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Thread: 7/19 Live Feed Transcripts

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    7/19 Live Feed Transcripts

    Please post your live feed reports here. Everyone is welcome to contribute. We ask a few things of you, though, if you wish to do so:

    1) Do not cut and paste from other sites. We wouldn't do it to them, and we'd hope they wouldn't do it to us.

    2) If nothing is going on that requires a play-by-play, please compile happenings together in one post every 15 minutes or so, rather than a sentence every post.

    3) Please note which feed you're on, and if you're covering a feed that someone else has been covering, please change to another to avoid duplication.

    4) Remember we're a PG-13 site, even though the feeds are uncensored.

    5) Live Feed reporters are allowed to insert a comment or two in their transcripts, but this thread is NOT for discussion of what has happened on a feed. There will be another thread for discussion, and if something really important happens, please start a new thread with a vague title (to avoid spoilers showing up on the front page). This is our most important rule.

    Thanks again, and enjoy the feeds - whether watching or reading!

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    i know i don't post much.. but i lurk alot

    this morning :

    M calls L into the HOH room and he shows her the spy screen in case she does leave.
    Jase, S, and D outside talking strategy in the hammock.... saying that M has to put up Karen and then the sides will be more even once one of the other alliance goes home. They need M for another week and then he's out. But if he were to put up on of the guys, then Jase would go absolutely psycho on him the next week.

    BB announces that the veto ceremony will start in 60 minutes.. which will be about 2:30 est.
    Everyone primps and gets ready for "tv" ... Lori goes back into HOH and drinks a beer...
    she is upset and can't believe she is going to leave on the second week. Her, K, and Nak talk.. they have no idea who M will put in place of H if Jase uses the veto... K thinks it will be one of them to break up the alliance.. and that he doesn't have the guts to put on of the boys.

    L and Nak have a discussion about the veto... Nak seems to think that Jase cheated.. something about the rope he had still had a knot in it, and it wasn't supposed to have any.. when he got to the veto pole. They all go inside to sit in the kitchen and wait on BB..

    M in HOH chilling and H primping in bathroom.

    Nothing really happening in kitchen.. CB, Drew, L, K, Diane, W... seems like all are waiting on BB.
    Jase now in HOH with M.

    M tells Jase he showed L the spy screen... Jase seems "amazed"... they discuss some things... L told M that the boys will vote out M next week... Jase can't believe she said this.. M said being black he is up every week... he told L that if she didn't have a bf then she would be able to whip every guy out there.. said she was just running game on him to put up the guys... he wasn't falling for it.. said no way will they give him the money anyway.. so he has nothing to lose.

    Jase assures M that he will be around for awhile... that the guys will be the last ones left... M said he isnt playing the game scared that he is there to have fun. They are saying L is campaigning HARD to stay in the game... that she isn't fooling anybody at all..... saying that her "flash" yesterday might have even been planned... and saying that she will campaign so hard but she will have to against her best friend [he must be putting up Karen].. M and Jase just having a ball with the idea of the next couple of days in the house.... they continue to talk about Lori and the same things that they have already discussed about her.. just rehashing it all over again... M can't trust a pretty face... gives reasons why she is such a strong player in the house.. that she showed her whole hand too soon.
    Says outside of the house she wouldn't look at him twice....
    Jase says that people on the block go through the 7 stages of grief...
    Jase says K told him L asked her if K won the golden veto to save her and K said No.. then that is why L picked K for the veto comp. They wonder how much longer they have got til the ceremony starts... [ed they are late]
    Says L duped CBS and "Jim Henson" to get on the show.. waited til she was on to tell them about Todd and the ring.... can't believe that they didn't find her bf after all the background checks they did on them.. checking with their ex's and families about them... they cut to fish after more talk of "Jim" the puppet master.....

    Holly and Scott in BY.. H is genuine... totally being herself... when first walked in was going to be happy and funny b/c she didn't know anyone.. scott just agreeing... that was just H walking in being happy... Scott tells H that L is upset that H will stay longer than her... Jase comes out to report to Scott and Holly his talk with M.... tells them that L said the boys are after M next week. Jase saying that they are for sure voting for L.. when he pulls H off of the block.. that she is 5th vote... scott tells H it is a game, don't take it personally...
    Jase tells H that they are totally on the level with you... tells H that all the others are SO on L's side... that they aren't on hers and to not believe it... don't believe anything you hear.. believe yourself...
    H - believe in myself?
    H says she wouldn't feel bad if they took her off b/c L said she wanted to go home.. so that is how she is voting.. she will do what L said....

