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Thread: 7/7 Live Feed Transcripts

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    To tell you all the truth, I am not positive who "the don" is. It could be Mk or it could be D. It is one of them.

    A and MV are in bed together reading the Bible. A is reading aloud. MV says his days are numbered here. He says everybody here but him has an agent. A says that you have to take it every day as it comes, and they have to let go of what they can't control.
    A: Let me just read one more line: Stop judging by appearances, and make a right judgement. I love that line.
    D comes by, and MV and A tell him he is so cool. D says he will shower.
    MV: Let me get a little bit of James before I go to sleep.
    A: You want some James:
    MV: YEah, there are a couple of things I read. Things about trials and tribulations. You know what I'm ticked off about? I keep thinking about this girl I was crazy about at home, and she keeps popping up in my head, and I thought I was done thinking about her. (MV says f--- every other word). MV says he can't talk about her because she didn't "sign off."
    A: Is it love?
    MV: Not really love, but you kinda meet someone who is kinda cool and stuff?
    A: What might have been, then?
    MV says he found out she wasn't that cool. A says that's hard to take, and he says "that's life in the city, you know?"
    A is putting up with MV.
    MV: Looking for love when I ain't had nothing to eat but a damn tortilla shell in a week.
    A asks him not to talk about food.
    MV: I'm gonna kill a bird tomorrow, whatever I got to do.
    A: That's awesome. I would love it.
    MV says he would catch a f--ing pigeon. A asks if that is against the rules, and MV says he has a f---ing rule book and there isn't a f--ing thing in there that says he can't eat what they don't provide. (He literally uses the F word that many times). A says that some people may talk about animal cruelty, and he says he doesn't care.
    A talks about her first "dove hunt" she went on. She tells a story about one bird in that whole area flying by, everybody shot at it and nobody hit it.
    MV says he has to work out tomorrow. He says he had about only a half a piece of toast that day and 10 glasses of water. A says that they are probably better off not working out. A says that she is hungrier when she trains.
    MV: All them MF"S try to kiss teh HOH's ass all this week, and I said let me tell you something, the day my ass is up, it's up, I'm not kissing anyboy's ass. The day I'm gone, I'm gone, I'll throw up a peace sign.
    A; I'm trying to represent the South; hopefully doing a good job.
    MV says he is representing no one, not trying to represent the black people or anyone, not the South.
    A says that if people don't like how they represent the South, people should sign up and come in and represent themselves.

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    OK, I think MIKE is officially the "Don," because of a later conversation with W, Ja and K, where they talk about the Don and also Drew. So Mike must be "the Don." Sorry for any confusion earlier. It was hard to tell which of the two guys they were talking about.

    Kitchen: Mk, L and Di are calling MV "Chester the Molester," amongst themselves.

    They think that BB pumps oxygen into the house so that they won't sleep.

    Mk talks about how he blew off his Chicago interview and almost didn't get there to the house. One of the girls asked him "You wouldn't mind, then, if you were voted off?" Mk pauses.
    Mk (I assume this is Mk, because I see no one else) says that he looks at this as he did the Air Force, that he thought it would last a long time while he was there, but then now it is just a memory. He says that he wants to make the most of his time here and he would mind if he was gone or voted off, since he has now invested a lot into it. He said that he does miss his kids. He says that someday hopefully he will turn on the t.v. and see her (one of the two women) and say that he knows her, that he was on BB5 with her and she will be announcing the Reds ballgame.
    BB switches to another area.

    Dw, S and MV are in the WC area. D has a towel around his waist and is making a bath, I think. (D looks very nice in a towel).

    conBR: W, K and Ja talking about the don, and what his true nature is. W says if you get into a conversation about politics with him, you will see his true nature. K says that Di even had a conversation with him and they were talking about a dog, and the don said he would dropkick the dog (this is Mk, apparently). They say that the don should go up on the block.
    W: I think H would be smart to put up against him. They worry about how she would take it.
    Ja says that H is such a compulsive liar, that he should tell her tonight that he is in love with her (after they go to bed), and K says that she could at some point tell her that Ja is crazy about her or something. K says that she knows things happen in LA, but not what H says; she is crazy.
    W: I like Mv, I like the guy and I think he would be offended if we put him out first.
    K: I think that MV is not that happy with the H thing either, since he isn't getting anything off her anyway. He would just think that she was the plant and that he wasn't going out. You might end up with a 50/50 split.
    Ja: I think the safest thing is cowboy and his sister.
    W: Yeah, that is the safest. (Not sure what this means)
    K: Put it this way, I think MV is on his own, but I can see the don hanging out.
    K talks about how the don talks with the other girls.
    W: Put it this way, H and the don together, I think H would leave. (He is listing the people he thinks would vote against H).
    Someone brings up the veto possibilities.
    S: I don't even want to think as far as the veto.
    S says that basically who cares, if you put up two people and you don't like either of them.
    W says that people keep asking him who is going up and he tells them 8 different people.
    Ja agrees and says they laugh and ask him if he is switching again.

