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Thread: What really went on in veto comp?

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    What really went on in veto comp?

    After watching the show tonight, I began to wonder what really happened in the veto competition that Jase won. If anyone saw or heard more about it, I would like to hear about it.

    Here's what we know for sure:

    On the feeds, Karen stated that BB was trying hard in the diary room to get people to comment that the veto competition was equally fair to women and men, to show that Lori had a fair chance or equal chance at winning. Karen was upset by this and made a comment to BB like, "Did you see those guys throwing her (Lori) through the air??" Karen was urging others to make only simple comments to express their displeasure if they wanted to get a point through, because otherwise BB would edit their comments into something favorable.

    Will, who admittedly loves air time, did say in the DR that he thought the challenge was set up to be one that isn't unfair to one sex or the other. However, I wonder if Will might have gone on to say that while the game itself was not unfair, that the guys made it unfair in some way. This is just speculation on my part, but the editing always makes me wonder, since I have the feeds.

    Lori looked really upset after the competition. She was bent over and leaned her head against the edge of the rope thing, and it looked like she was more upset or tired than she might be if just a normal competition had gone on, but maybe that is my imagination.

    I thought the competition looked heavily edited, with lots of stops and starts and cuts from one person to another. I also felt that Lori's words in the DR after the competition seemed very heavily edited.

    I didn't feel it was fair for Drew and Jase to work together, but maybe it was allowed strictly because their two symbols were knotted together. Or maybe it was allowed and Karen should have helped Lori.

    Any thoughts?

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    I'm wondering that as well just because of all the things we've heard in the feeds about the competition and how different they made it sound than what we saw on the show tonight.

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    I'm wondering, too. When I saw what the competition was, I figured that maybe the guys kept bumping into Lori and the "flying through the air" comment was because they would hit her so hard causing her to fly back? Of course that wasn't shown though. I also don't get how the competition was geared more towards the males than the females as Lori seemed to be pretty even with Jase throughout it but if it was because the guys kept bumping into Lori, I can see how it would seem unfair as the women couldn't impact the men that much.

    Also, I think that in competitions, it isn't cheating or breaking any rules to help another house guest out. Jennifer blowing the previous PoV competition so that Scott could win is pretty much the same as Drew helping Jase out.

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    Before seeing the broadcast last night, I had heard it said a few times by different HG's (on the feeds) that the competitors were standing on each others ropes. Since seeing the broadcast, w. that tangled mass of rope, it does seem as if someone could "accidentally" stand on someone elses rope w.out it seeming like obvious cheating.

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    Untying knots is not inherently favoring either sex, although given the fact that BB KNOWS Jase's background it's possible they made the connection that a Fireman MIGHT do well on it. So from BB's perspective it may have been created to favor him...

    As far as the guys conduct? It depends on whether or not the producers would evaluate that as legitimate gamesmanship or as cheating. In fact, Jase really looked like he was bouncing into EVERYONE, not just Lori. Of course if ALL of the guys were doing it in a concerted effort...

    Even worse would be if they stepped on each other's ropes on purpose.

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    Doesn't Jase also have military background which would also give him an edge in untying knots.

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    I heard Nakomis complain on the feeds that Jase's rope still had a knot in it at the finish, and therefore he cheated. After seeing the comp I'm not sure how that would be possible...but Jenn/Nak definitely called Jase a cheater. The hg's also said the DR questions were geared toward showing Lori had a fair chance. Makes you wonder if we saw the whole thing we would have thought it was unfair.

    Also, Karen said it seemed slanted toward Jase because of his experience with hoses. To me that doesn't seem like a huge advantage but the point is from inside the BB house, she felt like it was slanted toward Jase.
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    I just saw the recap of the veto competition, and there IS a knot still!

    Damn scene went by too fast for me to capture it.

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