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Thread: 7/24 Live Feed Transcripts

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    The plan, as I mentioned above, is sorta difficult to understand.

    But basically, by putting up two of their own players, they are assured to win VETO because no one from the other side would be able to get it.

    The plan basically nullifies the VETO, which is the big "if" question when nominating players.

    Actually, I just thought about it again, and you're right Catnip. You might as well just put up two of their own players. If they use the Veto, you put up another player on their side.

    Nokomis' plan is good, only in that it ASSURES you can vote someone out, like Jase, who might otherwise be strong enough to veto themselves out. This takes away the power from the strong players who might be able to win VETO.

    But seriously. If you put up Scott and Jase, they are competing with each other, and if one of them wins, they would have to use it on themselves, assuring the other person is out.

    (Imagine if Scott and Jase had to compete with one another -- as well as a HOH and his/her candidate -- that'd be great. They're all buddy-buddy, but during comp they'd have to compete to save their own asses. I'd kill to watch them get competitive against one another)

    This should go in the discussion thread, my bad!

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    I just typed for about 20 minutes and then it all was wiped out, so I'll try to describe it. There was a huge fight that I will write about in the next post. Drew did not defend Di, and she was upset and Nk and Di went in to talk to Dw in HOH. Here is what happened there:

    Di is confronting Dw with Nk.
    Di is yelling at Dw because he took up for the guys and didn't defend her.
    Nik tells them they are both drunk and she is sober and she will explain.
    She calmly explains about how Di was attacked. Then A went in and she was attacked, so they went inside to make sure A was okay, and everyone was at Di again, and Dw came inside and didn't defend her, and Di thought he would defend her.

    Dw explains that he is drunk, he came out of the DR, and they said that there was an alliance with Di with everyone else, and he didn't know what to believe, and he was surprised. Nk tells him that his surprise came off as not giving a damn, and she felt that too, so maybe Di felt that. Di says that is what it was.

    Dw says that he did say K was brought into the room. Nk says that he did say that, but he brought K in when he said that. They couldn't talk in front of K. Dw keeps saying he is sorry if he rubbed people the wrong way. He tried to tell people that it was K, and the sucky thing was that he thinks K was trying to do good with everyone, and in the end it might come back to screw her. Dw says he is trying to play the way he wants to play and is trying to play a very humanitarian way. He says he is very sorry if he put Di in a bad position, it didn't come out the way it was supposed to. He says he was trying to stand up for Di. Di says he was not. He says he was. Nk asks who told Dw there is an alliance. He says Sc and CB. Nk says she wants to talk to him tomorrow, but when he is sober, and it is about the game and she doesn't want to do it now. Nk says that Dw hurt Di and he says he is sorry. Di: The damage is done, the bridge is burned and there is no reconstructing.
    Dw says that he is sorry if she will take it like that. He says he was put on the spot and it was a lot of things happening at once and he is drunk and he didn't expect her to talk to him like that and he tried to say what happened today, and he tried to back her up. Di says he didn't, but go ahead. He says that if that is the way she feels, then he can't do anything about it, and maybe tomorrow they can talk when she hasn't been drinking either. Dw says he respects NK so much right now. Nk says the two of them (Dw and Di) need to talk tomorrow, that alcohol is the inhibitor of everything, but just remember the only reason they are saying that they are in an alliance is because they aren't in their little group. Di is a threat, Nk is a pawn, and she doesn't know what is up with K. She says they will talk tomorrow.
    Dw: That's cool. Thanks for coming in here. I'm sorry I'm not in a condition to deal with this.
    Di: How much f--ing beer did you have? (I think 2 glasses of wine and 3 beers). Sorry if I'm a lightweight but at this point, kind of the way it is. (Dw is being very quiet).

