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Thread: 7/24 Live Feed Transcripts

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    30 more minutes have passed and still have fish on all 4 feeds

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    It's on!

    They're in the kitchen, looking celebratory. NAKOMIS IS WEARING THE VETO!!

    Okay, all the HG's are digging into dessert. They are talking about Holly misunderstanding "ballet" thinking "bali" or "belly" or something. I saw Scott walk off without saying anything, now he's on F3&4 changing in the cloud room. He flipped off the camera.

    Descriptions of the competition: a "cute game". K: finally something that was just plain cool!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    It's on!

    They're in the kitchen, looking celebratory. NAKOMIS IS WEARING THE VETO!!

    I just saw that!

    Two paws up for that! YAYYYY (sorry, had to comment!)
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    ok guess it was a question comp.. marvin participated... and the 4H are talking about nakomis taking herself off and them putting A up... A is gone...
    CB talking about how Diane and Will were so excited... and now talking about votes..
    CB - i know its my sister but she lied to me today... [about choosing who to pick for veto comp]
    they are mad that she chose A to compete..

    they are really hoping Nk takes herself off.. and jase told her congrats you just saved your life

    scott doesnt want 3 girls in the finals
    cb is fired up

    mv says that they are pretty sure she will take herself off and they will put up A for sure... expecting a 4-4 tie with Drew breaking the tie

    now talking about if she doesnt pull herself off, that she will be sacrificing herself for A
    mv wonders if it is possible if she stays on.. that she will be okay..and they assure mv that no she will be voted out

    nk picked adria to play..

    jase says they are crapping their pants right now...
    mv really working all aspects of the situation...

    cb is really made nk lied.. they tell cb that he needs to tell nk that they really want A out not her.. mv says that taking out nk isnt nothing right now.
    mv says diane is too much of a hot head to hold any power right now.. but A is cool under pressure

    posting and done for the night!

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    Je picked A to play in the veto comp.

    The 4 horsemen (plus Mv) are in the HOH. They are saying that if Je leaves herself up (doesn't take herself off) that she will be sacrificing herself, as the vote will be tied. (A, W, Di, and K voting H off...Sc, Ja, CB and Mv voting Je off) at which point Dw breaks the tie. (unless they change that rule!) SO they're saying if Je takes herself off, to replace her with A, and it will still be the same thing, split vote, the Dw making the final call and putting A out.
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    Mv, Dw, Sc and Ja were in the HOH room talking about numbers. Mv says that A is the kingpin, and you get her out and then Diane.

    Sc says they have K's vote, and Mv and Ja think that you can't count on K, that she will kiss people's a-- and she is full of bulls---.

    In the HOH room, CB came in, and Ja says he is going to convince Nk that she is gone if she doesn't take herself off. He says that he told her right after she won veto that she is in trouble. Dw says not to scare her too much, because if they keep stressing to her that she is in trouble, she will know that they actually want her to use the veto on herself. (So far, I haven't heard anyone asking Nk to use it on H, though).

    Ja is saying that now they could be the FAB 5~! He tells Mv this and he keeps agreeing.

    Sc: Battle the men versus the broads!
    I think Dw just came in, and Ja tells him that they are the Fab 5.
    Dw: The fab 5? (I don't think Drew is loving this, but maybe I'm wrong)
    Sc asks if this is the first official name, and Mv says no, he thought up the Van Boys. Then they say Santa Monica Van Boys.

    Sc brings up the names from last year that the guys had.

    CB comes in and Ja tells him the names. He laughs.

    I think there is some hand shaking going on, but I don't see Dw looking very thrilled. Dw asks CB if he ate the red Lifesaver, and he says no and says he wants to know why they keep asking him?

    Mv says now he gets to listen to music and they agree. They ask if he likes this music and he says he would listen to pigs f---ing right now, he wants to listen to something so bad.

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    Just random things they are talking about the comp:

    Ja threw up before the comp and Sc thinks that will be on the show.
    They were told absolutely no talking, and Ja was upset because he wanted to make up some sort of signal to cheat, so that they would know whether something was a "bluff" or not.

    They are talking about bluffs in the competition. Mv also mentioned that the "guy" told him that there was a reason why they were told to watch the tapes of previous years.

    Sc was ahead of everyone in the comp., and then Nik came up and it was the two of them neck and neck, and Nik won.

    Sc is belching constantly.

    H comes to the HOH door, and Sc jokes with H and says she is screwed, and then says he is kidding. H insists she is screwed and is upset. Then A comes up and asks if the guys had some wine. The guys all want A to leave, and she is just trying to be polite, but H is grunting over and over and then said "Just take it!"

    H says that Di is smoking a cigarette--does Di smoke?
    Dw: Di is smoking?
    Sc: A victory cigarette.
    Sc makes a remark about how unattractive it is that she is smoking.

