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Thread: 7/24 Live Feed Transcripts

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    Di is in the clBR with K, W and Nik. K asks if Dw is ok. Di says that K had quite an impact on him. (I think Di said that to K and not the other way around). Di seems very down. Di says this sucks and she doesn't want to be in there with those guys. (They are on lockdown and feel trapped). Nik: But we ARE trapped.

    Earlier, Nik said she wished that she had a board game with colors on the board and stuff. Then she said that they ARE a board game and they are the pieces.

    Sc is still pouting, and H is being loud in the WC and they have a shot of Sc rubbing his eyes but looking over with a disgusted or irritated look. Ja was talking about one time H pinched his nose because he was snoring, etc. Ja: I was like, oh, obviously I was sleeping good for 45 seconds.

    H: I want to know what is behind that wall.
    Ja: Water heater.
    H: You think it's the waaateeerrr???? (OK, I had to let you know how irritating she sounds).
    Dear Heaven, someone just belched a horrible, loud belch.

    Ja talks about jeans and the great thing about them is that they only get better, unless they shrink way too much.

    And, Sc still pouting. He has managed to drag himself to the WC and look in the mirror, though, so things must be looking up for him.

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    F1 has a close-up of H's abdomen and her belly button ring.

    H and Ja are in the caBR and they are lying on the bed. I think H said that Sc is jealous. H said she can tell, she knows guys and she can tell that he wishes..... Ja says he really doesn't care.
    Ja: There's so much high school stuff in this house, I really don't care. If you and your bubbling butt leave this house I don't care if I am here next week.
    Disgusting talk now about H's belly button which is infected. It is bubbling and Ja says there are chunks of stuff floating in there. H wants Ja to clean it out and he is DOING IT!

    CB comes in and she says they are doing surgery there. Ja kissed her stomach and she says not to because of the infection and he says it is up higher than the "dangerous area."
    H: I'm going to be known to America as this fungus belly button girl. (No, H, there are so many other things we could call you)
    H in high school pierced her own belly button and it swelled and "ate her earring" and her boyfriend was wrestling with her and he busted it open and all of this green pus poured out and the earring tore out and everything. H: I've had so many belly button issues.

    I have to change feeds because I am retching now.

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    Ja tells H depending on what happens in the house, he can see himself moving back out to CA. He says that he thinks things will happen for him because of the show, although "not huge things."
    H says that she doesn't think anything will happen for her, since she will be here such a short time. Ja says that she isn't leaving!
    H says one of the things she loves about Ja is he is so funny.
    H says there are so many things she lets go in the house that she wouldn't normally let go.
    Ja asks if he pisses her off a lot?
    H says that she hates to bring up Johnny Creepy, but the two of them fight constantly, and that here in the house she has learned to not fight with people as much, and she lets things go. She said she can't fight with Ja every time he does anything to upset her. (I'd hate to see her if she wasn't letting things go!). Ja asks what he does to piss her off, because he will do it more. She says she can't think of anything at the moment, but that with Ja, him getting mad is different than other people getting mad, because when he gets mad, he really gets mad and turns into a monster. Ja agrees. H says that when H gets mad he turns it around and makes it like he is mad now. Ja says if they were dating and in his college apartment and she got weird, he would throw her out of the apartment, but he can't do that here. (This is like a cutesy boyfriend/girlfriend talk, not an upset talk, by the way)
    H: I'm scared to get mad at you because I know you're gonna freak out even bigger and bring everybody else into it.
    Ja giggles.
    Now Ja is going to use the peroxide again to clean out her belly button, because it was so "shi----y" the first time.
    Ja: We're getting somewhere, girl. I probably look like a frickin' retard right now. The first thing I do is smell it (H giggles) Yeah, it's infected!
    H touches his hair and Ja says "Don't touch the hair. Hey, just don't touch it. I was kidding."
    H says he is the kind of guy who could just step out of the shower and throw on jeans and it would be cool, but instead, he (she imitates him doing stuff in the mirror).
    H: America does think you spend more time in the mirror than the girls.
    Ja: We're on t.v. Do you think I spend time like that in the firehouse? When we're on a fire call do you think I'm in front of the mirror?
    H: No, but.
    Ja says that he doesn't want people to think he gives a sh--, but he can't do anything about it. They talk about how Ja would look good with longer hair.
    H: Just put it in a ponytail at the fire department.

