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Thread: 7/7 Live Feed Transcripts

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    7/7 Live Feed Transcripts

    The live feeds will "go live" immediately after the show completes airing, from my understanding.

    Please post your live feed reports here. Everyone is welcome to contribute. We ask a few things of you, though, if you wish to do so:

    1) Do not cut and paste from other sites. We wouldn't do it to them, and we'd hope they wouldn't do it to us.

    2) If nothing is going on that requires a play-by-play, please compile happenings together in one post every 15 minutes or so, rather than a sentence every post.

    3) Please note which feed you're on, and if you're covering a feed that someone else has been covering, please change to another to avoid duplication.

    4) Remember we're a PG-13 site, even though the feeds are uncensored.

    5) Live Feed reporters are allowed to insert a comment or two in their transcripts, but this thread is NOT for discussion of what has happened on a feed. There will be another thread for discussion, and if something really important happens, please start a new thread with a vague title (to avoid spoilers showing up on the front page). This is our most important rule.

    Thanks again, and enjoy the feeds - whether watching or reading!

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    OK, folks! It's started!~
    F1 & F2: Mc is trying to teach one of the women to play chess. I don't think it is J. She is wearing a pink sleeveless shirt.

    F3 & F4: Hammock outside in BY. H and I think W together under blanket.

    Now F1 and F2: WC area with K (or maybe A) talking to MV. She is wearing a long-sleeved black top. She says that she thinks they have to do something (BB) about the PBJ or all of them are going to be passing out. She says she is one of the bigger girls, though. She says the other girls are so little, but that must be their genetic composition. He says sh-- no, nobody is that little naturally.

    The camera guys are messing with the cameras and FOTH off and on.
    F1 and F2 are the chess game, and I still can't tell who Mc is playing chess with. He says he wouldn't mind if he had to leave the house, if he leaves, he leaves. She says she would love a massage and she has a wonderful therapist at home.

    H was called to DR.
    Mv says she can stay in there?

    Now, outside at F3 and F4 briefly before FOTH again, they are talking about someone being raped and beaten up, I think they said by black guys (?) and they say that she told MV that. They say that she said she got a bunch of medical bills. They have gone out to FOTH a billion times during that.
    W asked her (?) how she went to the bathroom and they said they got her there, and she said she peed in her pants. She talked about a little girl in a parking garage. The frat guys are talking, I see Ja and also W. I think they are saying H said all of this, and W questioned her!!! They are saying that every word out of her mouth is a bunch of bullsh---, and they could tell from the start! Maybe H was telling all of this to W and Ja and (I think Di) in the hammock before she was called to DR. Anyway, she told them that the guy threatened to kill her cats!! Then Ja says to the others "How did he know she had cats if he had never been in her apartment???" So they feel they caught her in a bunch of lies.
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    OK, sorry for confusion, but it is hard to tell all the hamsters apart at first.
    F1 and F2 are the chess game, in the LR. Mc and A (it is A playing chess with him) are playing. They are concentrating on the game and not strategy.

    F3 and F4 are the fish tank most of the time.
    Part of the time F3 and F4 are also on the chess game, and then part of the time on the hammock outside. There is a frat convention out there, and I am sure they were talking about Holly when she went into the DR. She was telling W (Is he bonding with the frats?) and Ja and a girl that I think was L or Di about this big rape experience and I think it occurred in or around a parking garage. She said she saw a little girl in there late at night, and they all doubt that. They felt they caught her in a ton of lies and they feel she is dishonest. She says she came to the house to pay medical bills, but they say they didn't see a scratch on her. I think MK is one of the ones I hear saying that, but I haven't had a look at him as the camera is only on part of the hammock and end of the pool occasionally.

    Now all feeds are on BY at the round table, and I hear frat voices. I need to change feeds.

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    H says that MV and L just had a big fight. MV was saying the f--word all of the time. H says she won't go outside because Mv is there.
    H says yesterday when they were in bed he (MV) stuck his hand in her butt crack. She says MV is making all of the girls feel unsafe. H says that earlier when she was in the bath she didn't feel safe unless he (S, I think) was there.
    W comes in the Kitchen.
    S tells W that there is tension because of MV and H tells all of her tales about MV.
    H: He is getting psycho. He has this look in his eye like he is going to do something. This diet is making him crazy, aside from being a mortician, aside from being from a little town and single and not getting THINGS.
    W keeps saying "yeah" over and over.
    S says that he was surprised that MV keeps saying the f--- word, and W says they (BB) have to be upset that people are saying stuff like that on camera.
    H is confused by the toaster.
    H: He is getting scary. Don't you think he is scary?
    S: I'm not scared of him.
    H: Well, you are a guy and stuff.
    W: I'm not scared of him, H.
    H: Well, all of you guys are gonna have to stand around me like a shield.
    W makes sounds and says he exorcised him.
    H: You exorcised him?
    W: ISn't that what you do with ghosts?