    H says Jase means well... she has nothing bad to say about him... or scott or drew... they are great guys... she really likes Will.. and that hurts her the most that he doesn't like her.... thinks CB is amazing... she doesn't understand how W could hurt her like that b/c she thought they were good friends... not alliance friends, but good friends.
    S - thinks W is blinded by L right now
    H - W has to realize she won some money and she has a bf to go home to...
    H - why is she jealous of me when she is beautiful and smart
    S - because you are too.. the thing with you and Jase hurt you bad....
    S - there is no truth in this house....
    S - no matter what you do this show.. you and Jase are d*mned....
    S - H has to stand up for herself because it makes her look bad.... camera is making her look to be a b*tch because she isn't giving him the time of day... stand up for herself...

    CB comes out .. asks why W looks mad.. H says she thinks it is because of L. CB thinks maybe he just has a lot of stuff on his mind...

    H says M is playing up that Scott is talking to her to Jase... making it seems Scott is making moves on H...
    H doesnt trust M at all.. and now they are on block because they complained to production....
    S says he put them in weird situation.... and that sucks....
    H says she went in to stand up for L... doesnt understand how L can campaign against her
    S says M talks smack about everyone behind their back
    H - M has no emotion because he deals with people who deal with death every day.. has to cut his emotions off
    S - you obviously arent with the girls... we don't want you to go.. lets get to final 6...
    H what about CB?
    S - yeah we want him there too...
    H - I am so not a competition.... she isnt like that
    S - says BB5 knows I am a big time competitor.... talking about HOH competition.. says they ask alot of questions about him and H
    S - says he won't last long in this game
    H is scared of the girls not liking her.. like H.S.. they will frame her and talk about her.. like Diane
    S - Diane is a bad thing.. he knows she is cutthroat.. she gets up and slams the door.. she isnt respectful at all for others.. she walks with a F you attitude...
    they head inside..
    everyone in kitchen... must just be waiting on veto...

    just mindless chatter now.. all are just waiting on BB

    am out for awhile... !!

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    3:23 pm...
    they are still waiting on the veto ceremony.. BB just announced lockdown.. for all houseguests to go outside.. they complain about sweating off all the makeup before the ceremony starts... talking about tv shows and they call jase to DR..

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    pov ceremony over...

    boys tell jase good speech.. not like scott's
    nakomis sitting in chairs by dryer...by herself.

    cb and jase outside all others are inside still.. cams only on BY right now...
    nobody is saying a word.

    jase goes inside and karen comes outside... still no talk of veto meeting

    cb says stomach hurts bad
    nakomis goes inside
    karen eating yogurt

    cb - i know its just a game
    k - you don't have to talk about... you have to think who is on your side.. she knew she was going up..

    jase used veto and marvin put up karen

    L comes out.. says she is sorry that K is taking the wrath for her

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    lost feeds for a bit...

    most are in kitchen fixing things to eat... switching to outside feed

    k - didn't want to make people feel obligated
    l - you're fine
    k - not going to cry about it.. what am i supposed to do... not going to make people vote or campaign
    s - like playing lottery.. cant get all like its the end of the life.. we are just lucky to be here.. its a chance
    k - relieved she doesnt have to cast a vote now.. takes pressure off.. now can reveal that she was going to vote for lori
    s - did she know?
    k - we talked about it.. she knew
    l - nods head in agreement
    l - sounds like a backfire on marvin
    k - careful not to open mouth.. jase knew... didnt you jase
    j - uhm [dances around this.. knows he told marvin this too] yeah i think i knew
    k - had i put the veto down for holly or lori... i dont know how other people would feel about this .. i dont know who thinks how.. i dont have the gaming mode.. i just know who i am comfortable with.. i wouldnt say something if i wasnt committed to it.. have been careful... if i were to try to bs.. you could read me like a book
    j - nothing personal.. it is just a game.. whether you say it or not.. you wouldnt have taken L off the block..
    l - no she wouldnt have.. we talked about it...
    k - it doesnt matter
    j - no it doesnt.. its a game.. i think all are cool... its just where the game is right now
    h - it sucks that it was L and me..
    L - dont have problem with this
    k - always 2 people up.. what can you do
    h - shouldnt have to be friends choosing between friends
    j - hang on as long as you can and have a good time while here

