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Thread: 7/24 Live Feed Transcripts

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    7/24 Live Feed Transcripts

    Please post your live feed reports here. Everyone is welcome to contribute. We ask a few things of you, though, if you wish to do so:

    1) Do not cut and paste from other sites. We wouldn't do it to them, and we'd hope they wouldn't do it to us.

    2) If nothing is going on that requires a play-by-play, please compile happenings together in one post every 15 minutes or so, rather than a sentence every post.

    3) Please note which feed you're on, and if you're covering a feed that someone else has been covering, please change to another to avoid duplication.

    4) Remember we're a PG-13 site, even though the feeds are uncensored.

    5) Live Feed reporters are allowed to insert a comment or two in their transcripts, but this thread is NOT for discussion of what has happened on a feed. There will be another thread for discussion, and if something really important happens, please start a new thread with a vague title (to avoid spoilers showing up on the front page). This is our most important rule.

    Thanks again, and enjoy the feeds - whether watching or reading!

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    Di, K, and Je in BY

    Talking about a POV challenge-hoping for endurance challenge

    Di - Drew's gonna do the right thing guys he really will
    Je- I think so

    Will enters

    Di- We decided as soon as we got out of here we're gonna write a book, 101 ways to cuddle. We were doing it last night. (Her and Drew I'm guessing?)

    Everyone talking to Will at once about the strategy

    Di - Drew's so upset, I've never heard so many cuss words come out of that boy's mouth as he did last night. If they (4Horse's Asses) win they will use it.

    Wi - If they use the veto did Drew say wwho he was gonna pick
    Di- No he never said
    Really quiet whispering and plane overhead

    Di talking about how upset Karen was that Holly and Jase were talking about strategy right next to her.

    A comes out and joins the group...
    W needs to put on his microphone

    A asks if it's safe to come out there
    Di says there's no point, they already know about them, so we're not gonna bother whispering

    Then Di proceeds to whisper...

    Di - He (dw) completely knows the difference between the good and the bad right now, but he made some promises at the beginning of the game

    W asks for a non-physical comp, and wants some Jack Daniels

    Je calls Sc and Ja cocky b*******.

    K comes back to join them

    Di- Do you think we'll do anything today?
    Holly enters

    Things start to go quiet
    Gonna post now....

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    K, H, Je and Di in BY

    They talk about the music that they wake up to, Di thinks the first song was a gay song, and H asked what was up with the devil music after that. Someone (Je or Di) asks if that was Metallica. FISH

    Back to F2... H, Di and Je are in BY

    Je talks about friend
    and Fish again for a second

    Scott comes out

    H asks if cowboy and sc slept well last night, Di asks if they cuddled
    Sc says he woke up in his face a few times

    Out comes Ja, and ignores them all... H says he's funny.... long gap "really funny"

    Di says she wants to exercise today, Je agrees, H says she can't exercise in the day it's too hot, I don't know how the guys do it.

    Di- There's this fly around me
    H- He (sc) always drinks out of the hose... strange... I asked him like are you a construction worker or something? it's strange he always drinks out of the hose.
    Di - It's a country thing I think (she then finds some reason to leave the dumb blonde with Je)

    H tries to make conversation with Je... but doesn't have much to say...

    H asks what Je is doing, she explains she's making a "birdhead"

    Feed changes to Kitchen with Di, A and W

    Di talks about W's tiny little legs
    A doing dishes
    Di goes to the WC

    A lot of running water and the like... very interesting

    Enter H... the source of all exciting conversation
    H asks how Bible Study was last night, W and A say it's really nice, H says she needs more of that, A says she can join them anytime.

    A asks if W enjoyed it, he says he loved it. She apologized for answering for the both of them, W says he loves the place, he's gonna get some exercise and sun.

    Gonna post now...

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    F2, still in Kitchen with Di, A, and W

    Di notices it was a pretty early DR call for A this morning... A says she just wanted some soundbites... she said to them "You're not airing this picture of me, are you?"

    Di seems to be scraping something... A explaining to Di how to cook eggs

    Je comes in, and goes to the fridge, apparently there's a lot of ants... (I think I heard A say something about ants)

    Everyone leaves... leaving Di and W at the table together

    Di says they have to pray that they get the veto...

    Di talking to W about how they (Sc and Ja) are using Dw like a dirty w----
    W leaves, singing a madeup song about changing into his whitewashed clothes, as H comes in.
    H - Have you been shaving your legs every day? Are they smooth
    Di - I try to every day...
    H - Maybe I'll shave them in the tub
    Di- That's what everybody else does
    H - That's what you do? You shave in the shower...
    Di - I shave with a razor and some water

    H leaves... Je comes back (I didn't notice her leave)
    Di and Je talking about tanning...

    I think I'm gonna try to change feeds

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    Four Horse's Asses talking in HOH room

    They're talking strategy wrt POV
    They're acting it all out with gumdrops
    Sc leaves, as does Mc, leaving Dw and Ja in HOH

    Sc brings Mv in to talk... they wanna figure out what's going on.

