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Thread: Who are the twins?

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    This is Natalie. She has a lot more sun damage and wrinkles around her mouth.

    I think Jupiters are of Adria , but unless she smiles I can't be sure. The one where she's in the blue are Adria for sure. She has a lot more "moony" face.

    What Jupiter was talking about - the mirror twins means that at the top of their heads the direction the hair grows will be opposite . Maybe that's why all the hats.
    One will also be left handed and one right though.
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    Oh eny, my head is spinning!

    I think the above photo (in green) is Adria, and that the photos in the pale blue tank top are Natalie.

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    One definitely has a broader face, and seems to weigh a little more than the other one. I just can't be sure which is Adria and which is Natalie. In the photos of them modeling, the one on the right looks like she has a tiny dimple on the left side of her mouth, while the other doesn't. Maybe that will help--I don't know. They both seem to have those crooked front teeth.
    I can definitely tell a difference between the two when they talk, though.
    Imagine how stupid I'll feel if BB announces that Adria has been Adria throughout the whole show!

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    AHH! Holly has a twin! Why hasn't she told anyone??!!!?!! For proof:


    Look at the poster for the movie :


    Also, Molly Michelle appeared in the movie 'Director's Cut' as Courtney. Guess who else plays Courtney?! Holly King.

    I'm 99.9 percent positive she is a twin. The person in the picture looks a lot like her.

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    It's always possible that the laugh is on us and there are three unknown twins to put in the blank spaces in the BB houseguest grid. Maybe Adria, Holly and a third person. We know that Diane and Drew admitted they have twins, so I wouldn't expect them to be in on it.

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    Ick, well I don't know how to add to my post but here...


    The girl has tongue ring in that picture. Holly said she gave herself a tounge ring piercing on the live feed.

    EDIT: I'm sorry I talk so much, but A said to Scott that "I just need to pull out my inner Natalie " Hmm maybe I should change A to N??
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    Well it's pretty much confirmed by her own slip ups that Adria & her twin Natalie are switching. Now are they the only set switching?

    I'm wondering how BB is going to play this out though. Will they tell the hg's at some point that a set of twins have been switching in and out? That would probably lead everyone to believe that either Diane or Drew has been hiding something from them because they have openly stated that they have identical twins. It would probably be a little unfair because they'd be wrongly accused and could be evicted over it, but probably funny nonetheless.

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    I'm still scratching my head over this.

    Isn't Drew being called to the Diary room a lot too?

    I do think Adria and Natalie are switching for sure, because I was reading about the feeds at another board, and somebody mentioned that they got highly annoyed that they got constantly called in there..

    What if all twins are switching...

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    Interesting how Molly Michelle only comes up once in IMDB but Holly King has a much longer list of acting credits?

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    Diane's twin Lindsay is definately in the house I found this quote from her manager/photographer guy on a site that features the twins.


    He writes "2 models I represent have been cast in the current 5th season of the reality TV show "Big Brother" on CBS... the show is a live broadcast, so tune in and see Diane & Lindsay - the show airs 3 nights a week."

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