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Thread: Live Feeds Monday 07/14

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    Live Feeds Monday 07/14

    Another day, another set of live feed reports! For those wishing to help out, here's what we ask:

    1) Try to limit your postings to about one every 15 minutes. A long post with a lot of information is much nicer to Mr Server and everyone reading the thread than ten posts each containing one sentence.

    2) Include which feed you're covering in your post. That way we can have a good variation between recappers and don't have a ton people recapping the same stuff, and misisng what's going on in other parts of the house. Perhaps before you start recapping, you could check the current thread and see what's being covered, and cover something different.

    3) Please keep "conversation" out of this thread as much as possible. If you're reporting, a personal comment here and there is allowed, of course. Please don't post questions/comments about the live feed reports here. Start a new thread for discussing something you read here.

    4) If possible, let's use the Acronyms and abbreviations posted, so we all get standardized on it (it'll make it quicker to type stuff that's happening, too).

    5) Anyone may contribute at any time. If you don't have the live feeds, and see something on another site you want to contribute, please do not cut and paste directly, but rather re-write it in your own words. Stealing isn't nice

    Thanks to everyone in advance for all your help!

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    Amanda and David never went to bed and they are outside talking. She was saying how when she was 10 she used to not be able to control her bladder and she would like pee when she laughs. haha and David was talking about how he once got kicked in the balls by some girl and he cried.

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    D and Am are chatting outside this morning. Interesting insites into David and Amanda. Am holds things close to her chest as D is talking the most. They were talking about something D said to Michelle.

    D just talks and talks, calls Am a homo. She doesn't know how to take him and says "you just never stop"

    She wishes she could seal the deal by just crying at will to try and make D feel bad for the odd comments he makes.

    A feels that she wishes she could just mess with people, but she knows it's not nice. But she tells D that doesn't bother him. He loves to mess with people.

    The looks she gives D and the camera some good looks as she tries to figure out what the heck is going on in his head.

    He is messing with Kee's lighter to make it shoot a big flame. A tells him what if he burns his face or something. D says good point, but keeps messing with it.

    D is a nut case, and Am's face is so expressive it could fill half the show itself.

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    Am and Dv outside talking

    Am: David Lane... you name sounds like a soap opera star.

    She proceeds to make up a soap opera scenario while Dv sits there and listens, flicking a lighter.

    Dv: That's one good story. Did you guys get that one? (looking at the camera). I don't think I'm going to sleep today.

    Am: What are you going to do?

    Dv: Ow, it's hot! I got burned.

    Am: You're kind of a big baby huh?

    No answer

    Am: Turn the lighter down or he'll burn his face

    Dv: I don't care. I'll put it on the lowest setting.

    Am: So what are you going to do?

    Dv: I'd rather take a really long nap during the day. I'd rather do that.

    Plane overhead

    Am: What time do you think it is?

    Dv: 8?

    Am: Seriously?

    Dv: I guess... the sun's up. (it's 7:00am now)

    Am: Why is it so cold out

    Another plane overhead...

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    F3 & F4

    Am points out that may be why some people in the house are weird, as they went through tons of interviews and doing tapes, sending in pictures, jumping through hoops to get there, and then some people just showed up. For some people this is like what they were dreaming to do. Others it just fell into their lap.

    Am calls him a freak. D says she is more of one than him. She wonders if he really believes that. He back pedals.

    Am doesn't know what to do, she isn't good at napping.

    D just keeps talking.

    (the rest are sleeping)

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    Am: I dont' feel like going in there and moving Jn to get into bed.. I can go lay on the couch, but I'll pass out. Do you think we'll have a competition today?

    Dave is playing with the lighter again on the high setting.

    Dv: We're the f'n center of attention. I can't believe it gets good ratings, it's a show of nothing. We talk about strategy, what strategy? We talk about who we're going to vote off.

    Dv talked to a guy on the beach about what BB is about, ended up going to audition. Said he talked to the producers. Later they call and ask him to stay around for a week and Dv was already driving back home.

    Dv: Who's paying 99 cents for a f'n phonecall? What's wrong with these people? I really don't understand. It's all a freakshow. I expect to come in here and everyone would be a bunch of pansies.

    Am: You're a freak.

    Dv: You're weirding than I am.

    Am: You think?

    Dv: Maybe not weirdER, but weird. Weird's not bad.

