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Thread: 7/23 Live Feed Transcripts

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    The houseguests are talking outside about Dw taking so long--he is still in his room trying to do the hoh stuff.
    Mv is swearing every other word, saying it isn't that hard to do, doesn't take that long. You go in and tell them your f--- deal, you get the f--- key box, drop some f--- names, it's nothing personal, sh---, it's business.

    They think that Dw is having a break down. They say he is taking all of this very hard. Ja says that this may be the biggest decision Dw has ever had to make, and that Dw thinks about stuff like this.

    Mv has been acting crazy, getting right in front of the camera and blocking it, and saying that he thinks BB told Dw to do this to drive him crazy so that he would flip out in the BY (Not MV's exact words, as this is a PG-13 site). Mv then says to BB that he takes it back, he won't strangle Dw, just get him a beer and let him pee, and don't put his name in the box.

    Sc says he could go for a shot of Jack Daniels right now, and MV agrees.

    I can hear Je or H saying over and over "Poor baby" about Dw (sincerely) because they think he may be talking to the counselor since it has taken so long. Mv says it has been 4 hours, and it only takes about an hour for a normal person. Mv says he would maybe give Cowboy 2 hours, but for everyone else an hour. (No laughing about this).


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    Hplly peed in a cup after begging to be let in. On her first try she couldnt do it then on her second filled a cup and stopped so she didnt over flow it.

    Lots of concerned talk about Drew. Marvin has been talking really gross off and on.

    Holly mentions someone else who needs to go could get kidney problem from having to pee FISH ever since then.

    I am guessing they are in nominations now.

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    He nominated Holly and Nakomis.
    Always looking for cat treats!

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    H is in the WC going on and on and on about how she doesn't get it that Dw is the one that did this to her. She says she doesn't understand, that she is shocked, etc.
    (really trying to play the "poor little me" thing, in my opinion)

    Everyone else is in the kitchen excited about the food. Nakomis told Dw that she is totally cool with it, and understands.
    Always looking for cat treats!

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    I hope this post makes it--I am getting kicked off.

    The 4 horsemen were in the HOH room. Dw was saying how afraid he was that the others wouldn't understand, especially Ja. Ja says that he totally understands, and that even though he likes the chick (H) he feels that a big burden will be lifted from him when she leaves. Mc asks if he can go tell Je that she is safe for the week, and they say yes, so he goes. Ja says that he understands that H is the only thing that could split them up, not that anything ever could split them up, but he understood that she would be the only thing, and it will be a big burden gone when she goes. They all agree H will be the one to go.
    I see W looking grim in another room, and H is in the bathtub, cringing. Ja says that he has to go "comfort my girlfriend," and he leaves.
    Sc and Dw are alone and Sc says that this is great, the 4 horsemen to the end. Dw says he was so afraid and explains that he sat in the HOH room for a long, long time and was using gummy lifesavers with the 4 horsemen as the red ones, to figure strategy and he worked out every variation. Basically he had to take out everyone that could come between the alliance.
    Sc leaves and Je comes in and tells Dw she just wanted him to know that she has no hard feelings. He guarantees her safety and seems grateful. She says that she understands someone has to be that other person on the block and she is fine with being that other person. She says that others would get pissed off and that she won't so she is a good choice.
    They get food, and they are making pizzas.
    Mc is telling A that he and Dw prayed for guidance before the nominations. A says he had to do something.
    Dw is in the HOH room alone and I think he is reading the Bible.
    H is sitting alone on the little seat in the WC, and won't eat.
    Everyone is trying to make sure H is taken care of food-wise. Earlier, Je asked if they got H's soy milk, and I just heard A say they had to be sure to cook a veggie pizza.