    F2 now in BY
    MV, Ja and dark-haired girl (Di or L)

    H keeps saying MV is getting weird, psycho.
    Mc comes over and says "You know who is getting weird? Will."
    W laughs.
    H: You know what, W is like my best friend. (That was fast!)
    H tells one of the guys he has to wear one of her skirts every time he does a challenge.

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    S and Mc are in WC area, and S is informing Mc that MV is the one who is going, although they have to have a meeting and Ja will decide.
    S says all of the girls are freaked by MV.
    Mc says they (the guys) aren't freaked, though.
    S tries to reason it out with Mc and says that think about it, if MV gets HOH, do they think he will put up a girl for evication? Mc says no, he wouldn't. S says MV would put up one of those guys (frats). Mc agrees and says yes, they will take out MV. S says they are positioned to win----(cut off by wonderful FOTH)

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    S tells Mc to tell Ja that they need a meeting, because everytime he goes outside they focus on him (S). S says he will tell D about the meeting. Mc says they are confused because S is always talking to him (Mc).

    Something went on, because they are saying that when D found out about Mc, he was freaked, but now they think he is better. Mc is talking about if he was in the same situation, knowing how he himself felt, he couldn't do it. (I have no idea what he is talking about). It looks like S, Mc and Ja are supposed to have a closer alliance. S says that he can't decide, maybe they shouldn't take out MV, because he feels that MV would vote with them, and then later the girls would pick on MV and take him out if they wanted someone out. But then Mc says the problem is, who would go against him as a pawn? S asks Mc again to go tell Ja about the meeting, and he goes.

    A lot of the frats are wearing bandanas as headwear (I guess to further make a distinction between them and everyone else).

    Someone is whispering that their A--- is on camera. "Roll out, roll out."

    Mc goes inside. He said something about a hot bath.

    Earlier, H was complaining about the cold and she was wearing someone's sweatshirt, I think, because she said is was "his only sweatshirt."

    clBR: S goes in and gets a jacket. He whispers "Breaker 1-9" into his mic like he is on a CB-radio.

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    S is screaming and cussing now, saying he just "sprained his toe again, a second time."

    H, K and Di are sitting outside, talking. They are talking about someone breaking the rules, and then H asks if they might kick him out? K says no, but they could do other punishments, like she thought they did last year when people shared food, like not let them get HOH. K (I think it is her or Di) says she isn't sure, though, because last year it was so lame (the show) that she didn't watch it!!

    Ja, W, L, Mv and another woman (I don't think it is J?) are talking about craving foods like seafood and crablegs. It may be A. She is talking about recipes for veal, and everybody is groaning.
    L: So you are a very good cook also? We have a lot of good chefs in the house, then?
    Ja: Yeah.
    L: And K can cook, too. I love Mexican and Italian.
    MV (I think) is talking about talking with Emeril Lagossi (sp?) the chef, before he hit the big time.

    They are all talking at once.

    MV is talking about H having no normal conversation, like saying they just went to Walmart, like "you and me f---ing talk?" W agrees. L agrees.
    W: She nicknamed her boyfriend Johnny Creepy, and then the next day she says they broke up, and then the next day says he still drops by.
    L agrees and says "Oh, God."

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    Mv says H is f---ing smooth with what she tells who. L says she will ask her about the book. W asks which university H says she went to.

