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Thread: 7/22 Live Feed Discussion

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    Jase and Scott keep insisting Holly's not coming between them, but then they keep bringing up stupid stuff about cuddling, who said what when - exactly what Drew is objecting to. Scott and Jase both say they control her or she doesn't matter, but then they admit they like cuddling with her, she's a little hottie... :rolleyes

    I hope they keep this up. Maybe Drew will get disgusted enough to get a spine.
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    I have to admit that I was enjoying watching the 4H strategizing and was secretly hoping that they'd start to really fight.

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    Scott referencing the Art of War... o_O

    that came a bit out of left field... regardless of what people may say about the 4H, they have a pretty solid strategy when it comes to the other alliances in the house.

    I'm starting to really want the live feeds, dammit... why must stuff cost money =/

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    I'm surprised no one mentioned this:

    (taken from reality news online recap)
    Oh. My. God! Let's just forget about that and get to Scott's complete mental breakdown. Well, not complete but it's coming, I can tell you that. He's chatting with Diane and telling her how he was never popular in high school, never had a girlfriend, he uses pain as an outlet because he feels so much pain every day. Or something to that effect. Diane says it might help if he talked about when the priest tried to sexually assault him. But! The kicker is when he blurts out about his stepbrother sexually assaulting him too! Not tried but did! Fish pop on the screen. Damage control, damage control is what the staff is thinking right now.

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