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Thread: 7/21 Live Feed Transcripts

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    F1 and F2 L, Di and K in WC area getting ready for bed. K is brushing her teeth.
    F3 looks like W and Je together in bed in the clBR.
    Dw in the the bathroom.
    The cameras keep moving, so I can't pick up a conversation.

    W has his baby blanket with him (?) and H keeps saying in a baby voice (the most irritating yet) that she wants to sleep with it. "I wanna sleep with the blanky-blanky-blanket!" Imagine the worst, most grating, fingernails-on-chalkboard voice in the world, and that is her voice right now.

    I can hear Sc but can't see him, and he is being his usual annoying self. "What the hell do YOU want?" Joking around, but no one but him knows the joke.

    I see people in beds on F3 and F4 but I can't tell who it is.
    F1 and F2 are the hallway and the WC and kitchen island areas, a long shot. I hear Dw say he is freezing and A says it is 70 in there, so it really isn't. I hear Sc being loud and some giggling. F2 is a shot of the kitchen table (the round one) in the dark, with no one sitting at it.

    F3 is focusing on the clBR. Dw is in there, and he is talking with Je about bedding, and Je says ask W. W has earplugs in, I think. I see H and one of the other women on the floor in front of one of the clBR beds. W was just scared to death because he has the earplugs in, and someone grabbed him or something. H giggles.
    Sc gets down in between H and the other woman, and H tells them that Sc turns into a "creature at night." Sc tells H that her breath is like tuna breath and she says it can't because she doesn't eat tuna. I think Di is the one who is on the floor with H and Sc, because she tells Sc that now he is in her position, because she had to sleep with two boys.

    Sc asks why H's shirt falls off, and she says because he gave it to her to sleep in.

    Sc says "Now, this will be special. Now H, Di, if you guys get scared tonight... Smell, smell."
    H: It's too much!
    Sc broke out the cologne, apparently, and has sprayed himself liberally with it.
    Di says it smells great.
    Di says something about how she has her pillow, and she has to clutch it at night. "If I can't clutch Dw, I'll clutch my pillow." Sc laughs.

    Sc tells them goodnight. He keeps talking, saying goodnight.
    Di: Signing off, Scott.
    And sc continues to talk. "It's glooorious!" in a high voice. He says his balls feel like a Nerf football. He asks Di if she wants to sleep "up here tonight?"
    Di says no, she is ok.
    He says last chance, and she says no, it's his turn, it's ok.
    Sc: Good answer.
    H tells Sc he put on too much cologne and it is giving her a headache.
    Di says no he didn't, it's not very much.
    Je says she smells it all of the way over there.
    Di says she loves cologne and you could spray it all over her.

    Sc sprays a different cologne, Jean Paul Goutier, all over another shirt. H says that one smells good.
    Di: Now we can sleep at night.
    H: Yeah.

    Di says she doesn't know how those guys can sleep with that comforter.

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    Briefly, there was someone on the couch, and I heard them open and close the sliding doors to the outside, but I couldn't get a picture on them after the first brief look. I think it was Lori. I heard a sigh, and that's about it. Probably BB wants to use the footage for the show.
    I just heard the sliding glass door open and close again, and I think I hear low voices, but I can't make out what they say.

    Now she is on camera 3 sitting on the couch, and it is L.
    Occasionally she will pop up on one of the four feeds, when I am in quad view, but then when I switch to that feed it is black and then goes to one of the bedrooms.

    On F2 they show someone sit up in a twin bed, which looks like the caBR (I don't think anyone is in the conbr?) and it looks like K. She sits there for a while and it looks like she is wiping her eyes, and then she lies down.

    It looks like all or most of them are in bed, and that is all BB is showing right now. Goodnight!

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