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Thread: 7/24 Live Feed Transcripts

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    still quad cam

    scott - she's repulsive...
    marvin - cant we have one day to chill?
    scott - i usually walk away from that stuff.. in here i cant.. last night she was kinda cool... i dont wanna be here.. vote me out next week... money is great to have but it aint everything..
    marvin.. this is like lockdown for 2 months...
    s - i can get thru everything but it just fing sucks... i can forget about her and that would be gcool..
    put me up next week and send me home to pittsburgh.. to my friends and beer etc.. i will get a job and be happy...

    general talk now...

    fish on all four.. got a glance of drew in DR

    changing to feed 3.. diane and cb in hoh room

    and then the cam changes before it loads to scott and marvin...
    and now it is back to diane and cb in hoh

    di - i dont know it has to be so personal and he makes comment to me outside by the pool was look whos sleeping in hoh this week.. have i not been cuddling with him before?? i actually like drew.. i really do.. i want to see him after the show
    cb - talked to him about that.. i think he likes you too, and it is harder in the game because of what happened with jase and holly...
    d - to will.. tells about her fight with scott.
    w- like normal?
    d - yeah.. just called him out on rumor..
    w - right
    d - he got all pissed and made it out that all i talk about is the game to him.. made me feel like crap and he will put me on block cuz he hates my guts.. and yeah so
    w - that is so sad..
    d - and then he made a reference to who is sleeping in hoh now.. i told him not to be jealous
    w - cb what do you think of jase and holly?
    cb- jase says he doesnt care but he does it is obvious..
    w - here is the thing and i told him how i felt about holly... he knew it was her week to go and not going to fight it and he knows she is lying.. and i though i was being a friend and i said how she isnt a bad person overall but she isnt handling things well here and is bringing him down, and now he is plotting to save her over all
    cb - things change so much in here because we are all nuts.. and people make rash decisions... stress ..

    will is upset that jase asked his opinion of holly and jase is trying to save holly no matter what and he is totally undermining drew's decision

    scott and jase come in.. diane starts in on scott.. saying same things she has before about all of this...
    scott asking who told her she was going up.. and she wouldnt say...

    same argument over each other... scott says he thinks before he talks...she doesnt
    he tells her he doesnt allow people lilke her in his life.. she is the instigator not him...

    jase tells her that someone is lying to her because they werent talking about that..
    scott is kamikaze here right now.. he doesnt need to be here.. why come to me knowing this trying to start stuff.. diane tells him he is right... sarcastically...

    scott tells her if she gets hoh to put him up that he is cool with it..

    lots and lots of tension in here right now....

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    diane tells scott that he doesnt realize how he makes people feel...
    he defends himself.. on his reactions and actions tells diane that she is assuming things
    diane tells him yeah thats the game.. his strategy is to chill with the boys.. thats not hers at all...
    scott tells her she is too rude about it... just be cool...
    jase wants to know if she will be honest right now... think of who is telling lies in this house right now...
    diane tired of defending herself over this...making sure they know it wasnt drew..
    jase says they never talk about this stuff at all [yeah right]

    jase - i know you are yelling at scott but you guys are cool because you are passionate.. he has not lied to you or even said to put her up.. we arent trying to fake you out here... we are not those people and whoever is coming behind the scenes is a bad person trying to create turbulence where there isnt any...
    diane - who do you think would start stuff with everyone?... she tells them that Holly is the one who said it... welcome to the club of holly posing.. and i like her and i told her i didnt like her... then i loved her.. now i cannot trust her at all.. and jase i know you like her and i like drew and i am not sleeping in here to be closer to drew in the game.. i want to see him out of the game... i dont want you to think that if i am cuddling.. we dont talk strategy.. its our escape from the game.. sorry scott i wish i could say i didnt have an attitude but i was born with it and i cant change how i am.. sorry you wouldnt talk or like me in real life but i wont lose sleep over it..
    s - same here.. you need to think before you talk...
    d - well i cant change who i am
    s - i like to surround myself with positive people..
    d - me too...
    [diane looks like she is about to cry.. and wont in front of scott and jase]
    jase - i like you diane..
    di- i like you too jase...
    jase - you and scott are so much alike you cannot get along
    s - in here we are all stupid crazy and dumb...
    j - there is our normal selves and in here is no where close to that...
    s - we are so explosive..
    d - i told hte producers they put you [scott] in the house to torture me...
    s - i dont though diane...
    d - you do just by me looking at you...
    s - i knew people would hate me just because of how i look.. i know i wont win
    d - you have a good support system
    jase - no he doesnt... i just want to get to mexico..
    d - i will go home. they can have my money... i need to see the shrink right now.. will any thoughts?
    w - the root of the fight is holly... he tells jase about the talk at the hammock about holly.. and if it gets me kicked out it does but no extraordinary measures are being put in place.. as she affects everyone in here...
    j - i know youre real and thats why i like you...


