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Thread: 7/19 Live Feed Transcripts

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    Thanks so much for the reports,pixelated.
    You're a star
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    thanks fluff

    feeds 1 and 2 [ 3/4 on fish]

    cb - wants dr pepper
    diane - must be a southern thing.. my mom would bleed for a dr pepper
    cb - i used to drink dew but changed to pepper
    diane - arent they bad for his teeth
    cb - my brother drank dr pepper and chewed tobacco.... had cavity in all of his teeth.. went to service and got new front teeth
    diane - that happened to my dad too.. he chewed and his one side of his mouth and his teeth turned black so he got new teeth..
    then she explains how her and her twin were born with something wrong with their teeth and had to have them fixed... cam switched to kitchen

    scott and drew in kitchen

    s - dude when i go to DR...

    fish on all 4 feeds

    back to feed 1 - scott and drew in kitchen

    s - dares drew to yell stupid retard... to holly in DR
    now they are both yelling names to DR
    drew - what if i flip out one day
    s - you need to.. you are funny
    s is playing with blue kitchen rubber glove
    drew - i have a good idea.. lets make a perfect woman out of the women we have
    s - lips.. holly
    adria's butt
    he asks adria did she hear that.. no she didnt
    he tells her they are constructing perfect woman.. would use her butt and now her breasts too..
    she laughs... says cool...

    drew - holly forgot to turn oven off..
    a - i would not eat bratwurst
    s - i am.. i will eat it
    a - smoked sausage from bass pro shops
    its 5 pm bb time.. they want dinner... looking what to fix..
    s - scallops and tuna
    a - is that what we are going to have?

    feed follows scott outside....
    m - can i put eyes on butterfly?
    he and karen make a compromising position... cam follows marvin to kitchen
    marvin getting stuff ready to start cooking dinner..
    karen comes through laughing.. marvin calls her larry

    jase comes into kitchen... he and marvin and all laughing about their incident...
    wondering if enough food for everyone.. s says holly will not eat tuna..
    m - we have 12 people in here trying to eat.....
    a helping open the fish for dinner.. red tuna
    m - i would love to have sushi...
    a - you can eat this raw.. thats what sushi is..
    marvin dancing behind a...
    holly says scott and jase are twins today.. both have on same shorts.. the camoflage ones..
    jase - we planned it
    scott - i am going to wash my shorts...

    a - we can do grilled salmon
    m - we never have leftovers...
    j and i - save scallops for tomorrow
    scott put vaseline all over toilet.. jase asks did he get another violation for it?
    a says it was all sticky...better not be something else
    j - you don't want to come out of her pregnant from the toilet seat...
    m - or the hot tub

    now they are talking about salmon patties... jase put it on bread with some mustard...
    now they are eating some sandwiches.. looks like with canned tuna... jase puts almost whole can on his bread.. scott takes the rest away from him.. tells him to not be greedy... eats rest out of can
    adria cleaning sink and preparing kitchen to cook dinner now...
    then we get fish...

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    feed 3

    h - says i might have left oven on.. but we were locked down and i was in DR.. don't get mad at me
    s - i am not mad... i am sad because it could have hurt us.. we could have went up in flames
    h - we might have gotten to go out of the house
    s - we would have more food
    h - we could go to coffee house
    s - last place i want to go.. will go to bar and get wasted
    s - has something in his mouth [not sure what??] girls make him spit it out
    s - i am a professional idiot....
    n - you should get a t shirt that says i miss my village
    s - no i am the village idiot...

    they must be working on the mosiac.. and scott had glass in his mouth...

    scott, nakomis and karen talking about the mosaic and the instructions...
    changing cams to see if something more interesting is on elsewhere...

    fish on feeds 1 and 2.. scott, k and nak on feeds 3 and 4

    feed 4:

    they are talking about music now...
    k - you would like larry's music.. its like fleetwood mac.. 80s music is so coming back in
    n - there is a new song coming out
    k - did you hear that new saliva tune? sounds just like gnr...
    k - going to make a concoctions with this box top.. tells nak not to let scott eat any glass while she is gone.. she goes to kitchen
    nak and scott still at table in BY... scott moves over to work on the mosaic with nak...
    nak is chopping glass on walk.. says it is break proof glass... gives it to scott...
    he tries to break it... and guess he does... they are putting more pieces on the mosiac
    [ed.. if they had other feeds on i would change but the others are fish]

    karen comes back from kitchen to work on the mosiac some more with scott and nakomis..
    can hear holly's voice and others in background... but cannot understand them...

    finally feed switches to other side of BY.. jase, marvin, diane, holly.. lori is on treadmill...

