surface several times. Yet BB let this go, either to keep the suspense going or to try to make the ending more cut and dry for the horsemen if Jase gave up. The last time that Jase had his heel over the edge, though, BB had enough, and they told him that they warned him several times (while we were on FISH, which happened briefly sometimes after he lifted his heel) and this time his heel went over further than before, and his chances were used up. So even though Diane gave him the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure she wasn't seeing his feet when he lifted his heels up four times, either. Jase lost, Diane won, period.

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    I'm REALLY glad Diane won this! YAY! I was rooting for her. Ha! Jase lost to a girl. Now he'll go balistic about it in the diary room or something. Should make for an interesting episode.

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