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Thread: Live Feeds Tuesday 07/15

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    F3-Dn paused at picture wall on way to bathroom where she is now getting some thing from the storage rack. Heads in to WC to change it looks like.

    switching to Q
    F1 Desert room nobody moving
    F2 ?
    F3 Blue Room
    F4 Girl going through dresser trying to find something. Ali? Who ever it is she's changing. right in the room her toop. Very skillfully.

    Going to F4 for a minute Ahh, night vision sortof I think its June changing.

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    Good Morning Houseguests it's time to get up for the day. E telling jack she doesn't want to get up for the day. Ja says she doesn't have to, then E asks Ja to vote in her place. .

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    Dana and Jun primping in bathroom.

    Dn: I better not have a low rating on the internet. I'll be pissed if I do.

    Jn: We won't know until it's too late.

    They talk about hoping friends will print off the rating page as it changes.

    They mention friends names so looks like we're back to FOH

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    Quad cam..Ali in BY noticing the new toys. Comes inside and says they have duckball..game played last year.

    Now all feeds in bathroom.

    Bunch of people in there, brushing teeth, etc.

    Jn: Am I the only one not excited about duckball?
    Dn: I just think it's funny..the game they invented last year. Maybe next year they'll have the card throwing game.

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    Back from FOH F1 M outside looks at Bucket and ducks. goes back inside. tells people they have duck ball. F2 is on Bucket outside. F1 M going towards Bath room. talking to others. Dn still primping in BR, Nate in BR washing fase on F4.

    F1, F3 and F4 all on people getting up in Bath room.

    F1 swtiched to Blue room someone still in bed just now getting out. Camera is looking at all of the beds showing this is only one in blue room stil in bed. It's middle bed. It's Jee.

    F2 switched to empty kitchen island. No audio right now. Robert on F3 in Pimple mirro. M layed down on something. Nate brushing teeth.
    Js brushing teeth. Rob just went and turned light on in blue room.

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    OK, sorry I'm confusing Ali and M this morning...

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    F1 & F2 Guys out figuring out how to play duckball.

    Js & Nate please put on your microphones.

    Playing are Js, Nate, Rob, Jack just walked out there.

    I'm having glitches today.

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    Js, R and N are playing some game in the backyard. Js read the rules off a sheet (I don't know it's from BB or not) They are throwing balls towards a bucket and trying to score points. Maybe they are practicing for an upcomming challenge?

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    Girls inside basically getting ready.

    Nat, Justin, Jack, & Robert outside trying out duck ball. I don't see Jee though.

    Nat and Justin got called in for mic so they are in storage room. Dana in blue room putting on makeup. Jun doing makeup in hall mirror.

    Hard to hear but now Nat and Jun are whipering in kitchen.

    Jun: I think she's tell me now.

    My guess is they are talking about Dana.

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    F1 Blue room Robert, Justin and Jee

    Je: Is the bathroom all flooded with people now? I didn't know the light had a switch

    Js: joking about going to Amanda..: You need to convince me to vote for you.


    Je: I should really get my a - - up.

    Now he's up making bed.

    BB: Erika, please go to the DR.

    Looks like the voting has begun!

    Ro: We're just going to get up and vote and go back to bed

    Now back in LR

    Na: I don't get to vote. I think Julie talks to me in my room tomorrow...that's it.

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