    Am: I don't know what to do. (referring bed).

    Dv: (joking) Move over bitch! Smack.

    Am: I'm not a good napper.

    Dv: napper?

    Am: If it's later than I think it is and they wake us up at 10:30, I won't be good. I'd be pissed.

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    Dv: What's that look?

    Am: Nothing. I'm tired and I don't know what to do.

    Feed timed out...

    Dv and Am going inside to kitchen. Lost them on F3, switching to Quad. Real Player froze switching channels, argh. Back on F3

    Am: Goodnight Dv.

    Dv: Yeah. (laughs)

    Am walking to bedroom. Camera cuts to Dv walking to bedroom, trips over something in front of E's bed, E groans. Dv sitting on his bed against far wall, takes off shirt, moves stuff off bed, gets under covers lays on his right side facing the wall (Oh! riveting play by play of getting into bed!)

    E: What's up david?

    Dv: What's up

    E: What have you been doing this whole time?

    Dv: Oh, my God. Am and I have been up talking the whole night. The past three hours I don't know what the hell we were talking about. I got a lot of information though.

    E: Anything we didn't know?

    Dv: Well, she... we talked a lot about Dn. She's playing everyone and jumping around. She stays up and always keeps track of where everyone is. Totally skitzo, paranoid. She sees Dn as threat.

    Dv: Am knows she's gone so she offered up all her opinions.

    E: We gotta get Js involved to go after Dn, how do we do that?

    Dv: I don't know. But she said in her opinion that it will be you and me. Reason being Rob with you. I think Rob is mad because you said something about him not wanting to be there because of his kid or because Dn is talking shit that you were staying stuff be you weren't.

    Dv: They could be convinced to throw you and me up there. I don't want M to use her own brain and judgement and go to Js side.

    Dv: We need to make Dn scared that everyone is on to her. If Js gets HOH we have to push hard, this is what Dn is doing and we need to throw her up. The first chance she gets, she'll put Js up. That would be our last straw, to focus it on Dn.

    E: Do you want to work on R or Js?

    Dv: When?


    Dv: I mean should we do it before? They could confront Dn and screw things up. If we get HOH, then it's no problem, we can put R and js together - it will cut off the path for Dn to take. Dn would be backed up against the wall and will try to sabotage us.

    Dv: We need to pass the scenario by N and J when they get up.

    E: Js and R made deal they wouldn't put Dn up?

    Dv: I don't know. It's just a chance we'll have to take.

    E: I'm going to call her bluff. Dn telling everybody that you guys made a deal and if she gets HOH, she put you and Js up anyway. What if I do that?

    Dv: I think it's too early.

    Jack wakes up...

    Ja: I think we should go to N tomorrow about approach R or Js to say that Dn has told us she put them up. I'll talk to N as soon as I can. Ericka, I think you should talk to R.

    E: What should I say?

    Ja: Well, play your relationship. Say since things didn't work on the outside doesn't mean we can't talk now. If he asks too man q's about what Dn up to, you can say you're suspicious of Dn and you think she'll put R up if she gets HOH. That will show him Dn plays both sides and R will go to Js with this info. It's difficult to lay out the strategy, I don't know how you feel about approaching Robert.

    Lots of cover ruffling, hard to hear.

    J: Rob will give you an ear if he thinks it will keep him in the house. We need to setup a trap for Dn.

    Ja heads to bathroom

    Dv: I can't believe we're doing this on week 1.

    They must have the mics cranked in the bedroom because Ja flushed the toilet and it sounded like niagra falls... Ja comes back in.

    Dv: N is sure he has Jn, right?

    Ja: Yes.

    Dv: And Jn is suspicious of Dn.

    Ja: Yes.

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    Looks like everyone finally went to bed, but now on F2, looks like the crew is setting up the chess pieces in a certain way, putting 'em all together in the middle in a square-ish shape. No sound from them I can't quite figure out what the heck they are doing. Weird.

    Another crew member was either painting part of the bb court/chess board or cleaning it with something that resembles a squeegee.

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    Quick update:

    9:00am BB time and all are sleeping. The HOH bed is empty so either N is walking around or he fell out of bed.

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    No, not empty. Nate is in HOH bed. Look to the right of the image. he is tere face down with comforter over all but sholders and head. But he is there. I though he was gone at first too.

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