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Thread: 7/22 Live Feed Transcripts

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    7/22 Live Feed Transcripts

    Please post your live feed reports here. Everyone is welcome to contribute. We ask a few things of you, though, if you wish to do so:

    1) Do not cut and paste from other sites. We wouldn't do it to them, and we'd hope they wouldn't do it to us.

    2) If nothing is going on that requires a play-by-play, please compile happenings together in one post every 15 minutes or so, rather than a sentence every post.

    3) Please note which feed you're on, and if you're covering a feed that someone else has been covering, please change to another to avoid duplication.

    4) Remember we're a PG-13 site, even though the feeds are uncensored.

    5) Live Feed reporters are allowed to insert a comment or two in their transcripts, but this thread is NOT for discussion of what has happened on a feed. There will be another thread for discussion, and if something really important happens, please start a new thread with a vague title (to avoid spoilers showing up on the front page). This is our most important rule.

    Thanks again, and enjoy the feeds - whether watching or reading!

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    8:55 K gets up an goes to the bathroom, general morning routine

    9:04 Feeds cut to the tank

    9:07 (Quad Cam) F1:Ja and H in bed F2:Unkown in bed F3&F4:A/N now up in the bathroom

    9:20 K and L talking quietly in kitchen

    9:25 A/N and K doing makeup in hallway mirror, Mc comes out (in cheetah boxers)

    L mentions something about interviews, apparently BB wants K and L to give DR interviews this morning

    Mc and A/N talking about his sore shoulder (started with bull riding); apparently A/N gave him a massage and is talking about how she could feel it in his muscles

    L talking about today's lockdown and she suspects it will be all day

    A/N talking to L about healthy alternatives you can get at McDonald's (egg white mcmuffin no butter) but they both say that they haven't eaten there in years

    Dw wakes up and talks to A/N and L, apparently BB told K to wake L and W up for interviews


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    9:45 BB (female voice) calls L to the DR

    9:55 Everyone seems up now and migrate to the bathroom or kitchen

    A/N talking nutrition (the fiber in the bread, protein etc..) to K; K says she hates those "little weanie things" now

    Feeds 1 & 2 (interesting kitchen talk) have been jumping to the tank all morning

    F3(Bathroom): Di mentions to Mc that she slept next to H last night "I had to, she's the only one I can sleep with"
    I guess my previous posting with H and Ja was wrong? Sure looked like them

    Feed switches to the kitchen; general talk (Disneyland, amusement parks etc...)

    L is a Disneyworld snob and says that she has driven by Disneyland and it looks "weak"
    (I've been to both and Disneyland definitely makes the most of the land that they have and you can't really compare it to the endless real estate Disneyworld. That being said Disneyworld rocks!)

    Everyone talking about what they think the HoH comp will be this week. Mc thinks it will be a physical comp. Ja thinks it will be a quick comp due to the live TV, but Dw reminds him of the endurance comps they've had in the past. K remembers the "cage" and "some poor six foot dude"

    Mc playfully flirts with A/N and A/N jokes back. K asks what is really going on in the cement room. A/N says that the Icey Hot fumes are getting to everyone

    Mc says he had a dream about H and Mv asks whether or not he "hit it" Mc says no and everyone laughs "You know it's sad when you can't even get it in your dreams", Dw says S and he were drinking in his dream, Mv's dream was something about food

    Conversation switches to talk about people that will come to meet them when they get evicted. Ja was afraid that some girl he was dating would come out, Mv says his mom would not fly out even if they paid her a million dollars; afraid after 9/11

    I gotta go out for a sec so I'll post...

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    10:30 F3: General talk about the Smurfs T.V show, Atari, "Punch-Out" boxing game and other arcade games etc...

    Somehow the topic of "Seindfeld" came up and H says she has seen every episode because her mom (H's words: "birthparent, female") is a big fan

    K talks about the accused man who was saved by the episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

    Blah blah blah more general talk, the hamsters seem bored because of the lockdown today

    Today is cleaning day and they seem excited about their new vaccuum, everyone disperses from the table and go their separate ways

    F3: Mv is packing in the HoH room talking to himself and the camera "If I win HoH again, I want to to change the title to HNIC. Head Negro In Charge, I changed it up a bit so the FCC doesn't get in trouble" Mv says he's got the room until 1:00pm so he's gonna chill a bit. Mv still talking to himself: "What?! S won HoH?! He's gonna put up who?! Oh damn, then all the hot chicks will be gone!"

    Hamsters running around cleaning...

    I'm going to take a break in case someone else wants to transcribe

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    lol Marvin talkin to himself is funny.