    People out in the kitchen are talking about going to bed.

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    Di and K are in the WC area talking about where they will sleep. Apparently one of them feels "unrested," and they are discussing it.

    MK comes in the WC area, no shirt on and he has a tattoo on his upper left chest. I can't tell what it is. It may be the tattoo Mc was talking about earlier, with his kids' names.

    K talks about demerits, says she feels like the prinicpal is calling her (for forgetting the microphone). Mk is schmoozing K and saying he puts her stuff up every day, and K says she knows and she really appreciates it. K says they are all still awake in there (the other room).

    Mk and K are talking about how long it takes for towels to dry and she and MK talk about chores. MK says the manual says that they can't hang stuff outside. K says that they knew this was inevitable, and I guess they think it is funny to the public for them to be messy. K says she thinks BB is cheap, and she told them that in the DR. K says she asked them three times, said she was so hungry she was lightheaded. She said they told her the food was coming and it was chips (apparently early on when they first got there). MK announces to H that K sells Avon, and that her clothes are Avon. (I guess he is talking about K and not someone else). K says she has Skin So Soft coming out of her ears. Mk talks about how he used that on his dog for the biting flies, but "now the poor guy's gone, so he doesn't need it."

    K and Di seem to be really bonding. They are talking about someone talking about his girlfriend. K says that if she were single, she would pursue it.

    Mk and H in the WC area, and he says that his girlfriend would think that H is pretty and dresses well, etc. H says they will be friends, and she wants to see people from the house, and she guesses that she could see that people might be hurt if there is backstabbing.
    H: MV thinks I'm a rich girl and it's such a joke. He needs to come and live with me for a day.
    MK: He also thought you were hired to come in here, too.
    H: I know. That is crazy talk! Crazy talk! Hired. I'd probably earn good money to be hired to come in here.
    H says that she thinks the PBJ is taking over MV's mind. She says that he should be careful because to say that someone is hired and they are not is offensive.
    MK: I think he knows better now.
    H: He'd better!
    MK: I think they told him that they couldn't do that.
    H: Did you go through a really long process to come here? Well, you've done this two years.
    MK says that they turned him down two times last year. He says that what is weird is that THIS year they called HIM! He says that he had not intended to do it this year, either.

    The cameras are switching from room to room. In the caBR, MV is surrounded by women. In another room, apparently bothered by the light, it looks like L is tying a bandana or shirt around her entire face. Someone mentioned that he couldn't believe that there are internet people watching them, and that they probably look at them and think that "scr--- this feed!"

    CLBR: Two guys in bed--I think it is S and Dw? They are talking about how it is sad that there is only one single girl in the house.

    Sc tells H to come into the bed for a minute and she says:
    H: No, I don't want to taint my body.
    Sc: TAINT your body?

    H gets up on the bed, standing on there and hopping and tells them that is the most action they are getting from her.

    One of the guys tells her that they asked for a 23-year-old, not a 12-year-old.
    H is threatening to put lotion on one of the guys, squirts it on his back (Scott), and he tells H to rub it in and she won't. H yells to the others to come in and look at S's shoulder, that he was "doing something with Dw and that happened." She is laughing and telling everybody that it looks like bird poop on his shoulder.
    S goes into the other room and asks Di to rub in the lotion for him. He says that was a good BB shot, with Dw trying to rub the lotion in on him, and so he got up and asked them to do it.

