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Thread: 7/23 Live Feed Transcripts

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    Ja and Sc are just fuming, and Ja is raging. He gets madder and madder as he talks about it. Mc came in. They say that Dw has to "correct this." They feel that A should have been put up or someone from the other alliance, but instead "he put up our ALLY! This week was supposed to be a no-brainer."

    Sc says they can't trust Mv.

    Still raging about Dw:
    Sc: He said he worked out the numbers, that we're fine even without H. What business school did you go to???
    Mc says they will look like idiots taking H off the block for the second week, but they have to.
    Mc's idea was that they put up Mv instead of H, after they take H off the block. This would bring in the girl's votes. Sc and Ja are considering this.
    Sc says that he has a name "for that kid now. Rookie."

    Sc told Ja earlier that they can't just go in and "bust his ass," they have to go in and tell him how they appreciate him thinking about them, and caring about them, but that they need to change it.
    H: Kinda me and him were crying. I told him he needs to learn a lesson by this. He needs to learn a lesson.
    Ja: He is gonna learn a lesson. Number one, he betrayed us, not cool. Number two, I'm the firefighter and Air Force (I think) guy, and I'm gonna save the girl two weeks in a row.
    Ja whispers that it was a no brainer, but the "young lad, retarded!"
    H: I know. At my expense.
    Ja: I can't wait to save you again. I'll be like, Dw, this time I'm not drunk.
    H asked earlier if Ja thinks that it is possible that if Ja uses the veto (have to win it first, buddy) that Dw might put up Sc or Ja in H's place? Ja doesn't think so.

    Now Sc is in the HOH room lying on Dw's bed. (what does that body language say?)
    Sc is saying that he wants to know his enemy, and he's rather kill somebody than save somebody.
    Mc is there and agreeing. They are in the HOH room without Dw there.
    Sc says that he felt uneasy when the keys were revealed and he didn't want to say anything, but he was like, "What the hell just happened?"
    Mc agrees, says he saw it on Sc's face. He says Ja was just red.
    Sc: And then A prayed with him. A, why don't you pray with him every night and not just before eviction? I hate that crap. Just wait until one of them gets HOH, I'm gonna walk around saying f---you, f---you, f--you. I don't care. I'll stand my ground.
    Mc leaves
    Sc: Camera guys, how stupid is this shit? I know you guys are listening.

    Feed leaves and goes to BY
    W says that Ja is such a smooth talker that he really had W convinced that he was okay with it.
    Di says she knew he wouldn't let it go. H is the "only piece of a-- he has in the house.'
    A, W and Di are worried about who will go up in the chair if Ja saves H.

    A tells Di that she is probably the only one who can find out who will be the replacement.

    Di says she wishes it could be an endurance comp, so she would win.
    Di: Hey, BB can you let us know if you're gonna give us beer? Pretty please?
    Di says she doesn't know how much they trust Mv, so they shouldn't talk around him. He scares Di.

    Feed goes back to Sc and Ja now. Sc says that A used the Bible as a weapon. He says why didn't A read the Bible with Dw before this??? Mc interjects that to be fair, A read the Bible with Dw the first week. Sc (having no answer to the truth) says that Dw screwed the horsemen, big time.

    Ja: Dude, we leave this house, there's H's everywhere. Hotter. I mean, whatever. That's not the point about this right now.
    Sc: This is a democracy, right?
    Ja; Which makes me think he hard core betrayed us. Hard core.
    Sc: He covered his own ass.
    Ja says that he sleeps with Di, he read the Bible with A, he's good with everybody. Sc says it is almost like Dw is playing the game like they will be the final four but Dw plans on getting all of the other side's votes.
    (Ja is eating the apple like he has a grudge against it.)

    Sc: I said to CB, bottom line, there are four people in this HOH room, not one.
    Ja: He did that all on his own.
    Sc tells the camera to watch, because there is some good television coming in about 10 minutes.
    Ja says he totally gets the point Dw made, but they are adults here.
    They are waiting to jump Dw.
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    OK, Dw is there now.
    Ja is being very patronizing. Dw is sounding a little defensive.
    They are telling Dw that if H leaves, they still have Mv.
    They say they can't trust him.
    Dw wants to know what H said to Ja right after she left the room. He says that when he walked out of the room, Ja looked at him with eyes Dw had ever seen before.
    Dw says that H is between them, and he wasn't doing it for himself.
    Ja says they aren't saying that.
    Dw says they are saying that.
    Sc said that the reason is it is 1, 2, 3, 4 in here, not 1.
    Dw: What are you talking about??
    Dw talks about how H came in and talked for an hour and he feels H is working them, and it upset him so much he had to go in the DR.
    Ja says that W and Di are in an alliance, he doesn't know if he mentioned it to Dw or not.....
    Dw says that they never told him that.
    Dw says he didn't know that, and if he had then things would have been different.

    Mc says that he doesn't think this will f-- the game, because they have the power.
    He says they take off H and put on Di or W.