    They leave HOH and Nk asks Di if it is ok and she says no. Nk says she will go back in and talk to him and Di needs to act like she likes him a little. She doesn't want to kiss his ass. Di wants to know if anyone is in the DR, and she says she has to get out of the house tonight. She says she will voluntarily walk out. Nk tells her she is not a quitter. Don't quit now. she says she has to, what is she supposed to do? Walk in there like everything is cool??? Nk says no, but she has to go in there and pretend that she is not upset. Di: Where am I supposed to go right now?
    Nk: Come outside with me.
    Di: Do you have cigarettes out there (Sigh from Nk) Listen, it's not going to change anything. I'll quit later. Two cigarettes in a month is fine.
    Nk says they are just mad that she got veto and that is why all the drama started. Di is yelling "I hate Dw" over and over. Nk goes to get cigarettes.
    Di tells K and the others on her team that they should do the best they can to finish the game off and that they won't do it with her. She is going to go in the DR and tell them to open the f--ing door. K asks where Nk is and Di tells her she is getting cigarettes. Di says it is uncomfortable for her and she isn't stupid.

    A says that she told the others to leave things alone for right now because they have been drinking. A says she told H that if she has a problem with Di to talk to Di alone and not bring a whole group into it. Di says she will rip H's hair out and body slam her and they will have to throw her out of the game. Di says she is not the target here and she doesn't know why she is.
    K says you can't talk to them when they are like that (drunk).
    Di: YOu know what, being drunk doesn't make things less clear. You know what Dw said to you in there? The root of all evil?
    Nk said she didn't hear that. Di says " You didn't hear that???"
    A and K are trying to settle Di down.
    Di keeps yelling that she is going to walk out. She says she wants Nk to take herself off the block, because she will go on the block. She will leave and give away 4 hugs and leave and talk shit when she goes out. Di says why should she stay there and let them get HOH and just put her on the block next week???
    A says she want to pray about it and sleep on it. She tells Di she is stronger than this and she is ok, and she is not on the block yet. A goes inside.
    NK says that Dw is drunk right now. Di says you can drink a few things and not get drunk like an eighth grade kid and act dumb. Nk says he really is intoxicated or plays like he is. Di says he will say the same shit tomorrow. Di is really mad and drunk.
    Di: Why is it always me? It's like God put me on this planet, and we talked about a black cloud following me around, and then it put me right in this house.
    Nk: Things will change in time.
    Di: Why is sc such an asshole?
    Nk; Because I beat them at a game.
    Di: I know. They are sore f--ing losers.
    Di says that people can see her smoke because everyone at home knows it anyway and she isn't trying to fool anybody in the f--ing entertainment business.
    Di says this is probably the worst feeling she has ever had in her life. The worst predicament. The only thing that comes close was when she was in high school and there was a sweetheart dance contest, and she saw people stuffing two ballot boxes, and she reported it but the whole thing came back on her, and she thought she was doing the right thing.
    Nk tells her the best thing to do is calm down, because when there are d--ks like them in the house you have to play the role until you get in power.
    Nk: And he said K was the root of all this, not the root of all evil.
    Di: Oh. (laughs) I thought our time has come and it was the start of all things, but how do we know they won't get HOH next week and it starts again.
    Nk is trying to get her to be in Dw's shoes and say you have just broken off with your own alliance, and the person you are closest is there and everyone is telling you that person just admitted they are lying to you. (Dw left his alliance?) Nk says he couldn't process all of that info.
    Di: yeah, but he played f--ing dumb like CB
    NK: That's the easiest thing to do when you are surprised. When you are with people who scare you, how are you going to go?
    Di: Yeah. I hate this.
    NK: It's a mental game and you have to literally, all the time, pull yourself away with what you are thinking and go with what the majority thinks.
    Di: I can't get in with the majority now. That's ok. I'll tell Dw tomorrow that you will save yourself and he can do what he wants and put me up if he wants.
    Nk says she is going to ask Dw if he thinks he made the right decision this week. She is going to tell him that CB and Sc told her that the veto has to be used because Dw thinks he made the wrong decision. She is going to tell Dw everything she has found out this week. She tells Di that Di has never told Dw formally that she is in an alliance.
    Di: Why do they act like "alliance" is such a f--ing abnormal word in this house?
    Nk: So I'm gonna play it up tomorrow. He knows I want to talk to him and he wants to talk to me.
    Di: I can listen to him tomorrow sober as can be and I still won't know what to believe.
    NK: I'll tell him he needs to explain this to you and he needs to let you know where he was standing tonight.