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    H is whining in a major way. She says that now Sc is not talking to her and she wants to know why. Ja is talking to H. Ja tells her that they didn't know that Dw was going to put up H. H says that she thought all the guys were together, and Ja says he thought so, too. H says she would never put those guys up. Ja tells H that from Dw's perspective that maybe H is leading on Sc and Ja.
    H says that Dw is butting in. She asked where Dw is, and Ja says he is reading the Bible.
    H: Did his BIBLE say he should put me on the block??
    H says that even if she is saved by the veto again, to live with Dw in the house would be too painful because it is personal from Dw against her. She feels that Dw hasn't forgiven her for something (lying down with Sc and now Dw one night).
    H asks what Ja thinks, and Ja says that he has told her what he thinks.
    H says that Ja must realize that Je is a decoy. She goes through all of the people who will vote to keep Je in the house. She is really irritated and says who does that leave her? Ja, Sc and K, maybe?
    Ja keeps eating his apple.
    Ja: I had not planned on this night being like this. I knew it would be Nakomis.
    H: Why Nakomis? Oh, like a decoy? He wants me out of here.
    (whines from H)
    H: Ja, are you sure that you didn't tell him to vote me off?
    Ja: H, are you serious??

    People are yelling for the First Aid kit in the kitchen. I don't know if they really need it or if it is a joke.

    Ja tells H that everything he told her last night was true.
    H says that Mv put ideas into Dw's dead and that Mv is behind this.
    Ja: That's right, because Mv is always the one saying "She's just workin' these guys."
    H says she has never tried to work them, and what, can't a girl be a friend with two guys? Why is she being blamed for it?
    H: Why am I being blamed? I don't understand this at all. I feel sick. You know Dw is going to pick Sc for his team, and then I'll pick you and Je will pick like (audio leaves for a second).
    H says that she tried to talk to Sc earlier and he said he was staying out of it. She thinks Sc may have talked Dw into it, too. Ja says that he swears that Sc was not in it, wasn't in this decision. Ja says that they were talking about it in the HOH room with Dw. H asks if Ja said anything in her defense, and Ja says he didn't say anything at all. Ja says that H tells Sc and Ja the same things, and that it is manipulative.
    H is ready to cry now. She says that she is being blamed now for taking the guy's advice about not snuggling only with Ja, and she was trying to make Sc feel better.

    Sc comes in the WC area and says K cut herself.
    H (who couldn't care less) whines to Sc. Sc tells her he had no idea. H says her name should be cleared and that Sc and Ja should tell Dw that she has not been playing them.
    H: Di can sleep in a bed with both you guys and I'm the one that gets like....
    Sc: I don't know, H. Talk to him. I didn't have anything to do with it. Ja didn't have anything to do with it. I shit my pants.
    H: You know that Mv has put ideas into his head, that I'm a manipulator or a strong player. I'm not trying to manipulate anybody at all.
    Ja; (to Scott) The thing of it is that she was one of our allies, hard core.
    Sc tells H to talk to Dw.
    Mv comes in and asks H if she wants pizza with spinach or something, and H says no because of the cheese.

    H still whining.
    I think Di just told H to go talk to Dw in his HOH room. I see someone (looks like A) in there with Dw. H is going to talk to Dw.

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    The posting is going slowly, but I'll do my best to condense the H/Dw talk.
    H is whining like a buzz saw.
    Dw is trying to explain that he has heard H's side about all of this, as H goes through the whole explanation about the big twin misunderstanding, and how Ja trapped her into all of that pretending, and she is being punished for it still. She felt that Sc explained and Ja explained the truth to Dw, and if she felt that Dw was still judging her over that she would have explained. So she explains it all again. Dw is trying to get her to understand that he has heard her side.
    He tries to tell her that he has seen leadership side. He saw that during the twin misunderstanding/blow up that everyone was outside and was upset at H, and that within an hour everything was turned around and it was like everyone forgot about being mad at H. So he saw the power of that and was astounded that she could turn the situation around.
    She still doesn't get it.
    H brought up Di and that Di flirts with Sc and Dw both, but she isn't being punished like H is.
    Dw tells her it is nothing personal and that it is hard to separate the personal from the game, but she feels she has these qualities that can change people's perceptions.
    H cries over and over. She says it hurts her that Dw thinks of her like this.
    (I swear, it's like Dw is trying to break up with H. Everybody else took their nominations like adults, but not H, of course)