    [on feed 3 now]
    i missed what they were talking about.. all laughing..
    j - holly stop me so i dont drop this on myself... you have to hold it
    h - marvin is holding it
    m - no i was watching lori...
    lori off treadmill and went off cam
    jase is lifting weights....

    [feeds communicating]

    marvin lifting weights.. holly kicking jase in behind.....
    jase goes back over to weights
    drew in chair just sitting.. diane in other chair just sitting...

    h - hey dianey
    d - hey
    h - we didnt even lay out today at all
    d - i might out of boredom tomorrow
    h - are you planning to do a cheer over there jase?
    j - singing his words... no real song....
    he is lifting weights again...

    lori comes back out with drink... all compliment her shirt...
    h to jase.. you are the singer?
    jase - yes...
    h - where do you play?
    jase - bars usually
    he describes his band now.. have wrote 7 songs and put them on cd..
    j - people would dig us out here...
    h - i will get you booked at highlands.. will be good publicity after this
    j - our stuff is so raw
    h - i can market it.. so you will have lots of people
    j - i think people will really dig it.. sammy will help us
    h - sammy will die we know each other..
    j - talks about some connections... cant say cuz of release...
    sammy calls H sausage lips...
    j - first modeling thing i did.. sam set me up for that
    h - he calls me that cuz of size not for the other reason
    j - whats the other reason...
    h never says?

    jase lifting empty weight bar now
    h now talking about this sammy
    j - the beautiful people know him

    diane to L - did you go to cheer camp thru HS?
    l - yeah i did..
    they are talking of colleges/camps they went to.. did they go through UCA? or NCA?
    now cam focusing on H again.. drowns out L and Diane...

    H and Jase talking about this sammy again...
    h says he will tell jase about all of her predicaments that she gets into....
    j - are you going to do anything? because you havent done anything at all
    h - i know.. i just started watching you all work out and zoned out
    now she is doing sit ups...

    cam switches to other conversation.. lori talking about food she ate before she went in here...
    L - cant wait to eat..i like mexican food
    M - i don't like it.. all i ate on sequester
    Diane - i don't like quesadillas..
    L - likes all of her meat rare
    M - does not.. wants his well, dead or cremated
    Diane wants to be cremated..
    M - if you hear someone cremating me.. call the police... it was a homicide.. i want to be buried
    all ask him why..
    M - i just want to be buried.. i am very traditional when it comes to that
    Diane or L - is there something wrong with it?
    M - no just my opinion
    jase - i want bagpipes at my funeral...

    L - i usually have 1600 1700 calories a day
    M - shoot i eat that for breakfast..

    cam keeps switching conversations and angles.. houseguests are pretty bored this evening..
    posting and done for now.. maybe more will happen later....

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    Pixelated - how on earth do you type so freakin' fast!?! I used to transcribe meetings as part of my job, and even I had to stop the tape and catch up once in a while. You're amazing - keep up the geat work. We really appreciate it!

