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Thread: 7/21 Live Feed Transcripts

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    feed 3..

    talking about drugs... holly doesn't know what most are..
    so marvin asks A.. and she says nothing.. except aspirin and ibuprofen...

    h - gorilla is doing something to the window and not sure what it is...
    m - it could be anything..
    h takes her plate and glass inside

    m asks A who she will put up if she is HOH... tells her she only gets 1 day..
    she will see poll the hg's on who they want to put and then put up the majority..

    m says he will be sitting on sidelines...
    a - no telling...
    m kinda assumes she isnt leaving.. so i put in that seed of doubt with her.. told her she can't believe anything in here.. now she is nervous as sh*t... cant assume place in here.. a week away from packing bags..
    a - i want to stay... i am still getting to know people.. its all good...
    thats the pressure they put on...make them pack their bags and wait it out...
    m - i never did unpack my bags.. wheels on my suitcase.. ready to roll anytime... made cb mad.. could be it for me
    a - youre so crazy
    m - that was funny as sh*t though..
    a - he is...
    m - never sat in the hammock with a chic since i have been here [talking about jase and holly].. not me.. not poor old marvin... good old hammock time
    a - i was thinking of laying in the hammock

    jase comes out and lets out the loudest belch.....

    cam changes to kitchen..
    scott has rubber bands on his biceps..says he cannot feel his arms.. says his hands are turning purple.. he is losing the feeling in them.. he asks holly whats it like to sleep next to a girl...
    holly tells him to take the rubber bands off...
    holly said she was out.. doesnt know anything..[referring to sleeping last night]
    h - baby gorilla breath...
    baby gorillas are so cute.. they wear diapers...
    s - i am retarded.. OK!...

    holly some show wanted her to co-host a sports thing.. but she lost it....
    s - says she would be good on the sidelines...
    if you want to go to something cool.. come to steelers game with me... 75k fans screaming... its awesome... describes the stadium.. tells her it is amazing.. so pumped up...
    h - yeah...
    s - pittsburgh.. all we have are the steelers... i have friends on the team.. will hook us up.. its AWESOME...
    h - awesome..
    s - starting to look like a boxer.. its my goal..
    h - to look like a boxer?
    s - a bad ass... whats wrong?
    h - makes me sick.. diane acting nice to me and plotting.. i want to know if she really is still though..
    s - babe she is in an alliance.. she is here for the game
    h - can you talk to drew about it?
    s - she wont talk game with him..
    h - i see her talking to drew all the time... everytime i sit with her she wants to talk about it..
    s - they can talk all they want.. but marvin will probably be the man out next week... if the guys decide he has to go because of cb.. we back that 100%
    h - he is so lame...
    s - hey drew come here
    does diane talk about holy still?
    drew - not to me..
    h - seems like she might.. thought she was my friend but doesnt seem like she likes me... she whispers in hammock with you and she looks at me..
    drew - she always tells me that holly is looking at me
    holly laughs... i have reason to be on edge with her because she didnt like me
    s - m is trying to push my buttons... are people afraid to come to me or something?
    drew - i am not afraid of you.. a says i am the quiet one, dont know what i am thinking
    s - everyone knows i hear everything in this house.. i would be right up in their face if i heard something
    drew - i dont talk smack like you.. all marvin talks is smack
    feeds communicating

    s - nakomis talks smakc with me .. we will be going round and round outside...
    nakomis.. in WC.. scott in there now too.. tells her she cannot use his gel.. and she tells him she doesnt want to use his crap dep anyhow... all laughing..

    cam changing around...

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    jase and scott had a lengthy discussion on who has a bigger **** and they ask will to judge.. he says jase... and so they get into a little argument who is biggest... scott.. very defensive about it.. says to jase he wishes he was in playgirl.. he put it out for all to see... he tells will to measure them later and will says whoa lets stop this right here....