    F3/F4 Di is on her knees in front of the full-length mirror next to the kitchen (I think that is where it is). She is looking at or putting something on her forehead with her fingertips. No idea what is going on. Now she is sitting in front of the mirror, doing this.

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    F1 and F2, and Ja is reading the Bible to Di. (Hell is freezing over, right now, people!)

    He is reading John 20, I think. It is about how Jesus died and his death was like a kernal falling to the Earth and producing more. He stresses the part about if you love your life, you will lose it, but if you despise your life you will have it eternally.

    Ja is reading the CB Bible version, and then Di reads the other version. Di can't understand how there are so many different versions of the Bible. Ja wants to know if they put the part about hating your life in that version, and it is there. Ja thinks maybe this is hell and you will be reincarnated if you hate this life. Di says that she thinks hell is your own personal hated thing or place.
    Di: There are some good things in here.

    F2 is a shot of Ja on one set of couches reading the Bible, and Di on the other set, with Ja's legs over on Di's couch. Now that would make a great screencap.

    Mv is still cooking. Still.

    I'm taking a break for a while. Maybe they will eat dinner soon.
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    I have to come back one second and say that H just told Ja about how she won't kiss a guy who has a cold sore. She makes them put tape on their mouth and then she will kiss him. Ja says that isn't even worth it then and that he wouldn't never put tape on his damn mouth to kiss someone.
    H: Maybe you don't care about me very much, then. Other guys think I'm worth it.
    Now they are going back and forth saying that he would/would not put tape on his mouth.
    H says he hates him right now, the hate has built inside her. I hate you. No I don't, yes I do. (Over and over, being cutesy).

    This is all taking place on the couches and W has a nauseated look on his face in the kitchen, listening to it.

    K comes by and sings "I want to kill myself, I want to kill myself."

    H asks K how many kids she will have, because Nik read their hands to tell how many they will have. Ja is having one, H is having two, Sc is having one. They yell to Nik and ask how to do it and Nik says that the left hand is relationships and the right is kids. H says that it says one kid.

    Then H says that it looks like 35 kids and one will be an accident.
    Ja and H are laughing like they are drunk.

    K's finger was cut and she has what one of the other houseguests earlier called a finger condom on. H says she thinks it needs changing because K's finger looks "squishy." K says they told her to leave it on 24 hours first.

    H asks if they have seen a plantar wart before, and now I leave, for real. She says you have to "suffocate it" when you get one. Now K is talking about ticks and you cover them with vaseline or olive oil and it backs up and gets out.

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    drew goes in to put shaving cream on scott who is sleeping.. only scott wakes up so drew wipes it off... then drew makes a face where he lifts only one eyebrow... holly gets all excited he and diane can do that.. so her and jase try to do it.. only neither of them can... holly grabs her eyebrow with her finger and says is this it? and laughs and jase tries again and she says thats not it and don't pretend it is.. does your brain automatically think lips when you think eyebrows?

    so now they have a thumb war and in her most high pitched voice proclaims I WON!! he tells her she has lubed up her thumb to win and is cheating... then they shhh cuz cb is sleeping...

    now they joke how jase saves holly from the block and how julie will say for the 4th week in a row, for the 5th week in a row, for the 6th week in a row and then they wrestle... jase had holly in some hold and she says stop but they continue.. she ends up kicking him onto the elimination chairs .. so he gets up and he pushes her head back onto the couch and she yells owwww i have brain damage now [now???] jase says let me see your eyes to see if your eyes are straight... she says he is abusive and she will have a big lump.. she got an i--nnnnn--jurrrrr-yyyy... as if he didn't know.. and calls him a punk jase is going to change his shirt and holly tells him he looks like he came out of a g.i joe box, he needs weapons and stuff, then changes her mind and says he looks more like crocodile dundee, so he goes to change


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    F3 - Kitchen

    Mv, W and K are there

    W and K talk, while Mv cooks. In the background you can hear Ja and H flirting, rolling around on the couch... which makes me want to hurl.