    Ja: Di is a girl that like in our college crowd, we wouldn't let her into our pad.
    Mv: She's like a prostitute. She's got cigarette burns. She's got cigarette burns like a pimp f---ing beat her down or something.
    H: What about K?
    Ja: We don't need her.
    H keeps whining in the background.
    Ja: We're gonna work her but we do have it worked out.
    H and Ja are on Dw's HOH bed.

    Someone asked if H wanted to try something (food or drink) and she was says she is thinking "Like why not, I'm only here for four more days."
    H: I can't believe Di didn't even give me a pity hug or anything.
    They all say that it is a game. H says she feels betrayed.
    Sc: It's girls against the guys.
    Sc: This is a big-time war right here.
    H keeps whining and CB says: Welcome to the game.
    Sc talks about how different their group is, because usually it's two here and two there.
    Mv: The way they did the casting this year, they kinda screwed it up because we've been together since f--ing jump street. We went to the pool together, to the gym together AND FISH
    (He is talking about sequester)

    Mv says that as soon as he saw Ja, the first one he saw, he thought at least that guy is here, so it will be ok. Then he saw Sc and CB, and was happy.
    (Gee, Mv, wish you knew they all wanted Dw to put you on the block and vote you out!)
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    F3/4 H and Ja in the kitchen, with their arms around each other. I can't listen to them because my ears will bleed.

    F2: Di, A, Nk, K and W in the BY. They talk about going and talking to Dw and saying that there is one person who causes trouble and makes people uncomfortable in this house and it doesn't have to be about one group against the other. Someone suggests talking to CB and (I think) K says that you won't get anything out of him. He plays dumb and says, "I don't know--What are YOU gonna do?" A or Di asks if Nk is sure that he is her half brother. I think Di asks if that was the truth, that they really are half siblings, or was that a lie?
    Nk: It was my father's signature, unfortunately.

    F1 and F2 and Di, A, CB, Nk and W in the BY. A asks how he feels about his little sister winning POV, and CB says he thinks it is great, and he would like to win something eventually.

    DR calls Nk to the DR (and they call her Nk instead of Je, too)

    I think CB asked Di if she will be sleeping in HOh tonight, and she says "If I can get in there after everyone gets tired of kissing his ass." CB says she needs an appointment, and Di says it will probably be harder to get than one to the Dermatologist.

    Di talks to W (I think they are alone now) that Dw assured her that she could trust him. W says Dw told him the same thing.

    The lie the 4H supposedly have on Di (W is telling her they told him about it to turn people against her) is about something she overheard last night. Di heard Ja say to someone that he was going to get the veto and take H off the block and put up Di. Then later when she talked to H and told her about it but replaced Sc's name with Ja's. So H ran to them and told them Di said that. Di said something about there being a "middleman" to the info, which was K, but she didn't tell H who the middle man was. So Ja and Sc say that Di is a liar because they didn't say that. W suggests that Di tell Dw that she heard that from H instead of K, so that she could tell Dw she really did hear it, but not get K into trouble.
    A joins W and Di.
    W is talking about the odds that Dw will put up Ja and take their assurances that if he does they will stick together and it will only be Sc, H and CB on one side (they aren't thinking of Mv). A says that the odds aren't good that they will get Dw to do it, and it would really hurt them worse to try to control Dw like the 4H try to control him.
    Di: So what do you think we should do?
    A: I could talk to him one on one on my own.
    W: So we should lose a player, then?
    A: I don't want to lose a player.
    W says that the way it is set up, it will be a tie with Dw as tiebreaker. A says that Mv can't stand H and maybe someone could get him to vote against her. A says they have Mv pulled in.
    W: Ja just came up to H and told her "You're not leaving this week."
    A sighs.
    Di: I've still got a secret smile on my face just from that win.
    A: Di, do you think it would be better if you talked to him alone tonight?
    Di says that Dw gave her a look today when she went in the house, he didn't want to look at him, and she is going to tell him that she doesn't feel that she can trust him definitely. She feels that Dw is playing her.
    A: Do you want to get whooped tonight or not? You're gonna get whooped. You slept in that bed last night and I wouldn't leave that bed unless he kicked me out.
    A says that she is losing ground if she doesn't stay in that bed. A says Di has to work what God gave her.
    W: I've tried to get in there several times.
    A: You are a fireball, girl.
    Di: He's told me before that he doesn't know if he can trust me.
    A tells her when she had a boyfriend who was treating her badly, she was in his face.
    A says she isn't telling her what to do.
    Di to A: What did I tell W in the room?
    A: I don't know. I can't remember what you told him.
    Di told Dw that it is a game and they are in it for themselves when it comes down to it. Di says deep down she doesn't feel he is playing her.