    [cam has been moving ALL over the place.. hard to get into a coversation]

    drew is doing his laundry... shirtless but did catch some mole action...

    will holly and jase in pool...

    seems everyone else is sitting in shade in BY....

    scott and marvin tossing something.. golf balls i think..

    talking about old movies in the shade - adria, lori and nakomis...

    cams 1 and 2 on nakomis and adria lori..
    3 is on drew washing and 4 is fish...

    seems that they may have hit their afternoon lull..

    nakomis talking about how number 32 is following her everywhere.. added up makes 5 one of her super lucky numbers...

    think scott and marvin are hitting the cameras with the golf balls... ooooh he shook cam 2...
    all fish.. am sure bb is yelling at them now

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    feeds back now
    scott said all they had to do was yell scott...
    then blames the idea on marvin

    they are back to tossing the golf balls.. scott and marvin.. trying to make a hole in one.. instead of using the golf balls...

    cam 1 changes to the golf hole so we can see if they make it or not.. oooh such excitement here...

    drew is carrying his laundry to the dryer now on cams 3/4
    cams 1/2 back to nakomis and adria...karen there now too

    bb - houseguests.. lockdown is over... [wondered why everyone was outside!]

    now they are going back inside.. nak wonders what they did in here...

    k says h, jase, scott... said they will put up her and cb and go out of their way to save cb.. why mess with me? let me go to sequester to make some money? if we dont get hoh we are so done...

    l - omg it is so hot.. need water

    k - they didnt know i heard them... we have to get hoh... did you tell them about what holly was saying about diane?..... every reason they know is diane leaked to drew to try to convert him and drew is rat..

    cam changes to lori and marvin in hoh room...

    lori is going to eat his cookies and listen to music... marvin has bible open and eating something...

    cam changes to nakomis and adria in SR...
    they bring some food ... looks like pb&j to kitchen...
    nak - why did i do this show... now my bald bald head...
    a - it is so cool.. if i cut mine.. lenny wouldnt let me back home...

    fish on all 4 now..

    a - maybe someday though i will be tired of hair..
    k - you know it is too when your loved one is used to you a certain way.. but it is a shock to their system... when larry wears different cologne he is like a different person.. fish on all 4..
    [ i think k can't talk about larry]


    a - it is so crazy when i had to leave.. like pack and go...
    she is fixing pbj sandwiches

    karen got something to drink.. its yellow..

    k - this ice machine has had it

    cam 1/2 on kitchen.. 3/4 on pool..

    k - marvin wasnt in on it.. [talking about the 4 h plotting against k now]
    k - we cant lose it..
    a - we need 4 people....
    fish again

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    n- these are hideous on me.. everything is way to big on my head.. i can wear childrens sunglasses...
    k - a little girly girl they are though.. like pink and green
    k - have you tried the cop ones yet?
    n - no and i havent tried will's either
    a - i hate when you cant see peoples eyes in the sunglasses.... not sure where to look
    n - this guy was hitting on me.. and he had on sunglasses so i took them off and he like raccoon eyes..
    k - eye contact is the most important to me
    all agree

    drew comes in... asking him about laundry

    talking about how they will have to get theirs done by at least tomorrow evening...
    talking about packing now...

    nakomis jumping and saying look what i can do .. look what i can do...

    fish again...

    karen goes into concrete room... cam follows

    will comes in..
    w - close door?
    k - yeah

    me and lori were packing the bags..they didnt know we were in here and she is telling will that if they (4H0get hoh, then they will put up karen and cb and save cb at all costs..
    w - we have to get it...
    k - we need to start floating.. you would be perfect because you are a guy...
    k - holly was like diane talks to drew and drew tells everything.. he is rat..
    i think diane has good intentions... but drew is telling everything to them
    a is like what do you think about will.. i told her the other night that will would be a good candidate..
    w - i dont think they think i am with anybody [ yes they do]
    k - but if they get it they will put up me.. they want to get rid of me not cb and we will get me back at all costs....
    k - i just wanted you to know
    k - am i good this week?
    w - they change every 5 minutes
    k - i will go balls to the wall to get this hoh.. i just hope i have a fighting chance...