    H brings up the fact that she peed in a cup outside. She says that the guys told her she was safe, and that now she is on the block and she feels now like no one likes her in the house. Dw says that isn't true. Every time Dw tries to speak, H interrupts and whines some more about herself and how she feels. Dw sighs a lot.
    H: I would have expected it from anybody else but you.
    Dw: Yeah. I knew it was going to be a surprise to you.
    H: I feel like you put up Nakomis as a decoy to get me out, because she has friends.
    Dw: She does have friends. And that is the other way of attack, against me.
    H asks if this was a last-minute decision.
    Dw says he thought about it for a while, all night last night and he has thought it all out.
    H interrupts and says she and Di have become really good friends and she has never said anything horrible about Di, and that Di said that when she first met Dw she didn't like him. And H says that when people say things like that and H has never said anything bad about Dw, so it surprises her. H says she has never maliciously said anything about anybody else, but Di has.
    Dw: Who, Di?
    H: Yes. And I wouldn't even vote her out if I was HOH, but I'm surprised. I mean, can you see how I might think that someone else is more manipulative?
    Dw: Who? You mean that you think Di is more manipulative?
    Dw says that he can say that he thinks Di might be the one who talks a lot, but H talks a lot, too (H interrupts and says she does talk a lot, but has he ever heard her talk bad about anyone?)
    H says that the guys told her that Dw is trying to "protect them from H."
    H says Sc understands how H feels about Ja. She didn't want to let Sc down hard. She says that at the gym if a guy who isn't the best looking comes up to her, she will still be sweet to him. She isn't a mastermind or anything, and she is trying to be there like everyone else, and she wanted to be there with Di, Dw, Sc and Ja in sequester. She thinks Dw has a wrong perception of her.
    Dw says maybe he does; he doesn't think she is a bad person or anything.
    H: The thing with me, you think I change minds of people, I really need another example of that.
    Dw says that night when all that happened, that was--
    H interrupts and says if he cared about her, he would come up to her and ask her.
    H cries some more.
    Dw says maybe he made a total mistake by not talking to her about it more, but the whole thing stuck with him and maybe actions speak louder than words.
    H: What about your conception (yes, she said that) of Ja? He's totally off the hook for that?
    H is repeating herself over and over ad nauseum. She wouldn't put up Dw, she trusts him, and that's why this is the hardest for her (she pounds her chest and her mic, so I'm deaf now).

    H says Dw can't change what he just did, and that's not what she's asking, but she wants people to trust her and not think she is a mastermind type of girl, and she didn't think she would win the game, but having people trust her means more than the game.
    Dw says that one thing stuck out in his mind and he had to make the decision this week and he knows she isn't a bad person at all.
    Dw: I just had to make a choice, and I never wanted to pick anybody in this and I was excited when I got it but then thought I had to pick two people and two people will be mad at me.
    H says she isn't mad at him, but he read the Bible a lot and doesn't God forgive people? She knows that he was mad at her during that fight (twin) thing, but she could see Ja getting put up with H if it was because of the fight, even though she cares about him and doesn't want him to go, but just to pinpoint her and not Ja too, hurts her.
    Dw: I pinpointed you because
    H interrupts: Because you are with the guys?
    Dw: This is where the game comes in, because I feel closer with Ja because he is a guy and I have to look down the road.
    H: Don't you realize this will make the guys not trust you?
    Dw: I know I took that chance (dancing around the subject of how the others feel)
    H: They aren't happy about this and he feels like he is losing his best friend.

    H says that she would understand a girl doing this, because they are jealous of her. And she is a girl and she knows how girls are. She doesn't understand Dw doing this.
    Dw says that with pinpointing H, she has to put herself in Dw's shoes and see if you are closer with a guy than you are with a girl, then down the road he would not pinpoint the guy.
    H: So you are closer with every other person in this house than with me?
    Dw: No, I'm saying with you and Ja.
    H questions whether Ja explained for H that it was all Ja with the twin thing, his idea. Dw tiptoes around this and claims he doesn't remember exactly what Ja told him.
    H says she has tried to keep her cool and not make out with guys, but Di is flirty too.
    Dw: I know, she's a very flirty girl.
    H says J has tried to get her to make her be with him and now she is being punished. (H is getting loud now)
    H feels it had to do with her not being only with Ja and cuddling with Sc? Dw says no. H asks is it only about the fight that night about the twin stuff?
    Dw says that it seems that H is pitting people against each other in weird ways.
    Someone knocks. They want Dw for something and he obviously wants to leave but can't yet.