    k - i dont want to talk to anybody... dont want them to think i am.....
    s - its my birthday
    k - happy birthday scott
    scott goes inside the house... loud plane overhead outside
    talk switches to food...

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    l - will be mad if they keep her.. wants to go home
    w - lori will be so mad
    l to h - its not hard to figure out.. i am fine.. i won 10k... believe me.. i am so fine with this... just do what you have to do...
    h - with respect to jase.. maybe he felt some people were going to vote me out because of the blow out.. and people think i am a liar and something is wrong with me and maybe that is why he did what he did...
    k - he hasnt talked about it at all
    h - we didn't discuss this at all...
    l - nothing you can do about it holly.. dont worry about it, we all knew it would happen...
    k - talking about alliance rumors, comforting holly.. telling her it is going to keep happening.. its the concept of the game
    h - never saw show before, didnt know what the concept was... thinks the cuddling thing makes it seem she has an alliance with jase.. she doesnt
    w - you are going to stay if you can but there isnt anything extraordinary you can do to stay..
    k - if someone goes home.. its not personal
    h - sitting with L on couch brings me to tears.. cant imagine being here without her, we have a lot in common.. live in same area...
    l - not like i am going to fall off of the face of the earth or anything.. i am not upset anymore... people told me to take the money, then they say.. let's put her up b/c i took the money... but if they want me to leave if i am good player.. thats great.. i am not mad.. i am sorry for k to have to go thru it... k and i have a lot in common...
    h - i understand why each of us is good friends...
    l - trying to get everyone to understand i am fine with this...
    diane sits outside... lori tells her that her skin is the perfect color.. makeup looks good...
    waiting on DR to call them in so that they can change and lay out... and so they don't have to talk about this anymore
    L - mission.. look HOT the next few days....

    switching feeds to scott writing on bathroom mirror -- he wrote "you ugly"
    now cleaning out tub and talking with CB and Jase... jase laughs at scotts note on mirror
    now they go into kitchen.. trying to be very quiet to hear something or someone talking..
    think it is L.. says she is freaking out... K is kissing butt.. running game...

    A is going to go listen to M's music...
    scott asks her whos pants.. she says nakomis'
    he said he would never wear them in public
    a - this is how my lil sis dresses...
    scott is full of energy.. jumping in the house.. trying to hit head [i think?] on ceiling... [don't think it would hurt much]..
    a tells him white men can jump..
    he is going to mess with cb in bathroom.. jase is in mirror putting sunscreen on...
    scott is really full of it.. messing with everyone he sees right now..
    switching feeds

    outside say it must suck to have birthday in...
    diane asks scott.. what are you doing for your birthday gorilla?
    s - just knocked a tile out of the ceiling inside...
    well didn't knock it out.. knocked it out place...

    s - now time to do something stupid
    thinking of doing something to hammock.. run at full speed at it...

    w - nakomis [this?]is harder and harder to stomach.. the physicall illness is overwhelming
    scott hits her with golf ball... he is throwing the golf balls at something.. can't see what..


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    scott still tossing golf balls .. trying to make one.. just one..
    s - time for daily pool routine...

    w and nakomis go inside.. too hot outside... dont want to get all sweaty...

    feed changes to holly in the bathroom.. now diane in there with her

    d - tells h she knew it was coming
    h - you did?
    d - k is sweet but i think she gets on their nerves.. from the stupid things she says..
    h - jase is trying to be fair
    d - if drew and i were in that position.. i would hope he would do the same thing
    h - it would have broke his heart if i left and she was still here with 10k , its a matter of fairness
    h - if we were alliance.. i would have so taken you off... L has had a fair chance, and put up her friend to make sure she goes
    d - thats way cookie crumbles...