    w leaves CR

    karen is packing.. goes back to kitchen

    k - i didnt feel well on pbj.. but i did so much better than on this meat fest... i might self inflict the pbj on myself... not having a good time..

    a - can do pb and honey..
    k - i think the dairy is starting to make me feel like the thanksgiving day float...

    just really some general chatter now... drew is in kitchen so no plotting...
    cam 3 on scott, cam 4 on holly..
    cam 1 on sink, 2 on kitchen table

    drew and will washing dishes...

    now talking about how everytime people say the same thing over and over they need to take a shot...

    a talks about how her grandma gave her these butt ugly cookie containers [i think] and she is saving them in case they are valuable

    k - here is a trick.. everything that is labeled a collectible.. it usually is not... Precious Moments is a big ploy.. they flooded the market and it is done.. best thing you can find is something not labeled or mass marketed is not collectible... like stuff on qvc and walmart shelves.. wallpapers etc...

    k - today i had a garlic sausage and coffee... almost made myself sick on the coffee...

    will is eating...
    drew - did you run today?
    w - no i just walked
    k - i might do that tonight

    k - i walked in there once.. when we got the sausages and i knocked because i knew he was in there... but no answer so i opened the door and he had headphones on and i touched him and he like exploded.. i scared the crap out of him...
    w - if i get hoh.. i will be in there all of the time..
    k - i feel bad for guys that snore.. and then she talks about the don...
    and talking about how little things get on your nerves when the relationship gets sour.. and even in good relationships how somethings will set them up

    k - what nationalities..
    w - my dad is german/french and my mom is polish
    k - my grandma is polish.. and her mother died in poland trying to get out... so they went to backyard and buried some stuff.. they are very superstitious.. we had a ouija board.. and she flipped out.. she would not be in the same house as it
    w - they freak me out too.. it is freezing in here...

    cam changes to jase in WC (bathroom).. he is in the mirror [surprise].. scott is in there too... jase is trimming beard.. scott is checking his hair for the 5 millionth time today...

    s - taking a nap cb?

    jase trimming with electric razor..

    cam changes back to kitchen...

    k - a woman was in the bathroom a week and a half ago... and i turned on the water and a woman yelled ahhhh.. freaked me out. i screamed.. surprised i didint wake up the don...

    h - is that coffee coffee?
    k - thats hard core.. not as hardcore as yours though
    h - maybe i will have some.. i am just hoping that we get some real ice cubes.. i dont think i can stress enough how much we need ice...

    h - i dont want to drink hot coffee
    k - i put ice in mine too
    drew - you dont like hot coffee
    k - i dont really like coffee.. tastes like hot dirt.. so i load it with nutrasweet.... wth?
    k - someone has a whistling wiener in here.. its like the singing sword...
    s - its mine...
    [someone is cooking a sausage]

    j - whose ck 1 in bathroom? nakomis?
    k - i love it when they say nakomis.. reminds me of kokomo or some mountain or something...

    cam changes to cb and scott in bathroom...
    s - dont worry about it dude.. they all suck anyways.. they can blow me... its like uh..


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    s - you need to walk today..
    cb - this evening
    s - do it now.. gonna box tonight?
    cb - yeah. not hurting so probably
    s - oooughhhh [nice gorilla noise there]
    cb - did you eat the last one?
    s - no

    scott goes to kitchen.. cam follows.. cb now in kitchen too

    afternoon snack time
    h - its not frozen enough.. how do you make it an ice cube?
    k - that peanut butter has a lot of fake stuff in it... and salt.. it wont freeze...
    h - it has froze before... this one
    k - like ice? chisel?