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    s - lori actually washed her own dish last night
    m - i know people like that.. say they cannot cook at all.. so they better wash their dish
    jase and scott agree...

    marvin/jase playing golf.. scott is washing his clothes
    m - i had lori fantasies last night...

    nakomis outside.. working on mosaic again

    jase asking if H threw up..
    j - i took it out at the last sec
    m - are you sick
    h - no i am not sick.. i am exercising
    h - can you tell me what you were going to say
    j - it was in the diary room.. it was sweet.. here is why i took it out... i didnt want people to think wrong.. i said it had nothing to do with you.. that because they... karen lori and them were in power together
    h - ok dont tell me.. there are ears out here
    j - it was totally cute.... she was like jase you were a fireman, a really moral guy and all about playing the game and stuff.. i know it is a game.. only one day in this house i totally felt the wrath.. she asked about holly too and then i said that and i said that and i said yeahhhhhh...
    h - you were like yeahhhhh?
    j - when someone like me.. when you kinda care about them and then you hurt them.. it isnt worth it...
    h - but what do you mean.. confused
    j - hurting.. like the day i made you sad.. that was the worst ever
    h - when i cried
    j - yeah.. i didnt know you saw me
    h - it was in the shower...
    j - i didnt see you i heard about it
    h oh thank god.. you would have slit your wrists it was awful.. you would have felt so bad.. i was so distraught.. i couldnt get away from marvin.. i kept hugging him.. thats how upset i was...
    j - yeah
    h - you can tell me later.. its okay
    j you can tell me later. you have stuff to tell me
    j did she ask the million dollar question?
    h no....
    j - she said that to me.. was kinda joking
    h what is it
    j - whats up with you and holly right now
    i said i hate her.. i don't like she has lice in her armpits
    h shut up
    j no way i would hang out with her outside of this house
    h you always joke and i dont know when you are joking and when serious

    feed communicating

    h - i have to beat the truth out of you
    j - you arent hard core truth
    h you arent asking me questions.. i am half swedish/half indian
    j why is it always a joke with you first
    h but i am telling you the truth first
    h i have it all worked out.. we can hang out a lot like talking wise.. but then when it gets closer in the week around the show time.. then we dont hang out much.. people will assume things if we hang out too much.. like today i am okay but next week ya know.. make sense?
    j - i think i am with you.. were not hanging out period
    h no we hang out.. but if none get hoh then we have to chill so it isnt fresh in peoples heads that we hang out... i always feel like people think we strategize when we hang out....
    h like what did marvin say yesterday.. i said to him about ... i hope you know i am not mad.. its cool what you did
    m - yeah whatever
    h the guys are trying to help you out with an alliance..
    and feed changes to karen and nakomis working on mosaic...

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    k asks nakomis if she had doubts that things would change.. she feels that way right now...
    k feels it is wrong if she gets to stay
    n- that is what the game is about
    k - i swear every day.. i feel like i am staying but i dont want to sound like some psycho.. but i don't like this at all
    n - will decide to like substitute lori with cool [not sure what she meant then]

    k - this is the world according to jase.. i never thought i could hate someone like i do
    when we get into power position i will tell you stuff you wont believe

    cam goes to cam.. lori and diane in hammock

    l - marv shouldnt have wasted his time on me... i am going to ask him why me and not them
    l -- i hate jase..
    d - he is the one man show
    l - i hope that he is the next target....
    l if drew gets it they will never put him up...
    d - thats okay.. they will put marvin up
    d- i would like to see jase and holly go next two weeks
    l - at first m bothered me but now he is the least of my worries
    l - i cant stand jase i cant even look at his face
    d - it really makes me mad
    l - talked to drew awhile earlier.. [loud plane cant hear]

    l - i dunno he was just like i think you are a good player blah blah blah ....i dont believe anything
    d - he is a follower like the rest of us.. i told him that did he come here to be strung around by these guys? all the guys in here are scott and jase's puppets
    d- do you think that is the plan? do you think scott is the next biggest threat besides jase?
    l -you guys have.. all want him out
    d - here is how it is.. me, karen nic A will then you have holly, j , s, cb, drew and where is marvin? i think cb is floating around to who is most powerful
    d- all h is talking about how much she doesnt want to lead jase on..
    [feeds communicating]

    l - i know drew likes you.. have to make out with him at some point
    d - i think he is too classy.. k said she shouldnt ruin things on the show.. to wait til after

    [communicating again]

    d- here is my philosophy.. if i win.. i am not worrying about my debt.. i am coming out here... even if i have to pay rent for a year... just to be able to get a job
    l - you will get lots of modeling work.. do you have your head shots?
    d - i have got bad head shots. have some fashion shots..
    l talks about agent and fish....

    posting.. [missed some in the lori diane conversation..]