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    Posting is running very slowly for me again, but I'll try to post and not get kicked off.

    W and K in the conBR, and they look upset. Ja and H are right outside the door, talking loudly, and apparently don't realize they are in the conBR listening. H loudly proclaiming the fact that she has never done anything bad to someone (not sure if it was Ja or L). She is talking about how tense it all was. The speech is going in and out so it is hard to hear. Ja is hugging her. K tells W she can't stand any more of this, and K leaves the room. Ja immediately says that they were just talking about eviction and how stressful it was, and K says "I know, I was on the block." Ja follows K to the kitchen island and hugs her, and says how worried he was when Julie said K's name, because he thought K would be evicted. H walks away to the WC area, looking back at them. In the Conbr, W is sitting there, looking like he will cry, looks upset. He puts on a green bandana, and still sits there.

    Right now, Dw and Sc are outside playing golf. Dw is trying to decide whether he will "let" Di into the bedroom with him. Sc is cautioning him against sleeping with her and then putting her up on the block. It sounds like Sc is trying to encourage Dw to put her on the block. He tells Dw that he has to put "two of them" on the block. Dw says he wouldn't do that (sleep with her and then put her up). Dw says he doesn't want to look like he is being played, and he isn't sure what he will do.

    Earlier, Sc and Dw were talking about how Dw won the "pre-thing?" (is there a pre-competition?) and that Dw had like a premonition that he would win both, and that he won the pre-thing and he just somehow knew he would win, and that it was meant to be. Sc agrees and says it is good. He says how cool it will be to hear BB tell Dw to go in and see all of his stuff in the HOH room. Dw says he will probably get a grad photo of him and his twin. He says that you can tell them apart, that they look a lot alike, but you can tell. He says he is 1.5 inches taller than his brother, and Sc says that Dw was the lucky one, then.
    Sc: Who draws more ass, though?
    Dw says he does, but that his brother is pickier. Dw says that he likes some spice to flavor things up but his brother is always looking for the good girl. (Is this even Drew??)
    Sc says that Dw is a great guy and they trust that he will put the right people up, and that Dw hasn't burned any bridges in the house and everyone likes him. Sc says "But there are a few people in here who have been going around burning bridges." Dw says "Yeah?" in a questioning way, but then Mv yells from across the yard, laughing about how they asked him if he had any advice for Dw. Sc laughs and brings up the fact that Dw said they were bedmates, and that the bedroom would give them some dark sleep, etc.

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    A and W are by the HT on F4.
    W assures A he thinks she is probably ok this week. W says that he has never seen a man jump as high as Ja did after the HOH win by Dw.
    A: Never!
    W says he thinks it will be ok, they will have to talk to Dw.
    W: Things change every five minutes.
    A: They do.
    W: Unless he comes up and talks to me or I get an opportunity, I will just sit back and let him do what he wants to do, because they won't listen to me.

    Mv comes over and talks about being back in "genpop," which is the general population in prison. W says that they have to appear on a show the next morning, definitely, and he hopes so because he doesn't want his "ass to have to fly back to NY" right after he leaves.
    Mv asks if W will go back home, and W talks about his leave of absence. He talks about how soon he has to go back to work, and W says it is costing him serious money and he has to get back pretty soon to work.
    Mv says it is such a great opportunity to get "my black ass on television."
    Mv says that he told L that he would switch places with her in a minute, to have 10 grand for a couple weeks of work.
    W agrees and says that she has 10 grand and doesn't have to be sequestered or anything.
    A: Maybe they will show clips or something from Mexico or wherever they go.
    W says they do, they show clips of where each person goes.
    Mv: Eight weeks in a hotel! (Whistles)
    A: Maybe that hotel is on a beach.
    Mv: Yeah, you know how they spend so much on you here, feeding your ass catfood.
    (sighs all around)

    A says that she respects whatever Dw decides, and his decision will reflect on him. She thinks he will do the right thing.

    A says she wants to wake up to some good music in the morning.
    W: I honestly would give up my left testicle if I could have my Ipod on the treadmill.
    A says she has never used one, and W says she should, "It would change your life, honestly." W explains how it works, how you buy music. A thinks that would be great because you could spend money on only the songs you like.
    W: They're working on the technology to implement it in your car, but they don't have that yet. But once they get that, they'll be set.
    He talks about speakers you can get.
    A thinks the treadmill is broken; the speeds aren't working right.