    j - some cheese would take this up a notch
    h - no cheese
    j - some cheese would be great
    h - mayo or pickles?
    j - no mayo... got mustard though

    h - you got tan..
    k - yeah..

    fish again...

    h - the specials is one of my fave bands .. they sing monkey man... anyone heard of them?
    no one has
    h - you should start a band called the mouseketeers... you don't like that name?
    jase - no
    h - sun has given me a headache..
    k - you have a good tan..
    h - i want more.. i want to look like marvin
    h - what did you use to make yours darker?
    j - i used your stuff...
    h - what did you use?
    j - that spray stuff....

    k - i dont know what to do with myself.. saving packing for evening event.. it will kill 10 minutes... its too hot outside for me.. i made a pie yesterday

    switching feeds... cam 1/2 on kitchen.. karen holly scott jase
    3/4 on nakomis, diane and will

    feed 3

    they are working on the mosiac
    talking about some penny from a tv show?? have absolutely no idea who they mean...

    fish on all 4 feeds again... bb is loving the fish this afternoon...

    k back.. changed to quad cam

    holly has to wash something out of her hair...
    jase - will give you something to do..
    k - the mustard olympics

    lori out of hoh now and in kitchen...
    k - going to hit hoh room for like 20 minutes...
    cb sitting at table eating

    l - these sausage patties are pretty good
    cb - oh really?
    feeds communicating... someone hums and fish..

    will has come inside.. they talk about taking a nap...
    l listened to van halen in hoh.. they say it is awful.. [must be old vh .. it outdates them! lol]

    changing to feed 3... maybe it is more exciting?

    they are still working on mosiac.. nak talking about how she has been drinking since she was 15.. she says she will die of cirrhosis... now they talk about drinking conquests.... its drew, diane, and nakomis

    worst is skull vodka....
    n - my fave to do is to drink half a grape soda and pour vodka in the rest...
    story about how she used to take it to work with her.. drinks it like water

    diane - i got out of that stage my senior year in hs...
    drew - my fresh and soph year was like that.... i blame it on my gf..

    now they talk about tequila shots.. diane loves tequila... nak likes the shots..
    drew doesnt like tequila...
    diane - my friends are amazed i can go to bar and they are all alcoholic...
    drew - you are alcoholic?
    diane - noooo.... did like 6 shots more than everyone and still walked out of there...

    okay.. have had enough for awhile... time to fix dinner here on the east coast!!

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    lori and will in hammock whispering about the boys talking about putting up karena and cowboy next week.. doing all they can to keep cowboy in the game... lori says that scott said these people are scared of her that she can do and say what she wants around here...

    now talking across the BY... not sure to who.. maybe karen.. the audio across BY is not coming in..

    will says the funniest thing is i wonder when they will catch on to what i am doing... but they dont think that..
    lori thinks he will be able to do well in this game..
    will - i think that these guys... i never verbally agree with them...
    lori - at least marvin has surprised me.. and he caught on to everything.. he knows of both alliances.. i dont know why he didnt want to get rid of jase first
    w - stupidest mistake
    l- whatever ya know.. he is really smart
    w - he is smart but ya know what.. he is playing both sides too.. he talks about everyone to everyone else...
    l - marvin hates karen
    w - i made a pact with her i will keep... i have to be honest...
    l - she is so weird... all she does is talk about what she is going to cook
    w - definitely... when you are here you need people to identify with
    l - i dont see why she keeps coming up to me like she cant deal with this and i tell her she isnt going anywhere..
    w - she keeps coming to me.. a doesnt know where you stand you need to be firm with A.. and i am like bitch.. let me eat my pb and get out of my face... i jsut really dont care anymore honestly..
    l - i just want to go home..
    w - i would love to win the money.. i will try idont know how much more i can take.. but i will try..
    l - i will be watching it and hindsight... it wont be so bad.. and i wiill forget how bad it was..
    w - you will you wont remember and you wont see everything like this here...