    Ja says that H would never have taken off Dw.
    Dw says that she told him that and he understands her more now, but she confuses him, too.

    Ja says that A came in here and worked Dw, and A should go.
    Dw says that if they think he made the wrong decision, then he is sorry, and he tried to make the decision that is best for the group. He feels like they were thinking of him differently and looking at him differently. He did it for all of them.
    Sc: You were thinking of us, man.
    Ja; We totally respect that. But H is not as big a threat as K, w, A. She has clung with us.
    Mc: Regardless of your decision, I just want to say we aren't going to break up the four horsemen.
    Sc: But this is a democracy, and we got mad when Mv brought us in here and asked what he should do and then didn't listen to us.

    Ja says he made a hasty decision without thinking it through. He says A should be on the block, because if they win next HOH, they are gone. He says that if A or someone wins it is someone who shouldn't have the chance to win HOH. But if H wins it, they are fine.

    Dw is groveling now. He says that he's sorry if they think he f--ed up, if that is what they are telling him. They tell him he didn't f-- up. He says now I find out about this Di and w shit.
    Ja says he was thinking Dw just took away one of their allies.
    Dw: She told me that and now I have a new understanding about H.
    Ja asks what H talked about.
    Dw says he still had the same impression of H, and he was thinking that H was getting between Dw and Ja and Sc, which is why she is on the block. But then Dw went out and saw the look in the guys' eyes and thought she had done the same thing to them again.

    Ja says H is a hot chick and yes, Sc and Ja both like her, but that outside of the house she is just another hot chick.

    Ja says that this week and next, and they were home free.
    Ja says "Here's the thing, Dw" over and over.
    Ja says that Je will choose Mc, H will choose Ja and Dw will choose Sc, and they will get the veto and fix it.
    Ja says they have an ally up on the block when Dw is HOH, and she shouldn't be there. They feel that A could win next week and then the two of them (Sc and Ja) will be on the block.
    Sc tells him that he is proud of him for making the decision, though.
    Dw is stunned that he did this now.
    Sc tells Dw he has a friend for life, for life, if he ever needs anything.
    (I think Dw is crying now)

    Sc: I'm gonna tell America that you're the awesomest dude ever cause you did that.

    Drew IS crying. He keeps saying "shit."

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    Dw is crying and saying this is his worst nightmare.

    Sc gets a beer out, and pours some for everyone and says he will make Dw feel better. He is making the big confession, big announcement, so he says he will need the beer after he says this.

    Sc says that he already told CB this, but he will tell them all now.
    Sc says he didn't expect to meet these guys here, but he tried to think up all the lies he could before, because the producers fed him all of this stuff about how he was the ultimate threat. A was the girl threat and he was the boy threat. He says this isn't as huge as they might think, but he has a confession. He did play ball for Pitt, he did do Playgirl, but he--
    Feed switches.
    W and the girls are on their way to talk to Dw.
    also, Mv tries to enter the room and Sc tells him no, sorry, and closes the door.
    Sc confesses about how he doesn't make the money, that his grandparents are in a trailer (how could he call Diane trailer trash?? Jerk.). His father is a construction worker. He read the Bible and has been in the DR telling America he feels like crap. He told America the truth.
    Dw thanks him for telling them, and so does Ja.
    The feed switches and we hear Di tell them that she will talk to Dw tonight.

    Back to Sc and others in HOH.
    Still confession time.
    Ja says they talked to him about being a fireman and they asked him why he wants to be one, and he says because he cares about people and wants to help them. Then the DR asked how it made him feel telling lies all of the time. He said they are right.
    Sc interrupts: What? What did you lie about??
    Ja: Huh? We lie to these people all of the time! We don't tell them the truth. MOrally, I'm really having problems with it.
    Sc: Me, too.
    Ja; Morally I have problems with the game because that's not who I am.
    Sc: That's not who I am.
    Ja says but there is money in it and everyone has the same goal, but he struggles with all of it. he says you are on t.v. and talking to someone's face one minute and then out there bullshitting the next.

    Dw says he feels that they are worshipping money.
    Ja: Which is evil.
    Dw: Yeah.
    Ja; I was reading the cowboy Bible and it says give your money to the poor or whatever, and we are here for the worst reason ever.
    Sc: For the record, we do have the boat and jet skis.
    Ja: OK, I'll be your friend again.

    Now CB says you know why I'm here.
    CB says he is "tired of being a poorass country boy, and that's why I'm here."
    Ja: When you're watching it on t.v., it's a t.v. show, and you're like, that guy's a d---."
    Ja says it is different in the house than when you are watching it. Ja says you feel wrong for lying, but he wants to make good t.v., too.
    CB starts to talk again, but Dw interrupts.

    Ja says he would like it if the fridge was stocked with beer and they could get wasted.