    H wants specific examples of why she is on the block.
    Dw: Some of it is maybe Ja and Sc and maybe they aren't telling me the truth. I don't know.
    H talks about when they were at the HT and Ja wouldn't talk to her. Sc told her "H, can't you ever just enjoy your time with me and stop thinking about Ja?" Then Ja came over and heard his name and got mad because he thought she was talking about him to Sc. H tells examples of Ja/Sc drama. Dw keeps saying "yeah, right" over and over.
    Any time Dw tries to talk, H interrupts. She is getting louder and louder.
    H: I feel like rumors are being spread about me and I have no control over it, and because you think I'm a drama queen, you want me to leave.
    Dw: I don't think you are a drama queen.
    H: I'm not a drama queen (she screeches in a drama-queen way)!!
    H says she is here for a good cause and good reason, and a lot of others aren't. She is here for her cat rescue center and there are people here who are just trying to pay their bills. She says she is being stepped on and not trusted.
    Dw: Maybe this is all my mistake and I'm sorrry, if I didn't forgive you for that and I'm wrong and that's my fault, and then if that is the case I'm wrong and I'll suffer the consequences of that. So if I'm wrong maybe that is why He (GOD) had me do this.
    H whines that Dw should have talked to her.
    Dw says maybe he should have.
    H: Do I not mean that much to you??
    Dw says that all he could think is that actions speak louder than words, and maybe when it is all done maybe he will learn the lesson of forgive and forget.
    H whines that Je has all the girl votes and that the guys don't want to go against Dw's decision but they have told her that they are shocked and hurt.
    Dw says that is the chance he took and he can't go back on his decision now.
    H says she knows he can't go back on his decision, but America thinks she is this manipulative mastermind because of Mv's and Dw's speeches. (cries again) Talks about how Mv shouldn't be in the house, how he molested them, and she thinks that Mv's speech and stuck in Dw's mind and also remembers the fight, and everybody has her pinpointed wrong.

    H says Ja wanted to put Di up and she talked him out of it because Di hangs out with Dw.
    H: I said Dw is like an angel.
    H says that she has tried to be a good person in the house and no one is giving her any more chances. It was like that was her one chance and it was because she listened to someone she cared about.
    Dw: H, if this is my mistake, when all is said and done, then you can rub it in my face and say I told you so.
    H: But I don't feel you think you made a mistake.
    Dw: I don't know at this point. I'm seeing more of your side, now that we are talking, and--
    H:: Why haven't you given me more of a chance is what I don't understand, Dw. I know you guys have guy power, but I feel you didn't give me a fair chance. You are taking two guys having testosterone in this house and making me look like I am a mastermind in this game. Ja is a smart guy, really smart, and he is the one who got me in trouble in the first place.
    H says she told Ja not to use the veto and ja didn't want to take the chance, and he tried to clear her name by using the veto and it still isn't working.
    Dw: Yeah, I mean, I don't know.
    H: I know you are overwhelmed and I'm not trying to pressure you. If I end up leaving next week, I just want you to know that I'm not what you think (crying).
    Dw says he knows and the whole game is ridiculous and he maybe got the wrong impression of H, and he is seeing the real H now, and he is sorry that this happened and he's sorry he surprised her like he did.
    H says that if he cared anything about her he would have come to her and discussed the issues he had.
    Dw: Yeah, and that shows honestly how crazy how my mind was today because I didn't know until the last couple of minutes what I was doing.
    H wants to know if it was only his decision and he swears on his life that it was.
    H says that there was a little something different for the last couple of days with Dw, she just felt a different vibe. Dw laughs in a weird way.
    Dw says this was the risk he took, and um...
    H: You picked me, who is friends with the guys and friends with you and then you picked Je, which is on the other side, which she has W and A, kind of like two people like, you know what I mean? It's really strange.
    Dw; What do you mean?
    H: It would be like me picking Sc and W. There's been rumors flying about different alliances and you picked two people out of two different groups.
    He doesn't get why this is weird, and H says it is weird as to where Dw stands.
    Dw: She does have a lot of friends, and the reason I put both of you up is that I see you both as threats and--
    H: You see Je as a threat? I don't see her as a threat at all.
    Dw: I'm saying that group of girls is a threat to me and the guys. Last week L was gone and I feel that A and the rest of the girls are together, so that's why I think they are a threat.
    H: What? A, Di and Je?
    Dw: Yeah. So that's what my intentions were with that.

