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Thread: Live Feeds Tuesday 07/15

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    Lovely...talking about gas..

    Al: I'm the only chick who doesn't want to do makeup. (Now that's a surprise)

    Je is outside now reading duckball rules. All 4 feeds are on him for this!!!

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    Jee playing by himself. Now Dave walks out yelling: You suck Jee!

    Je now repeating rules to Dv.

    Dv practicing now too.

    Throws and Je keeps mentioning points. Also thinks they are too close.

    Ro out now too. Dave still gets them in the bucket or close.

    Ro now playing. OK, we need 4 feeds on this??

    Inside now...4 feeds bathroom ad Dave spits a lugie in sink, blows nose and is now looking up his nostrils. Yummy!!

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    4 feeds in kitchen now

    Nate, Dana, Jun Ali, Michele, Rob, Dave

    They're all talking about food..bagles, McDonald's food. Saying they have nothing to eat.

    OK, gotta get going...hope someone else picks this up.

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    F1: Jn and Dn talking about cooking a farewell meal tonight.
    Jn: "I'm going to ask Amanda what her favorite food is and not cook it"

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    Dn, Al and M in the kitchen...
    Al: "How are they gonna give us a bunch of ducks and a f ***in bucket and tell us to have fun?"
    Dn: "We need food"
    M: "I can't believe we don't have a food competition"

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    Popped in real quick and see
    HG's in to LR. Nate, Michelle, Robert, Justin, Jee, Dana, Jun, Alison..I think Jack's around somewhere as well.

    Talking about Dave and Amanda being all lovey dovey. Trying to figure out is they've hooked up yet. Should they give them a bed tonight, etc....

    general chit chat.....Dana got called into DR. Caught a glimpse of her in DR and asking producers if they heard her asking for food.

    back to LR. Jun talking about food again. They all talk about food comp and wanting one badly.

    Je: Did you guys here drilling this morning.

    Na: I hear it every morning...it's just sheet rock. I can here them talking

    Feed switched to outside...pool with Amanda in it playing with rainbow ball by herself. I don't see Dave.

    She keeps playing with the ball and lost it. Asks someone..oh there's Dave...to get the ball. She then tosses a duck at him and now they're tossing ducks at each other. Dave jumps in pool and she calls him a d**k. giggling, laughing, flirting, etc...

    OK, gotta run again.

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    F2: Dv and Am playing in the pool with the ducks and bucket. Am slipped and fell (see screen caps)

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    Amanda and Dave are playing with the Ducks by the pool, throwing them at each other. I really like these two, I hope Amanda stays today.

    Im going to go to quad cam and see if I can get a different angle of this. Oh, while they were playing around, Amanda fell flat on her ass.

    All four feeds are on them playing around. Dave is protecting himself with the big bucket and Amanda is pegging them at the bucket. Dave's complaining about it being loud.

    F3's gone inside, but I dont know if I want to go there. OK, I will.

    Jee is hanging out inside, with Erika, Jack, Michelle, Mate, Robert, Dana and Justin. They're talking about farting again, so I think I'll go out back. Oh, Jun is lying on Nate.

    Amanda's now floating on an air mattress and Dave is in the inner tube, squirting water at Amanda.

    Dv- why is my face burning?
    Am- because you suck.

    These two need to get it on.

    Am is complaining about Dave squirting water out the ducks, but he's getting her. She's saying she's not happy, but shes not retalliating so she's not that upset.

    Dave complains that the duck is retarded. I am not! Oh, different duck.

    Am is protecting herself with the other air mattress and throwing DAve's ducks back athim.

    Am- so how far do you live from here?
    Dv- about an hour
    Am- really? what part
    Dv- orange county, halfway between here and san diego. i cant wait to get back and fn surf
    Am- so will you teach me how to surf?
    Dv- f yeah I'll teach you. i wont teach you better than me, though. if you started getting good I'd f you up
    Am- would you really?
    Dv- laughs
    Am- you're such a (male reproductive organ)

    Now they're talking about Dave's eyelashes and the lashes on the duck. Getting glitchy, so I'll post.
    They're still talking about surfing

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    Amanda and Dave are still out back with each other, playing with a big pool ball on the basketball court. Amanda was talking about the person eliminated and how they'll be portratyed, I think.

    F2 is a shot of Amanda through the door... because she just went inside. Dave is humping that giant ball.

    Jack, Jee are talking at the kitchen table, so I'll load that feed.

    Jee- I've been homesick
    Jack- me too
    JAck- you want to make a phonecall?
    Jee- I would love to. just for seconds. 30 seconds, just to say hi
    Dv (walked in) talking about a phone call?
    Jee- Yeah
    Dv- I'd order a pizza
    Jee- You would.
    Jack- Deliver a pizza to the BB house. Said something about cooking a steak when everyone is asleep.
    Jee- Nate said he didnt think there'd be a food comp today (so they don't have steaks)
    Am- thinks they arent having a food comp until the voted off person leaves, in case the bitter nom throws the comp or something.
    Jack- i hope we dont have to go that long.
    Am- the ymight just do hoh tomorrow
    Jack- i hope we dont have to go that long
    Jee- caught off guard in the diary meeting, didnt know what tosay
    Dv- says he'd say i like monkeys. Dont vote me off because i like monkeys
    Jack- well it depends how the rest of us feel about monkeys
    Dv- makes fun of Jack's logicalness
    Jack- complaining about his crappy dealing
    Jee- says he wants to get in on a game
    Dv says no
    Jack- Jee used to be a bball player

    Blah blah blah.

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    Its 12:45pm in the house. F1 and 2 are both on Am and Dv in the pool throwing ducks at eachother. F3 and 4 are of Ja and Je at the table talking. The rest of the house is asleep. I think i'll see what Am and Dv are talking about. F1 Following Am. They are super flirty. They are playing volleyball with that HUGE ball. Am just dove for it she got "grass on my a$$" she goes to the outside shower....maybe just a show for Dv?? F2 View of yard and running back and forth after that enormous ball. mics arent turned up on this feed so I cant hear what they are saying. This feed keeps freezing up. Dv is laying on ball and Am is going inside. Feed continues watching Dv rolling around on this ball. F3 Ja and Je at table talking....Dv and Am just came in and are talking to them too. Am thinks they will do food comp on Thurs. E just came in and got in the fridge. Je said they caught him off guard in the veto meeting. He didn't know he was supposed to say anything. Dv would've said "I like monkeys" and that would be it. Je played Varsity basketball and volleyball in HS. BB: Am please put on your mic. Dv and Am go back outside and Je comments that theres fire between those 2. BB: Al go to the DR. They just noticed that BB removed the chess pieces. BB: E please go to the DR. Ja gonna cut up turtle food. Turtles get carrots but they dont. Am in kitchen taking bread out. BB: Ja please go to the diary room. BB: Am please move your mic higher. BB: Jn please go to the diary room......bb has alot to say today. They are talking about what turtles eat.

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