    I hear Di and K. Di says she is depressed because her period needs to come. K says she is such a guy she doesn't even get PMS.
    K says it is such a mess.
    W: Roll with the punches, girls. Roll with the punches.
    Di says that is what her plan is. She says she is just waiting for her big breakup speech (to come from Dw, I think).
    K is on the treadmill. She thinks it is broken (she wasn't there when A said it). They agree.

    Di says she can't wait to get her ass in the DR.
    Di says that Mc seems to be in a weird mood.
    Di: And they're all pumping iron and just eating it up. The damn C---suckers.
    W laughs "I've got to pee, on that note."
    Di says the camera has her right in the f---ing face.
    Di: I want it moved, thank you. Not a good time to be staring at my face. I'm like, violent.
    Je is with them, too. She asks if they could be anywhere in the world right now, where would they be?
    Di: A bar somewhere. If I could be anywhere in the world right now it would be, I don't know. Do you know yours already?
    Je: Either in Munich, Germany in a pub, or New Orleans in a pub.
    Di says that she has always wanted to go to Venice, and if she wasn't there she would want to be in her old club where she used to work.

    Feed switches to Ja and Mc, whispering. Ja asks if H was talking crap about him. Mc says that H thinks Ja is mad at her. Mc asks if Ja is mad at her? He says no, but he is over it. He says that Sc has told him some things and he is over it. He says that H is trying to work Sc, trying to work everybody. He says that Sc told him that H told Sc that if she was in a club and saw Ja and Sc, she would pick Sc. Mc says he didn't know that Ja was mad at H and he says he isn't mad, just over it.
    Ja asks again if H was talking crap. Mc says the majority of time they talked about who voted for whom. Ja says he heard his name, and Mc says that it was when she was saying Ja was mad at her. Ja says "Good, I want her to think that. I'm over it." Mc asks if Di will sleep with Dw, and Ja isn't sure.
    Dw comes in and Mc asks him if Sc or Di were sleeping with him, and he says he doesn't think so, he thinks he would like to sleep by himself the first night. Mc says that is what he would do. Dw says he offered to Sc that he could sleep with him, but he doesn't want to, he thinks.

    Dw says it is so weird how people act differently toward him already. Ja agrees and says people who would never congratulate you come up and say congrats, etc. Ja tells Dw that K will be riding him, saying over and over that whatever he wants to do is ok, but she just hopes she is here, etc. He says she will say it 10 times over and over. Ja says that finally he got sick of it and told K that he has already voted, so stop kissing his ass.
    Dw: I'm the sort of person who thinks a lot.
    Dw compares it to chess.

    Mc says that Mk and L saw the doctor and he will make 3. Mc says he would put ice and a sling on it and go, but the DR said they had a doctor coming and he might want to wait.

    Ja whispers to Dw that H thinks Ja is mad at him. Dw asks why, and Ja says he is ignoring her today, and he is so over that high school crap.

    BB tells houseguests to raise the inside netted shades.

    I hear guys talking, I think Ja, Dw and Mc. Dw says that L is such a nice girl. They talk about how it is so empty in the house with just one person gone. Ja says the bad thing is that you feel bad that you "talked shit" about a person. Ja says that when L left and said how she would miss them, you could tell she was genuine and that she really would miss them, really did care. They say they will see her at the wrap party, and Mc asks who told them about a wrap party?

    and FISH

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    Talk about food.
    H says that for breakfast she has a Coffee Bean drink that is a Carumba? It is ice blended. Then for lunch she has spinach only. Then for dinner, Java juice.
    Mv: That's it?? So basically you have two liquid meals a day.
    H: Sometimes I have popcorn.
    Sc: That's really healthy. Congratulations. You are a freak.

    K comes in and says that she will work until she is a bloody stump tomorrow to win food for the house.
    Sc or Ja say that BB probably wants some alcohol in the house so they aren't boring.
    Mv says that after they get a couple of days of footage in, BB doesn't give a sh-- about them. K says that no one talks to her so she won't be in any footage. She says that they maybe will ask her how she feels about the new vacuum, and she would say "very horny."

    Sc says that he was F--ing with H, by telling her that she had better start buttering up Dw, because she probably will be on the block. K says she will never tease anyone again about it, after having been on the block herself.

    K is going to put garlic in something and Mv complains, so K says that it keeps vampires away. Sc says it's not like they have any women in there, not like they have any strippers or anything. (He says it while K is there)

    I'm switching to F3.
    H is bothering Ja. She is talking about him saying mean things, and she doesn't want him to do it. H is talking about Paris Hilton. She says that she is Ok, but take away her money, her fake blonde hair and tanned skin then she wouldn't be much. (Pot, kettle, black) Ja agrees, says she looks like a bird, and if she wasn't Paris Hilton he would think she just looks like a bird.
    Ja is still pretty much ignoring H.
    Ja says that this is the fourth week, and CB agrees. Dw is in the caBR with them, lying on a bed with his eyes closed. I think H left.
    Mc: Hey, Dw, you look awfully nice today. Do you want me to rub your feet?
    Dw and Ja laugh at this.

