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Thread: Who's Dating Who?

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    I don't think they all have twins .. some do, some don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catniptoy
    This is going to sound insane, but I think Scott and Will might be the committed couple.
    I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday. Will doesn't seem to be particularly upset at being out of the "four horseman" alliance. That's because his worst half is one of the kingpins. After seeing the performance at the house though , I can not see them lasting outside the house. Still - great twist.

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    This is my take on it, I am easily ruling out Mike because he is evicted, Adria because whoever it is would know about her twin thing, Holly because I think the dumb thing is an act and someone would say something, Jennifer just because no guy in the house is her type, Karen because she is married, Marvin because he is hitting on every girl in the house, Jase because of Holly, Michael because we saw his fiancee, Lori because no one went to bat for her when she was on the block and Will for obvious reason.

    I think Diane is a deffinete for the girls and most likely Drew. But I'm not ruling out Scott and Jase...

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    Has anyone already mentioned the possibility that Jase and Holly were a couple before the house and that they just did that whole HOH ho thing to throw everyone off?

    If they did, folks would think that their relationship during the first couple of weeks was responsible for any "chemistry (sorry, folks, but I had to use the word), secret language, extra awareness of each other" things that happen later.
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    Hey I can stand any couple kissing even Jase/Scott. Well maybe not those two I've seen Rob M. and Amber what else can I not take

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    I hate to say it (the words stick in my throat, in fact) but this year BB's twists have been more interesting than the guests themselves. Which is why I haven't been watching the feeds as much as I did last year. It would be a real shocker for everyone if Will and one of the males ended up being the committed couple.

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    I'm still sticking with my guess that the couple is Jase/Scott!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eny
    It was actually Shapiro ( producer) who said that pre game . It's just that with the twin thingy we have kind of forgotten that announcement.
    Shapiro said for the first time ever a "committed couple" will be playing the game.
    I don't know who that is , but something to watch for. They must be sick of pretending by now and may start to slip up.

    Maybe he meant a couple who had been committed to a mental institution....

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    I think Drew and Diane would be a couple. He has a crush on her. And I heard elsewhere that she had a crush on him. Maybe once Jase/Scott are gone they'll hook up.

    I could never do this game. I'd be holding back so much that it'd probably drive me nuts. Even Survivor isn't this bad when it comes to what things you have to hide.

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    Is it safe to assume that Holly and Jase are back "together"? They've been cuddling again etc.
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