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Thread: Live Feeds Monday 07/14

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    Dave flipped his eyelid again, and Ali hit him again.

    I missed what they started talking about, but someone is the bomb. Dave started brushing his teeth and I am thinking David is looking fi-i-ine righ tnow. Dave picked up the rubber ducky (for the sake of convo, its me) and continues burshing. Now he's brushing the duck's teeth.

    Amanda asks if that's his new friend.

    He says Ducky have clean mouth.

    The duck looks rabid.

    They ask Dave if he could brush his teeht and wash his face every night when he was overseas. He just laughs, and Dana says no. Now she's saying all they carry is water and guns. Dave says he's not at liberty to say, jokingly. Dave says you ahve a toothbrush but you dont "carry that shit in the fn kit". They don't carry deoderant and Ali is all grossed out.

    Dave says they could smell the soap that the instructors used. They said they got used to stinking. Not like you're going on a date.

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    Dv says he hates Jun's giggle. Me too. There's a flip flop controversy.

    Daves wearing his shades inside. I think Dana is giving michelle a massage or braiding her hair or something.

    Crap, Dave just started singing

    Ducky's got a clean mouth, Ducky's got a clean mouth. Oh, dave. I'd like to show you my clean mouth... But anyway.

    Eegads! Jack is coming to shower. Must find another feed.

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    H-o-r-s-e v2 Results:

    Robert first out.

    Jack out after a really long time of being at S.

    Jee out now.

    Looooooooong showdown between Nate and Justin. All that watching and I just missed who won.

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    Ok, trying my hand at the live feeds since I type so fast...

    Js, Rb, Nate & Jee out on the patio talking about gambling in Vegas...Rob & Jus agreeing about craps being the best game.....someone is missing a microphone..they talk, but it's hard to hear them...

    Jee is playing with the weight clasp...

    Robert "if you go in there with 1000, you'll lose, you gotta start w/at least 5 grand"

    Justin "I can't do it"

    Rob: "5000 to some people is like 10 buck to people like us"

    Jus "when I get there I'll know what it feels like"

    Rob "it's all relative to what you make."

    Big Brother: "Alison, you're mic needs new batteries, please go to the storage room."

    Nate: "Ali's mic is always messing up...she talks to much."

    Rob: "how much you thin kyou need to make a year to be 'tight'"

    Jus: "by yourself, or combined...lifestyle, as in my ideal lifestyle?"

    Rob: yes

    Jus: "250 thousand"

    Nate agrees, as in back home (oklahoma), and his nice penthouse in OK for 250K

    Rob "anything nice is 500K and up"

    Nate "in OK you get tons for 300K"

    Jee "not in NY bro"

    Nate "I could live with 200K per year, and be happy"

    Jee "yeah but 500K would be set"

    Nate "I could live on that"

    Just "my boss tells stories about trips w/nephews about tubing and fishing we buy everyone fishing poles and tubes and I'm like 'damn'"

    Nate : "I just wanna live comfortable"

    Robert " I want way more...I'm not sure 200K would be enough for me"

    Nate "I'm used to just normal practical life...3 br, 1 bath, you know"

    Jee: "yeah, you know what I like, is that you don't let it get to your head, you know"

    Jus "you guys had pimp wedding presents"

    Nate, "wow, Rob I didn't know you were divorced" (the CBS site says he's single...he lied)

    Rob: "wait till you see my ex-wife, she's awesome..green eyes, black hair, she's beautiful.."

    Jee: "she'll be here?"

    Rob: "she lives here, she has my daughter..at the wrap party she'll be here, so hopefully you'll all get to see her and how hot she is." (so, Rob, why is she an ex, because you're a freakin' dog? LOL)

    gonna post....tired of typing...hehe.

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    Gotta post this.....Ali, Mich, Jun, & Dana on the couch talking about how they have to make the guys think they like them....Mich is finally trying to scheme, but she's so late...she's stating things that have been talked about last week...she said "wouldn't it be cool if it were just us four as the final four? whoa, that'd be, like, cool...girl power!"

    Ali gets another convo w/ big brother...about her microphone batteries dying....she said she changed it, but is there a new set? BB says yes, in storage..she goes to change batteries...Dana shows off her abs again....hot, but her corny eyes, freaky cheesy smile and paranoia would drive me insane...

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    Dana, Jun, Michelle, and Alison dishing in the LR.

    They are talking about the game, and Michelle isn't as naive as we were led to believe. She summarized the situation to date quite well, even though she didn't know Weds were elimination day.

    They also discussed Nate. Specifically doubting his religious convictions, or making fun of them. Ali slammed him a bit, which is funny considering where she spent last night.

    Alison was called to DR for new batteries for her mic. On the patio Nate slammed her with Jee and Dave saying she talks too much, so her mic went dead.
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    Anyone else gonna post anything? one person can't possibly keep the entire America up to speed on the live feeds...


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