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Thread: Where do they go?

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    Where do they go?

    I have not heard any mention as to where the evicted houseguests head after eviction. Did I miss something? Does anyone know?


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    The first few go home, which is why Julie showed Lori both Natalie and Adria in a joint going away video...so Lori would see it first there (and show us the reaction) rather than simply having her discover it through the shows as it develops on air.

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    I imagine the evictees that will make up the jury will be sequestered. They saw in Year 3 what happens when the evictees just get turned loose and become privvy to everything that happens in the game. They probably aren't making mentione of it right now, because since these early evictees won't choose the winner, it's a non-issue.
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    I think the first 3 or 4 voted out get to go home and the remaining players are sequestered in a vacation house believed to be in Mexico....I am pretty sure they aren't allowed to see television or talk to their familes. I bet AIWANNABE knows more about this....

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