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Thread: Will you get the live feeds?

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    I've signed up the last three years and for me, it's quality has gone down hill. The first year I watched set a benchmark that they haven't been able to live up to.

    I find they restrict what they allow the live feed watchers to see too much. Were before we would see entire competitions, we only see some, and only parts. We miss converstations because too many of the cameras are switched to one pair of hg's. Issues with HG's singing, or talking about people that didn't sign releases. And just a general lack of any chain to give feedback. The production group treats the real feed people as an afterthought and just rake in the cash.

    Now this is in the past, so maybe they will change this year. It would be nice if there was some value to the real feeds. I like seeing some of the behind the sceens stuff going on. So I'll read how the feeds are going and if they seem better this year I'll sign up through the link John posted.

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    I've waited a year for this, yes, I'll be getting the feeds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    No. There are already not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I'd like to. With live feeds I'd be totally screwed.
    Hell no! I don't have time for live feeds. I just stay up all night reading the transcripts of the live feeds instead.

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    High Five Q If I signed on I know I'd watch too much. So instead I'll waste too much time reading the transcripts.

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    With the change this year that you cannot buy just the BB4 feeds, I will not be subscribing.
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