    [ i didnt know that will and lori really didnt like karen....]

    l - this night will never end
    w - if the boys put up karen and cowboy.. maybe they will think that the longer cb stays in the game.. he will be unbeatable... maybe we can talk them out of it..
    w - see that bitch over there.. can smell her from over here
    l - she is weird... i cant look at her... we were talking about her fan mail she gets from the show... a couple have written me.. you are good to look at but once you open your mouth we cant stand you anymore...
    w - bellychain.... [they are really trashing holly]
    l - tomorrow is a fun day?
    w - this place sucks balls.. all there is to it... trying to view it like a monk in solitude... and i hope i don't have to hear them speak.. will tune them out
    l - do you think todd will be disappointed?
    w - i think he will understand once you explain to him how it all reallly goes down in here.. like with the money.. he will understand
    w - but uhm.. i definitely uhm...
    l - i never heard anybody talk about themselves more than jase and scott.. that is all they do
    l - do you think jase will win?
    w - no... if he makes it final 2 with holly.. holly will win... i would vote for holly
    l - oh god dont say that
    w - oh i know.. thats the worst possible scenario
    l - they all like her
    w - we have to win.. have to get them out..
    l - you guys have to win.. cant even be like you guys miss this hoh you are screwed
    w - well for me it wont be so bad .. wont go after me just yet.. i think every group has higher priorities than me... you can only last for so long
    l - i dont get why k is such a high priority
    w - she gets on everyones nerves..
    l - more than holly or more than diane?? she gets on everyones nerves!!
    l - holly says i know they want me out cuz everyone likes me??
    w - this morn... like my first move. go to battery room.. put it in.. start coffee and talk sometimes before that and holly always meets me in there and larry has his berries and cream for breakfast and i dont know if he is eating that or not
    l - you know what the best dessert is.. berries and [didnt hear?]
    l - i would die for a celery stick right now.. thats what she said
    w - i would sacrifice 2 years off of my natural life for a diet coke..
    l - i cant believe we cannot have that!
    w - worst thing about holly is you know she is so unclean.. throwing dirty tampons everywhere..
    l - her dog had to go to the vet because he ate her dirty tampon.. thats the most disturbing thing i have ever heard....

    now they talk to A across the yard..

    l - i cant believe i am doing this..
    w - what you want to bet i am 5th booted out.. then i have to be in sequester.. and then 6th person wil be jase
    l - laughs.... i cant imagine a worse scenario in the world.. it would be a living hell
    w - and then would be scott 7th.. and cherry on top cb will be 8th... i would leave in a straight jacket...
    l - you wouldnt just leave?
    w - i couldnt afford to but if someone offered a genuine prostitute job i might consider it

    l - oh god....
    w - did you ever even imagine it to be like this....
    l - NO
    w - what are you wearing tomorrow?
    l - i have a black and pink dress
    l whispers something i cant hear... will laughs...

    w - does nak care about larrys bs ya know?
    w - its getting to me over here.. am about to crack up
    l to karen. did you pack yet?
    k - no but i picked my clothes out for tomorrow
    l - i might watch you pack..
    k - all my stuff is in one area.. will just toss it all in
    l - they give you a list of directions for things to do.... i have a minute to say ..


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    l - i am never going to be so happy to watch tv
    w - do you think you will be able to watch this?
    l - yeah.. probably most the competitions.. not if it is see what the hg's are doing these days
    l - the food comp isnt even til friday
    w - mm hmm... that just blows the whole way around
    l - wish i could have a way to tell you what mags we have been in...
    w - oh i know! i think ?? meets you outside of the house...

    fish again... [ bb really doesnt like them to tell what goes on behind the scenes lol]

    l - she is so jersey
    w - will it be weird to talk to your parents again? it will be weird for me because this is the longest i havent talked to them..
    l - i will be embarrassed because i didnt do well...
    w - like where do you start though?