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    Okay, I will preface the explanation of this huge fight (and I've never heard anything like it and it upset me, and I wasn't there) by saying that there is this so-called "lie" that Holly feels she caught Diane in, and H is using this against Di. But it wasn't a lie. It has to do with Dw calling K into the HOH room with him and talking to her before the noms. The way I understand it, k overheard Sc telling someone that they were going to get the veto, take H off the block and put up Di. K told Di this, from what I understand. Di told H about it, and said it was Ja who was talking about this. She told H that a "middleman" told her about it, and she wouldn't name the middleman (K). So anyway, H asked Ja about it, and since Ja didn't say that Di would be put on the block, he denied it. So H thought she caught Di in this big lie, and today Ja and H were making a big deal about it, telling W about it and thinking he turned W against Di, etc. I may not have the exact details right, but I know K was the middleman. This will be important later, in the fight explanation.

    The girl alliance (including W) was outside. Mv joined them. Ja and his alliance were being horrible sports. Di sat on Mv's lap (no idea whose idea it was). Ja and Sc and H were looking outside and making fun of Di. For some reason, she is the one they picked on. Di came in to use the bathroom, minding her own business. As she walked by, Ja says "Doesn't she look like she should be walking into a trailer?" and they laughed hysterically. H, boosted by alcohol and her fellow studs decided she was going to confront Di but "not say anything mean." And it was like The Lord of the Flies, people.

    Di came out of the WC and H YELLED something like, "Hey, Di! Why didn't you give me a hug when I lost the veto? You didn't even give me a pity hug! Don't you care about me??" Di calmly told her she was sorry about that, she didn't think because she just wanted to hug Nk. H whined again and keeps saying really loud that she didn't even give her a hug and was celebrating and everything. Di said that "When you guys win something you are doing f--ing handsprings, so it was nice for my side to win something. I didn't mean---" and before she could say anything else, Sc yelled "Your SIDE??? There are SIDES NOW????" Di (still calm) says that as much as she would like to dance around it and say there are no sides in the house, they all know that there are. H starts screaming and saying that Di lied to her, and that she always said she wasn't in an alliance and screeches asking was Di just lying to her??? Di says "maybe" and walks out. Di was being really calm. H screams "You b---ch! That f---ing Bi----ch!!!
    Sc and Ja are patting H on the back and calling Di names, and H is saying over and over how Di is a b-- and lied to her, and how dare she, etc. (I wish they would play these tapes back to them when they are sober). Di was upset and went outside and nearly cried, and said that they attacked her when she went in the bathroom. At this point, Ja and H open the door and Ja says that he just wants to let them all know that Di ratted them all out, that she named each one of them in an alliance (he names each of them by name). Di tries to say she never said any names. Ja says she pointed and said "them." She denies it again. H starts yelling that Di is a liar and none of them can trust her. Ja and H go back inside. K is inside and they corner her, asking if she is in an alliance with them. She says she doesn't know anything about an alliance. K is trying to get away, but they keep at her. H starts screeching in K's ear about how Di is a liar and B--ch and she can't stand her, etc. Sc tries to stop H because he can see that K is uncomfortable, but H continues. Finally, Sc tells her to stop again and she stops. They told K that they want K to vote to save H.