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    I'm thankful that last post made it, because I'm getting kicked off, so I'm going to say goodnight for now. Hopefully someone on the West Coast can fill you in, if I'm not back tonight.
    They are very lively still, especially Scott, and he is making a lot of x-rated comments. I wasn't sure if I should post them, so I decided to go the cautious route. S was trying to lure Di into the bed with him and Dw, and I think she did go lie down with them but stressed she wanted to sleep and that the other guys were ready for her to come into the other room if they irritated her. Also, they finally got some jelly (Mc went and asked for it) and a lot of them were making noise about that. Mv said he hoped he got the jelly with the crack in it. (You can't make this stuff up, people). Holly was told about the oxygen being pumped into the house theory, and she spent the next few minutes shrilly yelling that they were kidding, you mean we've been TEASED all of this time, etc. The weird thing is that I haven't seen J at all since earlier in the evening when she was by the HT. It was like she disappeared.
    Good night!

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    OK, I had to write this.
    F1: Ja is talking to H, she is lying on his bed. I think it is the HOH room. Apparently, Ja talked to H and told her some big story that had to do with his mom, and made her cry and she felt sorry for him, and then he said it wasn't a true story. H then tried to make him feel bad for doing this, and he said he was just trying to get her to be "real" with him. He has said the phrase "get real" with him over and over. She is upset and said he hurt her feelings. He said that is more to her than just the outside image, and she says she hears that from guys all of the time and she isn't intentionally acting dumb or anything. H says that MV doesn't believe her rape story, and she wants to know if other people also don't believe her. Ja evades that and says that the thing is that he was trying to get her to go to "another level," and he went into the DR and said that he thinks H is more and that there is more to her, and he was right. H says that it is selfish of him. H wants to know if Ja is also going to trick other people and test them, to try to find the deeper part of them. Ja says that he feels that most people are being pretty real in the house. She asks who, and he says like W. She agrees and says W is one of the most real people in the house and she likes him so much, and he feels the same about her. Silence from Ja.
    H says that she likes everyone but Mv and Ja says he doesn't believe that. H says that she has gone back and forth on liking Mk, but now she likes him. She says that Mk says his girlfriend is just like her, looks like her and everything. Ja doesn't believe that, and H says MK said that his girlfriend looks like Pamela Anderson in her 20's, etc. Ja gives a description of what MK's gf probably looks like really, including orangutan ti----ies, etc.
    Conversation goes to MV and H feels he is getting crazy, and that people who are morticians are a little "off." Ja says he couldn't do that job. Ja says that is why he is worried about putting up MV on the block, that he might freak out, and that a few of them could restrain him, maybe. H and Ja agree that MV freaked out a little today, and apparently had some sort of tantrum or something.
    H says that they had a girl meeting, and she told them that she thinks that Ja would probably put up the don first, because she didn't think Ja would pull the "racial card" yet. She said that she thinks Ja would not want to put up the black guy first. H asks if Ja has a lot of black friends and he says he does, and then H says that she does too. H says that the rest of the girls say they want MV gone, and that she feels scared for Ja if he puts up MV first because he will look bad on t.v. if he puts up the black guy. Ja agrees and says he thought about that, too.
    H: You wouldn't look bad in the house, but you would look bad to the world, kind of. They don't know what he has done to us. I'm sure the cameras don't show what he has done to the girls, because if they did they would know he was being pervy and they would make him leave.
    Ja: I know. We were talking earlier and we decided we probably want the don out. Our you.
    H: Why would you want me out since we have been real people? If you put me through what you put me through and then put me out, I would think you wanted to make me cry.
    H goes through the scenario about how bad she would feel if he put her through that, and then vote her off or put her on the block.
    Ja: How did you figure me out?
    H says he had better be telling her the truth, and now she doesn't even believe he is a fireman, kind of. She says there is no fireman stuff in there, and he says he has a shirt, and asks her if she wants to sleep in it tomorrow and she says yes. He gets the shirt for her.
    (Can I just say that the HOH looks like a harem?)
    H tells him (yet again) that he made her so sad, not mad. She says that she will look so sad on television and he tells her that they won't air that.
    H asks if Ja did this to her because of what she always says to Sc? He asks what she does to Sc, and she says she tells Sc that he is better than the way he acts. She tells him that he acts like a jock, jerk, and that he is better. So she thinks that Ja did the same thing to her, and she wants to know who he will do it to next?
    Ja says he KNEW they could sit and have a conversation and be real, etc. Ja wants to go to sleep. H doesn't want to go to sleep.
    H: Seriously, it is not your decision right now when we are done talking.
    Ja: Yes, it is.
    H: No!
    Ja gets water.
    (Ja occasionally says "If I was a badger right now..." and leaves that hanging, so I guess that is supposed to be sexual or something).
    Ja is still wearing his bandana around his forehead, by the way.
    He is in the kitchen looking for something to drink, and probably avoiding H if he can.

