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Thread: 7/17 Live Feed Screen Caps

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    7/17 Live Feed Screen Caps

    Please feel free to post your feed caps here. If you'd like access to our FORT image storage area, please PM John.

    Discussion of the caps is allowed here as well.

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    I felt bad that no one 'capped a picture today, so here's a pitiful few:

    Holly talks to a chicken.

    Okay, she's talking to Diane and Jase.

    Who let the housewife in? Oh, it's Scott.

    Check out that psychedelic screen saver on the Julie Chen screen.

    Holly's teeth.

    Old Holly pic. I'm starting to think there's a snaggle-tooth hag twin. This isn't the best picture of it but I swear I remember seeing a Holly close up and thinking about her two front teeth being crooked.
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    Thanks for the pics hepcat!

    I don't know if Holly's teeth are crooked, but I think there's a gap between the front ones.

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    Wish I wasn't on dial-up, I'd love to do some screencaps.
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Smoking and chatting. - Bitting fingernails, guess which twin this is?

    Lockdown blues - We're bored

    "Ya see, it's just like this" - Someone told a funny.

    Whisper - Staying up late


    Cowboy takes a shower and goes to bed.

    All Asleep still, it was a late night. - Group Golfing

    The enemies bond?

    Pressuring holly? - Hot Tub!

    Drew plays punching bag - Showing off

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    Interesting shot - Whisper..whisper

    I can do that too - Hot Tub!... why is it only the gay guy is actually in the water?

    What? - You're funny

    I'm not sure, but Holly has a very long tongue. Hmmmm

    That look - I don't like that tat around the neck.

    Holly has stress - Interesting camera angle

    What you talking 'bout Chase

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