    Mc: You want to know the truth? Actually, I have to be honest with you, I wish I got it over you.
    Dw says he knows it is the truth. Mc says he thinks it will work out for the best, though.
    Dw says you could tell if people around you were stepping up or down in the comp. Ja says up was a higher pitch.

    Dw called to DR.
    Ja: Oh, here it is!!
    Mc: This is it!!
    Dw: Will they talk to me a lot or let me go in my room?
    Mc: They'll tell you what you need to know. I think.
    Dw leaves.

    Ja is looking in the camera (maybe he sees a reflection of himself).
    K comes in the room and talks about how she will work till she is a bloody stump to get food.
    K says that Julie so tried to mindf--- her.
    Mc says she did a good job, that he tries to stay away from those big words, like what did K say about putting her head on the marble??
    K says "on the anvil." She explains this to Mc.
    K: You know what, if I would have tried to think of a speech, they would have said, K shut up.
    K says she will try a pie; she is waiting for the oven.
    K says she will never complain about anything ever again after today. She wants some food, though. Metamucil, baking supplies, something bubbly.
    K: You know what, just to have bubbles, I think I would have a beer. I've never had one in my life.
    She says she isn't sure what beer would do to her, like run around naked with a chicken on her face. Mc says they wouldn't let her do that. Ja says that they would.
    She says they kicked out the one they would want to see naked, and Mc says they still have H.
    K: But H is smitten.
    Ja: No, she isn't.
    K says that H is working him and that he hesitates to talk about her because then H comes up and confronts him about it.
    (K is being EXTREMELY bubbly and trying to be friendly and talkative to everyone she previously didn't like much.)
    K says that it is really better for L to go, because she was physically taking it hard. Ja says L was a little freaked, but she took it well.
    K was thinking she wouldn't embarrass her family, she would be dignified, but then she (makes a spitting noise) when she found out she was safe.
    Mc says that it is like you want to be happy about your own situation, but then you are up against your best friend.
    K says that L wasn't her best friend. K says that it was just that after she found out L was engaged, they had something in common and she knew they just sat at home. Ja is slightly sarcastic and says that "poor K doesn't have much going on, sits at home and paints."
    K says she wanted to win HOH but only for the basket of stuff.
    They talk about who signed a release for them. K says her Mom signed a release, but her parents are divorced and -----cuts to another feed.

    Feed goes to treadmill and I see W on it. A is being very loud and yelling about golf. I think Je is playing golf with her (I can't see them). A is laughing a lot more and talking a lot more now (I think maybe there was a switch).

    Feed goes to kitchen, with Sc and Mv. Mv is talking about how cheap BB is, and that he can't stand being sequestered because he knows how badly he was treated when they were sequestered before the show started. He says they barely gave him any food. They talk about how long sequester is for, and Mv comments again about how horrible BB treated him.

    Feeds switches to Mc and K in caBR. K is talking about fishing with Mc. K says she would love to paint underwater scenes. K is sitting on the side of Mc's bed. I don't hear Ja, so he must have left the room.

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    10:30 BB time

    W and Di in the BY. W asks Di if she smells bacon and she says they're always cooking bacon and she smells something. W asks Di if Dw is going to sleep with anyone and Di says that he wants to sleep by himself for the first night. W says that Dw is so sweet and most guys he meets are models and they're all cocky and rude and it kills W because Dw is so sweet and so straight. Di says that she tells Dw he's perfect and that everyone sits around and talks about how hot he is, even W, but Dw is so naive and doesn't believe it.

    W says that Dw's brother is totally hot. Di says she's a twin and she very rarely sees twins that look exactly like each other, even if they're identical, and Dw is the cuter twin. Di says that her twin knows that Di is the cuter twin and she wants W to see the pictures but she doesn't know if she'll ever win HoH. W says he remembers sometimes in last season there were physical HoH and he remembers one time there were water bottles with ping pongs in them and you had to shake the rail to get the balls in then and 2 girls came in first and second. Not a male challenge but more of an even challenge. Trivia gets W all wacky.