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    feeds back.. they are laughing...

    d- i think they put me in this house to meet drew.. he is beautiful
    l - can you imagine if you all get married... wow...
    cb comes over.. diane says whats up .. is it tee time?
    will comes up.. diane leaves... will, lori and cb in hammock now

    l - excitement doesnt stop around here [did earlier! lol]
    cb - hey diane i got something to say come here
    d - hmmm?
    cb - come here.. dont laugh
    i think i am falling in love with you..
    d - no your not
    cb - i am..
    d - you are acting again...
    all laugh..

    cb - ready and cut...
    cb - really i am falling in love with you.. its them shoes...
    d - as much i love guys like you.. i just rather date the jerks like this one right here.. points to scott

    scott is mooning everyone while playing golf.. didnt see any cheek.. he pulls shorts back up..

    feeds switch to holly and jase...
    holly rehashing about lori telling marvin that she was sick holly would make it farther than her...
    jase.. said she is mad because of that.. she hates us now because i saved you...

    h - say diane gets hoh.. who is up?
    j - marvin for sure..
    h - one of us?
    j - oh i dont know..
    h - i think that definitely like...
    j - you don't have to save me
    h - you know in competition not to pick me.. its like killing yourself dont ya think?
    h - what are those birds doing?
    j - they are on crack...
    they laugh
    h - its so funny.. out of all the guys here she said she would hook up with jase if she didnt have a bf..
    j - when was that?
    h - like a week ago... then she changed her mind after you called her out
    j - then she came out and kissed me
    h - yeah she kissed me too...
    h - sigh...
    j - she was weird about it..
    h - she was prolly like she knew i wouldnt kiss you so she would do it.. its so stupid.. i am trying to be honest here.. i saw wills true colors last night.. i am having a hard time right now because i really like him...
    j - he is a good guy
    h - now i feel stupid...
    j - i guarantee her DR footage is trashy... it will make you mad
    my poor holly.. just wants everyone to like her....
    h - she will jsut look like the b... not me
    j -my poor holly.. just wants everyone to like her....
    h - do you think diane still talks behind my back? i have to work on her everyday for like 3 hours then she is cool with me.. its so much effort.. in HS i would never give them the time of day.. this is crazy
    j - like me with you...
    h - if i knew someone in HS didnt like me i would make a point to be their friend... but marvin does upset me.. i feel he is disrespectful.. only in it for himself.. he isnt a kind person.. he is not kind you know
    j - i am going to go play some golf...

    jase goes to play golf.. holly goes inside.. [phew she is exhausting.. i didnt get that totally word for word]

    feed changes again to mosaic.. karen, nak, and A

    now changes back to hammock lori and will

    w- i go back and forth about him [who?[
    l - i know i know.. i cant stand it .. repeating
    w - uhm.. laughs at golfers
    w - uhm.. do you know what i am saying? the one thing that is about drew.. he does a good job of fluffing it out and...
    l - he is sooo good looking
    w - once i start to lose my hair.. i will shave it off
    [they must be talking about drew losing his hair]

    w - says looking at jase.. check his birth certificate.. he has pock marks and wrinkles so deep. no way is he only 28... that is my only revenge right now.. he is like the crypt keeper
    l - laughs
    w - like helen keller got after him with a fit of rage..
    l - i cant wait to get on the outside.. i cant wait
    i wish i could make one phone call to you
    w - tell me everything you done
    l - do you think you will make it emotionally
    w - it gets better at night.. at bed time.. where it gets bad is..
    l - waking up in the morning?
    w - no i like to have my coffee and then it starts to sink in.. then i get low...
    maybe tomorrow i will work out in the morning.. try to avoid it
    l - whats that helicopter? LAPD?
    male.. yes..
    l - would it circle if it is a crime? i get so nervous..
    s - lot a crime out here huh
    l - yeah..
    s - its kinda out of control too
    l - what do you think it is?
    must be for a movie...
    j - or news
    s - or movie
    j - no way.. absolutely not.. there is ghetto ? all the time out here..
    s - why circle so many times?
    l - right over studio lot?
    j - maybe big celebrity leaving.. security?
    j - looks like a news one..
    s - maybe like you said.. when we left big time football games.. lots of security.. escorted by police and heli overhead to follow.
    j - you think you still play for the ravens shoot... we we we...
    s laughs..
    s - i dont have a pro jersey
    j - we know you dont...

