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Thread: 7/21 Live Feed Transcripts

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    7/21 Live Feed Transcripts

    Please post your live feed reports here. Everyone is welcome to contribute. We ask a few things of you, though, if you wish to do so:

    1) Do not cut and paste from other sites. We wouldn't do it to them, and we'd hope they wouldn't do it to us.

    2) If nothing is going on that requires a play-by-play, please compile happenings together in one post every 15 minutes or so, rather than a sentence every post.

    3) Please note which feed you're on, and if you're covering a feed that someone else has been covering, please change to another to avoid duplication.

    4) Remember we're a PG-13 site, even though the feeds are uncensored.

    5) Live Feed reporters are allowed to insert a comment or two in their transcripts, but this thread is NOT for discussion of what has happened on a feed. There will be another thread for discussion, and if something really important happens, please start a new thread with a vague title (to avoid spoilers showing up on the front page). This is our most important rule.

    Thanks again, and enjoy the feeds - whether watching or reading!

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    9am (BB time) HG's awakened and told that voting will begin in 1 hour.

    C1 &2: H making protein shake. W points out that the box says you are supposed to drink the stuff 6 times a day. Nic comes in and sees coffee brewing and asks if it's Holly Coffee. H says no that W made it.

    9:15 HG's told to lower shades.

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    C3&4: Mc is sitting outside pissed about something. Evidently someone accused him of something and he says "that's just something I don't joke about".
    Mv joking around about having his own tv show. K says it's "COoking with Marv". Marv says d-i-g-s-i-x.com "but that's not mine it's my friends".

    Still not sure what Mc got busted over... but K says don't worry noone thinks that way about you.

    Mc goes into the bathroom where S & D are and says something to them. Evidently Jase & Mv were making comments about Mc's wife not working and saying that he evidently has money if that's the case. Mc is pissed and is talking to S about getting rid of him (not sure if he's talking Mv or J). Says He's trying to find out who has money in the house and stir up shit. S says that even if they don't do anything that "he's up automatically" because the girls will put him up if they get HOH.

    J comes in and asks Mc if he's upset. Mc says "Yes I am, that's not something I joke about.". J says they were just joking. Mc says "I just talked to the guys and Mv is up on the block next week.". Mc says it's ok if J jokes with him but not Mv.

    Nakomis called to diary room.

    Talking about wearing their "shout out" shirts that they made yesterday.

    H says "he's done it to everyone" talking about how Mv has pissed everyone off. Says he's sitting outside preaching now. S says "yeah, according to him I'm a professional actor."

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    feed three...

    marvin rubbing lori's feet...

    k - let it roll off of your back CB
    m talking about someone is mad.. saying he is like rupert on survivor... and don't come on this game unless you have a thick skin.. talking about no one is rich... unless it is holly...
    h - i am rich?
    m - no holly.. stay out of it if you can't get my jokes..

    feeds change to WC

    cb - complaining about work??? thats my way.. and i am okay with it
    s - you cant go this week man.. i think i heard them talking about that.. seriously dude.. i am cool with it..
    cb - i don't think he understands why they are doing it...

    cb is really upset is with something... guess someone is trying to find out who has money in this place.. saying it will get him on the block..

    cb - k and L.. ask me if i was really mad about this.. i said yeah.. i dont joke about this stuff.... ya know it is my decision...

    s and drew agrees....

    s - dont worry cb
    j - you upset cb?
    cb - yes.. i have been poor all my life
    j - wow.. we are just messing man
    cb - not what i mess about..
    j - just messing.. that what we do.. we're guys.. i made fun of scotts little "peepee"
    j - i am sorry cb.. you know i care about ya... just totally kidding

    holly comes in making funny noises

    jase in mirror... scott trimming hair in other mirror...

    cb - it does help L and K were out there...

    h - my shoes.. there they are
    h - thats a cute shirt.. havent seen that one yet [not sure who she is talking to all boys in WC have no shirts on]
    cb - i take jase's apology...
    s - dont sweat it
    cb - there is a few in the bushes.. i am sorry
    drew leaves
    cb leaves..
    scott alone with his mirrors..
    cb comes back

    cb - i think jase is out there protecting me.. he is like i feel bad.. will tell m he needs to stop it..
    s - m out there?
    cb - yeah... am done now..
    s - he is kicking himself in the butt
    cb - left it at that.. and i think l and k understand... they were like.. m said everyone has money in the bank and stuff like that but i am cool

