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Thread: 7/15 Live Feed Screen Caps

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    Thanks for the pictures, guys!
    When you get pictures of people in the diary room, is that just on one of the normal feeds? I have never seen anyone in the diary room, and I've had the feeds for two years now.

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    Pictures just show up from the Diary room when the Camera is following a particular houseguest as they move through the house on their way to the DR. The camera must be setup to just keep switching to follow the cast member. But then whoever is in charge of the live feeds doesn't catch what's going on right away and doesn't switch to fish, or do a different view. Thus we see and often hear the person enter the DR and someone say hi to the castmember.

    Sleeping like Babies

    Time to Get up - Holly isn't happy

    Holly mopeing around - Stud Boy

    Discussing the conflict from the prior night

    Holly complains - Jase tries to explain.

    Schemeing going on all over the house

    Diane backs up Lori with Drew - Marvin and Jase hatch a plan

    Game talk - Jase trying to calm down Holly

    Holly is unhappy with Jase - Jase keeps talking

    Holly doesn't like his humor. Jase doesn't understand

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    Badmouthing Jase for making holly cry.

    Jase and Marvin consult. - Chick Chat

    Jase without a clue - Walking around the yard to a disco beat

    We need to...

    Natalie/Adria establishes her place within the house, once again

    Tub Talk - Telling stories

    Are we solid - Talking about a house without men.

    The boys feel they are kings of the BB house.

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