    Dw shows his jube-jube model to Mv.
    Mv thinks K is flippable because she just wants to stay in the game... the rest of them are hardcore.
    Mv thinks A is the ringleader, because she won't give any information... Mv says he reads people for a living (I didn't realize that was part of being a Mortician...)
    Mv says if you kill the head, the tail will die, so get rid of A, and that's who it should be... He thinks K just wants to be on TV, and she's crazy, and Je is a great pawn who will go wherever she wants to be. I guess K had a big breakdown last night and was constipated and crazy.

    Mv says taking out Adria would be like taking out Saddam or Osama, and then they should get rid of Di and her badass attitude.
    W called to Diary room
    Mv goes on about how they need to get rid of A... I guess they were surprised that she wouldn't tell them who she'd put up if she won HOH... The mouth on Mv is crazy...

    Mv says he's "gonna make damn sure that no bitch wins this money"

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    F3 - Horse's asses and Mv in HOH

    Ja arguing with Mv about whether Dw can win veto. Ja says that Dw can use veto if he wants, Dw says he would look like an ass changing his mind. Ja says that Dw *screwed* up, and he should be able to change his mind.

    Mv thinks W could be changeable as well as K... but Ja thinks Di is in Dw's pocket

    they keep talking about getting rid of A, and S whispers to Mc to stand by the door as a lookout, Mv thinks that K is about to lose it, so they can tell her that she needs to vote a certain way if she wants to stay off the block.

    Mv talking about how K has taken 8 cups of metamucil and is very concerned because she is "starting to bleed".... (ewwwwwww - I didn't want to hear about it)

    Mv thinks to make up for the physical nature of the last POV challenge, they will be doing macrame or something this time. Mv says something about men against women, and that's why they're putting the "dirty ho's" up. Ja leaves, as does Mv (finally)

    Dw and Sc are in HOH together.

    Dw says they have to get Je to pick one of them.
    Sc looks at himself in the mirror for a little while
    They talk about the song on the CD that Sc is listening to

    Sc read about the Last Supper last night, and how "David" would betray Jesus 3 times... (well, we never accused him of being a biblical scholar...)

    I think I'm done for a little while anyway...

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    Alright, since no one else is transcripting right now, I'll start again... to catch you up on what has been between the last report and this one, nothing happened.

    We rejoin the house as Ja reads the Cowboy Bible (New Testament) and tries to pronounce "Eloi Eloi, rama sabacthanai" (sp?) He also comments on how cool it is that Golgotha means "place of the skull"

    Moving on...

    F2 - BY

    Di, Dw, W and Sc (who's asleep)

    Dw needs to get out of the sun, Di decides to go to the hammock where there is sun. Both Dw and Di leave. W goes back to sleep it seems, Sc might be waking up... maybe not... maybe he's just having a "Good dream"... he is definitely awake, and wakes W up.

    Gonna post and go eat supper...

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    feed 1

    jase - he is reading the bible, parts of out loud in the LR
    ok it is the cowboy bible..

    feed changes to BY where diane, will, scott and someone's foot is beside the pool.. don't know who the foot belongs to but it looks suspiciously male

    not much talking at all... yet.. everyone is soaking up the sun....

    scott comments that the camera is retarded....
    diane tells him that they are just trying to focus on him...

    the mystery foot belongs to drew....

    he offers diane some water...

    diane wishes there was something actively to do in the sun without just sitting there..
    will agrees
    they want a ball but scott quickly shoots that down as it would smash the windows [somehow i think that scott would smash the windows lol]

    they wish for a basketball... as they could totally play some ball right now

    diane says she is going to stay out there all day

    not much talking again...

    drew is taking a break from the sun now...
    diane mentions that it is pretty hot..
    drew is going to go harrass cowboy...
    diane says that sounds like fun.. so diane walks over to the hammock in the back of the yard..

    cam follows diane.. think drew went inside the house... heard the door open but it wasnt on cam
    marvin is outside lifting the arm weights

    cam is on marvin now... he isn't doing much at all...

    checking quad cam to see if other feeds are back from fish...
    and yes.. 3/4 are on the kitchen so changing to feed 3

    karen, nakomis, holly and A and now drew are in kitchen

    h - do we have salsa still?
    a - yeah i will make some later

    karen is looking in the oven, must be cooking something..
    ok holly is cooking something and karen tells her to not walk away from the oven
    while she is cooking otherwise she will burn it again...
    h - what is the ideal time for this?
    k - those cookies? about 10 minutes .. depends just watch them

    holly is making cookies!

    marvin comes to join them..

    karen is getting her cookies from the oven...
    she thanks bb for the ONE pot holder

    diane comes inside now too but she walks to WC..

    karen asks if they like cheese cake with drizzing hot apple syrup...
    karen made a cheese cake.. she says it has to chill for 6 hours...
    karen wishes she had strawberries and whipped cream for it..

    will comes in kitchen now too...

    diane gets drink and sits down.. will gets drink too and sits down

    the apple pie ? got burned a bit too... karen walked away for a minute when she should have pulled them out... she is upset because she was watching it... and reminds that holly did that and now she did it too...

    cam changes from kitchen back to the pool and scott...