    H says that the others see her as roped in with the guys, and that maybe if another of them was up instead of H, she would be fine.
    Dw says that maybe he will be screwed over, but that was his decision and he knew that he had to live with them, and if it bites him in the butt in the end, it will be his fault. Dw says he really doesn't know if he has explained himself well enough or not (trying to wrap this torture session up).

    H says the next day everybody was cool about the fight, like it didn't happen, and she's shocked that one fight would make such a difference for him about H.
    Dw says that it cut deep enough that it was like a deep scar that might not go away, no matter what they talked about. He feels now that maybe if they would have talked more he would have understood more, but that is what he will have to live with now.
    H: My thing is, I don't know how this golden veto thing is gonna work, whether it will be all luck or whatever, or if I will be voted to stay or leave, but if you got HOH again, would you do the same thing?
    Dw: I probably would not, but I--
    H: Because I don't want to live in a house and think you don't know what I'm saying.
    H says if she did stay, she wants to know that Dw understands that she got roped in a joke and that she has to suffer because of their joke and so suffer that she might be kicked out of the house because of it.
    Dw: Yeah. I mean...
    H says she doesn't know, maybe Ja is telling her that everything is cool and ok, but maybe she is being told that when it isn't, but she didn't want to bother Dw with it because she thought it was over. Ja told her not to bring up old crap with Dw. H told Ja in the hammock that she wasn't sure Dw was over all of it, because she knew how upset Dw was. (Dw keeps saying yeah).
    H blames Ja that she is told everything is fine and she didn't make the extra effort because of that. She would have talked to Dw about it more if she had known. Dw says that maybe he didn't communicate to Ja that everything was not okay, and maybe Ja didn't understand that it wasn't okay.
    Dw: This goes to show that a good line of communication is what it is all about, and if you didn't hear it from someone's mouth, then you can't be sure.
    Dw says maybe he was wrong because he didn't hear it from her mouth.
    H continues to whine as I post.

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    H tells Dw that she already had to work 10 times harder in the house because she is "blonde and has cute clothes" (I'm gagging) and people have their own opinions about her, and she has to work even harder now because of this whole thing with the fight.
    H says that she knows Dw is with the guys, but he has to relate to girls too, and that she could be his friend as well.
    Dw just keeps saying "I don't know," "yeah," and he will take this lesson with him, and he wants her to know it is nothing personal at all.

    Dw: There were just a couple of things that happened that made me untrustworthy of you.
    Dw says that was what was going on in his mind when he made the decision, and he didn't want to have to vote anyone out.
    H: I know, but you made a decision that is probably more detrimental.
    H says that Mk was a vote that everyone agreed on, and L had money, but this eviction is different.
    H says that Mv isn't worthy, because he swears so much and gropes everyone. H says she didn't think she was that bad; getting voted off this early in the game when there are so many other people left is also.... (she feels other should go before her).
    H: I just have to pray for the best. I'm just, you know..
    Dw: I have already prayed for you and Nakomis and everyone in this situation and everything that is to be done is what He wants to be done.
    H says that she doesn't blame Dw but she does with that he had talked with her beforehand, and that she knows Dw didn't trust Ja and he was with the guys at the same time, but H was with the guys. H says she never took sides with the girls.

    Dw: I'm sorry, and I mean......I don't know what else to say. I mean, I, I don't know.
    H says that if there is something more he wants to say to her, for him to please say it. If he thinks of more things he wants to say, to bring it up and not hold it inside any more.
    Dw says he won't hold it inside.
    Dw: To be honest with you, it wasn't like I was holding something inside like it was something I thought about every day. For me, actions speak louder---
    H interrupts: Well, before you make any more rash decisions, if there is something you want to talk about, I don't want you to ever, ever, ever assume anything about me. Because of the way I look and appear, it seems I have no depth to me.
    Dw says he doesn't think that.
    Dw says she is a caring person and not devious. Dw says he is glad they talked about this and if anything comes in his mind, he'll talk. But he says his head is spinning right now.
    H; Another thing in my defense is that to be good at this you have to be good at comps and I'm not, and it's like Mv was attacking me and I'm not good at comps, and L was good at comps but she had the money behind her and that's why she's gone. (No clue where she is going with that)
    H says she doesn't see where he gets that she is a mastermind, or what was the word he used in his speech?? He says he doesn't know, and he can't remember half of what he said.
    Dw says half of the comps are just a matter of luck. Look at Sc, he is strong and athletic and hasn't won anything yet. Dw says that H may think she can't win because she is a girl or whatever she thinks, but that doesn't mean she can't win a comp.
    H says it is hard being put up two weeks in a row, and it sucked to have K go up because she was taken off. H says she told Ja that she didn't want to know, and Ja wanted her to trust him, and she has had major, major trust issues with him. He told her he would make her trust him and get the veto and use it on her, and she told him she wasn't sure it was a good idea. Now she feels she is a target because of it.