    W bandages up K's finger, K wants to know if she needs to keep her finger up. They are wondering if there's gonna be a night competition tonight since they're still on indoor lockdown.

    K is talking about Mv's meaty balls (the one's he's cooking... what did you think she was talking about?) Dw comes in to taste test it. W goes off to listen to Dw's CD in HOH room. K and Dw are freezing, sitting close to the oven. W comes back, cause Nk had an appointment. W is not cold cause he has the world's softest socks on (I think he said they were Nk's) K and W can't wait for the food...

    Mv talks about food, and then we see fish for a few seconds.

    We come back to hear Mv talking about his oregano balls. K talking about how she thought California would be hotter, and didn't bring nearly enough clothes. W is inspired to start cooking when he gets back home because of K and Mv. W says that girls dig guys who can cook, and Dw agrees. K says cooking is a lot of fun if you can get into it. She's really excited about the cheesecake.

    K back to wondering what the lockdown is about. They're talking about how much fun the food comp was. K and W thought it was a lot of fun. Back to raving about Mv's cooking, (and they haven't even tasted it yet!)

    Gonna post now...

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    jase wants to mud wrestle holly now and she says noo he is too violent with her.

    he keeps pushing her buttons.. [it is really quite humourous lol] so jase starts humming/singing.. we get fish

    jase wants to know what she will get him for xmas.. he will give her a list
    she cant think til next week.. then says she will get him a dalmation
    he said a mini greyhound or something..
    h - noo cuz of the fireman thing...
    j - as long as he isnt retarded and all..
    h - any dog i raise goes psycho so i wont raise it...
    so she lets us here how the dog sounds...
    h - so this one time [ at band camp .... kidding!] at starbucks.. he made the noise [she makes yipping sounds again] and everyone wondered whose dog it was..

    holly shows jase how her little dog kisses her on the face.. by yes kissing him on the face

    now they go over how many and what types of fish are in the tank, maybe a question in a comp for that?nahh.. they arent that smart.. they will just count them when they have nothing to do, like now

    holly - can you believe i went pee pee in that cup?
    jase - i have peed in all kinds of stuff
    holly - if i hadnt peed in that, would i be on the block right now?

    jase says that they are really banging around out there..
    holly - they are probably having an employee party outside
    jase jokes about yelling out omg veto ceremony tonight and holly says no no more jokies

    jase - marvin is a chef man
    holly - no marvin is a chef

    now holly thinks they brought scott on here for her.. jase smacks that idea down and he says robin in the DR tells him things and keeps telling her no it is ridiculous, he wasnt brought here for her..
    she says they keep asking her questions about him...

    holly contstantly gets in trouble from jase
    jase - i am going to put on a headband
    h - noooooooooo i want it real. . you are not the boss!

    dinnner served... posting

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    Will and A are doing dishes and others are talking about the banging going on outside.. all speculating about POV, or maybe a live concert, or luxury comp. they can't figure out what they would get for luxury as they have everything already

    talk about a concert would be so cool, talk about when sheryl crowe came

    they have been locked down for 4 hours someone says

    still speculating for a concert now and how last time there were 6 or 7 people left

    mv says funny thing is by the end of the game everyone is brain dead

    cam 3 is on either HOH room or DR door... think i saw a sock or something on the camera?? checking it out now..

    feed 3

    then it goes to fish - which figures lol...

    change to quad and fish on all 4 now

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    just to let you know it has been fish for the last 20 minutes..

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