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    H says that when she saw the guys in the house and they were all like jocks, and they she was used to "guys with more depth," and that she would go crazy with all of the crazy, rambunctious guys. H says that between Sc and Ja, and then Dw who is a sheep and quiet, and then MV who is just----she would go nuts. She thought she would have to be just friends with the girls, because the guys were so surface crazy. H says that Scott is still insane, like a gorilla in a cage. H says she thought she would only be able to hang out with Cowboy, because he was the only one she related to.

    Ja: Of course we were rambunctious when we came into the house, but not weird sh--.
    H: I know, but I was scared. You have to understand that I'm scared of that stuff.
    H says "Do you know what I'm saying" every 15 seconds.
    H says that when she has to live with all of these guys who will hit on her, she feels like a sheep and they are wolves.
    H: But now I know that you are safe and you will get to know me, right?
    Ja; Yeah, I want to get to know the real you.
    H: Yeah, like real and not a show.
    Ja; Well, it may be on a show, BB!
    H giggles (several times)
    Ja: Good talk.
    H giggles again.
    H says that nobody would do what he just did to her.
    H: You did like a psychological examination or something.
    Ja; I don't think like everybody else. No offense, but I don't think everybody else thinks like I do. I told them that H runs deeper than that.
    H: Who did you tell that to?
    Ja: Scott.
    H: Scott's an airhead. But he shouldn't talk about me, because he's just goofy. Sc is a blonde girl in a guy's body. I mean, he's fun to be around, but he shouldn't call the kettle black, cause he's the same. I told him in the jacuzzi, he said something so airheadish, and I told him "You are the blonde, not me."
    H tells Ja that Sc listens to some like 17-year-old girl singer.
    Ja: Creepy. (He is completely humoring her and I don't think she gets it.)
    H: What sign are you? Don't say "stop sign."
    Ja: Aquarius.
    H: That's interesting. What's your birthday?
    Ja: Feb. 18th.
    H talks about a girlfriend of hers who had them buy all of this expensive bridesmaid stuff and then dumped the guy. (She feels this was done to her).
    Ja: I feel like I--Are you gonna call me gay for this? I feel like I'm just ready to be done with it and meet somebody really kick ass. You just get to a certain point...I'm absolutely ready to meet somebody totally cool and just, whatever, but if it doesn't. well.
    H: I know. What happened with that girl you left to come here for?
    Ja: Like, she's cool and I hope this isn't aired.
    H: It will. You always say that and that whole thing will air.
    Ja; That;s not even about the game.
    H says that the game is about how people deal with each other, and if the show was jsut the game it would be boring.
    Ja: She was cool and we were hanging out and that's about it. Sorry.
    H: Like you met her at a bar or something?
    Ja: Yeah, I met her at 3 Doors Down.
    H: What's 3 Doors Down?
    Ja: A band.
    H: A lot of the girls thought you were really cute the other day when you sang. You know what I'm saying? If you think someone is cute and they are talented, they are really cute.
    Ja; I kinda like met her at this concert and we were hanging out before I came to the show.
    H: And she didn't know you were doing this?
    Ja: NO, she just knew I might be gone. I said you might see me later on today or not, but if you don't, look for me on CBS. I kind of laughed. We kind of hung out. She's one of those, I hate to say this about her, but she's one of those just hanging out kinda girls.
    H: You were dating.
    Ja: Hanging out, have some beers.
    H: Did she like you, really?
    Ja: I don't know.
    H: Interesting.
