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Thread: 7/18 Live Feed Screen Shots

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    Two lucky ladies - Not bed time yet.

    Jase hits the hay - Drew staying up

    Drew goes to bed - Holly hanging outside

    Scott relaxing with Holly - Nokomis eating

    Look at all the tatoos - Hatching a plan on the hammock?

    Outdoor lockdown

    HOH listening to some music - Cowboy has some fun.

    Cleaning up for Dinner - Marvin is making something

    An unlikely couple exersizing

    Leg lifts - You're just not going to believe this

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    Glub..glub...glub - Drew

    Golf - Cowboy said something funny

    Drew didn't think so - Time To Shave

    What about Dad? - All american?

    Drying clothes - Hammock time

    Feet and Nokomis - Bathtub time

    Chatting - hanging in the bathroom?

    Cowboy has muscles.

    Nokomis gets a haircut - Cowboy and his budy

    The HG's have something to work on - Nokomis vacuums

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    Feeling out william - Wow, look at my shoe

    I'm bored - And then one time, at band camp...

    Tiem for Bed - Am I getting gray?

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