Welcome to the BB5 forum for live feed discussion!

If you subscribe to the live feeds, and wish to contribute, please feel free. Please follow the rules below, though, to ensure that everyone is on the same page:

1) Don't copy and paste directly from other sites. We don't want them doing it to us, and we'd like to extend the same courtesy to them.

2) Keep all discussion of what's happening or has happened on the Live Feeds ONLY in this forum. If you post live feed information in the TV show forum, your post will be deleted. If it happens too much, we will take further action.

3) We will be publishing a standard set of acronyms to help people go a little faster when typing stuff up that's happening live. We ask that everyone follow the same uniform set of acrynoms, so that we don't cause confusion.

4) Our daily Live Feed Transcripts are for posting live feed transcripts only - NOT for discussion of the things happening on the feeds. Please start a new thread for discussion of anything you want to talk about, and title it appropriately.

5) If you're covering the same feed as someone else, please switch to another feed.

Thanks in advance, and enjoy the live feeds!