    H says she met this guy a week before she was here, maybe a week and a half, and he was so into her. She thought "oh my gosh, I'm leaving for maybe 3 months, should I leave this new relationship. So I kept telling him I might leave, I'm not sure. He kept asking what are you doing and I couldn't tell him. He took this alien I had in my room to like fix it, and he didn't give it back, so I think he took it hostage so that he can be sure I see him when I get back. But he's on steroids and stuff and it's weird and I'm not sure I should see him. I mean, I see him a couple of weeks and he took something of mine and I couldn't get it back, and I thought it was a set-up like he was gonna be on here. Isn't that weird?"
    Ja: All right, Goldilocks, so this guy does steroids but you don't like guys who are like all "rrrrrr" (bulky)
    She agrees, and Ja says it was a no brainer then, and she says she really thought it was a set up. She says he is a bouncer at a bar she goes to sometimes.
    H: I think the reason he didn't talk to me about two days before I came here was that I would harrass him that he was on stuff. Do you think that bothered him that I told him he needed to get off this stuff, it's making you crazy?
    Ja; Well, if someone you've known for 2 weeks is already showing signs of crazy, that's not good.
    H: This girl you were with, what does she look like?
    Ja; She's totally pretty. But I think she parties too much. Like, I'm totally about going to Hole in the Wall and having a few beers, you know. But I'm like to the point where I can chill out at home, etc. But she is like she needs to go out too many nights in the week. I'm kinda like an old fuddy duddy.
    H: But you've already been through all of that.
    H says there is more to do and he can't get his fire stuff done if he is out all of the time.
    Ja: I made it to the cut and everything and they are gonna commission 8 guys sometimes in August and I was like there.
    Ja thinks that maybe they will let him still have his spot in the academy, but the academy starts on a certain date. Ja thinks everything is meant to happen for a certain reason. Just coming on the show is a huge opportunity, so how do you turn that down?
    Ja asks if she heard his hook and she did. H says at least he didn't have to say hers. She said BB wanted her to say that she was on a runway but she didn't want to run away from BB. It was silly. (giggles)
    Ja: All right, bed time.
    H: I just can't believe you made me so sad, but I'm not sad any more. You know what I'm saying?
    Ja: I'm glad you got deeper with me.
    H: Did you really think, though, that I was an actress put on here?
    Ja: That's MV's creation. I knew there was so much more to H than just whatever, you know? That's it.
    H: Right. So you're back to the don thing. Did you get to know him better?
    Ja; He can be nice, but he gets up on his damn pedestal stuff.
    H: YEah, I know, that's bad.
    H: So what about the other person? What are you gonna do?
    Ja; I don't know, I think Purple. I think Cowboy told her about it already.
    H: Really? Cowboy told her?
    Ja; We want her to know and I can't tell her.
    H: I think it's good coming from her brother.
    Ja: Yeah.
    H: No one will vote her off.
    H talks about how she wouldn't want to vote off MV, because she was "almost' raped by 3 black men, and that's "footage" and the people know that, but she would be so scared to do the racial card. But yet she would be afraid also to make all of those girls mad, because MV upsets them.
    Ja keeps trying to go to sleep, and H keeps talking.
    H: Are you gonna make gerbil sounds again tonight? Has anyone else told you you do that? It's very funny.
    Ja says yes, he makes that sound, etc.
    H: My friend told me that in my sleep I go, "Woof, woof, woof, like that. I woof."
    Ja: And you're a cat lover.
    H: Yeah, he says I woof and growl. It's so funny, I don't know what he's talking about.
    Ja is trying to shut up H, and he has his arm around her.
    H: I really wish they would have put a cat in here. But you guys would try to torture it. Maybe not you, because you would save cats out of trees and stuff. But Sc would put it in the pool, and cowboy would rope it.
    H thinks it would be funny if they had a cow and had to milk it to get milk, or a chicken to get eggs, but MV would totally try to kill it if we had PBJ.

