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Thread: 7/8/04 Episode Recap - Free the Hot Tubs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    Though I’ll bet you can’t get that darn song out of your head now the rest of the day. Pop bands from Sweden, you just can’t resist their wholesome goodness. It’s okay, give in to it. No need to thank me, it’s a public service.

    After the all, the poor guy just recently accepted that Darth Vader is Luke’s father, and now he has to sort through all of this new information.

    Marvin goes so far as to say he will not believe it until “Buffalo’s fly out my ass.” Well Marvin, given how many quesadilla’s you fork down later in the show, I am not going to bet against any possibilities here

    Diane might be willing to share that underwear with Jase. Checkmate. Diane is off the blocks.

    I missed this show, but I feel like I didn't miss a thing after that recap. Wonderful job Bill!

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    Great job on the recap Bill!

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    fantastic recap, Bill. My favorite parts:
    Jase is a little taken aback. After the all, the poor guy just recently accepted that Darth Vader is Luke’s father, and now he has to sort through all of this new information

    I am most impressed with Marvin. Clearly he has seen every movie that has a police interrogation scene in it, as he plays both good cop and bad cop (with a generous helping of pimp cop later on, but we will get to that). Marvin assures us he can spot liars quite easily, and he mixes in a few swear on the bible’s with a threatening “don’t lie to me!”.

    He is asking all the guys to put on the ladies underwear for this little game, preferably the “thongiest” possible. Before you write, yes I know thongiest isn’t a word, but this is still America people, and if those marketing people at Kraft can use cheesiest, then I can use thongiest. Besides, it really pulls it all together, as guys in ladies’ thongs is about as cheesy as TV can get.

    the houseguests will make a giant margarita. Or, as I call it, “my usual”.
    let's set Bill up with one of "the usual" as a reward for this recap.
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    Great job Bill! I'm just now getting caught up on all of these. Very funny.
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    Like SG, I'm just now catching up, but I refuse to blush about it.

    Thanks for the thongiest recap ever!!!

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    Well, I read them all over the weekend, but I'm JUST getting around to posting my replies. I guess I won't blush, either. Great job, Bill!

    My favorite line:

    Veteran live feed viewers will tell you that the failure to show that picture means that the dog didn’t sign a release.
    Maybe they should've blurred out his face.
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