    drew back to take shower.. get hair off of back.. guess he trimmed too...
    scott still in mirror...
    drew - cb is p*ssed off
    s - uh huh
    cb left before that and now is back with drink
    l comes in ask cb if he is alright
    cb - yeah i will be fine
    l - its a mess...
    cb - something i dont joke about.. but its personal.. i worked hard all my life to get where i am at.. i did it myself and am proud of it
    l - i know and they are just being stupid
    cb - have had job since 16.. taking care of my self.. married at 19.. didnt have mom to help me out
    l - i believe you
    cb - i am not saying you all havent, but this is where i am .. different if i had coasted all my life.. but i didnt.. and why i take it hard.. but am okay now
    l - i want to go to bed...
    s - huh
    l - i want to go to bed
    s - should i shave?
    l - why, i thought you wanted your beard
    s - to be clean cut
    cb - you are so lucky girl
    l - why.. why because of all of this?
    l - no i am not.. i couldnt sleep last night

    m comes in tells cb not to take it personal.. just joking.. i apologize if i upset you but we just joking...
    m leaves
    cb - i look like the idiot today
    l - no you don't..
    l - you sure you are alright?
    cb - yeah am fine.. thank you i appreciate it
    l - okay


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    Mv whining to J that Mc is taking it too personal and Mc has a problem if he took it so seriously that he wants to win HOH and put Mv up now. J says that if anyone says they need to win because they are poor he doesn't care. J says he has $3.95 in the bank just to keep checking account open.

    Mv: "You called him out cuz he was talking about how he makes a grand amonth but his bills are $1500 and you said you're going in the hole $500 a month you need to do something else". "Your wife needs to get a job. And Mc says I don't want her to work then he changes his story that it's not me that doesn't want her to work it's her daddy, he's got money. Well there you go!".
    "Don't be pissed at me that I call your a** out. Everyone in here got a story. Everyone needs money."

    W: "Even when someone says something that is offensive to you you just can't wear your heart on your sleeve".

    L: "There's too many others that need to get out of here before CB goes".

    Back inside. J goes to Mc and says that he was picking on others for other things and picked on Mc for the money thing. Mc says "I'm not mad at you. YOu dropped it when it should have been dropped but Mv wouldn't drop it."

    Mc in the bathroom with S, D, & J. He says to S "You look different, what did you change?". "I shaved". "You did!!! It looks nice".

    Back outside. Mv & L talking.
    Mv: "It's up to you whether you stay or go... whether your power and influence is greater than his." [not sure who him is].

    L complaining about the heat. Mv says he doesn't have any more beers for her to relax with. L walks across the yard and says "It's cooler over here".

    Mv: "So whatcha gonna do on sequester for 9 weeks?".
    L: "No, the first four people get to leave. If I leave and end up in sequester I'm going to go insane!"

    Di comes outside.
    Di: "Barbie and her make up. Her make up goes everywhere she does."
    Looks at Nek "Didn't you say you wanted to shoot someone. I coudl use a gun right about now. We can start a corpse pile".

    Di & Nek talking but I can't hear what Nek is saying because she's off camera.

    Di: "There's only one goal in my mind right now and that's getting rid of Jase." "If they win next week I'm afraid they are going to put me up on the block because I'm getting to Drew".

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    Just to comment here...

    Mv and Ja were razing Mc a bit about his girlfriend's father having money. Apparently the girlfriend's family is paying the bills while Mc is in the house. The father-in-law leases 25 oil pumps and works the oil fields. Mv and Ja jumped in and said that Mc was marrying into an oil tycoon family. They joked about how Mc has been playing them as someone without money. Mc got really pissed and explained that he has never been given anything and he works 6-7 days to support his family. Mv and Ja didn't realize how hurt and angry Mc was becoming and they kept the joke going. Mc is really stewing about and the girls try to comfort him by saying that everyone has been accused of being rich.

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    feed 4

    j - in hammock.. says closest friends are the ones that bring it out the thickest...
    he and m are talking about cb
    m - mr amoco up the butt now.. oops i mean texaco
    m - cb take that personal... if he puts me up if he wins hoh.. if he is that shallow..i dont care
    j - if someone is in this game and they are poor.. i dont give a crap...
    m - this is no lottery
    m - you aint heard me talk about that
    j - dont give me that poor guy stuff
    m - opinions like a hole.. everyone got one..
    j - i got 3.95 in checking.. dont give me that poor crap.. i feel bad for him but
    m - you called him out.... he got mad..... he gonna have to work it out.. but you dont wanna open a can of worms..
    j - first it was like her family has money.. then he busts out 25 wells...
    m - hey dog i keep it real.. i aint kissing your butt.. strap on spinal column and some gonads... play this game here... i done apologized.. waht else to do.. milk and cookies? geez everyone done got a taste of him now.. savage is nfl player.. we bust his balls about it
    j - he aint now nfl player..
    m - he just p off... dont me p at me.. i call your butt out.. everyone got a sad story.. can use 500k...
    loud plane

    will and lori join them...