    k going to show h how to make pie...
    diane has pink and black on with the yellow shoes... h showing her how to wear the skirt really short...

    feed changes to will, lori and nakomis in LR...

    l - one pic in one of those magazines would make it all worth it
    w - talking about some magazine doing hot reality chics... erika from last year in it
    n - i will be the worst moment in reality tv
    l - asks diane and h about it.. they answer hell yeah they would do it....
    d - talks about being in maxim
    l - would love to do maxin
    d - we are going against each other... me and lindsey .. in the finals of it...
    w - how do they vote
    d - the internet.. they vote online.. you just go to website to vote
    d - my tape for them is so hilarious.. i never send tapes...
    d - thing about those is the girls look hot then you see their tape and they arent at all
    bb - diane quit playing with microphone
    she was messing with the shoes

    l wants to know if they show her clippings from things they were in so far.... nakomis says they give her goodbye messages... l says she will not get emotional... she wont let this place break her down

    k is starting the pie now that she has cleaned up kitchen

    w - tell in interview that will is hottest gay guy she has ever seen in her life.. "out" magazine...
    it is like the people weekly for gays...
    h - talks about gay bar out in LA
    L -scott wants her to get as many subscriptions of playgirl to bring to wrap party [ed. lolol]
    is there anything you all want me to do? wish we could exchange phone numbers....

    they think of how to let her know what to bring..... can't think of how
    l - will probably go home right away or wait to go with todd home to a wedding.. his bday is in a week..

    h is filing her toenails...

    l - wants her money when she leaves but has to wait til after all is done...
    h - what are you doing gorilla? [to scott]
    s - getting fresh air...

    diane goes to help k with pie...

    l starts talking about money from bb and fish..

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    m - my job is done.. official lame duck HOH
    j - this is over the top
    m - if anyone had a chance with me it was lori and it was a feeble attempt
    j - if the wrong hands get HOH.. we are a target
    m - i trust k as far as i can throw her.. cant work her.. might be able to work L though... maybe a little bit and save somebody.. but this game is all you can see right now.. people fighting over mustard...
    j - it is all who is HOH
    m - well it wont be me... laughs... thats how it goes
    love how the ladies try to flip... [kiss his butt now that he is HOH]
    j - now they think you are smart attractive funny..

    feed switches back to LR...
    H not making pie after all....

    back to Jase and M.... in BY

    j - justifying his decision to use veto.. no matter who was up against her.. she would go...
    m - knows he would have been on block if L or H won HOH.... he knows he is about to go... isnt into all the fake drama...
    rehashing h and L going to DR to get m kicked off of the show..

    j - we did what we had to do... i have no regrets..
    m - mad that hottest chick on planet has to leave.. but she wouldnt give him play anyhow.. so it does me no good.. be messed up if i stay here and fall in love.. this is no dating game anyhow...

    j - this is just monday...
    m - i know i hate a sunday around here...
    m - k .. she is a player now...
    j - thing is with h... we hit the nail on the head .. she is naive... she believes everything they tell her...
    m - L is conniving... ... [they are talking about the same stuff they talked about earlier.. how L would be set if she hadnt opened her mouth about being engaged]....
    m - i aint crazy baby...
    m to nakomis.. you have a new nickname.. last of the mohicans..
    nakomis - i can live with that...

    j tells nakomis her hair looks good
    n - i feel so much cooler...
    m - you look like you can kick some butt.. your old man [bf] better watch out
    n - i can kick his butt anyhow...
    n - if i ever get hoh.. bb .. i would love some styling pomade...

    feed switched back to LR.. ..

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    d - if i get HOH.. scott and jase go up
    w - i have a better plan... if you put jase and drew against each other... they all play for veto.. then they will remove one and you put someone innocent up to get the other one out...
    w - its the only possible scenario... we will have backup plans
    [hard to hear over noise.. will filing fingernails]
    d - thats the best plan i have ever heard..
    diane now grating something...

    cb mad cuz scott jumped and landed on his hat...

    w and diane still talking about their plan but that grater is drowning out the noise...
    they discuss several scenarios of the plan... [bb -- take the grater away please]

    d - can you imagine if i put drew up?
    w - i think he will accept it when we tell him the plan
    w - if jase wins veto and takes himself off..
    d - lots of people listen to scott and thats what i dont like

    drew comes over and strategy talk ends....

