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Thread: 7/19 Live Feed Transcripts

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    BB - please stop singing...
    scott cutting his piece.. birthday boy gets first piece.. he cant do this.. hands knife to karen...

    j - we should have birthdays every month...
    cb - here ya go savage.. hands him his pie..

    s - its good!

    [feeds keep cutting to fish but have kitchen audio]

    everyone is eating pie... chitter chatter but nothing important at all...
    all are enjoying the pie....

    now singing hank jr... family tradition ...no fish though...

    m says something funny about crust for the pie.. scott said he washed those things 3 times? m was laughing and couldnt understand what he meant there...

    j tells scott this is his biggest bday party ever.. do you know how many internet viewers are sharing this with you right now?.. its gorillas birthday...

    cb - what did you do last bday?
    s - wooo.. yeah... got messed up... do that every weekend... why is it so quiet now.. heck its my last bday..
    h - why
    s - i will be dead by next year
    h - noooo

    talks about when cb goes down aisle they will be there to object...
    h says what if he really loves april...
    lots talking at once.. hard to pick out...

    s - if she gets disease you are messed up period.. he laughs.. i am just kidding
    h - she isnt going to ..

    [half of this conversation is R rated sorry lol]

    j - we are going to get thrown out of cb's wedding...
    now they are talking about cb's wedding and how they could mess it up...
    most laughing...

    all talking at once again... hard to distinguish who is saying what and what they are saying...

    now talking about fantasy's... posting and done for the night!
    thanks for letting me post!

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    Lori and A in the Wood Room. A is reading the Bible and L is talking wanting to leave. Saying she can't take it anymore. Then says something about the "friggin' camera".
    She's telling Dw off camera that she really wants to go home. Di walks by and asks "Who wants to go home?" L says "Me. L Asks "Can you tell I'm having an anxiety attack?" Lori saying noone talks to her so she doesn't know. Basically she just wants to make sure everyone knows she wants to go home. She keeps saying She's, like, freakin' out.
    Says that if it didn't happen she'd quit. She's telling K she's created a monster. [Not sure what L is referring to] K keeps saying she's sorry. Says is all getting paranoid. Now L is getting up and telling W and Nik that she wants to go home. She wants to make sure everyone knows she wants to go home.

    Posting and changing feeds.

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    Nothing else going on - just general chit chat and preparing for bed so I'm out.

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    I keep trying to post but then I get redirected to Bushbeans.com for some reason. I'll try again.

    L is in the caBR with Mc and is telling him over and over that she wants to leave, and asks him if he really understands. He says yes, he does. He seems a little irritated (for Mc) and she is being irritating as she repeats herself. (I think she is afraid that K will end up voted off, or that she (L) will make it to sequester, and she wants to go home and not be in sequester).

    clBR F1
    The sound is going in and out, but I heard W yelling from another room (before he came back in) to A, asking her "What is it you're always yelling at me about?" A has no clue, and yells something, and he says "Yes, but what else?" She obviously has a phrase that she always yells at him, but this twin doesn't know what it is, so she bluffs and says something about calling him an elephant (which I don't think is what he was going for) and when he starts to say that wasn't what he was referring to she starts to explain why she gets on him for it.

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    F1 one of the BR's
    Di is telling Dw that she had to take off school to be in the house, so she has basically four months to do nothing.

    F1 switches to CABR
    Ja, Mc and L. L is really freaking out a little, I think. She says that it is day 17, and the days need to go faster right now. She says she wants to have her sanity when she leaves.
    Ja says L is so lucky if she is the one leaving.
    L says not to say IF, and that she wants out.
    L: Don't mess with me. I already have my bags packed and I have my day planned like with what I have planned to do Friday and what I'm gonna eat.

    Ja says that if he is out in the first four eliminations, he is cool with it because he won't miss his fireman stuff. He says this isn't all worth it.
    L says that she just wants his assurance that he will vote for her to be out.
    Ja says that he told them in the DR that this was all wrong, the lying and all. L asks if that was why he was so upset, and he says yes. He says you build up friendships here and then for the game you have to do things against people that you are really starting to like.
    L: It's a hard game. I think if I was here any longer, I think my body would break down. I couldn't handle it.
    L says it is like a sick joke in here, she can't handle it.
    L says technically it is really even day 24 because you include the sequestering.
    L: Whatever. Three more nights and I'm outta here.
    Ja: I mean, we've pretty much talked to everyone about everything we can talk about.
    L says it is going to get so much more intense now with the game because real relationships are forming, and it's hard.

    Ja says he misses his friends so much, and he was with a really cool chick right before he went in the house and he took her for granted, and his friends and what he does daily and everything.
    Ja: All for a long shot. At what?
    Ja says it is like 270 thousand after taxes, maybe 350.

    I hear K now and she says that on Survivor with the prize Rupert got, he only got about 585 thousand or something.