    And with that, I go to sleep.

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    F2 12:30pmEST Je and mi are talking in the kitchen. Blah blah blah....just this and that....not really awake yet.

    F4 K, Je and W talking in the bathroom. Talking about trying out for other reality shows. Karen says her hubby told her she really has b*lls for doing BB5. Now talking about loving animals. Karen says she has 50 cats. Love animals. Je loves animals. Apparently...ain't so crazy about 4 legged critters. Now discussing how people can mistreat animals. Its obvious..no point in itemizing here. Karen hates her hometown shelter...they euthanize. Je says there are several no kill shelters in San Antonio. Karen says shelters in her area are terrible. Bummer of a conversation.

    Qcam...apparently Will has lost his mic. Has a temp. Looks like Will, Jase, Karen and Je are the only ones up. Only superficial conversation.

    I'm going to eat lunch...will drop back in later.
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    F1, kitchen. Mk, W and Je. W has lost something, I THINK the clip for his mic. W is wearing striped boxers and a yellow striped toboggan. MK is washing dishes. Mk's not talking. Je is talking but she is mumbling, she did say she walks a mile to work everyday. W left the scene, very very little small talk between Je and Mk.

    F2 is a long shot of Mk & Je in the kitchen.

    F3 K and W in the WC...K is saying "it's not an insanity issue, it's not clinical or they wouldn't be here..." Je joins them. K says she wants to do something really crazy..that her Mom always said she regrets the things she didn't try. K is telling W how outgoing he is. Je is saying she has an idea for an animal show, W says he doesn't like animals that much. Je is totally mumble-y.

    F4 another shot of the WC, just K and Je in there, still talking animals and for some reason, junkyard dogs.
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    F3 Mv is just up, and has said an unbelievable amount of curse words in about 2 minutes. As someone else stated, his every other word is one. Mostly he's complaining about putting on his microphone. As far as I can tell, he's talking to himself. He's in the caBR.

    F4 Mv is still talking and cursing to himself.

    F1 kitchen, W is talking about shows in NYC. Talking about seeing free classic shows on the grass like "Grease". W is telling Mk that he always has a place to stay if he comes to NYC. Mk tells him that he WILL be there. W says he has a one-bedroom apartment. Je is trying to figure out how long it would take her to drive there from Texas. Di and K are in the kitchen as well. They've just been told to close the interior windows until further notice. Je says "this is called 'lose your microphone and DIE!'" (no idea what that is about) Dr walks in and W says "Goodmorning Andrew, how are you doing?" W says "why the H*ll do we have a lock-down?" Someone is sneezing into their mic. One of the women (Je, K, or Di) just said that they are NOT going to wear a swimsuit in the shower, that they don't care. (I think it was K) and then she said "I don't care, I won't feel clean if I'm wearing something in there, they won't show it".

    They're talking about H, about the rape/kidnap stuff. W says his best friend was raped and killed and it bothers him if someone is throwing that around just to throw it around. K again questioned someone's mental stability, I believe H's. K now says she thinks there was a bit of them (the houseguests) in every part of H's stories. (she told an art story to K, who is an artist) They mentioned the people on the internet and that they should put on a show for them, and Je called them "the human fish tank".
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    F1 A, Je & Mk in the kitchen. A wants to ask for some Sudafed.

    Now F1 is the WC. Someone is shaving, oh it's Dr. Sc is behind him, looking at himself. A couple of comments about hair, that's it.

    F2 has Sc putting on his bandana. L came in and put on her deodorant. Sc has made about ten comments about his hair, and how it looks, adjusted his bandana quite a few times. (I never knew the "casual look" took so long!)

    F3 is weightlifting, so it must be the BY. Mv is telling L that he does power yoga, she is impressed after she decides he really does. Camera switched to the hammock. W is saying someone is expendable. He says no one takes her seriously, I think he's talking about H. W is saying "the don" is nervous as a cat. There's a girl in the hammock with him, but all I can see is legs. OH it's K. W says he likes Mv. W says that he and K have tried to talk about everyone about "life", and that they're not threats, because the people that talked to them will remember them as being "nice". Someone has been told twice to move their mic higher. Mc wandered over, and K said (after he left) that he was suprisingly cool. Mc was wearing a green tank top and his cowboy

    F1 Mc has come into the kitchen where Sc and Dr are. Sc asked him if he slept better with the aerodynamics of his head. (from the haircut Mc got) Sc is talking about alcoholic drinks, Mind Probes. Now about Zombies, and someplace where he drank some then yelled at people in a mall, at 11 in the morning. Sc is going on and on and on about people and bars, Dr is saying nothing, Mc is ocassionally saying "really?" and such. (Dr is shirtless, and if I knew how to do screencaps he would make a nice one) Sc says he took acting for a sememster I think. Mc is talking about how before he met his fiance he was in a play? and someone threw him on a coffee table and started kissing him. They're whispering about "the don". Sc is not giving anyone a chance to talk. Mc just keeps saying "mmhmmm, mmmhmmm". Now they're talking about waking Ja up and giving him a wedgie.

    They've done it, the three of them (Mc, Sc and Dr) have jumped on Ja. He can't believe it's 11 am. Laundry talk.
    Always looking for cat treats!

    Breathe out, so I can breathe you in...

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