    (I'm tired and I'm not even the one talking to her)

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    On F4, Ja and H are in the WC area. Ja is talking about how Dw went behind their backs and put H up, and Je. He says that he put his neck out, on the line last week by taking H off the block, and now if H leaves, he will be a target.
    H says that the only people who might vote for her are Ja, K and Sc. Ja says Ja and Sc, for sure.
    Ja says the excuse Dw gave was bullshit, pure bullshit.
    H talks about how she didn't talk to Dw to explain everything about the fight, and Ja says it is completely ridiculous to say it was because of the fight they had two weeks ago. Ja is acting really angry.
    Mc comes out and Ja tells him.
    Ja tells Dw that he wants to talk to him (in an upset way) and Dw says ok.
    H says that Sc has a big ego and that is why she wanted to let him down easy.
    (H is repeating truthfully the entire convo between her and Dw. Now Ja told Dw he wants to talk to him, so I guess he will do that later).

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    F3 and F4 are on FISH
    F1 and F2 BY
    Di, A, W and Je are talking about how Sc is obnoxious to Mc, and Je feels that Mc is trying to get out of the guy group. Di says he needs to get out a little faster. Je says that he told her that it bothers him that the guys keep putting Je up. Je says that it hurt him and made her mad that Sc talks about April's weight. Je says it really makes her mad, she can't stand people talking down other people for their looks, and she would hit him if he keeps it up. A and Di agree.

    Now feed changes to F1 and F2 in the clbr. Sc is telling Mc that "We can change this." Sc says he will convince Dw. He says if he doesn't, he doesn't want to be there.
    Sc says that HOH is not a f--ing king or queen shit, that they are a democracy (of four) and that when he gets HOH he will ask the other three and they will come to a decision together.
    I think Sc wants Di up.
    Mc looks really upset.
    Sc says that Dw is "like my little brother. I'm trying to help that young buck."
    Sc says that when Dw said he was trying to help Sc and Ja, he thought was so cool, that he was caught up in the moment for a second, but now that he thinks about it, (makes shooting noise, "gone.") Sc says that Sc and Ja are the oldest two in there and they are not stupid.
    Mc says that he knows that Sc isn't stupid, but just because Sc is older doesn't mean they will make better decisions than him, even at 23.
    Sc says he has maturity over everyone else in the house, even if he acts like a dumbass. Sc says he is in control over everything in the house as much as he can.
    Sc: CB, you are equal to me.
    Mc says they need a meeting, and he doesn't want the alliance to go down. He thinks Dw meant well, but he might realize that he did wrong when he thinks about it.
    Sc: Yeah, but did you just hear what I said, CB? He said he worked it out numberswise and I want to see it all worked out. It's flattering that he thought about me and Ja, but he should've learned after last week, you don't make it about a personality thing. And if we can't control H, if 4 guys can't control H, I don't even want to f--ing be here. I thought we were all four on the same page. I know we can't ask him what he was thinking, but ..
    Mc asks why and he says the cameras, and the live show would be a waste if everyone knew who was up and everything (Duh, we can tell by the conversations!).
    Sc tells Mc to stick with him, he is upset about this because of what Dw did to Mc. (repeats himself).

    Sc leaves the room.
    F3 and F4, Sc goes to comfort H in the WC, where she is still curled up on the edge of the tub.

    (So now everything is flipped and the guys want H to stay and are upset by Dw putting her up and not consulting with them. I guess they think they can get the veto, take off one of the girls and put up one of the girl's alliance. I'm not sure who they want to take off, though.)

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