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    feed 3 still....

    karen, A and nakomis are in kitchen...

    karen is talking about honesty in this game.. and she is talking to A... and telling her she made a good decision.. dont fall into pressure.. hold your guns and you will be fine... don't prove they win... like everytime they throw a fit... like with a kid, you give in and they win...

    not sure what happened with all of this?? okay.. what it is karen is talking about how scott and jase got to drew.. they ask nakomis if she knew.. and she didnt.. and how rumors were around they would nominate diane.. they tell me i am safe but i dont know...
    a asks nk if she wants her to play veto.. nk nods...

    nk says if anyone asks you if you are going to use it.. say yes and cross your fingers.. cuz they think we will do what they want
    karen heard a lot of stuff last night.. some really ugly sh*t.. from jase and holly... and how jase told holly over and over that he will save him everytime... and how the DR asked him if he yelled at drew til he cried and he said F yeah!!
    karen i knew he was a good kid... no wonder it took him 2 hours
    a - he went with his heart...
    k - he feels he is twisting in the wind.. he is a mess... its become fear factor ya know.. you got to be real gentle with him and not tell him specifics..
    nk - we talked with drew and he said he knows he made the wrong decision... they will use the veto...
    k - no wonder she is so happy today..
    k - i heard the word diane like 16 times last night.. this is going to be every week til we end it and they will fall like a house of cards...

    nk asks whats on pizza..
    pizza talk now..

    drew comes in...
    he is excited for the pizza...

    nk goes back outside.. a goes to WC.. almost fell but she caught herself..
    k is p*ssed off.. about her apples again...
    they go to storage room... you have to make food requests in there...

    cam changes to BY and Holly! posting

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    mv tells her she needs some grease her in ... laughing...and tells her to drink water instead of diet coke..

    h - yeah

    now talking a place she goes that has all soy everything...
    mv asks what is soy...
    h - like tofu...
    mv - oh like soy beans...
    h - it looks to me like real meat.. so i dont eat that.. i eat like salads and stuff..
    mv - oh so your a vegetarian for your love of animals..
    h - yeah...
    mv - i dont hunt..
    h - yeah and the bible says it is okay as long as you didnt kill it yourself
    mv - if you hunt something it should be able to hunt you back...
    h - exactly...

    cam changes to kitchen..

    karen and cb .. jase.. scott..

    j - i hate your guts... and laughs...
    s just smirks...
    they are eating pizza... all like the spinach pie

    karen still cooking in the kitchen

    s - i would like to leave door open all day
    j - will mess up o2 concentration in the house...

    now they talk about what mv is going to fix for dinner...

    chicken and lobster and cheese fille meatballs for spaghetti..

    cam changes back to BY.. jase and holly, mv and nk...

    jase informing them about the scott - diane fight..
    holly upset she missed it again..
    jase said it was crazy..
    mv said it wont be on tv...

    mv is now telling his version... he says she started it...
    h - what [in highest squeaky voice]
    and mv telling about scott calling her names etc...
    j saying it kicked up a notch inside...
    h wants to know if he called her hurtful names again..
    wants to know if jase calls her hurtful names.. she wasnt there so he might have..

    they want to know all of the details.. jase is more than willing to give it to them

    j - i intervened.. i was mr therapist... but it was so funny
    mv - he wasnt bs'ing either.. he cannot stand her.. and she left and he chased her down..

    scott joins them... now they want the details from him...
    mv said he heard he called her everything but the child of god..
    scott is really not talking bad here like jase.. in fact he asked jase what the hell he said out here?

    mv said scott gave them the pg version..
    scott - she said i was right... [ he doesnt realize that people will say that so the other will shut up!]

    scott telling them he wants to be put up.. he is ready to go home...
    he has thought of walking out...
    h - i know you will miss me scott...
    s - if we had beer it would be a different story.. if we had more beer i would be more cool..

