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Thread: 7/20 Live Feed Screen Caps

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    Time to get up

    The morning bathroom ritual

    It's a good day to be outside

    Or inside with Cowboy - I prefer outside with the bikini girls

    Mr. High Forehead - Hanging by the pool

    Holly in the red bottoms, and the gang all around - Sun so bright it makes it's way through the eyelids.

    Mr. Moley out in the sun - Enough with the rags on the heads, please.

    Someone feeling buff today

    outdoor fun

    Bathroom break - Relaxing

    Camera men doing closeups

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    Holly comparing breast texture.

    Working out

    and not working out

    Nokomis with a mane - Lori's skirt says If found please return this Princess... to the nearest shopping mall.

    Sometimes you have to tear it down to build it back up - The cute couple

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    Playing some made up game - The HG's get some stuff to make Shirts with

    Scott's wheel (note the singular use) starts to spin

    Jase posing for the camera while taking a drink. (He re-did that about 12 times, I assume in hopes to give the camera a good couple angles) - Painted shirts out to dry

    Jase needs something new to cover his wrinkles with so he hacks up a shirt

    Nail polish - Studly

    Male bonding - Of a sort I've not quite seen before

    Cowboy just takes it - Nokomis has it taken off

    Hanging out

    Marvin is cooking tonight, Adria helps

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    Dinner time - Cowboy au-natural? (just a well positioned camera and hat)

    Golf - And a shirt is done.

    Chatting - Meat head and cowboy

    Scott and Michael take a bath with Drew looking on.

    Girl power figuring out to do when not in power

    Scott has his new shirt on. - Girl conversation in bed

    I can't stand to see you go - The very weird couple.

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