    bb - hollly dont obstruct your microphone

    w - first call i make will be to my friend stephanie and tell me how i was portrayed so she will give me the full 411 before i talk to my parents..
    l - you think you were made out to bad?
    w - no i hope it is good guys and bad guys...
    [ he doesnt know that each side refers to the others as the bad guys.. so which is which??]
    l - i think they will make me out to be a bad guy

    lori starts really laughing.... at everyone staring at space....
    w - people want to be here... but the longer you are here.. the more mixed your emotions get..
    l - you will go thru an internal battle if you are here a few more weeks...
    l - first i was like i want to stay and get them out.. then by night i am like i want to go home...
    w - it is the late afternoon it really sets in, but at night i am okay...
    l - this is the longest day of my life...
    w - really?
    l - my days in the hospital werent this bad. i know i am going home tomorrow .. i am like counting down the hours...
    l - did i tell you jase woke me up last night? what the f was that?
    w - what do you think?

    feeds communicating

    l - cant believe how many split ends i have..
    w - this is the stuff i cannot stand.... laughs...
    l - laughs too...
    w - i cant believe they listen to every conversation.. i guess you just forget...
    l - they are on it like that
    w - whoa
    l - i think that she is going to hook up with drew
    w - for sure
    l - it wouldnt be bad if you were single in here and you were attracted to someone
    w - i know i think i guess like holly and jase.. that helps pass the time.. but if i had a guy in here .. i might be in it for that...
    l - i know
    l - omg what time do you think it is?
    k from across BY -- like 5 i think
    l - oh god.. seriously is there anything we can do??


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    i guess will was talking about something forbidden by BB.. and he said he had forgotten about the rule... he said that the DR will have them cast a fake vote for will to get him out of there....

    ok cam changes to kitchen with scott making noises .. then we get fish again...

    they talk junk in kitchen.. nothing important... cam changes back to lori and will.. with marvin with them this time...

    talking about holly again...
    w - the only reason he took me off is because i picked him for my veto partner...
    l - he told me he might use it on you... no way she is like that...
    m - she is carrying you on.. i believed she was full of it from day one.. i tried to tell ya all.. but you didnt want to believe me...
    m - this is messed up...
    m - you cant get away from her either.. she will follow you wherever you go..

    w- she had a new story about her bf in high school.. he beat her up and someone from football team and got angry so he stabbed the bf in the stomach....
    m - she has been beat up.. attempted raped by black men.. left to die in alley... i aint seen that much happen in a whole weekend....
    w - you know she will win hoh...
    m - win it.. put me up.. get me OUT... put someone else up make in unanimous.. got my speech ready...

    m - funniest part of day is when karen realized that lori was still working to be in the game.. she got sick all of the sudden...
    w - we were all in the kitchen when they told her..
    m - it was funny.. all sudden she was sick....
    all are really laughing now
    m - funny as hell
    w - trying not to laugh but it was funny
    m - dont be talking to me about larry.. you might see him by this time tomorrow...
    w - gonna heat up some sausage..
    m - laughs.. either pig or tuna... might fix some tuna...
    l - she got sick right away?
    m - mmm hmmm..
    m - she is all about the game... [ he talks about k and not some nice things either]
    l - oh be nice.. i hate this.. make the day end
    m - this has got to be close to hell ya know .. can you imagine doing this the rest of your life?
    l - oh i would hang myself....

    cam changes to kitchen

    adria is cooking.. will in to heat sausage... drew there too.. he goes to DR..

