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Thread: Who's Dating Who?

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    The 4 horseman are ALL Gay. Some are just more in touch with reality than others.

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    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the committed couple is Holly and Marvin. Just because they had the first conflict. She claims he is harrassing her, grabbing her and so forth. Maybe they are having "moments" and getting caught. So Holly complains to BB, who haven't done a thing. Holly confronts him by the hot tub. Oh the tension!! By the way if I were Holly and someone was harrassing me, I wouldn't leave that diary room until some concessions were made. I would want to know what BB says/said to Marv and I would want to be there when BB 'reprimands' Marv. So the fact that Holly has not made a bigger deal than she has, and with her acting classes I am sure she could make an Oscar worthy passioned plea to get this guy to stay away from her or at least his hands.

    Then Marv puts Holly up for eviction. And by gosh Jase uses the veto to take her off. At this point Jase hasn't even gotten a kiss, but he uses the golden veto. So as a viewer I would think these two can't stand each other, so they can't be the couple. These things just make me wonder.........and if they are the couple they are doing a great job. Guess we'll just have to see what Holly does when Marv is targeted by the 4H Club next week.

    But then again with all this Queer Eye stuff and Queer as Folk, I wouldn't be surprised if the committed couple turns out to be 2 men. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
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    If CBS is doing a 'committed couple', it would be so smart (and so much of a twist as it would be unexpected) to make it a gay couple. Maybe Will/Marvin? Marvin seems so over the top with his comments that it might be a cover. He definitely gives off a Keith from Six Feet Under vibe. Maybe that's why he likes the show as he said on the feed. Then again, maybe he likes it because he's a mortician

    But my fingers are crossed for Karen/Nic. Rawr.

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