    Sc says Di hates H. Mc and Sc are in the ht and Sc asks Mc if he told Ja about the meeting, and Mc says "How can I?" (because Ja is in the hammock with everyone else).
    Apparently, Mc has had a makeover. Sc tells Mc that he looks a lot better and before he looked like a rough cowboy, but now he thinks the chicks would like the look. I think D went into the HT.
    S: Are you like me and just really happy to be in the house?
    Mc says right now he isn't thinking about the money. He is thinking about having fun and chilling with the guys.
    S: People are going to lose this game because they are greedy.
    Mc: I do have one request. Next time we have alcohol, I just want to have one beer and that's it.
    S: But you did good last night. You got jacked up and you were good. I don't see a problem with that.
    Mc: Yeah, but I just wanna...I dunno. I mean, she wouldn't care honestly when it came down to it, I'm not doing it for her (his fiancee), I'm doing it for me. I can have a beer with the boys, that's not gonna bother me.
    S: Next thing that's gonna happen, there's gonna be a twist. Before HOH.
    D (I think) says they didn't have HOH for the first two nights.
    S says maybe it will be a live show Thurs. or Sat., a HOH comp., and Brother...
    (singing) Mc: She broke my heart, and I broke her jaw...
    Mc: I wonder what America is thinking about us.
    S: I guess they've missed so much. But you know, you are right. I wonder what America is thinking about us, after that first show. I'll bet it was a good show, too. We were on fire that night.
    Mc: I'll bet America did see the haircut.
    (pause) Sc: Yeah.
    Mc talks on and on about the haircut and S says they can fix it if he doesn't like it and Mc says he likes it. S says his dad has a goatee like his (Mc).
    (S has apparently thought a lot about the color of his hair). S goes on about how his hair is blonde and brown, and he put lemon juice in it in the Summer. (yawn).
    Mc says before he left the house, he told April he probably wouldn't have fun, and she asked why, and he said because she and Chase would be home, and April said that if he didn't have fun in the house, he was stupid.
    S says that he couldn't have asked for a better bunch in the house and that will probably be a downfall, because they all get along so well and it will be hard to tell who should go. (S loves the sound of his own voice)
    Mc starts to talk about who will be out in the 2nd week, says it will be hard for him that week, and then starts to tell D who, and it's FOTH!

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    By the hammock, Mv, L, W and Ja are talking about how BB provides all this caffeine for them, so that they will stay up. They talk about how they don't like them to congregate in the bedrooms.
    (Just a note here--MV cusses CONSTANTLY).

    L says she is so embarassed (I think about talking about Holly). W says that if they were in the real world, they wouldn't be like this. W says that you would think that she would think about telling producers one story and them another, etc. W says that you wouldn't think that H would come in here saying these things that are so completely not grounded in reality, telling him (MV) a rape story and telling us a kidnapping story.
    FOTH briefly.

    S talks constantly. J walks by and S says "Nicomus, she's out!" J says she is expecting that. S says she would be surprised, that she has a lot of fans out there. S says he likes her because he likes Cowboy so much (so the secret is out, right?). S tells J that H and Di hate each other. S says that H's stories get whacker and whacker every day. He says he loves her, she's great, but she is starting to freak everybody out.
    S: There's another story, did you hear it?
    J: No, I stopped listening to her stories.
    S; She got in trouble for it, so maybe I shouldn't say.
    J; Why did she get into trouble for it?
    S: She (muffled) so they are gonna keep it out.

    M, D, H and A (I think it is her, she is not facing camera). They are asking H why she is there. She says it is not about just the money. Mk and D are saying that it is about the money. H says if it was just about the money, they would put her in a house alone like a rat to win the money. She says it is about learning about life and people. Mk or D say that they won't learn s---t about life in there, that it will end in lying and deceit. A says she will probably learn not to trust people. One of the guys says she knows that now, and she says yes, but she doesn't practice it. W says he hasn't honestly thought about the money since he has been in there. H: I've learned a lot about S and why he behaves like he does, a lot about D, everybody.
    Ja says they are all like the shark in the tank. W says you have to make it about human relationships. H says it shouldn't be just about the money and not human relationships because otherwise they would have them in a cell shocking them and making them do things for the money.
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    They are having a conversation about how Lisa from season 3 gave all of the money to charity, and W says that Lisa didn't lie to anyone, and that he thinks it is possible to play the game without lying.
    Mk says that he thinks Lisa was in the upper level of players as far as being honest, but he doesn't see how you can be there and not tell a lie. W says he does.
    Mk: Will won the show and he lied to everybody.
    H: So, is that a good strategy, to lie? Wouldn't you go crazy in the house just lying to everyone??
    (big pause)
    Ja called to DR.
    Now they question whether the voice of the elves is a button they push or something. (H asked that). They think maybe they type the commands in. H has trouble understanding who they are calling.
    They are all talking over each other in little separate conversations.
    They are discussing season 3 in depth, how Mk felt that Lisa let all of the guys in her group do her dirty work for her.
    W says it is possible to play honestly, and MK says he thinks they should all play it that way, then, and not lie. (laughter, but uneasy).