    W says he thinks they should approach it by A and W or A alone should approach Dw and talk to Dw.
    Di says Dw looks up to A and A says she thinks Dw is a great person.
    W says he doesn't want to "make" Nk sacrifice herself for them. A says she isn't going to ask Nk that, and will tell her not to leave herself on the block for A. She says that Nk earned that veto and A tried for it and didn't get it. A says that every time she got one right, Ja made a face. Di says she saw it.

    There was a black box with true or false, and A purposely moved it around more times than she had to so that others couldn't listen and tell whether she had true or false turned up. Di thought that the guys would try to signal with their eyes and she was watching them like hawks.

    A says it was important to show that Ja won't win everything. (I think Ja and A were against each other. Maybe it was in pairs).

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    Nokomis is a freakin' GENIUS.

    She just told Diane, Adria and Will that she has an AMAZING plan, and that it is "so good it makes me want to puke." I was a little skeptical at first, but SHE IS A GENIUS.

    The plan: If the "Good poeple" outnumber the bad people, the plan would see them nominate two of their OWN players. That way, it wouldn't matter who won veto, because it would be their own players playing for Veto and they would be assured the VETO.

    Then they would replace one of their players with the person they want out, and they'd vote'em out. If it came to a tie, the HOH (on their side) would vote the new nominee out.

    I think it's really hard to explain in text but it is genius. Go Nokomis!

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    W and Di want A to seek out Dw and talk to him, but A wants Dw to seek her out. She doesn't want to stoop to the level of the guys.. But W says that the problem with that is that Dw might not get the info from them at all and think they don't care.

    A says that if Dw isn't telling the truth, and if he is letting Sc and Ja run him, then maybe he deserves to be picked off, which is just what Ja and Sc will do to him. If he was her bf, she would tell him that there is only room for one or maybe two kings in the house, and that he needs to step up and be a man. Di says she wants to tell him stuff like that, and A says not to be too in his face, though. A says to "be a woman tonight."

    Earlier, I could hear the HOH room briefly, and they were talking about how the DR people were asking if it was girls versus guys. H whines that it isn't, because she is with the guys. Then she says the other side has W, too, who she says is half man/half woman. Mv says there are 3 guys out there. H: What, you are counting Nik as a guy? Mv: Yeah.

    A: They are already griping that the games are mental games, and H was saying that maybe they didn't pick a physical or eating game because they knew that H and Nk wouldn't eat gross stuff. A told her that BB was making the comps fair, and that BB didn't care who was on the block--it was the next challenge in line. She told her that BB makes it fair.

    One of the questions was whether A's favorite body part (to work out, maybe) is the shoulders, and it was the truth. A didn't bluff when she gave the answers and didn't bluff, and she took several "chips" on that question.

    Di is drinking and says she is getting drunk, and A tells her to not get too drunk and to calm down.

    W asks who Dw will probably put up if Nk takes herself off the block.
    A: Is it Dw or the group deciding?
    Di: You know what, that's what I'm going to find out tonight.
    A tells Di to tell Dw that she had about 4 beers, and she is kind of drunk. She tells her to talk to him in a sympathetic manner and tell him that he came in the house as a boy but he is becoming a sexier man every day. To ask him how he is handling all of this. W is laughing hysterically. A: Say, I want you so bad I could rip your clothes off!! (Laughter)

    A: Scott asked me if I was wearing that shirt with no bra, and I said I always do, and he said f--yeah!
    Di says she will wear a loose t-shirt with no bra tonight, and Dw told her that he was having a hard time keeping his hands off her last night. A says to let Dw relax and get away from the game a little and "you will know when the window is open."
    Di wants to borrow a sports tank with a shelf bra built in from A.
    Di: The less that's on me could also be the ....more.
    W is loving all of this.
    A and Di are saying that she should say that the sun is getting to her....her skin is hot.
    Di says Dw kisses her back every night. She wants to think he isn't playing her because of stuff like that.
    Di wants to believe it is real. A thinks it is so sweet.

    Di says that Sc grabbed her t--t the night before last.

    A is wearing a tie-dye top.

    A says she hasn't listened to Dw's music yet, so tomorrow she will go in the room, maybe when Di is in there, and she will use the music as an excuse. A says that she won't be exactly playing him because she really does want to know if he is ok.
    W: Before Dw left his Dad told him not to be nice, and if he goes with us he may think he is being nice.
    A says that maybe his Dad meant not to be too nice, instead of playing the game.
    A and W say that is what Dw is actually doing now, with the 4H.

    W was sleeping in the hammock and Ja and Sc were by the pool. K was there, too. Dw came out to get K to go into the DR to talk to him, and Sc and Ja looked at each other and said "Can you believe he (Dw) thinks he can have a personal conversation in the house? He thinks he runs this house? WE run this house!" A and Di want W to tell Dw this.

