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Thread: 7/23 Live Feed Transcripts

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    7/23 Live Feed Transcripts

    Please post your live feed reports here. Everyone is welcome to contribute. We ask a few things of you, though, if you wish to do so:

    1) Do not cut and paste from other sites. We wouldn't do it to them, and we'd hope they wouldn't do it to us.

    2) If nothing is going on that requires a play-by-play, please compile happenings together in one post every 15 minutes or so, rather than a sentence every post.

    3) Please note which feed you're on, and if you're covering a feed that someone else has been covering, please change to another to avoid duplication.

    4) Remember we're a PG-13 site, even though the feeds are uncensored.

    5) Live Feed reporters are allowed to insert a comment or two in their transcripts, but this thread is NOT for discussion of what has happened on a feed. There will be another thread for discussion, and if something really important happens, please start a new thread with a vague title (to avoid spoilers showing up on the front page). This is our most important rule.

    Thanks again, and enjoy the feeds - whether watching or reading!

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    Guests up early this morning. I turned things on at 8am (BBtime) and they were already up and going. Someone mentioned that food competition would be at 9:30 (about an hour from now). Someone starts singing "Every Breath you take". Evidently that is the song they were woken up to this morning. [I'm surprised they can play it to wake them up but won't let them sing it in the house].

    C1&2: Currently H,W,DI are discussing tv shows, friends, Sex and the City and the hot guys therin. W mentions Aidin from SITC and H can't figure out who he is talking about and they are like "Are you sure you've seen this show?".

    C4: Bathroom with Mv and Sc and Drew in the shower. Mv asks Dr if she "popped one off last night". Mv says he's moving to the stone room tonight and giving CB the cot. Di comes in to go to the toilet but someone is in there.

    C1&2: J asks Sc what he's wearing. "Not sure yet but it's gonna be a bandana".

    Hg's getting dressed and ready. J wearing camo shorts, no shirt and a pink bandana going around asking H and MV if he is too dressed up.

    C3&4: HOH room, Dr & Mc talking about the bible. Dr getting ready.

    Dr says not having it pitch dark makes it hard for him to sleep.

    C1&2: bathroom again. Sc brushing teeth, talking to Mc & J. Sc says he tried Skoal once when playing HS football and ended up puking out the back of the bus.

    J starts singing again and stops himself.

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    9:42 HGT
    They are doing the food competition and letting us watch. Something about pulling letters out of a big pool called a bowl of soup.

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    Been Fish for a while.

    Finally C1&2 back up. A/N yells "We're ready". All cams back up. Dr has bags with stuff.... Goggles and swim shoes. Speedo goggles... the HG's are commenting on how they get to keep them.

    Keeps cutting back and forth to fish. C3&4: H&J in beige br, J helping H put on her swimshoes. A/N got some sort of generic shoes. They wonder why, she says "I guess cuz they couldn't find my size in the cool ones".
    Mv: "They couldn't find size 12 in womens".
    A/N: "Size 9". "Does anyone else have rejects?".

    H isn't feeling well, saying she feels like she's going to hurl.

    Above ground pool outside filled with some sort of red stuff and things that look like donuts and other goo.


    Dr: Alright HG's let's go rock out the food competition!

    EWW GROSS from all the HG's. "Alphabet Soup". Evidently the pool is full of alphabet soup.

    "IT smells like tomato soup".


    Dr: HG's it's time to earn some food but in order to stock up you must really use your noodle in our next comp called Alph soup. "

    One at a time they will step into the pool and pull out letters to spell out food. ALl the vowels are at the bottom of the pool. Once they spell out a food item they ring the bell and if the item is spelled correctly they will get it. Once they get it they have to put all the letters back in the pool and then the next person gets a chance.

    So they get each item they spell.

    They have 10 minutes and they get to spell whatever they want.

    Everyone saying to go for beer first.

    A/N wants to know if they can do food groups, or if it has to be specific foods.

    If a word is spelled wrong they have to either correct it or spell a new food. They have to spell a food before they can get out of the pool.

    Back to Fish.

    Finally back: Looks like Mv is first, going for the Beer. Got the B & the R first, searching for the E's at the bottom of the pool.

    Beer is a go.

    CB next: Found an E, got Beef.

    Sc in , has S-T-E-A-K

    W got Eggs

    W tried to put other letters back on the board and leave them but they made them dump them off.

    J spelling Pizza

    Di spells Milk

    A/N spells Apple [I guess they had to go for specific foods not food groups - ie. fruit]

    Holly spells Wine [we see where their priorities lie - wanna bet Karen spells Diet soda?]

    They have 4 minutes left.

    Karen spells Cola

    Nic gets Pork

    Mv spelling chicken but having a hard time finding the I. Only 2 minutes left. Finally finds it.

    CB starts with an O, E, L, ... spells Lobster.

    I think Sc is trying to spell Cheese with two SS's... yep he did. Then he realized he was stupid.

    They have premade words that they are putting on a board as things are being spelled. This must be why they were making the list last night.

    Evidently that is time. Now they are wrestling in the pool of goo (Di and one of the guys).

    BB: Please do not spill the water outside of the pool.

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    I just tuned in and Dw, S and Mc are talking strategy...
    Dw wants to put Mv up on the block (please!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!)

    S and Mc want A and Di

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    K, Dw and S are talking in the HoH room

    I guess today was a food comp, it sounds like they got the hook up... steak, eggs, cheese, lobster (I don't know the rest)

    Earlier K noticed the picture with the spy cam behind it and she said it looked fake and she knows there is something behind it. (Little does she know how right she is...)

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    Added note to my last post:
    Apparently the food comp involved spelling foods; S spelled cheese wrong (why am I not surpised.... what a dumba$$) Everyone is giving him a bad time about it. S wonders if that will be on his highlight reel along with the streaking incident

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    CaNaDiAn FaN
    Drew is in the HOH room trying to decide who to put up against Marvin.
    He wants to put up a girl to make sure that all of the girls will vote against Marvin.
    As he goes through who he could put up, A/N gives him a reason not too. It seems like she's trying to convince him to put up another guy.

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    We have fish. It's been a while and prior to that Drew was talking hard and heavy with Adria to tell her he was thinking of putting her up there with Marvin.

    Adria did a good job of talking to him and laying things out for him regarding how to ensure Marvin goes home. I.E. put two guys up on the block, then Drew and the other guy pick two guys to help in the veto comp leaving Marvin with just women. Helping his odds. Adria also said a couple times that she would never put someone up on the block unless she was willing to loose them and that she would never do that to Drew. She also said she wasn't trying to tell him what to do. It was quite a long talk so we'll have to see what's up. He was thinking of even putting Holly up there.

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    3:46pm HGT

    Back from fish, Drew and Michael are working out a strategy on a boxy of Cheese-its with life saver candies representing the aliances and people. Trying to figure out the best strategy. It's a little funny. Drew is torn.

    He just said he needs to do it in the next 1/2 hour. He thinks that Holly is poison. He wonders if he should tell marvin first.

    Michael and Drew are now praying to the Lord for guidance...

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