    s- i got my tv time.. i can walk out of here... get some...
    mv - tv is tv... not on tv for sex
    s - mom if you heard that i am joking.. but really i am not

    so scott is rehashing his fight with diane to A... his version...
    A - says there are a ton of rumors going around.. i hear new ones every day...

    they call diane a fireball... scott says he is just trying to be cool..
    a - sorry you got into a fuss...
    s - making it personal wont get you anywhere
    a - its all one game a time.. you have to drop the rumors.. she has been saying since day 1 how she will put up scott.. you have to change views from day to day.. everything changes... make your decisions on what you know for sure.. not what the rumors are... have to trust yourself.. just because nk and i play chess... i will vote against her... laughs...

    a saying how guys go through pms...
    mv complaining how he worked hard to spell beer.. he wants some!
    jase wants some nightly!
    scott will leave this place for beer...
    mv - protest to DR... if they only give 1 bottle of wine..
    they dont want to share with everyone.. needs more beer...

    now they are talking how much they weigh and how much beer it takes them
    scott tells his mom he loves alcohol.. tells her to send him some...

    more talk of beer and alcohol.. who has the better set up...
    scott is a keg expert.. so he claims...

    posting... have to fix dinner here.. so done for now

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    F3 - Dw & CB in HOH

    Talking about the craziness in the house earlier.

    Dw asks CB if he should ask H point-blank about whether she lied to Di about wanting to put Di on the block.

    CB suggests that Ja told H that he would put up Di on the block... Dw and CB trying to figure out what to say.
    CB says to Dw that everyone says that Ja and Sc are controlling CB and Dw... Dw doesn't want to be portrayed as someone's puppet, but CB says that it doesn't matter cause he knows the truth

    Dw- This is crazy
    CB talks all about Sc's discussion with A (as described in the previous transcript) He points out that she's covering her own ass, rather than Di's.
    Dw says he knows that Ja and Sc are telling others that he has "no balls", CB points out that it makes Dw the hero, and he thinks they're saying that so it doesn't appear that he has an alliance with them. Dw feels like everything he does is for "them"... (they seem to be drifting apart a little)

    Mc is trying to talk Dw into keeping his promise that he made from Day 1. Dw feels like he tried to make a decision for the team, and then they got down his throat about his decision, so he doesn't see the point of helping them out a little bit.

    Feeds timed out... posting.

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    the 4H and Holly have been having a discussion in the HOH...

    basically they have [or so it seemed] convinced Drew that Diane is a big liar... and CB and Scott and they said that Diane needs to be on the block... then Jase said no we got someone else in mind.. and Holly immediately said don't tell me.. and jase told her yeah because you tell everything...

    they have spent the better part of 30 minutes talking about Diane and how bad she is... such a liar etc etc... Holly keeps going on and on about how Diane said that she knew someone was behind all of this... and how Diane is going to figure it out who it is... and she goes on and on and on.. [ i think she might be the energizer bunny for real]

    everytime they try to drop it.. holly brings it all back up... and they all say how tired of it they are.. scott said if diane doesnt leave then he will quit.. then says beer will make it better...

    eventually they all go to the other parts of the house. .. they are on inside lockdown and say they can hear them doing things outside.. they wonder if veto is tonight or maybe it is a luxury comp.

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    F4 clbr
    A in bed reading the Bible. Je is on the floor next to her, and she is packing the things she won't need for the rest of the week, like certain belts and bras.
    Je says she doesn't want to go home, but if she does, she will at least get out of the drama. She says she is getting tired of it.
    A says "mmm-hmm" and says that each of her MMmm-hmm's have certain meanings. She gives examples of different types and says that she does that when she talks with a toothbrush in her mouth.
    Je says that when she was a kid it seemed like it was a magnet and her family had to talk to her right then.

    F1 Ja and W in WC area. W asks Ja if everything is ok and he says yes. W says after today, he is all for initiating the policy of not talking strategy for two days. Ja agrees, but then says that "she" was talking mano a mano and totally got caught in a lie. She was saying --- (couldn't hear) was the mastermind and now she is caught lying.

    W leaves. H comes in and asks Ja if he is sure Dw is okay with her now, and Drew definitely assures her. Dw says that Di was talking to CB and now has totally lost credibility with W.
    H: Well, that's the way the ball bounces! (cheery)
    Ja: Huh?
    H: That's the way the boobs bounce! (giggles)

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    OK, this was interesting:
    Ja was in the shower and H came up to him, humming and she tiptoed up to him and I think she kissed him. Not positive, but she either kissed him or got in his face. He had a big smile on his face.