    A walked in and tried to calm things down, and they turn on her. They tell A that they are just friends and not in any alliance. Sc told K earlier that those guys outside are in an ALLIANCE and that they aren't in one--the guys are just buddies. He says that they hooked up as buddies from the first, and that none of the girls were friends like that. A says that they are friends, for instance, her and Nikomas read the Bible and (Sc interrupts You and NIK???) and A calmly said that they are friends, just like the guys said they were. A says not to judge everyone by the actions of one, and that just because they are friends doesn't mean there is an alliance, just like the guys might not have one.
    Nik and Di come inside to stand up for A. Di says again that she didn't name A or anyone. Sc says "Didn't I tell you not to talk to me??" Di says she doesn't care what Sc wants. Sc tells her to shut up and in the background you could hear H and Ja and Sc and everyone calling her a liar and saying that they have to tell Dw. A is trying to calm people down and so was Nk. K mostly stayed out of it. H kept screeching that she will tell Dw about Di, that he has not know. Dw could hear this in the DR, where he was hiding apparently. Finally, Dw came out into the outer room of the DR and CB and Sc met him there and said that Di had admitted she was in an alliance without him, etc. So Dw came out and H was screeching about Di being a liar, and Di tries to defend herself and they are talking about the "middleman" (remember my last post?) Dw asks who the middleman is, and Di, not wanting to say K's name in public, says "remember who you took into the HOH room to talk to?" and Dw says "You, K, I talked to a lot of people." Di says "exactly." But Dw didn't stand up for Di at all and Di was really upset. Imagine, all of these people (not the girls and not Dw or W, but all of the 4h other than Dw, and H) are screeching at Di about her being a liar, and for her to shut up, etc. And A and Nk are trying to calm them all down, saying they've all had too much to drink. I can't even describe how horrible Ja and Sc were. Ja was saying things like he was going to tell Dw that the trailer trash head of the alliance spilled the beans, etc. So Dw went into the HOh room and I think CB went in there with him. Di went outside with Nk and was really upset, and then that was the start of the previous post when Di talked to Dw with Nk there, and Nk kept a level head.

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    Catniptoy, thanks for the excellent writeup of this fight. I was watching too, and I was riveted. I just wanted to point out that the original "lie" really was a lie on Diane's part. See my recap for more details; at this time of night all the words are starting to look funny. It doesn't make what they did any easier to take. It's a GAME, people. Lies are told constantly!

    (Threadjack over, back to transcriptions.)
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    During the last post, when I was typing, I checked some of the other feeds. I heard H talking to Ja, saying how much she hates Di. She said it over and over. She said the cameras were messing with them, too.

    I heard Nk and K whispering. K sounded upset and said that it was so sad because they were so happy earlier because they won something. She was saying that she definitely told the other side that there was no alliance, so there is. no. alliance. It sounded like K wanted to possibly cut Di loose. She doesn't want to lose Nk because of this. K said they have to clean up her (Di's) messes. They talked about how now Di wants Nk to take herself off the block and have Dw put Di up and Di would be voted out. Nk doesn't want to do that. Nk says that she would like to say to Ja at the veto ceremony that she was planning on using the veto to get his girlfriend off the block, but since he looked her in the eye after the comp and said that she just saved her life, she isn't going to give it to H.

    W came in briefly and said he wanted to talk to them, and he said that the guys now want Nk to take herself off and use the veto (NOW) and they want Di gone. W stressed that they said they want her gone NOW.

    Dw is reading the Bible now. He is reading about love your enemies.
    Dw is saying that they have their enemies here, and out of the house they might be their friends, but they have to pray for them, too.
    I think Dw was talking to CB about this. Di has nowhere to sleep, and I don't even know where she went. She said earlier someone said she could have the cot, but now that this has happened she sees that he is lying in the cot so that she couldn't have it.
    CB said he just wanted to find out if Di was in the HOH room. (These people are making me sick). Dw said Di is outside. In the caBR, H and Ja are in there and they continue to talk about Di.

    Cb is being really bitter and meaner than I've ever seen him. He has been drinking, I guess. Earlier, he said anything can happen in this game, like your sister can lie to you. At that time, Sc and Ja laughed. CB was also one of the people who was laughing at all of the meanness to Di. I've lost a lot of respect for him. When he said that about Nk, Sc was saying that he could say that he hates his sister after only 5 weeks of meeting her.

    I think Di went into the DR to talk to the psychiatrist. K was encouraging her to do it earlier, saying that is what they are there for.

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    Diane did go to the diary room. Haven't seen her since.

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