    now talking about guys on the team..

    s - that thing is flying around
    m - is that news or what?
    j - that is a ghetto bird..
    l - what is a ghetto bird
    s - drew is here, lets go
    they leave to play golf...


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    switch to cam 3.. off fish now

    w - they are afraid to look bad
    l - yep

    they are watching 4 H play golf.. plus Marvin

    can hear them talking but cannot understand them [4H]
    mostly bashing each other i think... all are laughing...
    will and lori quiet... just watching them...

    will doesnt look too happy.. he is wearing his green bandana...
    other feeds are holly talking to the mosaic girls...

    l - do you want to move over there?
    w - no we're fine

    will - sighs ...

    changing feeds to find some talking...

    feed 1

    k - you have to try your best to make decisions on their welfare.. if someone doesnt want to stay.. then they will just be a let down.. i told jase that i would be dependable because i am not ready to leave yet... and lori is so happy, she is engaged and so pretty.. so many oppportunities
    h - i agree completely.. will is having a hard time
    k - he will have a hard time with everyone.. he is emotional about everything
    h - me too..

    feed communicating

    k - just be yourself and be happy.. no one can judge you for that
    h - i agree.. {someones whispering}
    k - thats just what they do... don't worry about it
    h - cb is an angel to pieces... i am so priveleged to meet him
    k - his life will change for the better.. he will have good life when he gets out of here.. people will be watching to help hiim out with his ideas.. it is so great.. he will go so far beyond... i hope his wife is a good sport
    h - i know.. dude
    k - she must be
    h - i cant believe the way these guys talk about what happened
    k - have you seen the stuff out of my mouth
    h - but you are sassy.. i have been g rated but gorilla
    k - he is lockerroom
    h - some stuff is too raunchy to air..
    h - i will miss lori, but the good thing is we live in the same city.. we can hang out go shopping
    k - thats right
    nak - i am kinda jealous .. i dont want to go home but i wanna see everyone
    k - i just wanna go home and get fat and not worry.. i just wanna make larry proud of me.. this is the first thing i have done on my own.. i just want to make him proud.. and i dont know if i am or not...
    nak.. me dying my hair is the most extreme to happen in my family..
    k - they wont show me licking the sausage in marvins pants earlier
    all laugh
    h - i have never been lucky.. so to be here feels like i won the lottery
    nak - am glad to be here.. want to make it sequester
    h - everyone here is for a reason.. we are supposed to all be friends.. i think that gorilla and jase and all of them.. there is something more to them.. like destiny.. i know there is going to be horrible backstabbing
    k - not necessarily..
    nak.. if i am hoh i have to make a hard decision... i know the books says not to tell... but i cant do that.. unless the DR tells me different..
    k - not going to say anything.. unless i am sticking to it... point when it will come back to haunt you and thats why i am committed with what i say... and you can see way people live their life.. it reflects in here.. i have been with one guy all my life.. i could be lying i am not though.. it is all over tv...
    nak.. you could rent jesus...
    k - thats what i did .. i rented a jesus [dont get it??] a hot jesus
    there is not rule book on how to play.. just what you cant do.. and if i were trying to lie.. you could see thru me.. i am a bad liar
    h - i am a bad liar too... like that one day.. they were supposed to laugh...
    jase told me he was gonna say i took you off because i made you cry and he didnt do it because i was upset about lori... i was so upset... like we were parting kinda... this sucks
    feed switch...

