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Thread: 7/7 Live Feed Transcripts

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    7/8 feed threads are now open, please shift to those. Thanks!
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    HT again, and Je has a tattoo all over her left shoulder, in addition to the one around her neck. She is wearing a brown and yellow bikini that isn't attractive. I've noticed she wears mostly browns and yellows. A is wearing a very pretty dark cherry red bikini with a halter tie.
    A plane flies over.
    A asks Je if she thinks she stands out as a universal-type player, and she says yes, and A thinks she does, too. A says sure the money is great, they are all there to win, but they are there to have a good time. A says it will only get more boring.
    A: You would think it would get more exciting, but it will get more boring. That's why you don't need to spend 24 hours a day running people in the ground, and you are going to say something you probably don't want to say.
    Let me gossip now. (laugh).
    They start to talk about Mk and the feed switches.

    Mk and Mv in the kitchen, and MV says he doesn't "believe that sh--" that they are apparently feeding him. Mk says MV has entertained him, and he is glad that MV is there with him. Mk says that he has laughed his ass off all week. MV says if he goes in a couple of weeks, then--- Mk cuts in and says "Oh, you are next, I guarantee it." Mk is trying to talk a little strategy with MV about how you are out, but MV is just saying MMm-hmm, and MK stands there with his hands on his hips looking at MV.
    Mv is cooking something, or making PBJ or something.

    H: Are you making more nuts? I really like those. Could you make more? Please? Oh please? (Not afraid to ask him to be your cook, huh, H?)
    MV says Baby, if you want them, I'll make them.
    L comes in and asks MV if he has made the soup yet? MV says the soup didn't work out. Mv says he tried to tell BB that technically chicken bouillon is a seasoning. He laughs. MV: It's a show about nothing.

    She asks if "they" are in the bathtub again, and Mk says Mmm-hmm.
    Mv says he wants to sing, and as long as he sings his own songs that he has a copyright to, he is fine. She wants to know what they are, and he says they don't have consistency. Mk says "Oh, you're thinking it up?" and he says yes.

    Je and Di are now in the HT. Di is in a white bikini. They say they want to get HOH, and see how things change then. Je brings up the veto and Di says she would never use it probably, and Je agrees it does cause trouble.
    Di: Unless someone like Dw gets it and I'd keep him around just because he is hot.
    Je says Dw is cute and reminds her remotely of a friend she has, but he has mama drama.
    (Earlier, Je says that people come up to you here in this house with a dagger in one hand and a flower in the other. I thought that was eloquent and dramatic).

    A comes back out. She's being a little more animated than she was. She says she was doing something and darned if they didn't call her in again! (I really think they are switching her now. She is animated now again like she was earlier in the HOH room). Di says that you would think that they would look for you to see what you are doing before they call you in there!

    Di or Je say that if they got HOH, they would prop the door open. A says something like Yeah, bust this party up! She has a little bit more of an accent now, it seems to me. Maybe I am imagining it. (Right now she seems more animated, uses more regional phrases and has more of an accent, I swear!). A is back in the HT. Di says she wants to sing Cowboy by Dixie Chicks every time she sees Mc. Mc came outside. Mc asks what they think of the Dixie Chicks and A says that they dropped off the charts after her comment. Di says that Natalie (the lead singer) has a big-ass mouth, and it's freedom of speech, but still, you know.... A says it is a shame because they are good.

    Feed switches again. K and W are by the pool, and he is talking about "that group in the ht" and K says, "Are you talking about Di?" W is in the hammock. K says that Di said she will kick someone's butt if they mess with her. W says they have to stay close enough with them that if they get HOH, they will not be targets. K says Ja is taking her opinion about L, since she sees her like a girl. She says she needs to talk to Ja. K says Dw is not opening up "like a flower like I would like." W says that Dw is trying to find his way. W says that K, L, Ja and himself are drawing together because they are over 25, and we've had life experience.
    W says that Dw is so good looking he probably has had tons of women throwing themselves at him. W says Dw is so great looking that he can't even look him in the face.
    W: I feel like a diabetic in an ice cream parlor. (laughter) Honestly, K, I look at him, I look at his face and like (laughter)

    W says that he hates to go get into the hot tub with them, but they should. W and K go to the hot tub and get in.
    W says that they laughed because of the diabetic comment, and tells them (probably afraid that they will think they were laughing at them).

