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Thread: 7/22 Live Feed Screencaps

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    It's time to get up

    Morning hair styles

    Nokomis using Adria's technique - The morning round table.

    Cleaning for the big show

    The Cupboards are looking bare - Holly with clothes on from head to foot

    Trying out some shoes - A clean main room

    Scott is slow to go - Marvin plays with the cameras

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    Chillin while others get ready for the day - Marvin shaving

    Grand Central Station

    Cowboy gets a trim in the tub

    Diane ironing while Adria is getting tired

    Pink? - Better get ready gals.

    Back from the live show

    Cute Will - Holly's shoes

    Jeniffer plays with her hair - Holly checks herself out in the mirror

    Diane and Will are not sure what to do now - Karen unpacks.

    HOH Room Stuff

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    HOH Room Stuff

    Waiting to see the HOH room - Scott cleaning up.

    Adria putting a move on Will

    Marvin no longer in the cat bird seat - Karen working out

    The new HOH and one of the horsemen - The guys are happy.

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    What are the ladies going to do? - HOH Room is open!

    Where will Diane sleep tonight?

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