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    will and lori talk about how smart marvin is... prob smartest person in here
    l - but he picked the wrong person...
    w - you see.. thats where he made his mistake.. holly isnt an intelligent player..

    feeds communicating...

    w - i cant even look them in the face.. all that orange makeup and her hair...
    l - if she makes.. good lord people she leaves pads in the WC
    w - only legit offer she will have is playboy internet...
    l - yeah really..
    l - so you said reality in magazine?
    w - like ethan from survivor.. kaya from ???, couple from real world.. [calendar]
    l - what made jenna so famous? did she get naked or something.. on the show? didnt she strip for peanut butter?
    w - i almost made survivor 2 times and they cut me...
    l - her and heidi did playboy.. did they make lots of money?
    w - yeah made money
    l - are they that hot?
    w - no.. ethan is so much hotter.. he is like the perfect guy.. curly hair.. so cute.. soccer player... only thing i get out of this.. sometimes they invite like if they have star parties they send us invites to go..
    l - how do you know?
    w - cuz in ny.. this company does ny events and if there is any that day.. just see shots from events.. always see reality stars at the events... i am honestly looking forward to the invites to the parties... if your agent strikes a ball thats hot.. you can get on a network for like correspondeces.. you have the look, voice for it.... there is always the chance someone is watching and will pick out...
    l - i have some bad pictures..
    w - i know mine doesnt look like me... yours is like someone else. it is you but you seem like a different person...

    w - i just cant wait.. i daydream about when i am out and with friends... you want to stay here but you want to leave so bad too
    l - i want to leave so bad..
    w - it gets to all of us... about a month has passed.. the good thing is it gets anticlimatic... like with the HOH... i am not stressed about it at all.. especially once they are gone it will be great...
    l - they ask me about in the DR and i am like do you not hear me? i am practically writing goodbye notes to everyone..
    w - h is trying to campaign with nakomis...
    w - he hates her.. [not sure who hates her]
    l - everything holly says she relates it to her.. every single thing.. she takes convo to herself..

    feed changes back to holly and nakomis...

    n - i would love to get hoh and get a gift basket from home but i dont want to put anyone up
    h - nobody has wronged you here.. i have been but no one has you
    n - agrees
    h - the first time you were put up was like a decoy.. and people will rememeber that and peope will remember that... you were a good sport
    n - most people seem like good people.. everyone has faults..
    h - everyone here for a reason.. to meet people
    n - am here to have fun...

    feed changes again.. posting..

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    w - step shows are amazing.. the girl sororities are the best
    A, Will and Lori talking about step shows.. if they had been to one or not in college
    A - would love to do it... [ and demostrating things she likes about them]
    w - i say step show to adria and she busts it out..

    H is in the wc mirror.. leaves wc..

    karen will and diane in wc..

    lori comes in says she is tired...
    marvin in there now too...

    karen hold her hair up to marvin.. how would marvin look with blonde hair..
    lori says like trailer trash..
    all laugh at marvin with karens hair

    m - i am like a gay pimp... [starts talking like martin lawrence's shenanah]
    all are just laughing so hard.. will laughing..
    w - that was so funny.. funniest thing i have seen in awhile...
    m - i used to do characters... i had a pimp outfit... he starts his act..

    everyone is really laughing at this...

    w - what else did you do
    m - the guy from full metal jacket.. and i came up with a chinese character from a chinese restaurant.. and then leroy who is cooking up some stuff...
    k - its so wrong.. its too funny
    w - lets have some pie now...

    they all go to have the pie....
    wonder can they sing happy birthday .. all say no...
    a says can we at least say it?

    feed changes to BY...

    talking about camel toes now.. not sure who unless they mean holly...
    jase thinks they should measure their "stuff" for fun... all go in kitchen now for birthday pie..

    w - hope they dont show this on tv.. i look bad...
    male - wheres nic?
    someone says she is in DR.. now they are waiting for her...
    scott almost drinks milk from carton.. then pours in cup...

    they talk about singing... take a chance.. nakomis out of DR
    singing happy birthday and fish...............

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