    Je says Dw is such eye candy. They talk about who is cute, and Di says that when Sc farts it kind of takes away the cuteness. They laugh. Je says her boyfriend farts on her. W: Like a kind of foreplay??

    A is going on and on about being called in to the DR after she went into the hot tub. A says the night seems so long to her, it was the longest fri---ing day. W agrees. A says you have to sit around and think stuff and wait until someone says the wrong thing.
    W says today was kind of an activity, but not much. He says tomorrow and maybe the next day they won't do anything at all. (What about HOH comp?) W asks if tomorrow is a live show?

    The feed switches to the kitchen. H and MV are there. Mv is frying something. H asks if MV ate well in the hotel. Mv says they (BB) bawled him out over spending too much money ($32) for food and he said "I'm not making no money up in here, MF!"

    HT again. They are talking about how Thurs. is live. They are talking about what they asked for it they are HOH. Di asks Je about her hair, because there is a blue area and purple. Je says she did blue then purple. Di thought it was washing out and part was blue, and it is "so cool." Di says she can't believe Je has natural blonde hair (I can--the roots are showing).

    A says they should all try to make her HOH, because she has cards coming. W wants to know why they took the playing cards away. Di says she thinks they will set them out one day like they did the workout equipment. She can't believe they would make them do a comp. for cards. W says he is hungry, wants to know if anyone wants anything. W says he is going to tell BB that he is about to get into the ht, and if they are going to call him to do it next. The women say they will probably be so shocked he is wearing his mic that they won't recognize him. W agrees.

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    Di is saying that Dw said his girlfriend lives in Indiana and he sees her once a week. Di says that Sc is trying to make her believe that he likes her. He said to her that Dw had his arm around her, and Sc said to her "What, are you all Dw's now and I can't put my arm around you?" Di says that she started out saying she hates Sc because he is probably too close to what she likes.
    Di says she told Dw that he does live close. Dw told her that he isn't sure what he is yet (single or not).
    A: What about Ja? Isn't he single?
    Di: Yeah, but I can't stand blonde hair!
    Di says it would be fun to hook up with someone in the house, just for fun.

    W comes out to the HT and says that H said "One time my girlfriend and I were sitting in chocolate sauce and we both got yeast infections!"

    Immediately, the feed goes to the kitchen, where H and Mv are.
    H was talking about a story about a turkey leg and shooting some commercial or something. H says that it was true. Mv says he believes her. H says that she heard MV didn't believe her stories. In the kitchen we have Mk, H, Mv, Mc, L and I think K.
    H: We can make oatmeal, right? Like bread, sort of but hot?
    They tell her that they can't have it because they need milk.
    L asks if MV has told them about his experimenting. Mv: I can't talk about that. H: What experimenting? L: His experimenting with food. No, his gay experimentation. H: Have you guys tried kissing guys? MV: NO!
    Mv says that earlier H said a "Hollyism" (Stealing my word!)
    H: I want to be raw, raw like cowboy.
    H asked if they were circumsized, I think, earlier. She said she wanted them all to be real.
    Mc says he was sleeping until Sc put shaving cream on his face.
    W called to DR.

    I think Dw is somewhere nearby, but I can't see him. H told him he has a hairy back.
    They bring up drinking alone, and Mv says yes, he does. What is he supposed to do, invite some guys over every time he wants a beer? MK: They just suck your stuff down, anyway.
    Mv is experimenting with everything he can think of trying to cook different things.
    Mv talks about making something with bananas and absolut vodka in it. He says other than that he doesn't make sweets.

    OK, I'm going for a while. BB overload.

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