    l - thing is there are more people more important to get out than cb
    j - if i upset my cb.. what will i do

    cam changes

    j goes to WC to rehash this money thing with CB...
    tells him about his 3.95 in checking again..

    i think scott said i have a lot of money...

    j - i was just messing because you are my friend.. thats what boys do..
    cb - i am not mad at you
    j - but i am mad at you cb.. [think he was joking?]
    cb - savage you looks different..
    s smirks... he shaved his beard
    cb - waht did you change
    s - i shaved

    cam back to marvin, will and lori

    talking about swing votes now
    m - up to your game and strategy
    l -i didnt talk to her talk to her
    w - this is crazy man
    l - its hot..
    w - its hot as f
    w - its shady inside
    m - i dont have any more beer to give you
    l - i hate this game
    m - oh boy.. its kinda fun til people take it personally... but oh well ya know what i am sayin...
    m - geez...

    w and L go inside...

    nakomis with m now...
    i think nak did cut her hair again...

    l - its cooler over here...
    m - in the shade? no way
    l - no this shade is cooler than that shade
    m - what you do on sequester for 9 weeks
    l - m i will kill you
    m - you read the contract.. til sept 25
    l - no the first 4 leave
    m - oh no no...
    l - if i leave and go sequester.. i will go insane

    lori in hammock by herself now.. audio from other side
    diane - barbie and her makeup... makeup wherever she goes
    d says something about a gun??
    d - after tomorrow night is over... i want to talk about it with everyone.. dont want them to jump to conclusions
    nak talking but cannot hear her at all
    d - waht do you mean?
    d - how people are voting for this one?
    d- that night i came to talk to you.. t hey stuck me in the middle but i tried to weasle it out by not saying how you will vote.. they say they know what will is doing.. but wanted to know what A is doing... and i dont talk to karen... or A that much.. they just trying to get it out of me.. this game is going to get ugly... there is only one goal in my mind.. to get jase out... please dont believe any of that stuff.. please please...
    [wonders if nakomis has mic on.. cannot hear her]
    d - i think they are scared me being around you.. i think they will try to knock me out.. i think they will put me on block because i am getting close to drew and he is with them
    loud plane
    d - which color do you want.. h has neat orange..
    will comes over
    w - here is the thing cuz she ...

    audio changes... to lori and cb...
    talking about how they are trying to put targets on everyone else backs...
    l - you kidding me .. no one believes that, no one thinks you are rich
    cb - my fil even has.. he is well well off.. he works his butt off just like i do for his family... he puts in more than i do..
    l - no one.. they probably dont believe it, they are saying it to be mean
    cb - jase apologized
    l - they did it to me...
    cb - j dropped it.. when he knew i was upset.. m kept right on going
    l - he will never drop it.. he keeps talking about it
    cb - am cool.. dont have time to mess with it... i just ya know i think the game gets to a point where you want to leave and then you do want to say
    l - it sucks.. i know
    cb what is so weird.. you are going against best friend in the house and that makes it harder
    l - i think they will vote me out.. think they have made up their mind.. is why i was sick last night.. dont understand why they want me out so bad...

    cam changes.. need to get a drink

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    feed 3

    m upset with cb... still talking about it...

    j to will -- i am sorry i missed the weiner shot last night
    w - oh talk about full frontal... nakomis saw it...
    s - i didnt look
    w - lets let the joke stop here
    m - she is looking masculine... might be your type.. she is missing y chromosome

    [ missed a lot --- phone call ]

    feed 1 now... [feeds 1-2 same.. feeds 3/4 fish]