    Nk comes over. With the way she is dressed she says she feels "very 20's today."

    Di: It feels good for it to be on this side tonight and for them to be on that side.

    Feed switches to HOH room, with Mv, Ja and H on the HOH bed. I don't even see Dw or Sc.

    Mv is saying that there is something about H that makes guys fall in love with her, and Ja has. Mv says he felt that way about L and it "eviscerated" him to vote her a--- out.

    OK, in the comp, it looks like each person had to write answers on a questionaire and A realized that with Nk's and A's questions that it didn't matter if she missed them, because either Nk or A got them. A says that if Ja and H had done that, they could have raked in the chips, but they didn't do it. A says that it was actually the four of the other team against A and Nk, and yet they won because they worked as a team, while the others worked just for themselves. A just tried not to miss Ja's, H's and Sc's.

    Nk whispers she has an idea and Di says she would give her right arm to do it. (For HOH). If one of them gets HOH they will put up one of the other side's people and one of their own people, and then if any of their team gets the veto, they will use it and take off their person and put up another one of the other team, and they can't get out of it that way. (I don't get this, and W doesn't seem to either, because why not just put up two of the other side, and then put up the third one of them if veto is used?)

    Di says CB is a puppet, and Nk says he doesn't listen to her at all.
    Nk: I had a talk with him last night and said it really bothers me how these guys pick on me. (I missed the rest because others were talking at the same time) Nk says she doesn't mean to be mean, and A says she isn't mean, just truthful.
    Di says CB will learn when he watches the tapes and hears how those guys talk bad about CB's fiancee. It made Di angry. Nk says that they want to ruin CB's wedding. Di says she would go if CB invited her. A and NK say that no, the guys have a plan to ruin CB's wedding by going to it and getting CB so drunk that he makes a fool of himself.

    Ja came outside
    A: What's with that? Putting a headband and sunglasses on at 12:30 at night??
    W: Covering up the wrinkles, baby!
    A and W think he is close to 40.
    A: He's gotta be older than the guy on Fear Factor! Who;s that guy?
    W: Joe Rogan.
    A; He's gotta be older than him.

    Di says that she can't believe one of them says he was Brad Pitt's body double.

    A says that it is all because they are acting ugly, but they aren't really ugly. It makes them ugly to her. W agrees. Di says he (Ja?) would be great to hang out with outside the house.

    Di: Sh---t's turning. I love to see people sweat.
    W: What bothers me is that Ja will think this is no big thing for him. He will think he is going to triumph.
    DI: Well, he's not triumphing. I know how Dw feels about two people, and that's H and Ja.
    A: How does he feel about them?
    Di says that the first time Di and Dw talked about the game, Di made a reference to the whole thing being the Jase show. Last night, Dw said that he would never forget her saying that and ever since it has been sitting on the top of his brain and it makes him sick. So she is assuming he doesn't care for Jase because of that. Dw hates H and calls H the "Poison of the house." If Di could talk to Dw, she would like to get Ja off first.
    A wants to find out for sure (have Di find out) who Dw would put up.
    Nk interjects that she is really leaning toward taking herself off the block. She wants to see Brad Pitt up there. A tells Nk not to take herself off until she is sure and sees how things stand (like they wouldn't all remove themselves if they could!). Nk just says "Yeah." A says that she thinks they could maybe get Mv.
    W says that if Dw would put Ja up on the block, then Ja would be gone for sure.

    Di asks if all of them are comfortable with talking together, because they all talked in front of them, but they were afraid to talk together. Di says Ja and Sc are all looking at them, and Barbie is there smiling her face off at them. A says that they are all sitting in a public place and could be talking about anything, movie stars or anything, and she is not going to lock herself up and sneak around to talk, and their paranoia can eat them up if they want.
    Di: Nk, are you watching H right now? It's so funny, you should see the way she is peeking her head around the corner like she thinks we can't see her. She's trying to make me jealous, too, with that t-shirt.
    (H is wearing Dw's shirt).
    W says that they have to grow some balls and stand up to the other side.
    Nk says she feels like skipping into the house arm in arm, singing Kumbaya.
    W says they have to be brave and talk to Dw.
    A: I don't know about you all, but I sure get a lot of questions in the DR about girl/guy alliances, and I don't know where that comes from. I don't know where comes from because I say we have Will!
    W: I say it isn't guy/girl: it is maturity level.
    W says it has to do with who wants to leave the house with integrity.
    A; That's why I think Dw would be a good person in our team if he got a little more maturity.

    Di is saying the f-word a lot.
    W: Right now I honestly feel like if I, if I got Ja out of here, I would be so happy that I would play the game kamikazie (sp?) style after that, because I would be so thrilled.

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