    Mc is saying that if he wins, he will only be paying 10 percent, which is 50 grand.
    They ask what he means, and he says in OK that it is only 10 percent, and K tells him no, this is a prize you are winning and it isn't just 10 percent tax.
    L asks if she will only get $5,000 out of the $10,000 she won, and they think probably $7,000.
    Mc says he thought the taxes would be like a paycheck, because it's like, they are working in the house.
    K says that they tax you everywhere, even Vegas, they rape your paycheck.
    L says it is still worth it.
    K says yeah, the person who gets it isn't going to be bitching, but they aren't necessarily going to be retiring for life, either.
    They agree that it is a nice nestegg. L says three months and you get a house, and K says yes, unless you want to live in LA. Ja says a bungalo is $600 thousand, for a studio apartment. He says you don't want to live in a crappy area.

    Ja says it seems so much longer than 17 days that they've been there.
    L: I have to keep telling myself that I only have three more nights.
    Ja compares this experience to the movie Groundhog Day, the same f--ing thing over and over.
    L says this is sick and twisted.
    L: This show is modeled after, like, a prison.
    Ja brings up Amy on season 3, when they nominated her and she was clapping and yelling GREAT! He thought that was so weird and he wondered if that was her strategy, to act happy.
    L agrees but says if you remember they all wanted to go back on if they had the chance. Ja says yes, after a break in like, Mexico.

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    Ja says that he understands now why Amy was excited about leaving, but at the time he didn't get it.
    Ja says that it is so funny how those people thought they would be so famous and everything, and now they haven't done anything. L agrees and says it's sad, really.

    They all say goodnight and their lights are out, so I will switch feeds.

    F1 switches for me, to the BY hammock.
    Sc is lying in the hammock. He says he is going to go to bed soon, and yells "I love you, dog!" to MC, I think.

    Looks like Sc is holding the Bible and may have been reading it. So maybe it was Dw that was outside with him before.

    Sc looks in the Bible and rubs his eyes (the Bible probably is blinding him).

    I'll check the quad feeds and if nothing is going on, I'm out.

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    Di and Dw are telling H and Ja (I honestly think all 4 of them are in the bed together). Dw has been to twin conventions in Ohio. Ja says that Dw is a nerd. Dw says that there are like hot triplets there every year. H seems amazed at the concept of a convention of twins and doesn't believe him at first. She asks if they switch or something there.
    H: I wanna go!! Errrr, like can non-twins go?
    Dw tells her you can go there if you aren't twins, he thinks.
    H: I wanna go, even if I'm an un-twin, I wanna go.
    Dw: I thought you had a twin, H.
    H: Me and my untwin will go.
    Ja tells H to cuddle or something. I think he is trying to shut her up.

    Di says "Back up, bi---!" and H asks her to repeat it and she does, and then Di says she was talking to Dw, and H laughs.
    So all four of them are in one bed together. Great.

    I missed something there, but H said sometimes she forgets her armpits.
    Ja says that Sc is going to hate this (them being in bed together).
    H says something about Sc seemed really, really mad (earlier).
    Ja: You guys are like in love with each other.
    H says no, and then giggles. H says that Sc wanted her to read the Bible with her.
    H asks Di what she and Dw do when they are having their Bible sessions, and Di says, "Read the Bible," in a very flat voice.

    General couple talk. Di says Dw is scared of her. Ja says H is scared of him.
    Ja whispers something to H and says he can't yell it out loud. H asks if they are being too loud for Dw and Di.
    Ja tells H she smells like a pile of dog turds. H tells him to shut up.
    Ja calls H his cuddle monster.
    I don't think I can stand this any longer, so goodnight fellow hamster watchers!
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    Scott tells the truth!

    Scott and Cowboy outside. Scott just told Cowboy that he never really made lots of money from football. He really just made 50,000.

    Scott says he said that he made so much money , 750.000 just to make people think he wasn't after the money. He says its just a game and since he's been reading the bible he feels guilty and wants to make things right.

    He tells COwboy he really dosn't have anything that he said he had. He's telling Cowboy that everyone in the house has lies and dosn't want Michael to feel bad when he sees the diary room stuff. He says he really likes Michael. Scott says he feels bad about what he has said in the diary room.

    He dosnt really own the Escalade that he said he did it was from a football supporter or something. .

    He is acting and talking differently. This is amazing. He is trying to strategize with Cowboy about how to strategize but without his usual language and twists. (Wonder how it will affect his game but mostly I feel hopeful about how it will affect his life. Hope he keeps reading and we get to watch the change continue. )

    Now he is trying to be clear and honest with Cowboy about something he told Jase about a conversation he and Cowboy had about Holly and him.

    Scott finds Jase in his bed and doesnt go ballistic as usual but tells cowboy he will sleep in Jase bed.

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