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Thread: Duckball

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    So, according to the Live Feeds Recappers, the Houseguests have been given supplies for playing duckball.

    Does anyone remember the rules that the HGs read earlier today? I'm looking for the BB3 episode (I have most of BB2 and BB3 on tape) where Roddy explained the rules of Duckball so we can have a good idea of this year's rules.

    Also, can anyone confirm if this is part of a challenge? Perhaps the next HoH competition?

    Any speculation and/or information is appreciated!

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    "The rules are simple. A bucket is placed at the center of the free-throw circle of the basketball court. If the duck comes to rest in the free-throw circle, it's one point. Hitting the bucket on the bounce or one the fly, and if the duck doesn't come to rest in the bucket...that's two points, and a bonus throw. If the duck goes in the bucket, it is worth three points and a bonus throw."

    Google to win.

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    Brian S.
    Marcellas has it on his official site lol. http://marcellasreynolds.com

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