    diane is making scott a birthday pie... d - i am learning how to do it.. they called k into DR...
    diane to drew.. what are you going to do now?
    drew - there's so much to do here.. i don't know
    diane - i didnt sleep last night at all...
    diane to drew.. you wouldnt come down there anyway chickensh**
    w - i think they pump o2 into the house to get us pumped up...
    diane - they do that at the casino, but it is the cold air that does it.. makes us incoherent...
    drew - did you wash hands before that
    diane - no i went to bathroom and didnt wash at all [she is joking]
    drew- savage ruined cb's hat.. i thought it was demolished but it isnt
    w - when things happen.. i saw him smash the hat.. i just laid down like i was asleep to stay out of it
    diane - that is funny

    diane says k does this the hard way... says she could be a chef and you guys would never know
    w - usually you use bread crumbs to make stuffing
    d - i am bored with this..
    to drew.. you are such a punk
    drew - why
    diane - cuz you are....

    w - says jase must have went to helen kellers house of beauty or something
    drew - whats here the rest of the year when we arent here
    no one knows.. thinks it must stay like this with all this electronic equipment
    w - some woman wrote a book on punctuation.. was a new york best seller..
    l - loves punctuation and grammar.. i know its weird.. but i was an english major and would charge people $10 a page when i would write them for them...
    l - said people who were asked about her said she liked to write esssays..

    now talking about how BB calls the people around them..... to ask them questions.....
    they go to fish....

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    j - one of us has to win hoh next week.. it is crucial..
    h - what about marvin?
    j - no he can't
    h - why not?
    j - cuz he cant be hoh twice in a row
    h - oh i thought you meant we had to put him up

    h - do you think what karen said is right?
    j and scott - she is lying!
    h - i think L looks so mad... i think she is just mad because she isnt getting any air time... thats not why she would be here anywhere
    j - i had it all planned out.. they were out here strategizing... k, w, and a and diane.. they were all planning on voting you out... loris mad b/c you were going to get voted out...
    j - what we did today changed their whole plan...
    h - i knew you would win [to jase] because you work with fireman hoses.. i wasnt even going to try...
    do you think diane and a were going to vote me out?
    j - remember diane said she had committments to other people
    l is mad because she knows if i didnt use the veto you would be gone..
    h - will says we need a group meeting.. we want lori to look good for tv...make her look good with some votes... i told him that lori asked me to vote her out and thats what i will do
    j - that is what you have to do otherwise she will stay...
    h - i am doing what she asked me to do.. thats what i am doing...
    j - right
    h - i dont like feeling i cant trust A and Diane.. it sucks
    s - cant wait to listen to music in my car.. its amazing
    h -does A not like me?
    s - shes playing a game
    h - why do they vote off the blondes first? i bet if i had a different hair color it would be a different story... if i wore glass and black hair in a bun.. it would be a different story... but BB has me coming here i am what they wanted.. it just sucks.. they judge me on how i look.. not on myself... it really bothers me
    s - everyone does that
    h - why should i have to prove myself 10 times harder than the average person
    j - sometimes being good looking is a curse too... right scott
    s - [no answer]
    j - girls tell me that they thought i would be dumb before they meet me... that they would be talking to wall or something but they find out he is a cool guy!
    s - yeah... lots of stereotypes out there
    h - m said he put up us b/c he would never get anything out of us.. makes him bitter... says he put us up b/c we were pretty... it just sucks.. it really sucks
    it sucks because i don't like thinking people are ugly rude and mean.. give them benefit of the doubt.. they never give it to me either...
    s - well you got two hot guys talking to you..
    h - its just the rest of them is all.. its not fair...
    s - i am really sweating...
    h - you are in the sun... you are right under the sun arent you
    h - was that really a ufo in the sky last night
    j - it was so weird.. it would move... it was like a circle.. it was way past where an airplane would be...
    s- had to be bigger than an airplane... thats pretty strange dude
    we wont know about it because we are in here.. prob first ufo sighting ever...
    h - when i was little i thought i saw one...
    marvin joins them... but i have to fix dinner.. hope someone else can cover for awhile!!

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