    karen and lori in Kitchen talking

    k - this sucks so bad.. i am sorry, as long as isnt making it seem easier to vote you out
    l - i dont wanna freak karen out
    k - i am just a nervous person
    l - i told diane that i know please keep the votes where they are.. i dont wanna change peoples minds, i love karen... if i werent nominated i wouldnt want to go...
    k - whispering.. i hate staying in here without you... its very not fair
    l - i know.. please don't think i am trying to rally votes... or anything like that.. and it is hard, you keep going back and forth.. i wake up today and i dont want to go but man... now that i am in this position i know i have to go... what can you do.. nothing you can do... this place is making me silly...
    k - so much time to stew about things
    l - and i was honest everything i told you.. i am so back and forth...
    k - i hope you were in the prestages.. to make it easier on me... because if i stay i will feel so guilty
    l - i dont want it to look like i am quitting.. and i guess that is the way i was making it look... and i just know i am going to go.. i dont want it to seem that i was making people vote me off... and you are staying, you have like holly's vote.. look at me i have been torn this whole time
    k - i am so sorry
    l - this just sucks.. everything m says is a lie.. make it seem like he respected me and then like he wanted to keep me.. and cb told me that m riled teh boys out to vote me out... everyone is so phony.. it is making me bonkers... obv. i want to say but just as bad i want you to stay.. no one i want to win more than u and will... they put you up because you are my friend ;.. that sucks totally
    k - i know
    l - hi baby -- to will
    l - we know what will happen.. they think i a have game in this game and i am the one who they want out.... i felt like i was leaving it totally cut and dry.. as much i do want to go .. i don't
    k - i didnt think you want to leave.. and i plug away til i am a bloody stump.. competitive spirit
    l - i dont want you to think i was rally for votes...
    k - i dont want you to just take a hit for me.. i would feel so guilt.. i would just sit in there with guilt.. write guilt on my t shirt..
    l - they are just like bad ya know.. they really are.. its unbelievable... lies lies lies
    k - yeah
    l - please dont feel
    k - i dont
    l - i would never ever say
    k - i would never take it that way.. never never never
    l - okay
    k - its out of our hands.. going to paint toenails and maybe give myself a buzz
    l - will did you eat? what time is it.. 12:15 pm

    m to lori - you seem happy all sudden
    l - am not.. just eating
    l - this is disgusting...
    m - what is
    [not sure what??]

    l - this day sucks
    l - seriously sucks

    l - hey baby.. waht does that say?
    w - heaven sent
    l - i feel bad for karen.. she is really nervous today
    m - she should be.. a ** on the block
    w - you cant get sick about it.. you have to emotionally detach from that mess
    h - anyone in DR?
    m - yeah CB...
    h - we dont have any more paper towels do we?
    will - no
    l - wish we could get paper towels.. anything..
    l - i wish i could leave and go for walk
    m - you can walk around the yard
    l and will say something about dogs
    m - if someone would have had a dog last week we woulda killed it and ate it like a filipino family would
    l - doctors cool...
    m - yeah he is.. isnt no real doctor but hes cool...
    m - i dont get to screw lori.. damn..
    l - sorry
    m - i dont get to see lori braless anymore
    w - her last strategical move...
    lori laughs

    BB :will please go to DR

    l - i dont need to wear a bra.. i prefer not to
    m - i prefer you dont too
    l - wearing one now because it would be like ye--ahh
    m - you know you are sexy
    m - i like it when you talk all confident
    m - working cb
    l - i was not.. he was feeling bad.. get out of here marvin... i havent worked one person since being nominated
    l - i was never ever like vote for me vote for me.. never ever
    m - why does karen think she can stay.....
    l - she knows..
    m - why does she think she is staying?
    l - she knows that i am the one they are voting out.. doesnt take a genius
    m - expect the unexpected in this show
    m - if you get hoh who will you put up
    l - i am sure you can figure it out
    m - why am i asking because i dont know
    l - i wont say til tomorrow. i dont want to make anyone mad
    m - i know it would be me
    l - just like you told me in the hammock it wouldnt be me

    m says jase told k she didnt have to kiss his butt anymore because he already voted for her...
    h - that is so mean.. jase said that?
    l - she is all nervous.. she can't help it...
    h - i love that girl
    l - i hate this game
    m - this game makes you famous and gave you a lot of money to get you out of debt
    l - i love this game... i needed perspective
    l - what i hate is what people will do to get the money
    m - ifi had the money my butt is gone like the wind like scarlett ohara
    l - and i dont get teh money for 2 months
    m - you get your freedom though. you will be so paranoid...
    l - why?
    m - because you will think people are always watching you
    l - i dont think so after only a few weeks

    l - you think people will recognize me?
    m - if you looked like anyone else on this show..
    l - who watches this show though.. i dont know anyone who watches this show
    m - same people who watch this watch fear factor.. i watch it, cb watches it
    m - some people will know exactly how you are
    l - right diary room... i always look
    m - like i get emmitt smith... all the time.. i say the dude look like me
    l - i wish i could be my normal self in here... am sitting all the time thinking
    m - whats your normal self??
    l - i am way more relaxed
    m - thats whats good about hoh...
    l - are you scared?
    m - noooooooo never have been.. if they want you out.. you gone.. no matter what you do.. if they want you gone, you gone...
    l - right right right
    m - thats how it is
    m - can to this game thinking to have a good time and not think about strategy and stuff.. make yourself crazy and paranoid all the time
    l - this has been a long week
    m - everyday long around here.. try to sleep late as i can
    l - they dont let us sleep in.. had to be up at 9 to do this
    l - can only watch that frisbee thing so many more times before i blow
    m - thing about here... the little things will get to you.............
    l - see now. i cant stand the noise . high pitch talking
    m - laughs...
    m about scott.. he was put in here for comedy.. he done broke every rule in here...
    m - i will miss you.. all i want to say


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    M&S talking saying that now that they arell fighting that the others won't think there is any kind of alliance between them. So basically all the fighting is just a ruse to make the other group feel more secure.