    [ i think tonight is free for all dinner]

    cams 3/4 holly is talking with glass up to side of her mouth... so people don't read her lips maybe?
    will change feeds

    feed 3

    k - she has a fiance.. has been with him for years.. i have been with mine for years.. all we have really talked about it.. i am with same guy for 13 years.. you were like 10 when we met.. i couldnt open to some people... but we were powerhousing or anything
    h - i had a friend in hs.. my bf didnt like her and he pushed her away so she got a new best friend... but me and you have things in common besides family... you can talk to me all day about your husband i would be interested...
    k - laughs.. i know you would.. i hope we have more time
    h - ahh this sucks.. nakomis.. i feel like i have a lot in common with her too
    k - she is really quiet ya know... its mellowing sometimes... sometimes if there is different people around depending upon how you feel... like the boys for laugh..
    h - definitely some boys to help me through my blues
    k - or if you want to be mellow, someone quiet to sit with
    k - who smells so good...
    h - scott do you smell good? you are so quiet.. and i worry when you are... think i will take some pepto bismol.. does it work?
    k - it might... take 1 instead of 2.. you dont need more than that.. might make you feel better
    h - it might..
    h - i feel like nakomis.. she is like my sister.. i have a sister like her.. all these planes.. so many of them.. amazing.. thats sw airlines.. goes to burbank... that place sucks..
    k - the fumes in there will make you feel wasted.. i would rather drive but cant drive from FL to CA.. short flights are okay.. but more than that is awful..
    h - right.. it sucks.. am gonna grab a pepto.. my tummyache..
    h to scott.. lizard?
    s - now i am a lizard?...
    h - you went [made a face] like a lizard...
    holly leaves... scott is on bench.. karen in chair... someone one treadmill.. cb
    s - how many minutes cb
    cb - 7...
    s - how many you gonna do?
    cb - 20 - 25
    [scott must be monitoring cb's treadmill time]

    karen gets up and leaves..

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    cams 1/2 on kitchen cam 3 on scott/cb and cam 4 on nakomis doing laundry..

    quad cam..

    holly and jase are snuggling in wood room...
    j - cook me dinner
    h - i cant cook that stuff... its gross.. it goes against my morals.. maybe i can the tuna.. i cook that for my cats....
    j - you didnt turn them to vegans?
    h - i did for awhile.. fed them some avacado based food.. made them fat...

    h now talking about people's perceptions of her again!

    j - going to work out in a bit.. you wont wanna watch.. it will turn you on...
    h - oh i feel sick.. i will probably get sick...
    j - you laying down now..
    h - yeah
    j -cover your head
    h - why
    j - it helps...

    both just laying there...

    h - sometimes it takes people to care about you before you get to know them better.. i am a bad first impression person and it sucks.. people dont give me a chance
    j - i still dont like you
    h - A would you give me a chance the first night you met me?
    A - i give everyone a chance..
    j - then she decided she didnt like you.. like me...
    h - guys are different but girls are so not like that.. they go by first impressions...

    jase is feeding her paranoia about people not liking her...

    A - you always question yourself.. and wonder if there are cool people.. and then happy because you get here and find open minds..
    j - i wanted serial killers.. like the lady from monster.. i wanted to cuddle with her.. actually i am..
    h - shut up.. the movie was great though..
    j - i saw shrek 2 before i came in .. it freaked me out..
    a - why?
    j - i thought everyone was killers after the movie was over..
    h - great!
    j - i am so joking..
    h - when is our next food comp?
    j - last time it was friday..
    a - not sure if it was friday or saturday.. it was just early in the morning...
    h to a.. your eyes look bigger today...
    j - she had lipstick and eye makeup on today... working it
    a - i dont have big eyes...
    h - but you do.. wonder why your eyes do that..
    a - it could be the air.. the contacts.. maybe allergies... had that earlier
    [shes doing a good job covering]
    h - you allergic to food?
    a - no..
    h - anything?
    a - bees.. i try not to get stung.. wasps i have to go to hosp and get shot...
    h - wonder if i am allergic to bees... i passed out last summer.. i got stung..
    j - you are over dramatic...
    h - have you ever fainted.. its the weirdest feeling ever..
    a - yes
    h - why...
    a - i dont know...
    h - i am just wondering..
    j- she will riddle you to death..