    Poor CB is still trying. He says he really never thought he would find such awesome friends, but "coming into this house, when we put the fists together, I thought Hallelujah, the final four."
    They say until he found a sister and then they doubted him.
    Sc: Do you ever feel like it is too easy?

    Ja says they thought they would just cruise this week.
    Mc says that they will all make mistakes and clean up the mistakes, and next week he could make a mistake.

    Mc says (jokingly) that if he wins veto and takes off H and not his sister, he will look like a huge ass.
    They say they didn't think about that.

    Now Dw is asking what the plan is, and they will now bring in Mv and tell him that they think Dw made a mistake, and try to see what Mv will say.

    Ja (still pathetically H's slave) asks Dw (when Sc left) whether H talked about that she liked Sc but that the romantic feeling is for Ja?? Dw says yes, she said that but that she still wanted to f--- Sc. Dw laughs. Ja: But she did say that the romantic one was me?

    Mv comes in and Sc takes over and says that they collectively agree and want Mv's impression and say that Dw was under pressure and made the wrong decision. There is a big alliance out there and by putting H up they lose a vote and if they get H out and next week the other side gets HOH, then they are gone, uno, dos, tres.
    Ja says that it could be Mv's ass, too.

    Mv: You're old lady tried to get my ass off the show the first week and you didn't do anything about it. Why didn't you?
    You should have checked that b--tch right then.
    Ja says she wasn't his old lady then. Mv says that he thought he was down with Ja first, and it didn't work out that way. Ja says where did Mv hear about that? From Jase. Mv says yes, Ja told him, but didn't do anything about H.

    Mv says that if they want the vote to go that way, he will swing the vote that way. Sc says they aren't going to swing anything, they are losing right now.
    Sc offers Mv one of Dw's beers and Dw goes to blow his nose. Sc tells Mv that Dw just went emotionally berserk.

    Mv says they got the f---ing kingpin out last week, and Ja says he had help. Mv says he put his f--ing ass on the line to do that, though. Ja says he did his part. He says he isn't trying to screw over Mv. Mv says that he hopes not, because Ja knew Mv before H. (from the van or hotel). Mv says that it isn't no personal thing, and that is why he took out L.

    Sc: Well, we have to get her off, because we found out that Di and W are an alliance.
    Dw asks again how they found out about that alliance? Sc heard Di say to W, "Are we cool? Are we good?" and W was saying "yeah," trying to shut her up. But that's how they found out about the alliance with W and Di.

    Feed switches to the HT and Di says that Dw won't use the veto because it was his decision. A says that she hopes they don't take H off the block because one of them will go up. W and Di don't think Dw would do that. A is worried about it, though.

    I'm out for the night--I've listened to them for too long! Happy hamster watching!

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    I had to peek in on the hamsters.

    F1 and F2 HOH room
    Di and Dw are sleeping together, although not asleep yet. They are teasing each other, and Di comments on the hair on his toes/ankles. She asks Dw to guess the time and he gets it on the 3rd try. Then he says that leaves plenty of time for sex. He has a very sexy laugh, by the way.

    He comes over to the bed (he got up to get a drink) and he asks what something is, and Di says it is a "separation pillow, dumbass! It was your idea."

    Dw is spooning with Di.

    They talk about how Dw always thought he was sort of the "pretty boy" in his crowd, but in this house he is the least high maintenance person. Dw and Di agree it is ridiculous how the guys groom themselves.

    Di says she and Dw are from Ohio and may be the only normal people there, besides A.
    Talk about being gay, and Di says it would be kind of weird to be a twin and have one twin be gay.

    Di tells Dw that if, for any reason, she seems to be breathing loudly or snoring slightly, it is because she can't breathe.

    Earlier, Dw talked about what a nut H is, living with mannequins, etc.

    Di says that when Dw read the nominations,that she felt like she used to when she was in class and was supposed to be serious but had to make herself not laugh.

    Dw says that H was in the HOH room for an hour and wanted him to cry, but he couldn't.
    Dw says she kept saying stuff over and over and he thought, "You blonde dumb shit, I'm not going to say anything other than what I said last time."
    Di says she kept telling herself during nominations that she couldn't laugh, because she couldn't do that to Dw, because they might make them start over.
    Dw says if he looked at CB he would start laughing, so he couldn't look at him.
    Di had her hand over her mouth for the whole ceremony.
    Di says that she hates it that people are watching them right now; it's very creepy.
    Dw agrees. (Sorry, guys. You signed up for it!)
    Dw puts the blanket up around their heads.
    Di says there are pervs out there watching right now.
    Di says the producers are laughing right now, and that the DR people will question them tomorrow about this.
    Lots of cuddling going on, but they are talking throughout, so I don't think they are kissing, at least not now.

    Di says she has only ever brought one boyfriend home to meet her parents "one in 23 years", and her parents didn't like him.
    She says she should have listened to her sister about him, but if she listened to Lindsay she would still be a virgin.

    OK, I really am going now. I'm sure if they kiss or anything, BB will air it.

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