    S and A are in the caBR, and S says he has made Cowboy into a whole different person. A says he has "already been in panties," so where else can he go?? S laughs. A offers to make S's bed for him and he declines. A and S are hugging or something and A says "This feels good." M comes in and says that someone said it was only luck that Ja won. S says that he picked Ja because he knew it would be a good partnership, so that wasn't luck. A agrees, Mc agrees. A says he has been throwing all kinds of s--t, "we love him, we hate him." Mc says there are lots of things he likes about him, the tattoo he has for his sons, he is thinking about doing that for his sons, too.
    Mc: I respect that he actually put his kids on him. He loves them; that's a permanent thing. I like that, I really do.
    A: I like him for talking and everything. Originally he was quiet, but I think he was feeling it out.
    (I think they may be talking about MK, about MK saying that it was luck that Ja won).
    Apparently Mc has an upset stomach, and says that normally he wouldn't talk about it, for America to know. A says she WOULD talk about it, and that she couldn't stand it in college when the cheerleaders would be like saying it was nasty, and she would think that they were full of it if they didn't do it (use the bathroom).

    Back to the DR. They are wondering what America will do with America's choice. W thinks that they will play up Cowboy using the flat iron on his hair.
    Someone (maybe Mk) says that actually Cowboy's son isn't his son--he isn't married to the woman. They are talking about how Mc would probably get the letter. Then someone asked if it was just letters from home, and they say no, it is lots of different things.

    (So far, D has been pretty quiet, as has J. I haven't heard much from them.)

    S says that D got pretty deep with him last night about Bible stuff.
    H: I like reading Adam and Eve stories. It's my favorite.
    H is asking everyone what religeon they are. W says he was raised a Southern Baptist, but he feels he is non-denominational.
    Several of them are Catholic.
    H: I'm Christian!!
    S: Do they still exist?
    H: What?
    S: Do Christians still exist? I thought they killed all of them in the crusades.
    H: Catholics aren't Christian.
    D: YEs, they are.
    H: They are?
    D: Yes, Christian means you believe in God.
    H: I'm Presbyterian, does that mean that's what I am?

    Ja says that they are the first group to really talk together like this.
    H: (Acts dumb about everything. Can she really be this dumb?) LIke what? Not devious?
    People are trying to explain to her that they have talked about each other's personalities and having a conversation, and past seasons that hasn't happened. They feel that they are different, and they discuss things.
    H keeps asking (like ten times) if that is a bad thing.
    They ask if she thinks it is? H says no, she doesn't think so. Mv says they take two days of stuff and cut it up into shows. They feel that they (BB) want them to be devious about things instead of talking it all out.
    H: I'm confused. I want to forget all about this conversation.
    They start to talk about sequester and they take us to another conversation.

    Ja and S: Talk about MV, S says Mv is not a threat, he is with him, and the girls hate him, and so why would they kick him out?
    Ja: To me, personally, he is funny as hell.

    (They've been talking about "the don," I don't know who that is)
    They feel "the don" is making some girls friends so that they will be with him. They are more worried about "the don" and they say he is number one. S says that he talked to Mc and said MV was going, and then Mc was smart and said right away that MV is not a threat, but no one knows what the don is doing.
    S: We keep him around another week and he can sweet talk the girls, and (I think D is the don) they may keep him around.
    ONe of the guys said that they can't stand K.
    Di told Ja that she likes the don and she hates H.
    S: Dude, H is crazy.
    S: I just think that the don has to go man. I think I've got Mv in lockdown.
    Ja; I'm not sure the don is a sure vote, though.
    S; You don't?
    they feel the girls might keep the don around. Then, S asks who they put up with the don. S says someone completely bootilicious. They say that they hate to put her in it because she isn't in the craziness.
    S says that he would like to put up Di just to scare her.
    Ja says that they could put up either Di or H.
    Mc comes in and asks if he should leave, and they say no, stay.
    They tell him the don goes, and Mc agrees.
    Mc says that they can't trust the don, and that when you think about it, MV is more of a help to them. He says that if they mess up and a girl gets HOH next week, then they will take out MV, and they will be safe, so they should keep him around. They agree.
    A woman (can't see her) comes in and says she wants to say goodnight (right) and they switch to talk of H and how the conversation at the table got too deep. She asks about the story H told, (although she says she won't press for details). S starts to tell it and we go to another conversation, because BB doesn't want us to know about the kidnap/rape story, apparently.

    Mv and W and H, L and Mk are at the table, in the kitchen, and they start to talk about what America thinks again.
    W: Those internet hackers, they communicate with each other, but they don't have any effect on the masses.

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