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Thread: House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show (canceled)

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    I haven't watched it yet, but apparently Arnie Shaprio actually has an opinion that matches mine--which he revealed on today's show--that Karen is the real snake in the grass on this show, and they've known this since they first cast her.

    Based on how sneaky some of her actions can be, I agree. She has the girls totally trusting her. The guys, on the other hand, don't really see her as a threat. She and Will, as a team, were really on the warpath to get Marvin put up this week, but she also had the brains to know when to suggest Cowboy instead directly to Diane when she needed to. I also think that as much as the broadcast led us to believe that Will may be working on his own (with Jase), that he'd feel compelled to go back to Karen if it came to a reality and she'd pull some strings to her advantage.

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    Scott was on today. Did anyone watch? They post the interviews a couple of days after, so if you get a chance take a peek. You just might change your mind about Scott or think less of him. He is not taking all the negative comments being said about him very well. He did not want to be there, and seemed uncomfortable the whole time. He was definitely not expecting the negative backlash. It was interesting to see him squirm, yet did not admit this experience humbled him. He came across with none of the macho, testosterone fueled "character" he was on the show. He has definitely been knocked down a few pegs, but he also seems quite insecure. Which might explain the lying, and the jealousy that reared itself in the house because most of the women did NOT give him the time of day. JMHO

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    Quote Originally Posted by JunkieGirl
    Scott was on today. Did anyone watch? They post the interviews a couple of days after, so if you get a chance take a peek.
    Thanks for reporting a bit about Scott's HOUSE CALLS interview. I was wondering if something had happened on the show that made them (CBS) not want to use it, because it still hasn't been posted, and I thought the videos were available fairly soon after the live chat. So it's good to know that it sometimes takes a couple of days for the interviews to be available.
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    I've been trying to view the Scott interview all day. The listing is there, but for some reason Real Player doesn't load it. I can't wait! Stupid CBS.

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    I've tried to load several times and can't get it to work. Can someone who did see it give a highlights recap for the rest of us? Pretty Please? I'll get rid of Jase for youuuuuuuuuu .... !?!!?

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    The hilight was, Scott mentioned that he, Jase and Drew were planning to pose for Playgirl together after the show. That made Macellas super excited.

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    Hey guys... the interview with Scott is FINALLY working... I am just about to watch it. Thought I would inform you all first. Should be interesting!!!

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    Hmm... Scott's interview isn't quite what I expected. He's definitely a little more humble, not as 'grrrrr'-ish as he came off on the show. The bandana is still annoying, and it still makes me want to barf... but he seems more genuinely likeable than he was on the show.

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    Could some one post the link to the House calls please. I go to the cbs BB5 site and I think I see it, but when I click on it nothing happens. I don't even see the link for Scott. I see Holly, Mike, Lori, but no Scott.


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