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Thread: Chen: 'Big Brother 5' to be 'twisted' *Spoilers*

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    You have to have some coniving and manipulating, otherwise its going to be boring as hell. There is a diff between that and being a total moronic asinine idiot that is a waste of space on the planet.
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    Does anyone know if caliguy got on BB5? I started watching BB4 when it had already started, so I'm not familiar with when the houseguests get notified.
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    I don't know... I haven't seen Cali in a while, so it's possible.

    The mere mention of 'X-Factor' makes me throw up a little bit. And the coniving player that's loveable should win. Not an Ali, mind you, but a Will. If there are no cutthroats, then you're in for a pretty boring game where everyone's loveable, and the puppies and kittens are warm and fluffy. I want hardcore puppies, dammit.

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    Well, if the HOH can spy on the other guests, they would all find out. I mean, do you think the HOH would keep it secret. Then, the next week someone else would be HOH, and eventually everyone would know. OR, it could get sleazy if one person knew, and another didn't, and they are tricked into saying something...


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    So excited to see this season, as all seasons. I wonder what the "twist" is? The spy on house guests thing is something but there has got to be more!
    BTW who is Caliguy?
    Is probably over in the transcribing thread for Big Brother til death do us part.

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    Whhhhaaaaat? LMAO

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    I don't remember the Houseguests being confined for two weeks prior to the beginning of taping in the seasons pasts. Why is Julie giving a little bit of dish now?

    It would seem the new HOH technology would be best if it's a complete surprise. Could the houseguests be locked up already???

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    Whatever the changes are, they could be in response to finale of last year's series which saw the much loathed twosome of Jun Song and Alison Irwin finish first and second.
    :rolleyes oh the memories

    don't see why they would do the same exfactor thing two years in a row, then it wouldn't be a shocking twist to the houseguests

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    OH MAN! :phhht

    They are gonna mess up my show!

    Why would you create rules to handicap the liars and manipulative people????? AAAAARRRGGGHHHHH!

    That's what makes the show enjoyable,whether people want to admit it or not.

    I love that Will one BB2 and am still pissed that Danielle lost BB3 because Lisa was the 'nice' one.

    I hope they don't ruin this show with these stupid new rules. I don't want to watch a bunch of nice people play this game.

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    I cannot WAIT for BB5! I am so excited! Woohoo. So far, season 3 was the best...of course because Jason was in it.
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    I am very excited about BB5 coming.. Can't wait! I thought the last season was excellent and have been looking forward to it ever since.. I like that its alot more just the house and what goes on in the house then other outside factors..
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