    marvin complaining because of karen talking about larry...
    he is in the pool with scott

    marvin says there are 11 in the game instead of 12 since lori left
    scott smirks

    marvin wonders what lori is doing today
    scott says she is getting pampered, manicured and pedicured up
    scott - it is like we are on vacation
    marvin - yesterday was alright
    [man there is a loud plane flying over]

    marvin asks scott how many laps make a mile again?
    scott says 444.. marvin says 443 to go..
    m asks scott if he has a jet ski back home
    scott says yeah.. and he tells about it... [sorry missed details]
    scott - you don't take it to the beach though
    m - salt water mess it up?
    s - yeah and the waves too
    m tells about how people always get messed up on them...
    s - people don't realize you cant steer with the engine off
    scott telling story how a friend and him hit each other in the water.. scott was in his friends boat and his friend was on the jet ski... the jet ski hit the boat... they thought it was okay but the jet ski ended up sinking overnight... his mom freaked out.. some neighbor said he saw some boys with hammers hitting the jet skis so scott had a good cover story but he confessed before he left for the show so if he told the story on here she wouldnt be surprised...

    marvin laughs.. says scott confessed his sins before he left
    scott talks about hiding his tatts too...
    marvin tells him he is a grown man..
    now tattoo talk...

    will post..

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    still on feed 3.. nakomis joins them for the tattoo talk..
    she says the most painful are the sternum area.. the one she got on her neck was her most painful one..

    scott talks about getting a tat the day after he got stitches.. he was warned not to because he could lose blood... now he is talking about how he had to get stitches.. how he cut his arm on a window when he was in fight... it was new years eve

    checking quad cam again..

    fish on all 4 feeds...

    still fish -- has been 8 minutes now...

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    feed 1

    drew and cb in hoh room...

    drew - when you start taking things personally... thats when it gets bad... you can't take it personally otherwise you will get voted..
    cb - we got rid of our sister last week
    drew - coolest girl i ever met left last week...
    drew - this is one messed up game.. i never realized hoh to be so hard...
    cb - shoot dude, you did awesome will see what i pull off

    bb - karen go to DR

    drew has on headphones and playing with rubber chicken

    drew - what pics would you want if you win
    cb - want the one where we went to 6 flags for the first time as family
    cb - tells about his name brand clothes
    drew asks does she like him to wear those?
    cb - yeah she does..

    fish back and forth...

    drew - if you win this you will have a lot of leverage in your house
    cb - oh i dont know about that.. i think she will like you the most in here
    cb - nakomis told me she hopes her family doesnt hate her because she said some not so nice stuff about cb .. about how i didnt stand up for myself.. and i told her i talked to them about that.. i did in in closed quarters not in front of others, and that she probably got his fiance's respect by saying something
    drew - somethings, if they said that about my girl.. i know me .. that takes me off guard.. i cant believe that they would say that to me sometimes
    cb - i think they respect my decision to be with her and i think they are used to it and want to meet her... she is the type to call them names back too... my best friend and her have that type of relationship
    drew - she might have some words for those guys at the wrap party

    diane comes in and asks to talk to drew for a minute.. cb leaves..

    drew - use my towel to wipe off
    diane - me and scott hate each other.. do you realize this .. how much we do? we got into it outside.. do you know how you lilke to call people out... i know they are trying to talk people into putting me on the block.. scott has told me that... and i told him same thing for you..
    drew -- okayyy...
    diane.. i just want you to know.. i know it will make things worse for me now.. he will so on me now..
    drew puts head in pillows.. i dont need more stress
    diane 0 apologies... asks does he listen to them? tells about does he do what they want him to do.. scott treats me like crap.. i have never been treated like this...
    drew - what happened..
    diane -- they said come here to talk... and i said i know what is going on.. and i want to know why you want to put me up.. scott said he hates my guts.. like we are in 3rd grade.. he cant stand to look at me anymore.. i said it is okay to jump down drews throat every hour and if i say something.. you cant take it... why you giving me this look?
    drew - not expecting this right now....
    diane - comes with the territory.. i jsut wanted you to know.. it is going to get ugly with me...
    drew - ok
    diane - i told him.. if me or my people get hoh he is so up.. and he knows that .. i just wanted to prepare you for the talk
    diane - i am sorry.. i sooooo hate him!!!!!

    diane - are they jumping down your throat today?
    drew - yeah we were in here talking earlier
    diane - honestly.. you can put me on the block.. i dont want to be here anymore.. so if you feel like thats the decision you have to make to make your boys happy.. put me up.. i dont want to be here anymore okay?
    drew - what makes you think i would do that?
    diane - remember last night with karen? well she forgot last night was about me.. how jase said they were upset with holly always going up on the block.. time for me to be up...
    drew - they said it was about me..
    diane - they were talking crap about you too... everybody is always putting holly on the block which is jase's girl so they want to put your girl on the block
    drew - ugly ugly ugly
    diane - only ugly thing in this house is scott.. period
    drew - least i know your side..
    diane - he will be in here to tell you his side... he is being an a** hole... he said i was mad cuz i cant have him
    drew - this house is crazy.. gonna make some pizza
    diane - can i listen to music?
    drew - out to face some drama...

    posting ... sorry for typos!!

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