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Thread: BB5 Idea(s):

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    Quote Originally Posted by karalott
    And hold the POV before nominations are made. At least the HG won't be throwing the competition because they won't know who's nominated.
    Yes, but the POV holder would be nominated every week in an effort by the HoH to keep their nominations from being messed with. Then the POV holder would take him/herself off the block and the HoH would replace them with the person they wanted up all along. The POV would be in essence an immunity, like on Survivor.

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    OK, here's my two cents. First of all - casting. Fewer catalogue models, more real people. A better variety of ages. (Not eleven 20-somethings and one token elder.) Has there ever been anyone from Hawaii or Alaska or a Hispanic? America is a huge and diverse place, people. And ixnay on the ex-factor. Total strangers only please.

    Also, it's basically a good premise, but after 4 installments it could use a good shake-up. My suggestion: the first night in the house, there's a contest for Head of Household. (Not a vote - the houseguests don't know each other well enough yet.) Then after a few days - ample time for everyone to kiss up to the H.O.H. - he/she nominates 2 potential evictees. A few more days go by, and then there's a Power of Veto competition.

    Twist #1: the veto winner has to decide right then and there if they want to use it. And if they choose to save someone, they must also immediately name a replacement nominee. This gives no one any time to kiss up to the P.O.V. holder. After a couple more days, they hold the eviction vote.

    Twist #2: the nominee with the most votes goes home, and the other nominee becomes the next H.O.H. This means no more H.O.H. competitions after the first night, all H.O.H.'s have to be potential evictees first. Don't worry, there's still plenty of other things the houseguests can compete for: P.O.V., food, luxuries. (Day-trips, letters from home, etc.) When it's time for nominations, the H.O.H. is allowed to nominate him/herself, if he/she feels confidant on not being voted out. But as past experience shows, there's no such thing as a sure thing!

    One other request: when someone is voted out, they stay gone. I'm not real happy with Survivor 7.
    Any CBS execs listening?

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    Brekkie Boy
    I've suggested the Public Veto here before, where the HoH would nominate three houseguests, the public would save one, with the housemates then doing the evicting.

    Another possible twist is to have just one veto challenge. The winner would be able to use the Veto once during the series to save themselves only - however there is a gamble attached.

    The HoH would nominate, then at the beginning of the nominations ceremony the Veto holder would declare whether or not they are using it this week.

    If they use it and are not nominated, tough luck!
    If they don't use it and are nominated, tough luck!

    The Veto holder could go the entire series without using it!

    In another twist, any Head of Household whose nomination of the Veto holder led to their eviction would win the Veto off them for the rest of the series.

    Also, change the final procedure to give the public some say. When three remain, they compete for HoH. The winner goes through to the final two automatically, with a vote by the ex-houseguests deciding the other finalist. The public would then vote between the final two.

    This way the public get some say, and the final HoH is not penalised for evicting a contestant at the final stage. (Am I right in saying all the final HoH's have come 2nd?)
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