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Thread: All things on the Scott and Jase alliance

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    Scott & Jase must go!!!!!

    That's the last straw with those two!!! They are way too cocky!!! They think that everything in the house revolves around them!!! Don't they realize that unless Scott (or Drew or even Marvin) gets HoH, they will be sitting ducks!!! It was sickening to see Jase and Scott overpowering everyone!!! Poor Jennifer -- she couldn't even compete in the veto fair & square!!! That's Pittsburgh for you...

    This is what stinks about male Reality TV contestants -- most of them are too cocky when things go their way. It happens over and over again!!! People don't learn from history. And when that happens, history will repeat itself. And believe me, history will repeat itself for those two!!!
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    ICAM!! Scott and Jase reminds me of the Rob/Amber situation from Survivor All Stars...can ya say de ja vue? (sp) I am glad the females are realizing that if they don't get rid of those two they are going to pick off one by one!

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    I can't stand these 2, they are getting on my nerves. It's a little bit much. If BB are asking them to act, it's stupid and if they're really like that, they must not have many friends. :phhht

    The girls' alliance was looking good until Will was involved. If a guy wins the next HOH, they will start splitting the girls up.

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    I agree with all of you! If the girls get one of them off, the other will "rise in power" and will be even more arrogant! They both must go!! I just can't stand watching (okay, they might be nice to look at) but I can't stand hearing them talk all high-n-mighty about themselves! Yuck!

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    I couldn't agree more with you guys. At first, I really didn't mind them because you have to make alliances to get further than others. BUT last night was the absolute straw for me. They were so power hungry and complaining about others trying to have alliances. The only alliance in the house is going to be theirs is what one of them said....how pathetic :rolleyes :rolleyes GROW UP!!!!!!!!
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    I have it on good authority that, in another "Do Not Assume" twist, Will turns out to be a married father of four from Brooklyn and Scott and Jase are really Chippendale's dancers (with all that implies )

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    I cannot agree with you guys more. I totally want them to go. They are just too annoying. Let's hope the girls win the next HOH competition.

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    I can't believe these two have never watched a reality tv show. Don't they know that they are the one's that everyone hates to watch! I can't believe that they didn't know how much Amber & Rob (Survivor) was disliked because of their God-like attitudes! Maybe they think one of them will win like Amber, but I totally doubt it!

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    This is the most sinister alliance since Nicole / Hardy, and I hope they don't go that far in the game or it's gonna really turn me off.

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    I hate these two guys, they're acting like they've already won ... Talk about counting your chickens. These guys definitely need to get booted.

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