    The feed switches to A and Nik.
    Nik says Ja is bragging and little does he know. Nik is not whispering, but A starts to whisper.
    A whispering to Nik. She tells Nik that she thinks Di has been losing it today because of Sc and that is making her act like Sc.
    She tells Nik that outside earlier (or last night?) Di was in the hammock with H and that Ja was yelling and telling H to bust her (Di) a line? And saying that next week WHEN he gets HOH he is going to put that b---tch on the block. I guess Ja was saying this stuff in front of A, but not right by the hammock. So A says that the only thing she could think of to say was "Yeah, but you have to win HOH first."
    While A was talking, she could see the shadow of someone listening or something, so she pointed at that and started talking out loud about the Bible. Then Nik says that she hates it that people feel they can just poke their heads in all the time, and A says maybe they just are looking for people to hang with because they are bored. A starts to talk again and says that earlier, Sc was at the pool and saying that he and Ja made a huge sacrifice for them (I guess thinking A was in with them) by taking out L last week. A was thinking that she wished she could say, wasn't Mv HOH??? Sc said that L was the kind of b---tch that wouldn't even look at him outside the house.

    A sees someone possibly listening again and talks about clothes in a normal voice.

    Then they start to whisper again, and the FISH are up for a while.

    Now it is back and A says that if Di can't be cool and stirs up trouble, she won't go down with her. A says if you can't swim, she can't jump in to save you. She says that she will fight for someone if they aren't stirring up trouble and are playing fair, but she can't save her. Nik says that if she is asked by someone what Di is doing, she can't lie about it. A agrees. They both agree that Di is acting hormonal or something.

    They are talking about food and stuff now.

    Earlier, Ja was talking about what they were having for dinner and listed about 5 things that Mv is fixing (didn't he learn last week not to use up all of the food on his night to cook? He isn't cooking for a prison population.).

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    I posted earlier but it was lost, so I'll just summarize:

    Sc is going around moping. CB was joking with him and saying that he has ignored him all day (in the way that a girlfriend would say it).

    K went by and commented that she swore to herself that she would never eat Mv's cooking, but she is starving and she has to eat something, so she guesses she will have to eat it.

    H went to Sc and asked him if he was ok and he said yes, but is obviously pouting. H told him he is plotting something in his head, and she wants to know what it is. Then H asks him if he is thinking of leaving? He says he is okay, (I think--I could barely hear) and she says he can't go! Sc says that he will get her off the block and then he will. H says that he can't leave; he is one of her "meaningful people" in the house. Then she tells him that MV is cooking a delicious meal and that is something to look forward to.

    K was talking about all of the wounds she has had from being there: Her hands, legs, and everything. She says that she will probably leave with rabies (being funny--and I think she is funny when she isn't begging to stay in the house).

    There was a closeup at one point for a while on MV cooking and he was rubbing his hand on his shorts, and I'm wondering if we will be subjected to a Marvin cooking montage tomorrow.

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    On F1 we were subjected to a close up of Sc lying down, rubbing his chest, deep in thought.

    Ja comes in and says "Talk to me, Goose."
    Sc says that they should go for a week to Vegas afte they go home. Ja says that he thinks they should go directly to Vegas, and have BB switch their tickets to Vegas, and then they can fly home cheap with Vegas one-way flight deals. Sc is silent still.
    Sc says he would hate it if they were waiting for him at home and he was partying at Vegas. Ja seems momentarily confused and then says yeah. Sc says they'll figuring it out (uses a few f words sprinkled in there, too).
    H tells them that she knows a lot of club owners in Vegas and she can "hook them up for free!" She says she has been "in the business" for so long that she knows everyone there. (Hmmm. What business, H?)

    H tells them she feels really worried, and Ja says he does, too. H says she feels really claustrophobic in the house.

    H says it is getting colder outside instead of hotter, and it's July and really annoying.
    "Ya know, Indian guy?"

    Feed switches to K in clBR with W.
    W is reading Bible stories and I think he said he was trying to find stories that would help Di?

    K thinks that they are setting up the outside, and W affirms this and they think that maybe the veto comp will be tonight at night.
    K: Oh, God.

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