    K & L in kitchen talking and L telling K that she has not made any effort to rally votes for herself.

    L,M & W in kitchen now. L says she feels bad for K because she's really nervous today. M says she should be cuz her head is on the block. W says you just can't thikn about it that you have to emotionally detatch yourself from the mess.

    Someone (Holly I think) comes in and asks if anyone is in the diary room. They say CB is in there. She says crap. Mv says he is Omarosa now (Apprentice) and L says "I thought I was Omarossa for taking the money".

    W comments on Mv's mood necklace and asks what it means when it's half black half something and Mv says "It means I shouldn't have worn it in the hot tub".

    Mv says he's going through a miriad of emotions today with the idea that Lori might be leaving and comments on her not wearing a bra anymore. She says she doesn't NEED to wear one and she prefers not to. Mv says he prefers her not too. She says she's wearing one now.

    Mv tells L that J said re:K that she could stop kissing his butt cuz he already voted. Mv told him that that might be different next week, he might be kissing her butt.

    Mv says he would switch places with L. L says what she hates about this game is that you really see what people would go through for money. Mv says if you gave him 10k he'd walk out the door right now.

    L says she wishes she could be her normal self there instead of just sitting and thinking all the time. Mv asks what her normal self is and she says just more relaxed. He says that's what's nice about being HOH for a week is you have a place where you can get away and relax and not care.

    Talking about how other people's voices in the house annoying them.

    Jase comes in and says "Lori my sweet girl can I have some time in the hammock with you?". She leaves with J.

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    J&H on Hammock. H being insecure and telling him she doesn't want him talking to Mv cuz he sexually harrassed her. SHe doesn't want him talking to L because she thinks he's trying to save L or sucking up to her.

    J says he likes her too much and thinks they should fight during the day and just cuddle at night. J says he could make himself not like her so he wouldn't get hurt. H says they can't cuddle every night... maybe every other night or every three nights or something. But don't act weird or jokey like she's a stranger.

    She wonders why he would be nice to someone who talks crap about his "baby". J asks her if she wants to hang out with him outside of the house. She says it depends on him because he doesn't live there. He says that's not an answer. So she says she wants to come to her house and see how he likes her outside of the house. She says her place is all pink and she's goofy and she lives like a cartoon character and people think she's silly and lives like she's 10. She says she doesn't want to bring him into her life and have him think everything she does is ridiculous. He says he already thinks that. SHe asks if he's serious and he says yes and that somedays he doesn't even like her for hours at a time. She gets quiet and he asks if they have broken up again. He says he doesn't like to have so many serious talks and it seems like that's all they have. They never get to just chill.

    [please BB gods change the chanel and let us watch someone else! Why is that J&H get all the airtime?]

    Scottus Interuptus.

    Scott comes over. Mc is outside now asking who has gone into the DR. They walk away.

    H asks J more about what he tells Mv. She asks who he thinks the mastermind of the alliance is and he says "we are taking the mastermind out this week.". She asks who it will be when she's gone. He asks her to stop worrying so far in advance.

    H says she doesn't like that he can say he can act like he doesn't like her. He says he can make himself not like her.

    [are we tired of this conversation yet? I'd love to change the channel but the other two are just fish... I'm starting to think the fish might be more entertaining tho.]

    H says they are supposed to be each others comfort blanket and him yelling at her isn't cool (referring back to the major LR fight). She says she doesn't want him to be way mean to her again because she doesn't deserve that from someone she thinks is cool and admires a lot.

    She's trying to make out what S&Mc&Mv are saying across the yard. H decides they need to get out of the sun. She asks if they are cool. J says he just wants to take things slow. She says "so you are still mad about gorilla". He says that's not it.

    [finally the other two cams are on and we see A/N and Dr in the bathroom talking]
    I think A/N just switched again cuz she's acting weird again doing her agree with everything and say stupid stuff routine. A/N walks into the kitchen and one of the others ask if they voting is over,if she was the last one and she says she thinks so.

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