    Di says she wants an endurance challenge and W says him too. He said if you have a strong alliance in the house you can make groups with other groups. W says at the very end if it was him, Sc, Di, and A in a cage or something, he could be like "look Sc if you leave right now you are definitely safe". Di says W is right. W said they'd get HoH and he'd piss in his pants on national television because he would never quit and would win and endurance challenge. Di said they're time to win HoH has to be coming. And then she said someone is coming to get W.

    It's Dw and he's giving Di and W candy. W asks Di if she wants to go inside and she says yeah. Di tells W to go in and talk to Dw and then says let Dw call you in there so he doesn't think W is ass kissing.

    Feed changes to H and Ja in the clBR. H says that Sc was watching her sleep last night when they were sleeping on the floor. Ja says he knows how Sc is with H but his thing is that A.. Dw comes into the clBR and cuts the conversation short. H says that Dw's sweater looks good on him. Ja says it seems like stupid rumors are going around and Dw asks what rumors. I don't know what they're talking about and it's hard to transcribe... Ja says that he's telling her no idea who they're talking about in the hot tub that Ja always gets the girl he wants. H says it's coming from him so don't believe it. But to his face they're going to act like they've never heard any rumors and they're going to ignore them. Ja says that H and Sc are totally cool ok talking about Sc and Ja says that maybe Sc likes H and Dw says that Sc acts like he doesn't but maybe he does. Dw says he's on the same page as H and Ja. Ja says the same thing went down with Di and Dw and said that Sc said to Di that she needs to forget about Dw because he has a girl back home.

    Sorry guys but I'm really tired and it's hard for me to transcribe tonight so I'm going to stop. I'll take a few screencaps before I go to bed though.

    ETA: I made lots of typos so I fixed the ones I caught. I'm exhausted.
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    F1&2. The feeds are following Drew around the house tonight for the most part.

    Drew & CB talking to Scott about Holly. They're worried she's coming between Jase and Scott and that's going to split the 4H eventually.

    Scott says nothing's going on, they're friends.
    Dw trying to explain she creates a lot of drama, rumors.
    Sc Not at all
    Dw is going into a lot of specifics.
    [feeds crapped out on me here for a minute]

    Sc I tell Jas, I would never let a girl come between us.
    CB You & Holly was talking about Jase and Jase came over and (I guess CB was embarassed.) She's so playing him but she goes, where's my daily hug?
    DW if Holly wasn't here...think how much that would save stress-wise between him and her and you.
    Sc Imagine if I wasn't here, and it was just Jase and Holly, it would be --
    CB a lot worse?
    Sc It would be all over.
    They don't know if Jase is putting up a front. Dw says she's here because she's a number.
    Cb thinks the real problem is Ja.
    Sc he tells her what to do. In the DR she tells them Scott is the biggest help to her in the house.
    Sc says he's talked to Ja and it's over with.
    Dw but it's never going to end! Is she a bigger threat to Ja and us? she talks all the time - she tells everything all over the house.
    Sc we just have to tell Ja that
    Dw but down the road she's going to screw up and tell those girls something.

    Sc is sure he can control Holly. He thinks he has complete 100% control of her.
    Dw I'm not saying put her up or anything. Dr points out H was in the HOH room on the bed first thing tonight.
    Sc wants them to to focus on the final 4.
    DW is scared, says he's seen the influence of girls on men.
    Sc Have I changed inthis house? Since Day 1?
    They say no, but Ja has.
    Sc says he thinks Ja is tense because he thinks Sc is moving in on his girl.
    Sc says he "likes this kid" for talking strategy (Dr)
    CB says he can't stand Holly. We also feel A does not need to be going up.
    Dw backs down, i don't know. She talks fast or she's totally silent. Dw has talked with her late night about the bible, thinks she's someone he can trust down the road.
    Sc we control it.
    CB Mv, Di and K. that's who CB wants to go. He says K's alliance is broken, so she's no worry. Mv is not trustworthy.
    Sc: who talks? Diane.
    Dw I can see Will rallying the troops. He has a lot of leadership.
    CB do we piss Mv off this week?
    Sc I say we keep Mv one more week to get his ultimate trust.
    CB here's a throwout ... Di or Wi
    Sc says we have to go after the alliance. Di, A, or Nak. But we don't put them up together.
    DW interrupts. take the diplomatic approach, talk to everybody in the house and try to get where everybody's thinking.
    CB they'll throw you a lot of BS
    Dw yeah,but I can figure out what they're thinking.
    Sc did you ever read the art of war? old school chinese philosophy. how to strategize warfare. An alliance can not survive with out the leader? A group of people cannot survive without a general. Who is the general out there? A.
    Scott wants A up. Says if Drew puts up Di he will look like a backstabber.

    getting too late for me. :yawn
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