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Thread: 7/21 Live Feed Discussion

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    Anyone else noticing how chummy K has been with H since K went up on the block?

    And is it my imagination or is the friendship between K & L eroding now that they are on the block against each other.

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    Adria didn't even have to cover up that much for havign bigger eyes, Jase offered a perfectly good explanation by himself with the make up thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirrty_Blonde
    I don't know about her eyes, but they have different teeth and it's really noticeable. I'm surprised nobody in the house can see a difference in appearance. I've seen it every time they've switched.

    I'm surprised that the OTHER twins haven't noticed. You think they would be more capable of noticing small differences in peoples faces. Or maybe they are afraid to blow their own cover.

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    I think the problem Lori has with Karen is that Karen is just assuming that Lori will be the one voted out and that Lori will be fine with it and encourage everyone to do it. Of course, Lori has brought that on herself by telling everyone she wanted to go over and over! But I think it hurts for the competition to say it to your face, that they are so sorry to see you go, etc. I think it would have been much better for Karen to just be caring toward Lori and say stuff like "You never know, things in this house could switch," even if she thinks there is no chance she will be voted out. Also, I think Lori is waking up to the small possibility that she could stay, because there was no way that the guys would vote out Holly since they could manipulate her, but now that Karen is on the block with her instead, the guys might see Karen as a threat. So Lori might be thinking that she has a possibility of staying, and then it makes her irritated that Karen would assume Lori is the one leaving.
    I think they probably did vote out Lori because I think that some of the guys didn't like seeing her every day knowing how beautiful she is, but knowing they couldn't romance her. If they told the truth, I think that would be the reason (that and the money she took the first day).

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    i would be really surprised too if they didnt vote out lori.. but i agree with everything you said catniptoy... very good observation!

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    I'm not so sure it'll be Lori leaving.

    Cowboy, Jase, Scott, Drew : Lori

    Holly: Karen, because she keeps saying she want's Lori to have one vote.

    I think the others will vote Karen, thinking it won't matter anyway and it sounds like they're tired of Karen.
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