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Thread: 7/22 Live Feed Transcripts

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    1 AM Recap:

    BB called Drew into the diary room and gave him a list of food. Awesome list of food. He called the rest of the HGs together in the LR. They were to learn the list of food and add 5 more things to it.

    They added: Soups, TV Dinners, Baby back ribs, Sushi and I forget...maybe beef jerky. Lots of talk about it.

    Nik drew a chihuahua on the list in the margins and then Holly grabbed it and had to draw a kitty cat.

    Diary Room Calls:

    The 4 horsemen were having their chit chat. When it was over, diary room calls started.

    Scott, Jase and Holly. No one else til Drew was called in about the food list.

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    Drew & CB chatting

    Discussion: Putting Holly on the block.

    Recap: CB says he wouldn't be upset with Holly leaving and that it would look good to the other side.

    CB says everyone else thinks that they (Jase and Scott) pull their strings. That if he put Holly up for the good of the whole, he would look good.

    Drew is coming up with good reasons for putting Holly up.

    They are discussing who to put up against her.

    Drew is worried about Jase losing his cuddle buddy.

    Discussing putting Diane up against her. Talking about how she might go instead of Holly though.

    CB is suggesting Nikomis as a safe one.


    Posting til fishies gone.

    Sorry...I can't type fast enough to quote.

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    Pathetic recapper back!

    CB and Drew still discussing. Looks like CB room. Talking about the possibility of Jase winning veto and saving Holly again.

    Now back to square one as to how to lose Holly.


    Talk back to who goes up. CB now pushing Karen. Since she was campaigning for Lori. (Wish I knew what dropped Holly during the FISH)

    CB says: Just put Marvin up on the block. I don't care.

    Drew is leaving.

    CB says: Just sleep on it.


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    CB taking shower.

    Jase/Holly: Small bed. Awake.

    Jase threw "something" at someone.

    Jase and Holly snuggled under the covers. Laughter.

    Marvin is snoring real loudly.

    Jase asks Holly for the shoe, throws it.

    Rest of room asleep.

    Feed 3&4: CB in shower. Drew brushing his teeth.

    Holly asking Jase what he is going to do. He is going to do it again. (Snore I am sure! hehe)

    Holly: He sounds like a dog. A nightmare of a dog. (Loud snores)

    Jase threw something at him that made a huge bang.

    Rest of the room is fast asleep.


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    Drew and CB in Bathroom:

    Drew does not feel right putting up A because of the biblical sense. Because of how they share the bible.

    CB: I will support you. Whoever you put up.

    CB goes to pull the inside house shades.

    Drew follows.

    CB says outside also. They go ouside and pull the shades.

    CB: I know spiritually, you will know what you will be able to do.

    CB: I know spiritually, I do, when I need to know what to do, He helps me know.

    Drew: I know.

    CB: Just pray and he will help you know.

    Recap. CB tells Drew to go in the HoH room and locks his door and listen to his music and decide what to do. He says that if it was him, he would put Marvin up. He says Holly is a big talker, but Marvin did something to his family.

    They leave the BY.

    Drew to HOH.

    CB to bathroom to do some "scrubbing" on his schouler and then to bed

    All in bed and so am I!

    Since I can't type fast enough to quote most of the time, should I be just posting in the Discussion? Please let me know! Thanks!

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