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Thread: Good Tool for Feed Watchers

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    Good Tool for Feed Watchers

    Here is a link to a tool that I use a lot when I watched the feeds last year. I'm going to give it a shot again this year with the 14 day trial and see if I can enjoy it.

    It's an amazing tool that the developer did a great job on. I built my own tool a few years ago but this person came up with this one and I like it.

    You setup each of your streams you want. You can assign hot keys to switch to them. You can also group streams in a single view. So that you can build your own QUAD view.

    The nice thing about building your own Quad view is you can select which of the 4 views audio you want to listen to by clicking on it!

    It also supports manual and automatic screen captures. The only issue with the screen captures is it doesn't support the cool stuff that SnagIt does like automatically applying text to the image.

    Anyway, check it out if you are feeling like a power user and want to have a little more control.


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    Here are the current stream locations:

    High Speed

    Haven't located the low speed ones yet. They are not setup like they were last year.

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