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Thread: 7/19 BB5 screencaps

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    here is the "you ugly" on the mirror from scott...

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    took this pic before i left to fix dinner and stuff

    holly and jase playing footsie.. holly was say "feeeeet" here

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    here are the blonde marvin pics.. it was so funny!

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    Here are some late night screencaps. Most everyone is in bed, just chit chatting. Scott and Holly are taking turns reading the bible to one another. Ain't that just sweet!


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    Michael sets up his bed - Picking at her face

    I hear dead people - I'm tired and I can't get up

    A late night for the HG's. - Working on the project

    Hmm, a face? - All done.

    Jase goes to bed - Marvin sleeping

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    Marvin awake - All sleeping

    Sleep - Drew Awake

    Marvin Gets up

    Time to change the batteries - Pretty colors

    Will has funky underwear - Carb drink

    A twin takes a shower - All battle for the mirror

    Another tat on Nokomis - A glum cowbowy (POV use it or loose it Day)

    Marvin feels out Drew on what he should do - Interesting hair cut

    Very interesting - Thinking

    The cupboard is getting bare - Mavin lets Lori in on the secret TV screen.

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    Views from the screen

    Lori makes a plea to stay in the house.

    Lori makes some promises but Mavin won't buy it. She is to pretty to trust.

    The corner mess - Dressing up for the POV ceremony.

    Chilln' before the event. - Everyone waiting

    Chatting with Jase - Jase seems happy.

    Back from POV Ceremoney and a couple play chess - POV charm out of it's box... Jase used it to save Holly.


    Back in the house - strategy talk.

    Karen talks with Martin. - Martin putting the moves on Jase.

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    Jase thinks Martin is with them. - Nokomis is bored.

    Scott sat on Cowboy's hat. Cowboy isn't happy - Will is happy.

    Stupid Fish - No, that doesn't make it look smaller.

    I see something - The women confirming the plan.

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    Stupid fish moved - Cowbay plays punching bag again

    Marvin is attacked - A twin switch? Adria has a glass of water with her.

    Still with the glass of water - Meal time.

    Funny - Not Funny

    Funny - Funny

    Funny - Why is only the gay man in the hot tub?

    No one else is in the tub - Considering their options.

    Not a good look

    Late night chats

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    4 people in one bed. - !! Orgy !!

    Not much room. - Drew and his mate move to the floor

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