    [holly talks soooo much!! she has a story for e v e r y t h i n g]
    j - a i think you will get the next hoh.. is why i have been nice to you all day...
    a - laughs
    j - just remember i was nice before...
    j - if i get hoh.. i will NOT put you up
    h - what do you think you will get music wise..
    a - you asked me that already
    h - did i??
    a - yeah i dont know what i will get..
    j - quit asking the same questions over and over..
    h - oh yeah i remember now
    a - what will you do with him [johnny creepy]
    h - oh he is my best friend.. we broke up in nov... he takes care of my cats... he lives 2 blocks away
    j - am good friends with 4 of exe's...

    posting... cams 1/2 on wood room
    cams 3/4 on kitchen

  10. #20
    I'm going to try AGAIN to post, but I keep getting knocked out of the website.

    If I repeat anyone, it's because I've posted several times.

    Everyone (unless maybe Sc isn't there) is in the HOH room. Mv and L (I think) are sitting on the end of the bed, and everyone else is surrounding them on the floor in a semi-circle. They are sitting on the floor and telling ghost stories. I see H, Ja, K, Je, Dw, Di, W and A. (Dw was just called into the DR).

    The first story I heard was from Je, who talked about a house they lived in that was in Louisiana. It was haunted by a lady who wore a certain scent, and they smelled it all of the time. She said they also smelled cucumbers a lot. Then she told another story about that house but I missed it because the feed is messing up (we are having storms here).

    Mv then chipped in and said that although he is a mortician and has a lot of chances to see ghosts, he never has. He did have one experience. He says he had a very good friend who took his own life, and the friend had a girlfriend and the girlfriend had a 4 or 5 year-old girl. The little girl was always seeing the man, two weeks after he died. Then Mv said he was telling his wife (at the time, now his ex) about it and that just at that moment an old answering machine that was plugged in but wasn't used turned on and his friend's voice came out of the machine, an old message about a car he had. He began the story by saying it was when he had the RX7, and they laughed and said all of his stories start that way. It scared him and his ex wife to death, because they couldn't tell at first where the voice came from. They sold the car.
    Mv told another story about a friend who saw his father after he died.

    Ja started telling the story about his tooth fairy, which wasn't the normal kind. He said that he put his tooth under his pillow as a kid and he saw a face in the middle of the night in the mirror, that was like a glowing porcelein face.

    A started to tell a short story about a ghost she called Freddy, but I lost the connection.

    One of the women (I think Di) told about a tombstone in Ohio that glowed.

    K is now telling a story about a woman who died on her wedding anniversary. This is a story that her grandma, who was very superstitious, used to tell. She calls it her psycho-grandma story. I don't know if her own grandma died on her anniversary or if it was someone else, but the person always said they would die on that day, and they did.

    W keeps asking for more stories. L says she has one but she isn't sure she is allowed to tell it. Mv says he will tell a story if they won't use it on t.v., and K says it is already on the internet. So Mv doesn't tell it.

    I see H and Ja now. They are lying on the HOH bed together. And W just farted.

    Ja or Sc (I think Sc) is telling about how he used to wake up in the middle of the night screaming. He says the Buffalo Bills were playing Dallas, and he sleepwalked and said "30 to 28" and it was the score, but he didn't know it. So they went to the beach, Ocean City, MD, with his cousins Ashley and Brad, and they found a Ouija board, and when they woke up the boards were all set up and played with, even though they didn't touch them, and the parents were mad. So the next day the next thing happened, and the parents didn't believe them. They set up a video camera. He was sleep walking and would sit there and individually play each game (Candy Land and others along with Ouija board) and he would wait as if someone was playing, taking turns. It was Sc that was sleepwalking and playing all by himself and he didn't remember. His parents took him to a psychiatrist. He says he hasn't sleepwalked in a long time (the others were worried, I think). The psychiatrist said he was so traumatized as a kid that he sleepwalked.

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