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Thread: Live Feeds Tuesday 07/15

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    BB just came on and told the HG that the windows need to be washed and that the SR is temporarily unavailable

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    BB:The back windows need washed.

    N:Get on it Ali

    Js:I'll do it, it can't be that hard, I'll squeegee them

    BB:Houseguests, the SR is temporarily unavailable

    Js:How can we get the squeegee then!


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    F1-N, Al, M and Js still laying around on couch. N talking about when he was student teaching. BB:Am please put on your mic. N is going to get certified to teach middle school kids...phys ed...and he wants to do math also. Talking about how much teachers get paid in different places. N wants to coach but he doesnt know about teaching. BB: R please put on your mic. N wants to be a sports marketing rep. Al would rather sue people. Al says she would love to be in the FBI like Ja. They are talking about Spy Game with Brad Pitt. Now talking about Borne Identity. F2-same scene......Al says maybe i'll just move on a ranch and have kids. Talking about Road to Perdition. M walked out of the theatre because she was bored. Talking about matrix 2....Al says the only good part was the chocolate cake part. She says that movie was terrible. Js says the fight scenes were horrible. N says X2 was so awesome. Dn just came in...she is laying on her side on one of those red square things trying to get water out of her ear. N says hes gonna sleep good with a full stomach tonight. M needs to do laundry. Js asks M when the last time she did her own laundry. April. Js says Al drives an hour for her parents to do her own. N says its not that hard. Al says I can do it if I want I just dont want to. F3-Dv and Am in Hammock. Cant hear them very well.....planes flying over. BB: Houseguests the back windows need to be washed. Am says I'll squeegy if someone brings it out. BB:Attn houseguests the storage room is temporarily unavailable. Am wants to know what they are going to use to clean the windows if the SR is locked. BB: R please put on your mic. Very loud planes flying over. Am's legs are sprawled over Dv. He has his hands on her legs. F4-Dn is out there now jumping rope. Am thinks they should've put silencers on the cameras so it wasnt so obvious when they zoom in on em and stuff. Dv still has a Fl license. Dv might go live in WA for a few months. BB: Am please go to diary room. She goes. feed follows Am then switches to LR again. N says his favorite alltime song is U2 still havent found what im looking for. Al's is just my imagination covered by gwyneth paltrow. Dn's fav movies are Rocky I, II, and III and Godfather....and forrest gump. N says Braveheart and Gladiator. N likes war movies.

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    The HG are allowed in the SR and they are stoked about the food!!!! They are raiding the frig (see screencap)

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    M and Ali in BY, Ali is teaching M a dance routine.

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    F1: LOL
    Just caught a brief conversation from Jn about the producers of the show:
    Jn: "I'm so f***in pissed about that brown meat they gave us. F***ing 'Reduced for Quick Sale' Sh*t"

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    BB just came on and told they that they will be on lockdown

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    Having issues with the feeds...anyone else getting Realplayer crashes all of a sudden?

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    Don't know how long I'll have feeds before another crash, but here goes...

    All HGs (I think) sitting around the dining room table playing cards...some women doing their nails....oops, crash again, I can hear the audio, but video froze and an error message that RealOne player crashed....DAMN!

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    Ok, doing quadcam for a bit...seems to be working ok this way (RealOne website states they're having issues with switching cams and crashing but that they're on it...no date posted)..

    Nate, Erika, Ali sitting at the dining room table talking about accents from parts of the country..

    Nate says he can pick up accents from Michigan & northern IN so quick..and that Michelle has one....says Oklahoma has one too, the east side of the state especially....a kinda drawl.

    Erika says something, but inaudible....Ali says "I ain't" and giggles..

    and now they're mocking the "okay, like oka, but like, Okuh" valley girl accent, such as Michelle...

    laughter in the background...

    Nate says he was dead man walking until BB gave them some food today...

    Nate copies a movie line by saying "Alright Focker"

    Erika & Ali doing nails, talking about someone being a typical male....mumbling, not good audio..

    Nate says in Oklahoma people respect each other...Erika agrees..says that Nate is "laid back and chillin"

    Nate says Ali isn't laid back...laughs...

    Ali asks if she's "big city" or "small town," Nate & Erika say "big city"

    Nate says he digs girls from country towns

    He grew up in Ft. Gibson in Oklahoma...Erika asks about the population..he says 3, 4 thousand and how Friday nights shut down for football..

    Erika talks about Chicago, I think that's where she came from originally...

    Nate says Tulsa is 40 minutes away from some place in OK (not sure if he's meaning Edmond or his birth town, Ft. Gibson).

    Nate mumbling...can't understand...something about Oklahoma and rural country towns...

    all 4 feeds are on the dining room w/Ali, Nate & Erika...

    Can hear Jack in the background, inaudible..

    Mumbling from Nate/Ali/Erika...

    Nate asks if Robert feels better...I guess he might be sick...

    Nate says "dude, it's been two hours at least," referring to the lockdown.

    Justin crosses the path of F2 & F3....goes into kitchen..

    Nate seems bored, says he might learn to play spades, and that he only knows how to play Rummy & Goldfish...

    Ali talks about a drinking game called "screw your neighbor."

    Dana interjects from across the room (you know she's always listening out of paranoia) to describe the "screw your neighbor" game.

    Erika gets up...is heading towards the living room I suppose...

    Nate & Ali at the dining room table, mumbling...Ali says something again about how Nate is being mean to her....sick of hearing her say this...

    Nate says he'll be in Vegas after the show living it up..saying he's told himself he's going no matter what (ladies, you know where he'll be after eviction...lol), even if he only has a thousand bucks, he's going.

    Jun steps up and talks about Robert making a comment about giving Nate a pedicure, and that Robert seems to want her undivided attention....she's so arrogant it's sickening..

    Jun joins Nate & Ali at the dining table....then leaves...Nate says "nice hat, it matches his freakin' shirt," but I don't know who he's talking about.

    Ali is mumbling again about Nate making her feel bad earlier...gawd, does the pity party ever stop?

    Nate thinks everyone's getting much more tan than he is...he's sick of this crap, he says..

    Nate tells Ali to "buck up, soldier." No idea what he's talking about.

    Ali mumbles....inaudible..

    Nate sitting and rocking in the yellow chair....bored, obviously..

    Ali doing her nails, saying she might quit after that nail to Danay...Dana responds...nothing of substance.

    Nate: "what to do, what to do, what to do, what can I do" in his British accent attempt...

    Ali says want me to paint your nails?

    Ali says she'd love to dance...Nate says "I'd dance w/Michelle, that's for sure" and laughs at Ali..

    Ali says "I dont' find you funny"

    Nate "you can shake it for a white girl...you got some skills" referring to her dance show last week...the lap dance I assume.

    Ali asks if Nate can dance...he says "I stutter sometimes, but I can get down...get down and do some dancin'...down and dirtay!"

    Nate: "Vegas, Vegas here we coooome"

    Ali leaves, Nate alone at the table...

    Nate "that's alright...I'll just chill here"

    Looks like he's checking someone out...

    All feeds go do the living room table...chips & salsa I think..or some type of dip and maybe meat?

    Gonna post for a new set...

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